21 Great Holiday Party Venues & Ideas in Houston, TX

By: | Updated: October 25, 2022

Here is our list of the best holiday party venues & ideas in Houston, Texas.

Holiday party venues & ideas in Houston are locations and activities you can use to entertain your team during the holiday season in the Houston Region. Examples include The Majestic Metro, Goode Armadillo Palace, and AMF Windfern Lanes. The right choice of party venues and ideas will recharge your team and help attendees create memories together.

These ideas are inspirations for corporate Christmas parties and holiday team building events. These activities are similar to Houston event venues and corporate events in Houston.

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  • holiday party ideas in Houston for adults
  • holiday party entertainment ideas in Houston

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List of holiday party venues in Houston

Known as the global space exploration capital, Houston offers event planners a large pool of holiday party venues. From Legaci Studio to Rockefellers Houston and The Juliana, here is a list of spaces in Houston where you can entertain your guests in the Houston region.

1. The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts

The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts is a major part of Houston’s vibrant cultural arts scene. The venue promotes art by providing a performing arts facility in the city that dates back to 2002. You will also get a variety of unique and vibrant spaces where you can host your guests for different holiday party setups. For example, if you have a musical holiday party, then you can host up to 2,000 attendees at the Sarofim Hall. The venue has a full orchestra pit and backstage and is ideal for holiday party setups such as dance parties and dramatic performances.

The Zilkha Hall is another perfect space where you can host musical events for up to 500 guests. The jewel-box theatre features walnut wood accents, warm deep rose tones, and excellent acoustics. You can also check out the Grand Lobby, a space that offers panoramic views of downtown Houston and can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. The venue is ideal for party setups such as dinners, receptions, and galas. Finally, event planners who want small party venues in Houston can check out the 200-capacity Founders Club.

Learn more about The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts.

2. The Houstonian Hotel, Club, and Spa

Featuring tons of space, the Houstonian Hotel, Club, and Spa tops the list of holiday party venues and ideas in Houston. The hotel offers event planners outdoor and indoor spaces that can accommodate large and small groups. If you want your team to have an outdoor experience, then you can check out the Under the Texas Live Oak space. This venue offers a unique space where attendees will party under the twinkling canopy of the Texas oak. You can host dinners and cocktail parties and delight guests with Houston cuisine. The Meadow is also another excellent open space for memorable holiday parties. You can also offer your guests a poolside dining holiday party at The Arbor Grill. The venue has entertainment facilities such as wood decking, a bar with table seating, and big-screen TVs. If you want to host guests in an indoor space, then check out the Grande Ballroom, the Forest Ballroom, and the Juniper.

Learn more about The Houstonian Hotel, Club, and Spa.

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3. Studio B

Studio B is a modern stunning space ideal for different holiday party setups. The venue offers event planners 3,650-square-foot of open space with a 2,750-square-foot reclaimed wood dance floor. Studio B also has two large patios where guests can relax and snap pictures. Depending on the party layout, you can host 200 to 300 guests at Studio B. The venue’s other vital holiday party amenities include a 14-speaker sound system, RGB lighting, projectors, and a kitchenette.

Learn more about Studio B.

4. The Majestic Metro

Featuring a mix of modern and classic historic architectural elements, The Majestic Metro is a fantastic choice for Houston holiday parties. Your guests will love the dramatic architectural lighting, large dance floor, sound system, and multimedia video projection. For intimate parties, you can check out the downstairs area and host 50 to 230 guests. You can combine the downstairs space with the balcony and entertain up to 280 seated guests and 500 attendees for cocktail-style parties. Of course, you are free to customize The Majestic Metro to suit your party setup.

Learn more about The Majestic Metro.

5. Legaci Studio

If you are looking for versatile company holiday party venues in Houston, then Legaci Studio is a good bet. The 1,800-square-foot space is in North Houston near Veterans Memorial Drive. The intimate and electric space is an excellent choice for party receptions, dance classes, and sip and paint holiday parties. The venue also provides essential party amenities, including high bar tables, speakers with wireless microphones, a bar area, and a full kitchen. You will also have access to ample free parking for your guests. In addition, you can check out the list of vendor recommendations by legacy Studio and ease your holiday party planning process.

Learn more about Legaci Studio.

6. Grogan Gallery

Smack dab in the Houston Design District is Grogan Gallery, a premier destination for fine art in Texas. The gallery showcases paintings, glass art, and sculptures from over 20 exceptional artists across Europe, the U.S, Australia, and Latin America. Grogan Gallery also offers event planners a 1,700-square-foot indoor space and an outdoor patio area. In addition, the venue has essential party facilities, including a four-speaker sound system, overhead and track lighting, a bar, and a service area.

Learn more about Grogan Gallery.

7. Hearsay Chic Antique

Right in the historic Market Square is Hearsay Chic Antique, a space that combines modern design and historic architectural elements. The venue, which is in the original W.L Foley building, provides guests with a unique ambiance, electric American cuisine, evocative playlists, and custom craft cocktails. Event planners searching for intimate holiday party venues in Houston will love the selection at Hearsay Chic Antique. The Semi-Private-Loft is a 40 to 65-capacity space with a private perch overlooking the dining area. For a dining party, you can opt for the Main Dining Area and host 40 seated guests and 80 attendees for a cocktail reception. You can also rent out the entire restaurant and entertain 150 guests.

Learn more about Hearsay Chic Antique.

8. The Juliana

The Juliana is set up in Houston Heights and is one of the best small party venues in Houston. The venue features wooden elements, an open space, and beautiful lighting structures in the trees. You can hold your party in The Juliana space and entertain up to 150 seated guests and 225 standing attendees in the outdoor terrace and lawn areas. The venue has a speaker system, microphone, Wi-Fi connections, and a prep kitchen.

Learn more about The Juliana.

9. Goode Armadillo Palace

If you want your guests to get a taste of the Texan cuisine, then Goode Armadillo Palace is a fantastic holiday party venue. The venue features a state-of-the-art kitchen, bar, three stages, and a dance hall. You can offer up to 200 guests an indoor dining party at the Armadillo. Be sure to check out private venues such as the 400-capacity Hall, the 600-capacity Backyard, and the 200-capacity Patio. The private spaces accommodate fewer guests for seated event setups. You can check out the menu selection at Goode Armadillo Palace and offer guests memorable bites such as perfectly seared ribeye and smoked redfish.

Learn more about Goode Armadillo Palace.

10. Station 3

Station 3 is one of Houston’s original fire stations that dates back to 1903. The historical landmark directly outside downtown is now one of the hottest company holiday party venues in Houston. The venue features wood floors, original brick, hand-carved exterior stonework, and concrete beams. You can rent the open 5,800-square-foot space and customize the venue per your holiday party setup. Station 3 has an outdoor courtyard and private catering and prepping area.

Learn more about Station 3.

11. Rockefellers Houston

Rockefellers Houston is the perfect venue for live music and performance-style holiday parties. The space has an intimate setting and also offers vital technical facilities, including a speaker system, monitor system, and a 30 inches high stage. With a combination of the main floor and the balcony, Rockefellers Houston accommodates 410 standing guests and up to 250 attendees for a theatre-style setup. You can also host a seated dinner at the theatre for up to 175 guests or a cabaret-seated event for up to 200 attendees.

Learn more about Rockefellers Houston.

List of holiday party ideas in Houston

As the fourth most populous city in the U.S, Houston offers enchanting recreational activities during the holiday season. From Magical Water Lights to Tomball German Festival and Sam Houston Race Park, here is a list of the best ideas you can use to enchant your team during the holiday season in Houston.

12. SpindleTap Brewery

With several spaces and fun activities, SpindleTap Brewery tops the list of holiday party ideas in Houston for adults. The company has an extensive range of brews that teams can sip to kickstart the holiday celebrations. SpindleTap Brewery also has a party rental space that offers a fun atmosphere and exciting amenities. With the full venue rental, you will offer up to 300 guests access to the brewery room and the taproom. You can also engage guests in board games, foosball, arcade games, softball, and corn hole. Be sure to check out the catering option and offer attendees a memorable holiday party.

Learn more about SpindleTap Brewery.

13. Green Mountain Energy Ice at Discovery Green

Set up in downtown Houston is the Discovery Green, an 11.78-acre public park where you can usher in holiday celebrations in style. The park allows guests to skate while gliding beneath the Houston holiday lights. You can also catch other holiday activities at Discovery Green, such as Skating with the Stars, where Houston’s top skaters perform demonstrations in the rink. If you have participants who love dance in your team, you can check out the Dance and Skate events.

Learn more about Green Mountain Energy Ice at Discovery Green.

14. Magical Water Lights

Magical Show Light is a 45-day Christmas light show featuring lantern lights, carnival games, rides, and local entertainment. The 20-acre experience takes guests through over 100 individual lantern sets, a Christmas village, a magical castle, and stunning views of the Houston skylines. Participants will also experience Santa meet-and-greets and cultural performances that showcase Houston’s talent. On select days, you can catch Latin dance shows, vocal and guitar performances by renowned artists, orchestras, and Texan dance shows.

Learn more about Magical Water Lights.

15. The Christmas Train

Featuring over 300,000 holiday displays and lights, the Christmas Train is one of the most unique holiday party entertainment ideas in Houston. Your guests will get a chance to explore an old-fashioned train ride in open-air coaches as attendees get a taste of popcorn and homemade pizza on board. The Christmas Train experience also has a Santa’s Speedway activity where teams can race at the eight-go-kart facility. Be sure to look out for the Great ELF Show, which features adorable characters, interesting antics, and Christmas messages.

Learn more about The Christmas Train.

16. Starry Night Express at Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Starry Night Express is a fantastic recreational and educational holiday party activity where participants will explore the solar system and beyond in the George Observatory. The live planetarium experience will enchant stargazers of all ages. Your guests will practice finding planets, stars, the Moon, and the Milky Way band. Teams will also learn interesting facts about astronomy, including current events.

Learn more about Starry Night Express at Houston Museum of Natural Science.

17. Tomball German Festival

The Tomball German Festival is one of the best international-themed holiday party ideas. The festival takes place on the streets of Tomball and is the largest of its kind that celebrates German and ethnic heritage. The Tomball German Festival features three stages of live music, street performances, and over 200 street vendors. In addition, visitors can purchase crafts and art antiques, souvenirs, and holiday gifts at the Christmas Market. You will also find ethnic and festival foods and drinks on site that guests can sample.

Learn more about Tomball German Festival.

18. AMF Windfern Lanes

Windfern Lanes tops the list of fun holiday party entertainment ideas in Houston. The venue features tons of fun activities, with the major event being bowling. You can hold a friendly bowling competition and let your guests enjoy one of the coolest alleys in Houston. Participants can also usher in the holiday season with arcade games that feature old-school classics and state-of-the-art technology. You can also engage your guests in beer pong and finish the holiday party with holiday-themed bites and drinks.

Learn more about AMF Windfern Lanes.

19. Christmas Boat Lane Parade

The Christmas Boat Lane Parade is a Houston tradition that over 100,000 locals enjoy every holiday season. You can rent a boat for your guests or let participants participate in the parade from land. Your team will have an extraordinary holiday party experience with over 60 power and sailboats with bright decorations. If you opt for a boating experience, then your guests will travel into the Nassau Bay Lagoon into the Kemah Channel. You can also purchase the Christmas Boat Parade Award’s Brunch for your guests and let attendees watch videos and pictures of the award.

Learn more about Christmas Boat Lane Parade.

20. Sam Houston Race Park

With tons of American Quarter and Thoroughbred horse racing events each year, Sam Houston Race Park is a fantastic holiday party idea. You can check out the list of live or simulcast racing events and book tickets for your guests. If you want to enhance your team’s holiday party and make a lasting impression, then be sure to reserve premium seating. The Luxury Suites are great spaces that will offer guests an amazing view of the track. Other premium seating areas include the Finish Line Boxes, the Counter Seats, and the Player’s Lounge. You can also pair the racing event with an exquisite dining after-party at the Winners’ Circle Experience. The concession stands on the Paddock and Club Levels are also fantastic spaces where your guests can grab meals and drinks.

Learn more about Sam Houston Race Park.

21. Trellis Spa

A spa day at Trellis Spa tops the list of relaxing holiday party ideas in Houston for adults. Your team will ease pent-up work frustration and stress and usher in the holiday celebrations. With a wide range of pampering options at Trellis Spa, you can let participants select the type of services they want. Participants can get massages, body treatments, hair services, and facials. Willing participants can also try the 6,500-square-foot outdoor soaking pools renowned for stress relief and increased cardiovascular strength. Be sure to finish off the relaxing holiday activity with a memorable dining experience at Trellis Spa.

Learn more about Trellis Spa.


Houston is a city with an international appeal and a southern charm. The ‘Space City’ is home to thriving enterprises, fantastic museums, award-winning cuisines, and a desirable entertainment scene. Houston also has some of the best holiday party venues and entertainment ideas for diverse groups. Whether you are looking for sporting, shopping, or artistic venues and activities, you have tons of spaces where you can make memories with your guests during the holidays in Houston.

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FAQ: Holiday party ideas in Houston, Texas

Here are answers to common questions about holiday party venues and ideas in Houston.

What are some good venues for holiday parties in Houston?

Event planners who are on the search for party spaces in Houston will love the selection of picturesque outdoor spaces, memorable dining restaurants, and historic holiday party venues. Some good venues for holiday parties in Houston include The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, Hearsay Chic Antique, and Studio B.

What are some good things to do for holiday parties in Houston?

Houston presents many weekend getaways, exciting day trips, or a few-hour party holiday activities. The city has globally renowned shopping, dining, and nightlife experiences to kickstart the celebration spirit. Some good things to do for holiday parties in Houston include the Christmas Boat Lane Parade, visiting SpindleTap Brewery, and The Christmas Train experience.

How do you plan a fun holiday party in Houston?

While holiday parties present many interesting possibilities for guests, the planning process can be hectic. You can ease the planning process by starting with a holiday party checklist. Some factors to consider include your budget, location, type of event, and essential venue amenities. Be sure to enhance your party with activities such as a surprise happy hour or a meal delivery from your team’s favorite restaurant.

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