22 Great Holiday Party Venues & Ideas in San Francisco, CA

By: | Updated: May 01, 2023

Here is our list of the best holiday party venues & ideas in San Francisco, California.

Holiday party venues & ideas in San Francisco are entertaining events and spaces you can reserve to celebrate the holiday season. For example, you can host your event at The Hibernia, tour the city with Blue & Gold Fleet, or have fun at Thriller Social Club. The purpose of these ideas is to provide an opportunity for attendees to celebrate together while having fun and networking.

These ideas are places for company holiday parties and holiday team building activities. These items are similar to event venues in San Francisco and San Francisco corporate event ideas.

This list includes:

  • small party venues in San Francisco
  • company holiday party venues in San Francisco
  • holiday party ideas in San Francisco for adults
  • holiday party entertainment ideas in San Francisco

Here we go!

List of holiday party venues in San Francisco

The venue you use for your party will go a long way in determining the event’s success. From San Francisco Wine Center to City View at Metreon, here are great venues to book for your next holiday party in San Francisco.

1. Log Cabin

Log cabin is one of the small party venues in San Francisco, particularly within the Fort Winfield Scott Campus. The venue has a pleasant setting highlighted by rustic wagon wheel-style chandeliers and a fireplace. You can enjoy views of the city skyline if you host your party in the lawn area.

The venue offers catering services, WiFi, beverages, and a kitchen. Also, you can host up to 200 guests on-site. Log Cabin is an excellent option for outdoor and indoor holiday parties in San Francisco. In addition, you can enjoy natural lighting and impressive views through the building’s large windows.

Learn more about Log Cabin.

2. The City Club of San Francisco

The City Club of San Francisco provides spaces ideal for holiday parties. The venue features beautiful architectural designs that will amuse your guests. Also, the staff members are friendly and will ensure that attendees enjoy every moment of the event.

The City Club of San Francisco can decorate the venue with a holiday theme to complement your party. There is a culinary team you can work with to create your event menu. Whether you host a cocktail reception or seated dinner, your guests will have a great time in the venue’s comfy atmosphere.

Learn more about The City Club of San Francisco.

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3. The Newhall Nest

The Newhall Nest is a chic space featuring luxury A/V equipment, a game room, and a kitchenette. There is a rooftop space where you can host a private party. Plus, The Newhall Nest offers an outdoor tv, bistro lighting, and a commercial bar setup.

Attendees can also enjoy city views from the roof deck during the holiday party. Furthermore, you can bring your own caterer to serve your guests using the Traeger grill on-site. The Newhall Nest designs this event space with corporate functions in mind. The venue accommodates up to 80 guests.

Learn more about The Newhall Nest.

4. The Hibernia

The Hibernia is one of the unique company holiday party venues in San Francisco. You will find this building near the Moscone Center. You can rent one of the three rooms and impress your guests with the venue’s stunning interior. The spaces have an occupancy capacity of about 2,000 guests. Whether you prefer to host a cocktail reception or a seated dinner, the venue is flexible and can accommodate all event styles.

Also, The Hibernia features a rooftop space for outdoor events. If you rent the venue’s room, then you can enjoy the service of a professional production staff and access customized outdoor lighting.

Learn more about The Hibernia.

5. San Francisco Wine Center

San Francisco Wine Center offers great spaces open to the public for private events. You can consider using this venue if you plan to host a wine event, like classes or tasting experiences.

The center’s staff consists of award-winning sommeliers, wine authors, and wine directors from reputable restaurants. Additionally, the venue hosts weekly wine classes lasting 90 minutes. An instructor will be available to guide you while you test your palate with different wine flavors. You can book this experience as a private event with an option to customize your tasting menu.

Learn more about San Francisco Wine Center.

6. City View at Metreon

City View provides a state-of-the-art event venue in San Francisco. Booking this space will allow your guest to enjoy beautiful views of the city’s Skyline during the celebration. City View features floor-to-ceiling event spaces, multiple entrances, WiFi, and a kitchen. Plus, wheelchairs can access the building through all entries. The event space has an occupancy capacity of 700 guests on average.

You can locate this venue inside the METREON Shopping Center. In addition, you will find a list of trusted caterers and vendors on City View’s site.

Learn more about City View at Metreon.

7. Variety Preview Room

Variety Preview Room conveniently sits along Market Street, close to Moscone Center. From screenings to parties and receptions, the venue can accommodate any event. Variety Preview Room features state-of-the-art A/V equipment to enhance your viewing experience.

You will enjoy many on-site services, such as coffee and beverage service, popcorn machine, and lunch box service. You are free to arrange outside catering services for your holiday party. The rental fee starts from $350 per hour. Also, your reservation will cover access to a large wet bar, cocktail and coffee tables, flat-screen TVs, and a private lounge.

Learn more about Variety Preview Room.

8. Fort Mason Center for Art & Culture

Fort Mason Center for Art & Culture offers several event venues to accommodate different party sizes. The venues are flexible for all private and public events, including holiday parties. The “Firehouse” space is among the best small party venues in San Francisco. From this space, you can catch a glimpse of the bay waters.

If you want to watch holiday-themed movies during your event, then you can book the Cowell Theater. You can also hire an entertainer and use the Southside Theater, featuring an in-built stage. The center’s website lists preferred vendors, including 49 Square Catering, Culinary Eye, Spritz 66, and Contemporary Services Corp.

Learn more about Fort Mansion Center for Art & Culture.

9. Cookhouse

If you plan to host a cooking event to celebrate the holiday, then you can rent Cookhouse. You will enjoy exclusive access to this venue and can cook the food with or without instructions from a chef. In the end, you and your guests will share the meal and have enough time to socialize. You can also bring beverages to complement your prepared meal.

Cookhouse also provides event packages for a seated dining experience. Your group will enjoy great selections from the chef-written menu. The venue has an open kitchen, so you can watch the chefs prepare your meal. Your reservation will last for four to five hours.

Learn more about Cookhouse.

10. Marigold Event Space

The best company holiday party venues in San Francisco include Marigold Event Space. From a full-service bar to private restrooms and WiFi, you will have access to everything you need for your gathering. The venue provides shuffleboards to enhance attendees’ experience.

Your booking will cover the service of a security guard and a professional bartender. Furthermore, Marigold Event Space offers a kitchen and exclusive access to the party room. You can buy out the entire space or rent a portion of the bar for your party.

Marigold Event Space partners with local caterers who can conveniently accommodate your attendees’ dietary needs. Also, you can bring outside food for your gathering.

Learn more about Marigold Event Space.

List of holiday party ideas in San Francisco

San Francisco remains lively with fun events and entertainment you would not want to miss during the holiday season. Here are exciting ideas you can use for holiday parties in San Francisco, from playing mini-golf at Stagecoach Green to cooking at 18 Reasons.

11. Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center

Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center is one of the most fun places to enjoy the holiday season. You can visit the center for a skate party with your colleagues. Locker and skate rentals are available for visitors. Also, you can complement the celebration with hot chocolate and snacks from a vending machine.

You can visit Yerba Buena during a public session or rent the facility for a private event. Besides an ice rink, you will also find a bowling facility in this center. Each bowling lane can accommodate up to five persons. Also, the lane reservation is at an hourly rate, with the pricing starting at $30. You can come along with your food and soft beverages.

Learn more about Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center.

12. San Francisco Zoo

Exploring the San Francisco Zoo is one of the most fun holiday party entertainment ideas in San Francisco. The zoo is home to over 250 animal species and remains lively all year round. You can entertain your guests with a private tour around the facility. Also, you can purchase zoo keys for attendees and listen to fun animal stories at the Storybook Site. Several diners and picnic tables are available on-site.

Additionally, San Francisco Zoo provides venue rentals for social events and holiday parties. At the African Savanna space, you can watch animals like ostrich, zebra, and kudu walk around freely. You can also host your next holiday party at Patas Lawn. This area provides easy access to hippos, lemurs, and lions.

Learn more about San Francisco Zoo.

13. Museum of 3D Illusions

While taking holiday group photos is fun, you can add to the excitement by visiting the Museum of 3D Illusions. The museum has unique art exhibits to give your pictures a magical touch. The installations will puzzle your imagination as you “escape a lava eruption” or “fly on a magic carpet.”

You can enhance your visit with a VIP experience, including a guided museum tour. You will also have a personal photographer to capture the beautiful moments during your event. Furthermore, you can rent the whole museum to host a private holiday party.

Learn more about the Museum of 3D Illusions.

14. Lovejoy’s Tea Room

Having afternoon tea at Lovejoy’s Tearoom is one of the best holiday party ideas in San Francisco. The venue offers both indoor and outdoor seating. If you have a group of eight or more guests, then you can make a party reservation lasting two hours.

Lovejoy’s Tea room provides a menu of High Tea and Queen’s Tea for parties. You can also enjoy a variety of tea sandwiches, including tomato & cheese, egg & onion, and artichoke and hummus. You are free to decorate the space with flowers, banners, and balloons matching a holiday theme.

Learn more about Lovejoy’s Tea Room.

15. Stagecoach Green

Stagecoach Greens is a unique 18-hole miniature golf course in San Francisco. You will find this course around the Mission Bay neighborhood. The destination welcomes groups looking to host private holiday golf outings and holiday parties.

During your event, guests will have fun exploring the stories that each hole tells. The course will let you experience different elements relevant to the city, from Mission Bay Shipyard to Sierra Tunnels Mining Co. and Emigrant Trails. You and your colleagues can complete a game in about one hour. Since this course sits inside the Parklab Gardens, attendees can easily access food trucks, a bar, and cabanas. Additionally, the facility fully complies with ADA.

Learn more about Stagecoach Greens.

16. SF Ballet

Visiting SF Ballet is one of the best holiday party ideas in San Francisco for adults. During the holiday season, the venue showcases a must-watch show called Nutcracker. This magical tale features over 100 dancers, snowflakes, and toy soldiers. Before your visit, you can check the Nutcracker stories featured on the venue’s official site.

You will enjoy this holiday-themed experience, even if you do not understand ballet. The show is set to run for 120 minutes, including intermission. You can also enjoy a drink with your group during intermission at the dress circle lounge.

Learn more about SF Ballet.

17. CVG San Francisco

A simple yet fun holiday party idea is to watch a movie at CVG San Francisco. The theater shows a variety of newly released movies. You can be on the lookout for holiday-themed movies by following the “now playing” and “coming soon” updates on the cinema’s site. Or, you can reserve a theatre and request classic Christmas films.

CVG features reclining chairs and enhances visitors’ viewing experience with 4DX and ScreenX technologies. Also, you can book CVG’s space for your next holiday party. When making a reservation, you are free to specify the movie you would like to watch. The cinema offers an extensive list of beverages and popcorn in different flavors.

Learn more about CVG San Francisco.

18. Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours

Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours offers opportunities to enjoy the city outdoors during festive seasons. The company will provide a local guide to lead your group along San Francisco’s bay waterfront, Fisherman’s Wharf, The Marina, Crissy Field, and Sausalito. The tour’s starting price ranges from $55 to $100.

You can reserve a regular bike or an electric model. Also, the experience can last anywhere from three to six hours. Streets of SF Bike Tours ensures that customers enjoy a personalized sightseeing service. Furthermore, the company organizes social tours for riders already familiar with the city. Although this experience is less informative than the guided tour, you will get to stop for a drink and socialize with colleagues.

Learn more about Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours.

19. Foreign Cinema

Dining at Foreign Cinema is among the holiday party entertainment ideas in San Francisco. The kitchen features private dining rooms that can accommodate up to 350 guests. Inside Foreign Cinema is an art gallery with a collection of posters from Jane Handel. This gallery is available for event rentals. You can also explore the mural outdoors, expertly designed by Jet Martinez. In addition, the venue entertains guests with various classic movies.

Foreign Cinema uses globally-inspired cuisine to create an exceptional dining experience for guests. You can reserve the Director’s Table space if you plan to watch a movie during your event. In this area, you will enjoy unobstructed views of the movie while dining.

Learn more about Foreign Cinema.

20. 18 Reasons

18 Reasons hosts in-person cooking classes great for celebrating the holiday with staff and colleagues. The kitchen conveniently sits in the center of the Mission District. Your booking will cover instructions and cooking items needed during the event. After, you and your guests will sit together to enjoy your creation.

Besides taking cooking classes, you can host your next party using the kitchen’s space. The culinary team will take care of your event menu. Also, you will have access to a projector, WiFi, vases, napkins, and silverware. Since 18 Reasons is a licensed venue, you can enjoy wine and beer during your party.

Learn more about 18 Reasons.

21. Blue & Gold Fleet

Blue & Gold Fleet is a cruise company offering sightseeing experiences daily. You can enjoy an audio tour in up to nine languages, including English, French, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish. Also, the company can organize a dinner cruise customized to your desired experience. You can choose from several themes, ranging from Sunset Cruise to Fiesta.

During the Happy Hour Cocktail Cruise, you will access poker tables, roulette wheels, a DJ, and casino balloons. Blue & Gold Fleet is willing to take care of your catering needs. You can even create a custom holiday-themed menu.

In addition, you can access entertainers like magicians, pianists, balloon artists, psychics, and jazz guitarists. The company can also arrange a photo booth, photographer, and A/V equipment for your holiday party.

Learn more about Blue & Gold Fleet.

22. Thriller Social Club

Playing games at Thriller Social Club is one of the unique holiday party ideas in San Francisco for adults. The center features favorite arcade games and a skeeball arena with eight lanes. You and other guests can also enjoy a game on the golf simulator. However, you must make a separate reservation for a one or two-hour session to access the simulator. Besides golf, you can also play simulated football, baseball, Zombie Dodge Dodgeball, and soccer.

Thriller Social Club features three party spaces with an occupancy capacity of 350 guests. This entertainment destination partners with Stage Dining Group to serve guests tasty dishes.

Learn more about Thriller Social Club.


Holiday parties provide opportunities to relax and share a good time with attendees. From watching holiday-themed movies to cooking, there are many ways you can enjoy the celebration in San Francisco. The city also has elegant venues with high-tech facilities to add a touch of uniqueness to your event. Many of these spaces often provide catering services to deliver an unforgettable dining experience for your guests. During the holiday season, San Francisco streets and venues are usually buzzing with joy. You can visit the SF Ballet for a one-of-a-kind Nutcracker show performed seasonally. Whether you decide to see a movie or enjoy the city views from a rooftop space, you will have a great time in San Francisco with these party venues and ideas.

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FAQ: Holiday party ideas in San Francisco, California

Here are answers to questions about holiday party venues & ideas in San Francisco.

What are some good venues for holiday parties in San Francisco?

Some good venues for holiday parties in San Francisco are Variety Preview Room, Log Cabin, The Newhall Nest, The Hibernia, Fort Mason Center for Art and Culture, Cookhouse, The City Club of San Francisco, and Marigold Event Space.

What are some good things to do for holiday parties in San Francisco?

For your next holiday party in San Francisco, you can watch the Nutcracker show at SF Ballet, visit Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center, play games at Thriller Social Club, take pictures at the Museum of 3D Illusions, dine at Foreign Cinema, and enjoy afternoon tea at Lovejoy’s Tea Room.

How do you plan a fun holiday party in San Francisco?

When planning a holiday party, select a theme to make the event fun. For instance, you can use Winter Wonderland, Hollywood Holiday, Magic Under The Moonlight, Ugly Sweater Party, and Christmas Masquerade Ball. You should decide on the venue to use and the kind of entertainment you want. You should also plan the event’s date and time and communicate the information to all guests. Before your event, you can tour the event space and taste the food samples on-site to ensure the venue’s offerings match your taste. Also, you should set a budget and plan your party expenses accordingly.

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