23 Best HR Communities for HR Professionals

By: | Updated: September 01, 2023

You found our list of the best HR communities.

HR communities are online gatherings of HR experts who exchange insights, tools, and practices in the human resources field. Examples include HR Exchange, CiteHR, and #People. These communities are for HR professionals who want to learn about new developments in their area and network with peers.

These communities help develop HR skills. For similar ideas, check out these lists of HR books, HR blogs, and employee engagement books.

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List of HR communities

Human resources experts are responsible for maintaining efficient operations inside an organization and staying up with the latest developments in the field. Participating in relevant online groups and forums is an effective strategy to excel in this role. The following are HR communities of practice and forums to consider.

1. Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) Community

The HRCI community aims to connect HR professionals interested in pursuing HRCI certifications or enhancing their expertise. This platform offers resources, forums, and networking opportunities. Individuals looking to expand their knowledge in areas such as HR certification preparation, HR best practices, and HR compliance will love this space. The community offers a supportive environment for HR practitioners aiming to advance their careers through HRCI certifications.

Learn more about the HRCI community.

2. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Community

The CIPD community is an inclusive space for HR and people development professionals, primarily based in the United Kingdom. The site provides a wide range of resources, including articles, research reports, and events. These tools aim to support HR professionals in their career development and decision-making processes. CIPD’s community fosters connections among HR professionals and encourages the exchange of knowledge and expertise. Members will learn info related to HR policies, practices, and emerging trends within the UK and international contexts.

Learn more about the CIPD community.

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3. Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) Community

The HRPA community serves HR practitioners in Canada, offering a platform for networking, professional development, and knowledge sharing. HRPA’s community includes local chapters and events. Members can connect with peers and discuss HR issues specific to the Canadian context. The platform also provides resources, webinars, and forums. HR professionals can stay informed about regulatory changes, HR trends, and best practices relevant to the Canadian HR landscape. The HRPA community is a valuable resource for Canadian HR professionals looking to advance their careers and contribute to the HR profession in Canada.

Learn more about the HRPA community.

4. HRD Connect Collective

HRD Connect is an online platform and community dedicated to HR and leadership development. The site is a hub for HR professionals, leaders, and executives. Readers can access valuable insights, articles, webinars, and resources related to HR trends, best practices, and leadership strategies. HRD Connect fosters a community of knowledge-sharing and networking. This platform allows HR practitioners to stay updated on the latest industry developments, engage in discussions, and learn from thought leaders. This valuable resource is great for HR professionals and leaders looking to enhance their skills and stay informed about the evolving landscape of HR.

Learn more about HRD Connect Collective.

5. Human Resources on Reddit

Reddit is an internet platform will the specific goal of building online communities. If you work in human resources, then visit the Human Resources subreddit. Human resources experts, their coworkers, and any individual interested in learning more about the field may all meet and network in the community.

As long as you adhere to the subreddit’s community guidelines, you are welcome to discuss any topic you choose, which is part of Reddit’s platform. Therefore, you can have interesting conversations with folks from around the globe. In r/HumanResources, you may post topics related to human resources and find related topics, from serious career questions to vents about the daily grind.

Check out Human Resources on Reddit.

6. HR Professionals on LinkedIn

HR professionals can meet and share resources in this LinkedIn group. Members do not need senior levels of expertise in human resources. This community is open to working professionals or those looking to enter the field. However, you will most likely get a rejection if you just express interest without providing evidence of any relevant experience or training.

Nonetheless, for accepted professionals, this community is a forum for discussing HR issues on a more serious, informed level. You may start conversations about topics ranging from current events to open positions by making a post. As a community, you must follow specific guidelines while posting. For example, only high-quality, useful content is allowed. The group has a strict policy against self-promotion, and interactions are primarily professional.

Check out HR Professionals on LinkedIn.

7. HR Exchange

Human resource professionals can connect, gain knowledge, and access useful tools through HR Exchange. The site’s primary function is to provide visitors with helpful human resources and health and safety tips. In light of the changing workplace landscape, these topics are pertinent discussions.

Free webinars and online courses on management development, health and safety, and employment law are also available. In addition, the platform offers free government materials concerning recent policy changes, the NMW, and HR paperwork. Professionals searching for a place to network and advance their knowledge of HR will find HR Exchange an invaluable resource.

Learn more about HR Exchange.

8. CiteHR

On CiteHR, you will find a wealth of informational threads covering every facet of the HR field. This site aims to provide a platform for human resource managers to debate any issue they see fit. You will need to sign up and create an account to participate in the conversations. The forum has over two million registered users, with thousands of them online at any moment.

CiteHR strives to keep conversations official, always fostering and demanding professionalism. The community also discusses other sector-specific issues, such as leave rules, bond-breaking, and workplace sexual harassment.

Check out CiteHR.

9. #People

#People is one of the HR Slack communities for professionals who work in HR and want to improve their company’s human resources management. The community has more than 6,000 individuals actively participating in HR discussions.

The admin of #People reviews requests individually before sending an invitation. There is a rigorous application process for this exclusive club, and only applicants who pass earn a lifetime invitation. In addition, applicants must make a “#people promise” stating that they will not be spammy, will not promote any products, and will not break any rules.

Check out #People.

10. People Geeks

The People Geeks Slack group is for HR professionals, recruitment professionals, and even CEOs. Managed by CultureAmp, People Geeks is a community of individuals with similar values and ideas. With over 15,000 members worldwide, the group is one of the bigger online HR communities. People Geeks helps you build your network, discover events and meetups, and associate with other professionals in the HR community.

Check out People Geeks.

11. Org Designers

On Org Designers, you will find topics related to improving management skills for teams and organizations. The community is a great option for managers, HR professionals, or enthusiasts interested in improving workplace operations. Org Designers has over 4,000 members worldwide and contains many walk-throughs and helpful tips about the workspace. The forum also has channels for #links, #models-and-tools, #events, and #self-organization.

Check out Org Designers.

12. Resources for Humans

Resources for Humans is a free Slack community managed by Lattice. This community consists of over 10,000 HR executives who come together to network, exchange knowledge, and answer each other’s queries. Leaders in People Ops interested in improving their skills and expanding their professional networks drive the conversation in this group. You should consider joining this group if you work in a tech firm, startup, or other fast-growing business.

The forum has strict rules, excludes solicitors, and limits the conversation to HR issues. Only individuals invested in HR or People Ops field growth should join.

Learn more about Resources for Humans.

13. Linked: HR on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform for professional networking. The platform also includes a group function where individuals from the same industry can get together and share knowledge and make connections.

Linked: HR is an upgraded, more professional iteration of the existing online HR communities. The group has over one million members, and it is one of the most populated groups on LinkedIn. Recently, the community implemented a filter to ensure only experienced HR experts can join the group.

If you meet the requirements, then Linked: HR is a great place to meet like-minded professionals worldwide, learn about relevant forums, and read the latest news in your field. However, if you do not meet the requirements, then there are several alternative communities.

Check out Linked: HR.

14. Secret HR Society

This group is a closed Slack group for People Ops professionals. To join, you need to be invited by an existing member. Discussions here are often forward-thinking. Although the group started in Germany, it has an easygoing English interface. However, you need at least five years of People Ops expertise to join this group.

Check out Secret HR Society.

15. Hacking HR

For members of the Hacking HR community, innovation is a way of life. In the forum’s view, human resources may play a pivotal role in leading companies and their employees toward the future of work. The team behind Hacking HR has one goal, which is to build the most effective HR system ever. The forum is concerned with issues where HR, technology, and the future of work all meet. The Slack community is a fantastic place to get started and is open to interested HR professionals. This group is perfect for you if you want to push the boundaries of human resources and think outside the box.

Check out Hacking HR.

16. HRtoHR

Finding conferences to be “expensive, periodic, time-wasting, and formal,” the HRtoHR team set out to create an online community that was the polar opposite. The creators wished for a less formal atmosphere where HR experts could share knowledge in real time. HRtoHR is a space where human resources professionals can openly discuss issues of importance to the field, including best practices, common problems, innovative solutions, and rants.

Learn more about HRtoHR.

17. #PeoplePeople

#PeoplePeople is a worldwide network that offers HR professionals support and insight at this time of fast change in the workplace. #PeoplePeople serves individuals who are enthusiastic about people and the inner workings of companies and those willing to advocate for new and creative people-oriented policies and procedures.

On their website, the creators declare that anybody involved in human resources, talent management, or recruiting is welcome to join the group. You can join if you spend a significant part of your day employing new staff members or you are responsible for setting the tone for company culture.

Check out #PeoplePeople.

18. Ask Human Resources on Reddit

r/AskHR offers answers to HR queries that users may have for human resources experts. In this forum, members of various levels of HR expertise may learn from one another’s questions and answers. Content curation depends on the number of upvotes and comments a post receives, making Reddit great for widely discussed subjects but discouraging less popular ones. From workplace norms to personal problems, r/AskHR is a great place to discover intriguing conversations.

Check out Ask Human Resources on Reddit.

19. OneReq

OneReq is a Slack HR community for enthusiastic technical recruiters. Members collaborate by teaching one another, publishing openings, and sharing valuable resources. Even though the group focuses on a certain kind of HR or People Ops expert, this is one of the finest forums for people who work in talent acquisition and recruitment. Professionals in charge of staffing should check out this group.

Learn more about OneReq.

20. POPs United

POPs United is one of the top HR forums and a community managed by LifeLabs Learning in which members may “exchange resources, ask questions, solve issues together, and be one other’s support system.” With more than 3,000 members, mostly in the United States, the forum keeps tabs on the latest HR news and trends, and there is always a professional offering useful advice. Many of the participants are early-stage technology enterprises or VC-backed ventures. Thus, if your business falls into these categories, then this option may be a good choice.

To join, you will need to fill out an application, although the forum’s requirements are relatively straightforward. All you have to do is show that your job pertains to management or human resources.

Join POPs United.

21. HRHelpBoard HR Discussion Forum

HR Help Board provides a central hub for all human resources-related information. The forum is a global hub where members share personal insights. HRHelpBoard is also a professional resource for learning about upcoming events, industry news, and job postings.

Membership can be public or corporate, and any user may join the community as a public member. This forum allows members to post comments, ask questions, and engage in discourse. Additionally, members may peruse the site’s deals and read up on the latest HR articles covering topics like resume construction and HR management software.

However, only corporate accounts have access to the employment board. This service is available upon request. To sign up for a corporate account, you must fill out a ticket and provide administrators with information about yourself and your business. HRHelpBoard is a website where any individual, regardless of account type, may post questions and get answers on human resources.

Learn more about HRHelpBoard.

22. HR.com Forum

HR.com hosts this forum on human resource management, hiring procedures, and effective leadership. Users can create an account and participate in the discussion as they would on any other forum. This discussion board is part of a larger website offering tools and events for global human resource professionals.

In addition, HR.com provides training for HR professionals to get SHRM and HRCI credentials. If you fail your certification test after using these prepared training resources, then you will get a full refund of your tuition. Professionals can use these resources for in-depth study to ensure success on certification and licensing exams.

Check out the HR.com forum.

23. In-House Recruitment

In-House Recruitment members are all UK-based corporate recruiters. The platform is an extensive and helpful network of over 20,000 members, 150 business partners, and 70 events. You will find hosted and sponsored HR-related events on the website. As a bonus, the site offers free access to HR-industry whitepapers, videos, research, and data. In-House Recruitment runs a LinkedIn-based community with over 7,000 active users.

Check out In-House Recruitment.


Professional HR communities provide a platform for HR professionals to share knowledge and develop lasting business relationships. Participating in relevant online communities may be a great way to increase your knowledge in a specific field. In addition, new HR professionals and those seeking to further their careers might benefit much from participating in an HR community. As they find their way in the field, members of these groups may draw on a plethora of information and advice from their peers.

In general, HR forums may be helpful for HR professionals who want to learn more about current developments in the sector and make new professional connections. These virtual or physical groups may be invaluable resources for human resources professionals.

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FAQ: HR communities

Here are frequently asked questions about HR communities.

What are HR communities?

HR communities are groups of HR experts that meet online to network and exchange information. Human resource workers may find helpful tools and community support in offline and online organizations such as discussion forums, networking events, and professional associations.

What are the benefits of joining HR communities?

Human resource professionals may benefit from participating in online HR communities since they provide them with a means of sharing and receiving knowledge on current practices, innovations, and trends in the sector.

What are the best HR communities to join?

Some of the best HR communities to join are #People on Slack, People Geeks, Hacking HR, and HR Exchange. The right one for you depends on your own goals and preferences.

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