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You found our list of the best group activities in St. Louis, Missouri.

Fun group activities in St. Louis are exciting events you can try with the rest of your team when you need a break from the strains of work in this Midwestern city. Examples include The Gateway Arch, Forest Park, and Saint Louis Zoo. Engaging in such fun activities is crucial to fostering friendships and camaraderie amongst team members in the workplace.

These experiences are examples of group activities for adults and relationship-building activities. These ideas are similar to company outings in St. Louis and St. Louis team building events.

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List of fun group activities in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is one of the few cities you can recognize just by looking at a picture of the skyline. Although the Gateway Arch is a major attraction, it is not the only one. Groups of all ages and interests will find enjoyable activities in Missouri’s biggest city on the Mississippi.

1. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac off is popular among fun things to do in St. Louis as a group. A fun guacamole-making competition is an excellent opportunity for group members to get to know each other and celebrate. Regardless of your group’s size, the Great Guac Off has plenty of room. After some lighter games and activities like trivia, teams will compete to whip up the best guacamole. You can add a twist to the task by adding a mystery ingredient. When the hosts evaluate the guacamole and name the winners, everyone on your team will have a great time. The Great Guac Off can occur in an office or a public venue.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is much more fun than the typical company holiday party. A game of Gingerbread Wars is a great way to get everyone in the office in the holiday mood. If you have the elves at Gingerbread Wars organize your company’s Christmas celebration, then your workers will be asking for a repeat performance the following year.

Gingerbread home building is a fun team activity that doubles as a friendly competition. The holiday-themed games and activities include a professional facilitator, competition materials, and a 90-minute duration. Teams may pay extra for various features, including holiday decorations, BYOB, snacks, catering, Christmas cookies, and longer team activities sessions. If you wish to try Gingerbread Wars, then you should know that it is only open from October to December.

Find out more about Gingerbread Wars.

3. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling workshop is a great way to incorporate learning and growth into group activities. The classes are exciting, informative, and engaging for students of all ages and levels. One crucial talent is the ability to captivate an audience with a gripping story from start to finish. If you can keep your audience engaged, you will boost your sales, marketing, and business. Professional performers share the tricks of the trade and pass along a simple formula for telling compelling tales and hooking an audience. Then, participants get a chance to practice and polish a short story.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

4. Bank Heist

After a daring bank robbery, your team has received a mission that requires skillful sleuthing. Questions need answers, such as where the bank’s security employees were and how the criminals got past the cutting-edge security systems protecting the vault. The presenters will direct your group through a series of challenges designed to unearth information that will help stop the offenders from escaping for good.

Bank Heist is a high-energy social deduction team-building exercise to promote beneficial team-building skills. Every member in your squad will have a lot of fun working together, competing, and cooperating to apprehend the thief.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

5. The Gateway Arch

St. Louis is most known for its 630-foot Gateway Arch. The structure was built in the 1960s as a tribute to President Thomas Jefferson and the 19th-century explorers Lewis and Clark, who pushed for the expansion of the United States into the western hemisphere. Groups interested in learning more about St. Louis’s significant role in the historic Westward Expansion should make their way to Gateway Arch National Park, which now stands at the site of the original expedition’s departure.

After you have had your fill of photographing the arch, it is time to learn more about this pivotal moment in our nation’s history at the museum. You can learn about the forefathers, revolutionaries, and indigenous peoples who laid the groundwork for the United States of America as it is today. Finally, you should not leave without taking a trip down the riverfront and seeing the Old Courthouse, where important decisions in the civil rights movement were made.

Learn more about the Gateway Arch.

6. Forest Park

As a large green park in the middle of St. Louis, Forest Park is highly valued by locals. The park is beautiful and serves as a stunning background to one of the major cities in the United States. More than 12 million people visit each year to take in the scenery and learn about the area’s history at their own pace.

You may visit the Missouri History Museum and the Science Center, two of the city’s most prestigious cultural organizations. If you want to get some exercise, you may visit the Turtle Playground or the Steinberg Skating Rink. Art Hill is the greatest place in the park to take in the scenery and have a picnic or a summer performance. You may also find stunning flower arrangements and Art Deco architecture in the Jewel Box greenhouse.

Learn more about Forest Park.

7. The Missouri Botanical Garden

The city’s dedication to preserving its ancient buildings and neighborhoods is one of its greatest strengths. The Missouri Botanical Garden exemplifies this dedication. The botanist Henry Shaw conceived of this garden in 1859. As a result, the Missouri Botanical Garden has flourished and continues to enthrall visitors of all ages.

The Missouri Botanical Garden is home to various plants and animals. The garden has different parts, one of which is home to Shaw’s former residence, Tower Grove House. The Japanese Garden is another part, with plants like lotus and cherry blossom trees. The Doris I. Schnuck Children’s Area and the Climatron, which showcases tropical plants, are further highlights of a tour of this garden. A visit to the Missouri Botanical Garden is one of the best group activities in Missouri.

Learn more about The Missouri Botanical Garden.

8. EAT Saint Louis Food Tours

A wide variety of excellent restaurants are present in St. Louis. The problem with having too many options to select from is indecision. EAT Saint Louis Food Tours is one of the top choices for small group activities in St. Louis. These food tours will take you to a variety of the best restaurants the city has to offer.

You can choose from three excursions, including the Maplewood Food Tour, the Taste of the Hill Food Tour, and the Historic Soulard Food Tour. Pastries, Italian, and Mexican food are just a few of the cuisines covered. You will also sightsee the city while enjoying delicious local cuisine on one of the guided food tours.

Learn more about EAT Saint Louis Food Tours.

9. Saint Louis Zoo

As one of the finest zoos in the United States, the Saint Louis Zoo is a must-visit for animal lovers. This zoo, located in Missouri’s Forest Park, provides optimal animal care and meets visitors’ expectations. You can enjoy your visit to the Saint Louis Zoo and rest easy knowing that the animal inhabitants are in good hands.

The variety of species displayed at the Saint Louis Zoo is a major draw. Some are native to Africa, such as lions, zebras, and flamingos. Caribbean animals, including sharks, are also on display. About 700 distinct animal species are here, making this a prime location for wildlife variety.

This Missouri zoo has free entrance, perhaps one of its finest aspects. Some attractions are paid for, but they are well worth the little expense. First, however, you should check out the zoo you are looking for inexpensive entertainment in St. Louis.

Learn more about Saint Louis Zoo.

10. Lewis and Clark Trail

In Missouri, the Lewis and Clark Hiking Trail in the Weldon Spring Conservation Area is a fantastic location for groups who want a taste of the great outdoors. You can complete two challenging yet rewarding loops at no cost. Hikers may find some of the nicest scenery in the Greater St. Louis region along the Lewis and Clark loops.

Although both hikes are lengthy, the Clark loop is five miles compared to the Lewis loop’s seven miles. For this activity, bring sturdy shoes for hiking and plenty of bug spray, just in case. It may be best to start your journey before the sun rises to avoid the worst of the day’s heat. On a pleasant day, the Lewis & Clark Trail attracts visitors from all walks of life.

Learn more about Lewis and Clark Trail.

11. St. Louis Art Museum

The world-renowned St. Louis Art Museum is a prominent tourist attraction in the city’s central Forest Park. This museum houses paintings, sculptures, and antiques from America’s finest private collections. Art lovers will enjoy perusing the galleries, where artifacts from ancient Egyptian tombs may be shown alongside modern glass sculptures. Some of the artifacts have a remarkable age of around 5,000 years!

You will also find a large collection of classic oil paintings and ancient Greek pottery to enjoy, so no matter your interests, you will find an exciting item here. You can locate a Monet, pause to savor a Rodin, and try to get your brain around a Jim Dime as you navigate the various exhibits.

Learn more about St. Louis Art Museum.

12. St. Louis Fun Tour

You and your group members can hop on and off a fleet of vintage double-decker buses to see some of St. Louis’ top attractions. You may get in the historical spirit while enjoying the freedom of exploring at your own pace on an actual trolley bus, making this an ideal option for those who want to avoid organized tours.

The bus will stop at several locations, so you may hop on and off at the sites that interest you the most. City Hall, the Gateway Arch, and Busch Stadium are just a few of the most visited attractions in St. Louis. You will learn the history of St. Louis and hear about some of its most famous landmarks from your knowledgeable tour guide as you cruise throughout the city. The fun tour is the most leisurely way to visit the sites in town.

Learn more about St. Louis Fun Tour.

13. St. Louis Aquarium

If you seek fun activities in St. Louis, then visit the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station to explore aquatic ecosystems. As your journey progresses from a freshwater river to a salt marsh and then to the ocean, you will encounter a variety of marine environments. You will get to know the fascinating creatures that call these ecosystems home and discover the interconnected web of life that holds them together.

The group will experience river monsters, get your tickles soothed by a doctor fish, and witness swarms of razor-sharp piranhas up and personal. You can touch the horseshoe crabs or even feed stingrays and sharks. The Deep, where moon jellyfish provide illumination, can be your final stop.

Learn more about St. Louis Aquarium.

14. Tower Grove Park

One of the most magnificent green areas in the city is Tower Grove Park. This urban gem, created by benefactor Henry Shaw, is the country’s best-preserved example of a garden park from the nineteenth century.

The landscapes here are quite formal, with meandering walkways and vast avenues of trees, creating the feeling of a history walk. The symmetry of the plantings is reminiscent of gardens built hundreds of years ago. If you go about on the seven miles of pathways, then you will see ancient buildings, gazebos, and gates of all shapes and sizes. Given its proximity to the Missouri Botanical Garden, a trip to the park should include a stop at the latter. The park is a great idea for large group activities in St. Louis.

Learn more about Tower Grove Park.

15. Grant’s Farm

This historic farm is ideal for locals and visitors to Grantwood Village to spend the day. Over 900 creatures from all seven continents call Ulysses S. Grant’s little zoo home. In this 281-acre wildlife park, you may ride an open-air tram and imagine traversing the vast American plains. The more you explore Grant’s Farm, the more bison, elk, and Sika deer you will see. You can visit the petting zoo or the Clydesdale horses’ paddock for up-close experiences.

Ulysses S. Grant’s White Haven residence is part of the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, which is worth seeing. You can learn more about the area’s history, from the first settlers to the enslaved people who helped maintain the land.

Learn more about Grant’s Farm.

16. The Selfie Room

You need go no farther than The Selfie Room if you are looking for group activities for adults in St. Louis that can help boost your reputation on Instagram. This fun experience will get your creative juices flowing with its ingenious assortment of interactive art displays made just for capturing selfies. To make your photos really unique, you may choose from a variety of themed rooms and props.

In the Minty Fresh Room, you may play in the foam, while in the Feather Room, you can get warm, and in the Present Room, you can have a party. You may channel your inner Barbie for the holidays or get your disco on for some unforgettable shots.

Learn more about The Selfie Room.

17. The Dome at America’s Center

The Dome at America’s Center is the city’s main conference site, and it has hosted events, from rock concerts to monster truck rallies. Previous program lineups have included some very remarkable guests. Spectators go around to watch motocross races here, and when Pope John Paul II said Mass here, it was the most significant indoor assembly in US history.

The Dome is also well-known as a place to host major athletic events, both for amateurs and professionals. Basketball games, volleyball matches, and gymnastics competitions are all familiar sights at these events. For groups looking for a more sedate experience, this massive stadium often hosts art shows, musical performances, and even theatrical plays.

Learn more about The Dome.

18. Laclede’s Landing

This vibrant waterfront neighborhood has every resource your group needs for a fun night out in the middle of the city. Located among the renovated historic warehouses of Laclede’s Landing, these eateries and watering holes are popular destinations for natives and tourists. This venue has some of the best St. Louis pizza and toasted ravioli, and the ooey-gooey butter cake and cocktails are worth a try.

Groups interested in learning more about where their beer comes from may take a behind-the-scenes tour of a historic brewery. You can also attend several musical events held in this revitalized neighborhood throughout the year, including the biggest free blues festival in Missouri.

Learn more about Laclede’s Landing.

19. The National Blues Museum

The National Blues Museum depicts the history and development of blues music. Blues is the cornerstone of all contemporary music, and fascinating exhibitions recount the narrative of the musicians who have moved hearts with their music over the years. The museum also solidifies St. Louis’ position as a major contributor to American popular music.

In the state-of-the-art venue, you may experience what many have called a “total musical immersion” in the Blues. Live performances here will have you swaying to the sounds of the South and sending chills down your spine.

Learn more about The National Blues Museum.

20. St. Louis Escape

You and your group members can try your hand at outwitting an escape room by using your collective cleverness. Each team member will be ‘locked’ within a uniquely designed chamber and given a single clue to begin the task. You will discover which player buckles first under pressure and who will you be the hero who saves the day.

Since you only have a limited amount of time to solve the puzzles and riddles, you are in a race against time. You will be on your toes as you investigate a murder scene or attempt to get out of a locked vault. You should try to stay cool while you complete the challenges, and if anxiety starts to creep in, remind yourself that this is just a game.

Learn more about St. Louis Escape.


St. Louis is home to several state-of-the-art parks and venues that may be ideal for fun group activities. These ideas may improve communication and cooperation within the group while also providing an opportunity to gain practical experience that will show back at the office. In addition, your team’s morale will rise after a successful event since every member will have a good time.

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Here are frequently asked questions about fun group activities in St. Louis.

What are some fun activities for groups in St. Louis?

Some fun group activities in St. Louis include the Forest Park, Lewis and Clark Trail, and the St. Louis Aquarium. These exercises help foster camaraderie and trust, two of the most critical characteristics of a successful team.

How do you plan activities for groups in St. Louis?

When planning activities for a group in St. Louis, asking around can provide many ideas for the series of activities that team members will rotate through during the day or event. You can include various activities that appeal to and help individuals succeed and learn. You can also add exercises concentrating on one or two genuine work difficulties or possibilities, utilizing a workshop style.

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