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You found our list of the best group activities in San Diego, California.

Fun group activities in San Diego, CA, are events that provide a welcome diversion from the stresses of work. Examples include San Diego Zoo, Bubble Soccer, and Balboa Park. These fun activities are important for building rapport with coworkers and establishing deeper personal connections.

These ideas are examples of team bonding experiences and group activities for adults. These activities are similar to San Diego team outings and team building ideas in San Diego.

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List of fun group activities in San Diego

From Flagship Cruises to La Jolla Cove to Red Door Escape, the following is a list of fun things to do in San Diego as a group.

1. The Great Guac Off

If you are looking for a fun and unique workplace event in the San Diego area, consider hosting The Great Guac Off. The exercise combines the joy of making guacamole with the benefits of teamwork. The event’s trained facilitators will distribute the materials required for the activity, like dippers, group pictures, and awards.

You could also bring your drinks if you would like a group dinner. In addition to the Great Guac Off, your event will include games of Trivia-cado and House Builder. To determine who prepared the best guacamole, participants may sample each other’s creations and then cast votes based on criteria such as presentation and flavor. The Great Guac Off can potentially increase employee morale and productivity.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

Virtual team trivia banner

When it comes to fun group exercises for businesses, Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a great choice. It will be fun to see your employees compete to determine who can raise the most points by providing the right answers to questions. The event’s professional performers first split the group into smaller teams. The host will then ask a series of questions to stump the audience. You will need more than a general grasp of random facts to win these inventive takes on traditional trivia games. Participants engage in a game show setting that encourages teamwork and friendly rivalry. Group members will have a great time competing in The Ultimate Trivia Showdown, a fun, and educational team-building exercise.

Find out more about the Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

3. Pride Trivia

Pride Trivia is a fantastic choice if you are looking for group activities for adults in San Diego during Pride Month. Each player will go away from the hour-long trivia game having learned new lessons and with a renewed sense of pride. The characters and circumstances in Pride Trivia will seem familiar to members of the LGBTQ community. Employees will find diversity and inclusion in the workplace to be thought-provoking and engaging topics of conversation. The various team trivia games available are adaptable for the many cultural celebrations celebrated throughout the year.

Learn more about Pride Trivia.

4. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is a high-stakes business event where your team will face obstacles. Workers have one hour to complete the required tasks and gain glory for their teams. Since Minute Madness is such a high-energy competition, it is ideal for outdoor settings. The hosts can handle the event in your outdoor space in San Diego or a leased workplace. The exhilarating physical difficulties will teach team members to work together and become friends while rapidly breaking down barriers and accelerating team bonding.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

5. Moonlight Beach

Moonlight beach elevates your experience beyond another regular beach day by having a volleyball game, cooking food over an open fire, and telling stories around the fire pit. Moonlight Beach in Encinitas has a volleyball field, BBQ pits, and a designated place for campfires. Finding a parking place might be difficult, but you have a better chance if you go later in the day, about 4 pm, you could get a spot.

Learn more about Moonlight Beach.

6. La Jolla Cove

While snorkeling with a school of brilliant, colorful fish racing all around the bubbles at La Jolla Cove, you will understand why it is one of San Diego’s most photographed places. The water is quite picturesque. Beaches here have a tropical feel. Starfish and sea lions are just two examples of the diverse aquatic life that calls this area home.

Outdoor fans will also find many engaging activities at La Jolla Cove, including recreational opportunities like swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, bicycling, and picnics. The facility limits items like motorized boats since it is a marine refuge region, but there are plenty of other places to go for fun. If you have a water-resistant camera and are interested in taking pictures, you may want to visit La Jolla Cove.

Learn more about La Jolla Cove.

7. San Diego Wine Country

For your fun group outing, you can enjoy a luxurious day in San Diego Wine Country with a convenient pick-up service from most hotels and homes in the city and a scenic 30-minute drive to the vineyards. These fantastic six-hour trips visit three different vineyards and feature several samples. A knowledgeable guide will talk about wine appreciation and local history. When you visit the first vineyard, you may taste some excellent wines with exquisite cheeses and fruit.

You can take a leisurely walk around some beautiful vineyards and learn everything about the winemaking process in the area. The day will come to a close with a delicious wood-fired brick-oven pizza dinner overlooking the breathtaking grounds of the vineyards, combined with some of the best local wines. The tour could stop for lunch on the first or second tour instead of dinner on the third stop. One of the stops has beer options.

You may enjoy a full day of wine tasting, a cheese platter, supper, tasting fees, a guided tour, bottled water, and a wine tote gift bag with San Diego Wine Country.

Learn more about San Diego Wine Country.

8. San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the top zoos in the world and home to more than 3,500 species. You will find tigers prowling the valleys, monkeys swinging from tree to tree, and birds and butterflies fluttering in open houses. The zoo takes donations, which helps the San Diego Zoo’s important work protecting animals. The zoo authorities were the forerunners of the “cageless” habitat design now used by most zoos.

If your group members are animal lovers, then visiting the San Diego Zoo is like a mini-vacation.

Learn more about San Diego Zoo.

9. Red Door Escape

If you do not mind being trapped in a room with your group members for about an hour, then you should consider visiting an escape room. You and your group members could visit one of Red Door’s escape rooms, which are themed rooms where you would get clues, puzzles, codes, and challenges to solve within a set amount of time to “escape” a room. Your mission could be saving the world from zombies, mad scientists, or many other ominous threats. After escaping the chamber, you can celebrate with a drink and a meal as you recount your heroics.

Learn more about Red Door Escape.

10. iFLY San Diego

One of the most exciting things to do in San Diego is skydiving. At indoor skydiving facilities like iFLY, you may enjoy the rush of skydiving without the danger. iFLY’s wind tunnel is where the magic happens. You will float in a tube, but the groundbreaking technology inside imitates the sounds and speeds that will make you feel like you are doing a death-defying drop. Flight instructors will be on hand to provide additional supervision.

iFLY is the place to go if you are seeking exciting activities to do in San Diego.

Learn more about iFLY.

11. Battle Axe San Diego

Axe throwing is a great, energetic, and skill-testing team-building exercise you should attempt at your next group event. The instructors will explain safety procedures in detail, providing guidance on improving your performance and encouraging healthy competition between your coworkers.

You can also have a tournament amongst various departments to determine who has the most competitive team or play to improve your abilities as a group. This facility lets visitors bring their own food and drink, which is convenient for teams that like to chat and snack in between games. If you want large group activities in San Diego, then ax throwing is one of the more affordable options.

Learn more about Battle Axe San Diego.

12. Camp Pendleton Paintball Park

Private groups of 15 participants can play paintball at Camp Pendleton’s Paintball Park any day of the week. However, if the thought of bruises is too much to bear, then you can try Paintball Lite. The lite version is more suitable for beginners and uses smaller paintballs to reduce the severity of marks from regular paintballing.

Paintball might provide the thrill-seeking experience your group seeks. This activity is fun for parties of any size, but the more players, the better, since then you may form larger teams and use more sophisticated tactics to complete the course. Whatever your question or concern, the helpful team is there to assist you. In addition, the hosts will keep an eye on the games to ensure that everyone is playing by the rules.

Learn more about Camp Pendleton Paintball Park.

13. Balboa Park

One of the most popular tourist destinations in all of California, Balboa Park has miles of trails, gardens, museums, zoos, theaters, music stages, and recreational amenities. The zen gardens and lily ponds are only two of the many landscapes available for groups who enjoy nature. In addition, history lovers may learn by visiting museums, monuments, galleries, scientific centers, and cultural institutions.

The park usually hosts theater productions or open-air concerts. You will find ballparks, bowling lanes, and even racetracks for radio-controlled cars if you like playing games. The archery range is one of the unusual and entertaining features.

Learn more about Balboa Park.

14. Bubble Soccer Club

Bubble soccer is a great way for a group to exercise and have some laughable but good-natured competition. Your group members deserve time outside in the sunlight at the end of a hard work day. Although most bubble soccer matches follow the same fashion as a regular soccer game, you can play various other games with the bubble equipment.

The hosts will show you how to play correctly and walk you through the game’s rules before you start. You will also get chairs, music, and drinks. Bubble soccer is a low-cost event that may host groups of all sizes. However, the activity is more fun for mid-sized groups with about 20 to 30 folks.

Learn more about Bubble Soccer Club.

15. The Spanish Village Art Center

The collection of artworks in the Spanish Village Art Center is quite remarkable. Primarily, the center features a rotating cast of artists who use media as varied as clay, glass, paint, metal, photograph, and fiber. You will always find a new sight when you visit with unique daily offerings. The range of its themes reflects the diverse backgrounds of its creators. You will find exhibits, from socially conscious modern artwork to nostalgic prints. You will have a great time discovering the depths of the inventiveness of diverse international artists.

Learn more about the Spanish Village Art Center.

16. San Diego Archers

You can practice your aim and learn the skill of archery for your next fun team outing. Archery is a fantastic activity for groups that want to learn new skills and compete with one another. You could keep count of who gets the closest to the bullseye, or split into teams and see who can rack up the most points!

If you have a big group and are interested in trying archery, then San Diego is home to the largest archery facility in the United States. Instructors will show you how to use the gear properly and safely and provide tips on how to get the most out of your experience.

Learn more about San Diego Archers.

17. Rancho Bernardo Inn and Spa

A spa day is an excellent activity for group members in need of relaxation. You and your group can spend the day at the luxurious Rancho Bernardo Inn and Spa. The cost of admission gives you access to the spa’s pool, hot tubs, and saunas. You can relax by the expansive pool in a cabana and order food and beverages from the menu or purchase a spa package that includes lunch. Additionally, the facility has a private garden with a saline waterfall whirlpool where you may spend time conversing with group members. Finally, you could enjoy some relaxing moments while enjoying a massage, facial in one of the tranquil casitas that dot the resort’s flower- and cobblestone-lined grounds.

Learn more about Rancho Bernardo Inn and Spa.

18. K1 Speed

Team go-karting is a thrilling way to bond with colleagues while competing in a high-speed, exciting race. At K1 Speed, you can participate in a relay race or keep a score of how quickly each team member completes the course to see which team finishes first.

The hosts will cover necessary safety procedures and fit your team with helmets and karts. After the race, your groups can gather and bond in one of the facility’s private rooms. The rates are fairly affordable for teams on a budget and occasionally, you can even discover discounted pricing via sites like Groupon.

Learn more about K1 Speed.

19. Flagship Cruises

For small group activities in San Diego, you can take your team out on the water for a private sailing excursion with Flagship Cruises and see the city in a new light. You can take a sailing trip, yacht rental, or catamaran cruise based on your interests and the size of your party.

You may bring your own food and drinks for a team lunch on your expedition since the boats have kitchens and washrooms on board. The boat crew has extensive training and knowledge about the San Diego Bay area, and you will learn a lot about the area’s culture and history while you cruise. Marine mammals like dolphins and sea lions may make an appearance. You can park easily by the water and enjoy some beach time together after your charter.

Learn more about Flagship Cruises.

20. Wheel Fun Rentals

A group bike ride is a fun way to enjoy time together. You can take off at the Oceanside Pier and cycle around Highway 101 while stopping for food at several local establishments. This route passes via Oceanside, Carlsbad, Leucadia, and Encinitas for the whole tourist experience. When you are done, you may either walk back to the Pier or get on the Coaster train to return to the Oceanside Transit Center. The bike rental service in town called Wheel Fun Rentals can accommodate your group. The hosts will also give information about nearby trails if you need some direction.

Learn more about Wheel Fun Rentals.

21. Carlsbad Lagoon

You might not know that Agua Hedionda Lagoon rents fun water equipment, including canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and sea bikes! At the northern end of the lagoon, you will find California Watersports, where you may rent the necessary gear. The location is a water recreation facility with its own beach and boat landing dock. A good way to bond is bringing your mates together on a boat or paddling out to sea in group formation. To enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather, spend the day in the lagoon.

Learn more about Carlsbad Lagoon.


San Diego, located on California’s Pacific coast, is renowned for its year-round balmy climate, vibrant urban culture, and stunning beaches. This locale is a diversified city with various artistic, cultural, fine dining, and recreational locations that are great for holding team-building events, seminars, and activities. From sailing tours exploring the coastal vistas of La Jolla to escape room parties, there is plenty for every group to enjoy when visiting the city.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in San Diego, California

Here are some frequently asked questions about fun group activities in San Diego.

What are some good group activities in San Diego?

Some group activities in San Diego include iFLY, San Diego Wine Country, and K1 Speed. The opportunity to meet and build relationships with coworkers from different departments is an additional perk.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in San Diego?

The intention and goals of the outing should guide your decision-making when deciding group activities in San Diego. If you want to succeed, then you need to know the activity every group member wants. Games, exercises, and activities that emphasize and foster trust among employees may be beneficial in fostering more interdependence among workers. The best course of action would be to get feedback from the team and ensure every team member is on the same page.

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