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22 Fun Group Activities in Washington DC

Here is our list of the best group activities in Washington DC.

Fun group activities in Washington DC are exciting exercises you and your colleagues can do in the city to make lasting memories. For example, you can visit the Spy Museum, dine at EatWell DC, or bowl at Lucky Strike. The purpose of these activities is to give you fun ideas to have a memorable time with your group in the US capital.

These ideas are examples of group activities for adults and team building events. These activities are similar to company outings in DC and Washington DC team building events.

This list includes:

  • small group activities in Washington DC
  • large group activities in Washington DC
  • group activities for adults in Washington DC
  • fun things to do in Washington DC as a group

Here we go!

List of fun group activities in Washington DC

Group activities help you and your team have a fun-filled time and create memorable moments. From solving the puzzle at Insomnia Escape Room to flying at iFLY, here are the best fun group activities for your group to enjoy in Washington DC.

1. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling is a workshop that runs for groups in Washington DC. During the training, the hosts will teach your team the techniques for weaving powerful stories. Whether an expert storyteller or a beginner, you can attend the workshop and expect practical takeaways.

By mastering the art of telling good stories, you and your group members will be able to communicate in a more impactful way. Also, the skill can benefit attendees in their personal lives and at work.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

2. Museum Hack

The fun things to do in Washington DC as a group include playing a scavenger hunt with Museum Hack. The hosts will lead you and your colleagues through a fun adventure around the National Portrait Gallery. Your experience will last 90 minutes.

Museum Hack creates an exceptional experience in the best museums in Washington DC. The event also includes team building activities, ice breakers, and stories of art and artists. If your group prefers a hunt revolving around your industry mission, then the facilitators can customize your experience.

3. Pride Trivia

Pride Trivia banner

Pride Trivia is a one-hour activity that is both celebratory and educational. Your group will have lasting memories as you engage in a trivia game designed by LGBTQ+ community members. You can run Pride Trivia to celebrate Pride Month or any other occasion with your group. The activity also highlights and reflects on life experiences while inspiring pride.

The host will set up the event in your location within Washington DC.

Learn more about Pride Trivia.

4. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

Superhero Academy is an exciting activity where you and other participants can work together to achieve a common goal. Your group will play as superheroes tasked with saving the world by defeating the villains. In Superhero Academy, your group can enjoy a real-life adventure in 90 minutes.

Your group can overcome the challenges and fly by relying on your strengths and brain power. You will also solve a series of puzzles while on your superhero journey.

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

5. National Mall and Memorial Parks

Open for visits on any weekday, The National Mall and Memorial Parks is an iconic location in Washington DC. Various monuments like the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality, and the Lincoln Memorial are within the destination.

You can also set up a picnic at the constitution garden while enjoying a scenic view of the National Mall. With over 1,000 acres of green space, the mall is an excellent destination for large group activities in Washington DC. For example, your group can swim, go boating, and play golf. You can also play tennis at the East Potomac Center or take a walk in the mall.

Learn more about National Mall and Memorial Parks.

6. National Geographic Museum

The National Geographic Museum offers dynamic exhibitions of famous artifacts and iconic photography works. If your group members are fond of history and stories, then exploring the National Geographic Museum is a great idea.

The museum opens daily, and the admission costs about $20. You can enjoy various cinematic exhibitions available at the museum. The experience will be interactive, fascinating, and exciting for your group.

Learn more about National Geographic Museum.

7. Karaoke at Muzette

Muzette is a karaoke joint with private rooms in Washington DC. The joint has an extensive playlist with over 70,000 songs in different languages, including English, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese.

Muzette features a dining area serving Korean dishes. Depending on the karaoke room you reserve, you can have up to 15 guests at the venue. Muzette opens daily and is a great location to have fun, relax, and enjoy a group meal.

Learn more about Muzette.

8. Insomnia Escape Room

Insomnia Escape room provides entertainment for groups in Washington DC. You will have 60 minutes to accomplish a secret mission and escape. The escape games are private and will provide you with an immersive experience. Also, the pricing will depend on your group size. The escape rooms have different themes like:

  • The Mafia: The game sets in the 1930s during the Prohibition era. Your group will play as a group of secret agents searching for documents connecting a politician to a speakeasy.
  • The Patient: You are part of a team of journalists investigating strange events in a psychiatric hospital.
  • The Alchemist: You and your alchemist friends a room with bookshelves and clues to lead you on your escape mission.

The fun group activities in Washington DC include playing Insomnia Escape Room games. The games are highly-immersive and do not include jump scares. Besides escape rooms, the entertainment center also offers an intriguing VR arcade.

Learn more about Insomnia Escape Room.

9. Kraken Axes and Rage

Kraken Axes and Rage is a place to let off steam and engage in adrenaline-pumping activities, particularly axe-throwing and breaking objects. The center has a rage room that offers a safe place to smash away your stress and frustration. You can listen to your desired music through the room’s audio system.

Also, your group can practice hitting the bullseye in the Axe throwing room. You will have a dedicated coach to guide you on your journey to become a true axe master. The activity costs about $30 per guest, charged hourly. In addition, you can book a private arena or host an event at the venue.

Learn more on Kraken Axes and Rage.

10. Aura Spa

Aura Spa is a wellness center committed to helping guests reduce stress with therapeutic massages. The spa provides many treatments delivered with top-notch service. You can also enjoy massage therapy and body treatments.

Aura Spa stands out for the customizable service offered. You can have your experience designed to fit your specification while also receiving complimentary champagne. Furthermore, you can work out in the facility before or after your spa treatments.

Learn more on Aura Spa.

11. Paintball at NiteHawk Paintball and Airsoft

Nitehawk paintball is one of the best paintball facilities in Washington DC. Occupying about 30 acres of field with riverbeds, bunkers, dirt trenches, and a CQB building, NiteHawk paintball is among many players’ preferred destinations for large group activities in Washington DC.

When you arrive, you will get a complete kit and protective masks to wear over your face. You can also play NiteHawk’s airsoft or gelly ball games. You can reserve a private game to share the experience only with your group members.

Learn more about NiteHawk Paintball and Airsoft

12. EatWell DC

EatWell DC is a restaurant in Washington that offers excellent food and drink options. The organization is a locally owned business also operating a farm in La Plata, Maryland, to bring organic produce to the restaurants. You can dine at EatWell DC with your group and enjoy the meal options available.

EatWellDC also organizes private mixology and wine classes excellent for groups looking to have a good time and learn how to make cocktails. A senior bartender instructor will be available to guide you through the basics of cocktail making, infusions, food pairing, and techniques required for a perfect drink. The class requires a minimum of four guests, with the pricing starting at around $90 per attendee.

Learn more about EatWell DC.

13. Spy Museum

Spy Museum is a spy-themed institution with an extensive collection of espionage artifacts.

At the Spy Museum, you get to test your spy skills at the museum as you go undercover during the espionage experience. You can test your skills through up to 17 physical and interactives spread throughout the museum’s exhibition.

Your team can participate in activities like cracking codes, crawling through an air duct, or spying on other “spies” while keeping your identities hidden. You will receive an undercover badge, cover name, and details to participate in the mission. The Spy Museum also features exhibitions like the Briefing Center, Stealing Secrets, Covert Actions, and Spying That Shaped History.

Learn more about Spy Museum.

14. Indoor Sky diving at IFLY

Skydiving at iFLY is among the small group activities in Washington DC. The indoor skydiving center features state-of-the-art fly tunnels. You will receive helmets and suits to wear over your clothes. After a staff member checks your group in, an expert flight instructor will show you the basics of indoor sky diving. You will have an instructor to guide you through the flight.

In addition, you can host a private event within the skydiving premises.

Learn more on iFLY.

15. Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute is home to over 2,500 animals representing around 360 species. You can enjoy the scenic view of the area and learn about the different species of animals at the zoo. The zoo also hosts events like Bird in Flights, Brew at the Zoo, and Boo at the Zoo. You will get an up-close view of exotic birds, lions, tigers, and pandas at these events, often while enjoying refreshments.

Exploring the zoo is one of the fun things to do in Washington DC. You can enjoy the speedwell conservation carousel or the good of the hive mural. You can host an event at the zoo with different rental spaces like the Amazonia Science Gallery, Clint Fields Plaza, and the Elephant Community Center. You can also stop for grabs at Elevation Burger.

Learn more about Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute.

16. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is a dessert shop located in different parts of Washington DC, particularly at Barrack’s Row and Jeni’s at The Yards Park. The shop opens every day of the week.

You can choose from an array of adventurous ice cream flavors, from Golden Nectar and Watermelon Taffy to Sunshine and Everything Bagel. The ice creams are also available in non-dairy and gluten-free options.

Learn more about Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

17. Ford Theatre

Ford Theatre is a theater, a historic destination, and a museum in Washington DC. At the site, you will learn about Lincoln’s assassination and the event’s lasting impact on America. The museum houses rare artifacts that recount Abraham Lincoln’s history. A museum visit takes about 30 minutes, and your team can have a great time learning about the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.

The Ford Theatre also features live performances to captivate and entertain guests, from Investigation: Detective McDevitt to The Trip to Bountiful and A Christmas Carol.

Learn more about Ford Theatre.

18. Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens.

The Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens is a recreation field that combines the beauty of wildlife habitat, aquatic gardens, wooded areas, tidal marshes, and the Anacostia river all in one site. Your group will find many activities to do at Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens. You can walk the trails for winter birding. You can also watch the flowers bloom, explore the historic pond filled with 500-year-old lotus, and watch birds.

Learn more about Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens.

19. DC Improv

DC Improv is part of the best comedy venues in Washington DC. Watching a show at the improv club is one of the fun things to do in Washington DC as a group. You can laugh, eat, and relax with your group. The comedy shows can last up to two hours.

The comedy venue features a menu with gluten-free and vegan-friendly food options. You will find a list of upcoming shows on the club’s website. DC Improve features comedians and improv experts like Margaret Cho, Christina P, David Gborie, and Michael Colyar. You can also watch shows performed by some of the best stand-up comedians in Washington.

Learn more about DC Improv.

20. National Gallery of Art

Exploring the National Gallery of Art exhibitions is one of the fun group activities in Washington DC. The National Gallery of art is a center of visual art, education, and culture with a collection of about 150,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photography. The museum keeps and displays works of renowned artists, including Julia Magaret Camaron, Mary Cassatt, Thomas Cole, and James Van Der Zee. You can go on a guided group tour, taking you on a one-hour journey around the gallery.

The tour is free and can run for 15 or more guests. You will find different dining areas at the gallery, from Terrace Cafe to Pavillon Cafe. The restaurant also offers various dining options for groups.

Learn more about the National Gallery of Art.

21. Five Iron Golf

Five Iron Golf is an indoor golf simulator facility that uses high tech to teach guests. The center provides a range where you can practice using golf simulators. You can also rent more than one stimulator if you have a large group.

Five Iron Golf offers event spaces for you to host your private events and entertain your guest. You will find a full-service bar and a kitchen with excellent food options. Also, you can take one of the golf lessons led by professionals.

Learn more about Five Iron Golf.

22. District Winery

Touring District Winery is one of the group activities for adults in Washington DC. The winery produces premium wines in small batches. During the one-hour tour, your group will learn about the winemaking process, techniques for sourcing grapes, and bottling wines.

You can also host your event in a space within the district winery, with an occupancy capacity of over 30 guests. The event space provides tables, chairs, glassware, and high-top tables.

Learn more about District Winery


Washington DC is a great location to host your group activity. The city is rich in history, with many parks, restaurants, and museums to explore. While you enjoy the city’s entertainment with your group, you can also learn about America’s history and cultural facts at various iconic, like Ford Theatre, the National Mall and Memorial Parks, and the National Gallery of Art. With so many fun places to visit and entertainment to enjoy, your guests will have a long-lasting experience during your time in Washington DC.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Washington DC

Here are answers to questions about fun group activities in Washington DC.

What are some good group activities in Washington DC?

Some good group activities in Washington DC include bowling at Lucky Strike, touring the National Geographic Museum, enjoying a Spa Day at Aura Spa, visiting Five Iron Golf, skydiving at IFLY, and watching a show at DC Improv. These activities are fun and can facilitate communication within your group.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Washington DC?

To plan fun activities in Washington DC, you need to understand your group’s area of interest. Then, you can decide the activity your colleagues will enjoy the most. Also, you can research locations within the city where you and your group members can conveniently engage in your planned activity. You should ensure that you leave sufficient time for the planning process to guarantee a successful and lasting experience.

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