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20 Fun Group Activities in Seattle, WA

Here is our list of the best group activities in Seattle, Washington.

Fun group activities in Seattle are exciting activities for you and your group to engage in and create lasting memories. For example, enjoying the view at the Seattle Aquarium, tasting wine at The Tasting Room, or bowling at the West Seattle Bowl. The purpose of these activities is to provide you with options that can help you bond with your group members in the Emerald City.

These ideas are examples of team building events and fun group activities for adults. These activities are similar to company outings in Seattle and Seattle team building activities.

This list includes:

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  • large group activities in Seattle, Washinton
  • group activities for adults in Seattle
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Here we go!

List of fun group activities in Seattle, WA

Group activities can build camaraderie and create long-lasting experiences in your group. From competing at the Bellevue Indoor Range to exploring the Museum of Pop Culture, here are the best activities groups can enjoy in Seattle, WA.

1. Field Day (Popular)

Field Day is a thrilling outdoor experience where teams get to play fun outdoor games together! During this friendly competition, players utilize their communication and teamwork skills.

Field Day includes the following:

  • 90 minutes with a highly talented host
  • innovative competitions and classic games
  • childhood favorite activities to spark nostalgia
  • chances to capture memorable moments for the office or social media

In addition, we will meet you at the location of your choice with all the game equipment. Be sure to consider Field Day if you are interested in boosting your team’s problem-solving and strategic thinking skills!

Learn more about Field Day.

2. Superhero Academy (Team Favorite)

superhero academy

You can unleash your inner heroes and step into the pages of a comic book with Superhero Academy! This immersive team building experience lets teams discover their strengths and collaborate in an exciting adventure.

Superhero Academy offers:

  • a 90-minute session led by a talented host
  • storytelling that sends participants into the world of superheroes
  • engaging challenges that highlight team members’ diverse strengths
  • exciting games and activities that test participants’ abilities

No matter where you choose to host this event, we will provide all the necessary materials. If you are looking for a captivating and interactive environment for your team, then add Superhero Academy to your agenda!

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

3. Ultimate Trivia Showdown (Highly Rated)

Your team will love the exciting Ultimate Trivia Showdown! Our fresh take on this activity helps teams stay engaged and entertained throughout.

Ultimate Trivia Showdown includes the following:

  • a 90-minute adventure guided by an expert host
  • innovative trivia questions spanning various categories to challenge players
  • competitive games like The Champion Challenge and Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia
  • energetic games, puzzles, and question rounds
  • optional trivia customization for a tailored event

Additionally, we will meet you at your selected venue with all the necessary materials. Trivia is a diverse game that allows each player to shine, so make sure to add Ultimate Trivia Showdown to your team’s roster!

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

4. Museum of Pop Culture

The Museum of Pop Culture is a non-profit institution in Seattle that displays iconic movie scenes. You can go on a self-guided group visit to explore the museum’s impressive exhibitions. You can get a discount on your reservation if you have 15 or more group members.

The museum is home to immersive collections, ranging from science fiction to hip-hop and guitars. The HipHop collection contains items like 2Pacalyse Now Handwritten Album Liner Notes by Tupac Shakur, 5001 Flavors Jacket formerly owned by The Notorious B.I.G., Afrika Bambaataa Promotional Portrait, and Barbara Pittman Stage Worn Costume.

Also, you will find thrilling exhibitions like Ruth E. Carter: Afrofuturism in Culture Design, Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction, and Scared to Death: The Thrill of Horror Film.

Learn more about Museum of Pop Culture.

5. Bellevue Indoor Range

Shooting at Bellevue Indoor Range is one of the fun group activities in Washington. The shooting range has about 15 public lanes for handguns and several 25-yard lanes for pistols and rifles. Bellevue Indoor Range offers rentals for ammunition, target, ear protection, and eye protection.

The range provides a safe and fun environment to shoot and improve your skills. If you want a private space to shoot, then you can reserve one of the shooting booths. All the lanes at the Bellevue Indoor Range have NRA-approved bullet resistance. You can have private events and training at the Bellevue Indoor Range tactical training bay.

Also, you can learn to shoot safely in the handgun and rifle training class. Your team will have an exhilarating experience at the Bellevue Indoor Range.

Learn more about Bellevue Indoor Range.

6. The Icebox Arcade

The Ice Box Arcade is an entertainment center offering a wide selection of arcade games and billiards. You can make a reservation to enjoy the arcade games or walk into the center with your group. The venue welcomes guests bringing outside food.

You can reserve a private room if you want to share the experience with your colleagues alone. The Icebox Arcade offers live music, karaoke, and pinball tournaments.

Learn more about Icebox Arcade.

7. Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium is home to various aquatic animals and features over ten unique exhibits. For instance, the Window on Washington Waters is filled with hundreds of species like wolf eel, sea star, sea anemone, and rockfish, and gives you a glimpse into life under the outer coast. Meanwhile, the Life of a Drifter exhibit lets you watch giant pacific octopuses, luminous moon jellies, and anemones.

Seattle Aquarium opens daily for public access. During your visit, you can access outdoor and indoor spaces. You can also bring your food and eat in designated areas or dine at the Seattle Aquarium’s cafe.

Learn more about Seattle Aquarium.

8. LazerX Arena

LazerX Arena is an excellent place in Seattle for a tactical laser tag experience. The game is an ultra-realistic shooter experience with a Hollywood movie-style setup. You can use the same software deployed by SWAT teams at the LazerX Arena.

LazerX Arena’s spacious battlefield is one of the most fun places to engage in group activities for adults in Seattle. The hyper-realistic equipment, party room, and viewing areas will give your group a great time. LazerX Arena also offers rental options if you wish to have the entire facility for your group.

Learn more about LazerX Arena.

9. CenturyLink Field

If you are looking for fun things to do in Seattle as a group, then a visit to the CenturyLink Field should be on your list. CenturyLink Field is a stadium that is the home of the Seattle Sounders and the NFL Seattle Seahawks. You will find the stadium in the heart of the city and easily accessible from most locations in downtown Seattle. The stadium has over 70,000 seating capacity, with around 80 suites and 7,000 club seats.

The stadium offers behind-the-scenes tours for 90 minutes. The tour costs about $10, and you do not have to make a reservation. CenturyLink Field organizes the tour daily or on weekends, depending on the season.

Learn more about CenturyLink Field.

10. Pacific Science Center

Pacific Science Center is an excellent destination for groups that loves science. The center offers various fun experiences, from science shows and IMAX movies to a butterfly house and laser shows. The Laser Dome at the Pacific Science Center offers an immersive live show experience with brilliant visuals.

The into America’s Wild IMAX movie is an exciting movie where you experience a non-stop ride by kayak, hot air balloon, bike, and train. You can visit the Pacific Science Center any weekday.

Learn more about Pacific Science Center.

11. West Seattle Bowl

The West Seattle Bowl is a bowling alley and an excellent place for large group activities in Seattle, Washington. The center features more than 30 lanes with state-of-the-art equipment and automatic bumpers.

The center provides an opportunity for you and your colleagues to learn how to bowl. You will find experienced coaches who can guide you through the exhilarating experience. West Seattle Bowl also offers a spacious venue and catering if you want to host an event at the location. Furthermore, you can enjoy nightly specials like Quartermania, Bowl till You Drop, and S.I.N. Your group can also have a beer, soda, or wine at the full-service bar by West Seattle Bowl.

Learn more about West Seattle Bowl.

12. Seattle Farm

The Seattle Farm is one of Seattle’s farms that offers horse riding lessons. You can take riding lessons available from beginner to upper levels. Professionals will guide you during the session and ensure you have the best time at the farm.

You can also lease a horse to expand your horseriding skill. The farm is open for private events and serves as an ideal space for large group activities in Seattle. You can have up to 300 guests at the location. During your event, your group can explore the farm-grown produce and interact with the animals.

Learn more about Seattle Farm.

13. The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room offers one of the best wine-tasting experiences in Washington. With a selection of over 60 different wines to sample, The Tasting Room provides a unique experience for you to enjoy the distinct personality of each winemaker through the wine.

If you get confused about the wine to choose, then the knowledgeable staff at The Tasting Room can assist. You can also get a small plate complimenting the wine. The Tasting Room also entertains guests with a live music experience every Friday.

Learn more about The Tasting Room.

14. Quest Factor

Quest Factor is an escape room company that offers premium escape room games with fantastic storylines and state-of-the-art puzzles. The escape rooms have various themes, like:

  • Escape Room Da Vinci: Your group will play as historians and cryptologists. Your mission lies in Da Vinci’s secret chamber to find the mathematician’s book of leaves.
  • Game of Kings: Your task is to find the symbols of power in the ancient sanctuary to unite the four kingdoms.
  • Jurassic Island: You and your group have one hour to retrieve the egg of a T-Rex dinosaur from an island, which is a scientific recreation of the Jurassic period.

The escape room games have a 60-minute duration. Your group will have a great time solving puzzles and working together to achieve a common goal. Depending on the room you reserve, you can share the experience with up to six players.

Learn more about Quest Factor.

15. Seattle Pinball Museum

Seattle Pinball Museum is a museum that features a collection of vintage pinball machines displayed as a form of kinetic art. The pinball collection in the Seattle Pinball Museum contains Jersey Jack Pinball, Dutch Pinball, V.P. Cabs, Spooky Pinball, and Stern Pinball.

A visit to the Seattle Pinball Museum is one of the fun group activities in Seattle, WA. You get to learn the history of the Seattle Pinball Museum and enjoy a fun time with your group.

Learn more about Seattle Pinball Museum.

16. Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo is a 92-acre zoo and home to various animals in Seattle. At the zoo, you will find multiple exhibits where you can learn more about the animals at the zoo. The African Savanna exhibit showcases the African lion, giraffe, ostrich, hippopotamus, zebra, and patas monkey.

The Australasia exhibits showcase the animals that inhabit the pacific ocean area, including Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and thousands of South Pacific islands. You can also host private events at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Learn more about Woodland Park Zoo.

17. Chihuly Garden and Glass

Exploring Chihuly Garden and Glass House is one of the best small group activities in Seattle, WA. Chihuly Garden and Glass is a glass and garden gallery that provides a peek into the influence and inspiration of the career of the artist Dale Chihuly. The garden has eight galleries and three drawing walls, showcasing Chihuly’s significant works.

At Chihuly Garden and Glass, the glasshouse is the gallery’s centerpiece and is 40-foot tall. You can also watch short videos of Chihuly’s work process, glassblowing, and interviews at the theater. In addition, you can learn about molten glass at the flameworking studio, where artists offer a look at glass properties and watch as glass transforms into ornament and figurines.

Learn more about Chihuly Garden and Glass.

18. Seattle Ballooning

Seattle Ballooning is a hot air balloon company that offers exhilarating experience mid-air. Upon arrival at the location, you will enter a chase van and head to the balloon launch site. Before your ride, you will also learn about the fascinating history of hot air balloons.

The company will provide your group safety instructions. Once the balloon is ready to launch, you will climb into the balloon basket. Then the balloon will slowly float in the air, allowing you to enjoy a fantastic perspective of Lake Tapps, Lake Washington, and the Green and White River. The hot air balloon ride is one of the fun group activities in Seattle, WA, allowing you to enjoy the city’s beauty.

Your pilot will act as a tour guide, providing answers to questions and information about different locations. At the end of your ride, you will get a glass of celebratory champagne and luxury chocolates.

Learn more about Seattle Ballooning.

19. The Museum of Flight

The Museum of Flight is one of the world’s largest air and space museums. You can explore the incredible spacecraft, artifacts, and aircraft collection and enjoy flight’s fascinating facts and stories.

The Museum of Flight displays exciting exhibitions like Cockpits, Untold Stories: World War II at 75, and Apollo. After a long day of exploration and learning, you can stop for grabs at the Wings Cafe or Pavilion Cafe.

Learn more about The Museum of Flight.

20. Kubota Garden Foundation

Touring Kubota Garden Foundation is one of the relaxing group activities in Washington. The destination is a Japanese garden and a vibrant destination within Tukwila, Washington.

With about 20 acres, 11 ponds, and two red bridges, the Kubota Garden Foundation is a place for meditation and artwork. Guests will encounter dancers and musicians in different parts of the garden. The garden opens daily and welcomes groups looking to explore the site. You can go on a guided group tour ideal for up to 20 guests.

Learn more about Kubota Garden Foundation.


Seattle is a great city with many fun activities your group can enjoy. You can immerse yourself in the city’s natural environment and iconic museums that elegantly display arts and crafts. Also, Seattle is famous as a destination for good music and identifies as the birthplace of the famous musical genre, Grunge. The city has a fun option for every group’s interests, from wildlife to entertainment. Whether you shoot at an indoor range or admire exhibits at a museum, you can expect the most fun experience in Seattle.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Seattle, Washington

Here are answers to questions about fun group activities in Seattle, WA.

What are some good group activities in Seattle?

Some good group activities in Seattle included exploring the Museum of Pop Culture, solving puzzles at the Quest Factor escape room, tasting wine at The Tasting Room, and bowling at West Settle Bowl.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Seattle?

To plan fun group activities within Seattle, you need to be sure of the kind of exercise your group will enjoy. Afterwards, you can research locations within Seattle that provide facilities for the type of activity you would love to do. Also, you should ensure that your chosen location is easily accessible to your group members.

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