19 Fun Group Photo Ideas for Team Photos

By: | Updated: June 02, 2023

You’ve found our list of fun and creative group photo ideas.

Group photo ideas are creative possibilities for capturing fun images of your team. For example, you can take group photos to send out for promotional opportunities, with thank you notes, and as holiday cards or end-of-year greetings to clients and customers. Examples of group photo ideas are fun pyramid arrangements, images in front of the office or company sign, and dressy photos in glamorous settings like a cocktail bar or upscale restaurant. These photos are also called “group picture ideas.”

Group photos are great for sharing as holiday party favors from the team or sending out as customer appreciation cards. You can also use team building events and corporate retreats as group photo opportunities. These ideas can also be prompts for photo scavenger hunts.


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Here we go!

List of group photo ideas

From simple pyramid poses to happy Hawaiian dress-up shots, here are some ideas for group photos to capture snapshots of your current team.

1. Pyramid Arrangement

people in a human pyramid on a beach

Pyramid poses can provide balance and visual interest in a group photo. Even a small team can make an effective pyramid with some creative positioning. By placing taller team members in the back and bringing the more average-height members to the middle, you can seat some of the subjects in front and form an upright pyramid shape.

If your team is up for a more playful pose, then each member can find their place in a more traditional pyramid made of several members sitting cross-legged in the front row, a few on their knees, or crouching in the center and some figures standing in the back row. The height differences among your team members may be the deciding factor in your pyramid composition.

2. Staircase Pose

a group sitting on steps

Positioning your team on a staircase allows you to capture a large group in a visually satisfying arrangement. You can take your photo from the bottom of the staircase to capture a striking image of your team ascending in a makeshift pyramid or a curved shape if the staircase is more rounded. You can also position the camera at the top of the staircase and take the photo of your team at a fun descending angle. If your crew has many members to fit into the frame, then you can aim for photos from a greater distance to ensure the entire team is in the final shot.

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3. City Skyline

group posed in front of a city skyline while wearing sunglasses

If you have a striking cityscape nearby, then you can use it as a dramatic backdrop for a group photo with cosmopolitan appeal. By scheduling your shoot for a sunny day, you can capture the detail of the buildings in the background while giving your team members a cheerful glow in the foreground. To balance light and shadows, you can opt for an overcast day that smooths out the harsh lines and provides a more dramatic image for both the subject and background. You can even add some creative flair by posing your team on the steps of landmark buildings or in front of significant locales to make the setting a star of the show.

4. Outdoor Backdrops

four women outdoors on a rooftop

Group photos taken in pretty outdoor settings can provide a fresh perspective to your team picture. You can scout locations around your building, vistas with greenery or landscaping that adds interest to the image. For larger groups, choose a spot that allows the entire crew to be in the frame while capturing interesting scenery in the background. For a more creative take on an outdoor photo, look into local parks or social media-worthy public spaces that could make a creative backdrop for your photo. Scheduling your photo shoot for late afternoon or early evening hours will give you glowing natural light to work with.

5. Company Sign Photo

two men pointing to the national sports museum sign

Taking a group photo in front of a company sign allows you to feature a crucial company-oriented element for shots that require a more professional touch. For workspaces with an indoor sign, your team can stand on either side and crouch in front of the logo to ensure it remains visible in the shot. If you have access to an outdoor setting with your business name or logo, then you can take advantage of natural lighting and a more expansive area for posing your team members. For DIY photos, be aware of harsh shadows and odd lighting that might cast strange shapes on your subjects and time your shoot accordingly.

6. Decade Costumes

Three people in eighties attire

You can challenge your team to add humor to your group photo with costumes from their favorite decade. Whether they opt for a roaring 1930s theme, hippie chic from the 1960s, or disco duds from the 1970s, team members can scour vintage shops and thrift stores to assemble their costumes. You can gather era-appropriate props or task the team with creating their own to use in the photo to add to the atmosphere. Once you have your photos, add some flair with fun filters or graphics to give the theme a final visual punch.

7. Joyful Jumps

three people jumping in the air gleefully against forest trees

Of the various group photo ideas that exist, few elicit smiles and laughter as much as a joyful jump! This pose can be tricky to arrange, as getting the entire team to be in the air simultaneously is a challenge. With a smartphone or digital camera that uses the action shot setting, you can take several shots to ensure you get one that works. If getting a larger team off their feet in a single shot proves too tricky, try a bit of fancy photo editing to combine a few images for a picture-perfect leap!

8. Overhead Shot

a shot of people working at a conference table from above

Group photos involving large numbers of workers will benefit from an overhead image that can fit more figures in the frame. You can choose a setting with a balcony or mezzanine that allows your photographer to position the camera higher, with figures arranged in an organized cluster in the space below. Even taking the photo from atop a ladder will allow you to accommodate a bigger group better than a lower vantage point. For an extra special touch, seek out a courtyard with elegant architecture to add a stylish backdrop to the image.

9. Downward-Looking Pose

group in huddle facing downward

Creating intriguing visual interest in your group photos is simple, with a shot of your team with their heads together, looking down into the camera. The circular layout offers something unique in a group image and allows you to display all your teammates’ faces in the same visual plane. By positioning the camera as close to the floor as possible, you can be sure to get all of your subjects in the shot. You may need to use a smartphone laid flat on the floor and activate a timer or a remote to set off the shutter. With a few test shots and persistence, you can create an imaginative team image with a welcome blast of contemporary style.

10. Hands-In Team Shot

Group in huddle putting hands in center

For team photoshoot ideas that demonstrate the cooperative nature of your group, try a variation on the hands-in pose. This arrangement is an imaginative way to show the camaraderie of your crew, an aspect that is sometimes challenging to capture in a photograph. You can position the camera above the team as they stack their hands like a sports team for a traditional take or capture the shot from beneath for a more artful image. For a gallery-worthy creative shot, take a few snaps featuring the stacked hands and try a black-and-white, cool blue, or warm sepia filter on the finished image.

11. Photobooth Style

group of men and women posing in front of photobooth backdrop with props

Photobooth-style images are a simple solution when choosing funny group photo ideas for work. If your budget allows, then you can schedule a session at a nearby photo studio or selfie museum that provides backdrops and props like goofy hats and silly fashion accessories. You can also opt for a more homemade version of a photobooth group photo by having your team create their own props using construction paper and dowel rods. By scheduling a craft day to assemble the props and shoot the photos, you can turn a DIY team building event into a group photo shoot and conquer two tasks in a single occasion.

12. Red Carpet Glam

women in fancy cocktail attire with champagne glasses

Black ties and glamorous gowns on a red-carpet call to mind luxurious group photo possibilities, even if the photo shoot is the entire event! If your team happens to be at a party or event with a posh red-carpet opportunity, then capture a few group shots while wearing their party clothes. You can enlist other partygoers to snap some shots that include you to ensure the whole team is in the picture.

To create your own red carpet photo op, rent a roll-out prop carpet from a party or event center in your area and unfurl it in a strategic location at your worksite. Then, invite your team to dress to the nines on Photo Day for their big moment in front of the camera. You can even serve drinks and appetizers to turn it into a full-blown photo party.

13. Faux Family Photos

two people in ugly christmas sweaters

Some of the best work group Christmas photo ideas are images that recreate the awkward charm of real family photos. For teams that operate as a work family, dressing up in clothing from prior decades and creating favorite outdated hairstyles provides a fun opportunity to show off your group’s sense of humor. By letting each team member claim their family status as Mom, Dad, siblings, and extended family, your workers can design a look that captures the spirit of their character. You can gather around the office Christmas tree, take a few serious shots with proper poses and smiles, and add some silly face pictures to the mix.

14. Candid Poses

Group in casual clothes looking comfortable in a loose huddle

Group photos of the crew engaged in their work make candid shots showing teamwork. To ensure that all team members are in the picture, you can manufacture a work session or meeting that serves as your setting. You can invite the crew to wear their best business casual for the shoot and bring laptops, documents, and other props. Designating a team member to play meeting leader will give the other members a focal point to interact with. In addition to images capturing the team mid-meeting, you can take a few with the group looking toward the camera for a more posed shot in a candid real-life setting.

15. Business Attire

three people in business attire in front of a brick wall

If your workplace is a suit-and-tie environment that sometimes skips the more buttoned-up aspects of the dress code, invite your team to wear their best formal workwear for a photo that shows how well they clean up. Some form of a business suit for the whole team is a workable standard, though you can forgo jackets in favor of dress shirts, slacks or skirts, and ties for the team members who want to wear one. A variety of colors will look natural, but you can coordinate hues or specify dark pants and light shirts to keep the contrasts consistent among your subjects. For a buttoned-up photo like this, a simple background like a neutral wall or window works best to keep the focus on your team.

16. Super Casual Dress

Group dressed casually making dinosaur poses and funny faces

Group photos that show your team at their most relaxed can demonstrate the more relaxed side of the workplace. Blue jeans and tee shirts in a coordinated color make ideal ensembles for comfortable team images. You can also request your crew wear a company shirt or corporate colors to tie the image together. Invite the team to gather in the breakroom, lobby, or another informal workplace setting to capture them in a casual work setting. If you have a morale event or team building opportunity on the calendar, you can maximize those moments by arranging a group photo showing your workers in their most laid-back mode.

17. Evening Shot

group in front of bonfire against a nighttime city skyline

Nighttime backdrops make dramatic settings for group photos, especially when using a lighted skyline or posing your team among exciting lighted features around town. These images can include your choice of casual or dressy attire, depending on the tone you hope to portray. Having a team dinner at a nice restaurant will give you plenty of photo ops for capturing your crew in relaxed poses and fun groupings. You can even take shots of smaller groups to show the camaraderie among your workers, in addition to setting up a full group shot to commemorate your special occasion.

18. Sunset Silhouette

a group against a sunset

For an artful take on your group photo ideas, try taking a silhouette or backlit picture that uses natural lighting. The morning hours right after sunrise and evening hours just before sunset are what photographers call the “golden hour” due to the favorable lighting and glowing color. By positioning your team in front of the setting sun, you can capture thoughtful shots of their figures in full shadow against a radiant sky. These images can remain full-color if the outdoor lighting cooperates, or you can alter them to grayscale or a more dramatic filter effect to emphasize the contrast created by the light, clouds, and landscape.

19. Hawaiian Shirts

three men in hawaiin shirts

With your crew decked out in colorful Hawaiian shirts and tourist shorts, you have several fun corporate photoshoot ideas that will show off your team’s funky side. You can request that the team wear sunglasses and provide oversized straw hats or silly pool inflatables to ramp up the wacky charm of your photo. If your budget allows, then you can purchase coconut-shaped cups at a local party supply store and serve tiki-style mocktails during the shoot to get your subjects in the mood for a good time. Having the whole crew raise their cups and toast the camera will give you a joyous tropical group photo that locks in the moment for all to enjoy.


Group photo ideas let you show your team to associates and clients who may not have face-to-face contact with the entire group. In addition, these photos are a great way to capture the crew for posterity as an annual tradition or to commemorate a special work-based achievement or occasion. With imagination and creative digital magic, you can take professional-level group photos that put your team’s best faces forward.

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FAQ: Group photo ideas

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about group photo ideas.

What are group photo ideas for work?

Group photo ideas for work are poses and attire options that capture your team’s spirit. You can try photos depicting your crew in a more casual state or get them dressed up for a more glamorous image. You can also opt for extraordinary backdrops like a nighttime cityscape or your company’s sign to add compelling visual interest.

What are some fun ideas for team photos?

Some fun ideas for team photos include having the team jump for joy, a tricky pose where every team member leaps into the air simultaneously, and inviting your crew to dress in Hawaiian shirts and shades and raise a toast using coconut cups. You can also create an impromptu red carpet photo event for your team to attend in their best party attire for some faux glam, or have your crew dress as cartoonish fictional relatives for funny fake family photos.

How do you do group photoshoots in the office?

To do group photoshoots in the office, decide what your team will wear and coordinate their colors and attire, if necessary. Next, you can choose poses that allow you to fit the whole team into the picture, an important detail if your team is particularly large. Once you choose your attire and pose, you can find a setting that helps express the spirit of the photo, such as a rooftop with a daytime cityscape to show off your city or a spot in the office that utilizes your workspace as a backdrop. For a finishing touch, use dramatic filters and exciting lighting effects to enhance the image.

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