Updated: December 09, 2023

12 Best HR Consultants to Partner with in 2024

You found our list of the best HR consultants.

HR consultants are professionals who provide advice and support to organizations on human resource-related issues, such as recruiting, employee relations, and performance management. Examples include Bain & Company, Strategy Source, and Deloitte. These consultants provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help organizations navigate complex HR issues.

Companies seeking information about human resources can benefit from these lists of HR blogs, employee engagement books, and human resource training programs.

This list includes:

  • HR consulting groups
  • HR diversity consultants
  • HR technology consultants
  • large company HR consultants
  • small business HR consultants
  • HR consulting firms

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List of HR consultants

HR consultants play a vital role in helping organizations manage and develop their workforce effectively. However, finding a professional HR consultant who aligns with your organizational needs can be challenging. From Accenture to America’s Back Office and MillerNet HR Solutions, here is a list of consultants that companies can use for various HR tasks.

1. Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the best large company HR consultants. The company helps both Global 500 and small businesses build better futures by focusing on lasting results. Deloitte offers HR consulting services that will create an adaptable organization. The company has human capital as a service consultation option for businesses that want to innovate at the intersection of the workforce and technology. Through the service, organizations can tap into insights and data and get guidance on navigating workforce and workplace challenges. Deloitte also offers personnel transformation services that provide lifecycle solutions that favor both workers and organizations.


  • Prides itself on a workforce made up of global industry best minds from diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Has over 175 years of experience in the consulting sector
  • Located in over 50 countries and territories
  • Has a global workforce of more than 300,000 employees
  • Prioritizes organizational policies, talent, and human resources

This HR consulting company offers services in the consumer, life sciences and healthcare, and financial industries. Companies in the energy, technology and communications, and resources sectors can also benefit from Deloitte’s services. Deloitte is also a leading player in audit and assurance, financial, risk, tax, and legal advisory.

Learn more about Deloitte.

2. Bain & Company

Headquartered in Boston, Bain & Company is a respected HR consulting firm. The company has 49 years of experience in the consulting industry. This firm can help organizations thrive amid rapidly evolving technologies, shifting industry boundaries, and unpredictable disruption. The global consultancy’s unique approach to human resource management helps organizations gain structure and enable sustained results.


  • Offers services in 39 countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia
  • Consistently recognized as a DEI champion and one of the world’s best places to work
  • Ranks as one of the big three management consultancies
  • Provides advice on issues such as finance, corporate strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and operations

Bain & Company also offers programs that ensure the effectiveness of HR strategies. For instance, the leadership alignment program assesses the four traits that enable senior leaders to manage a team. These traits, which are commitment, trust, inclusion, and focus, enhance a company’s performance. Organizations also learn how to develop a talent strategy by defining specific needs. The company provides its services to private, public, and nonprofit organizations.

Learn more about Bain & Company.

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3. Accenture

If you are looking for HR technology consultants, then Accenture is a great option. The 2009-founded company ranks as the largest global consulting firm by the number of employees. The Ireland-headquartered company provides intelligent talent and HR operation services that help organizations optimize workforce productivity and performance. Through these services, companies can attract, engage, and retain talent. Accenture’s consulting services also help HR leaders and workers maximize workforce performance and deliver higher levels of business value.


  • Has over 500,000 employees around the world
  • Operates in 56 countries and over 200 cities
  • Is a renowned champion of workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Offers access to emerging technologies that can transform business, such as blockchains, artificial intelligence, drones, and robotics
  • Follows a performance management approach that focuses on creating opportunities for every individual, growing strengths, and real-time conversations

Industries that can benefit from Accenture’s services include health, high tech, banking, retail, travel, and public service. In addition, businesses in the natural resources, software, capital markets, and insurance field can seek Accenture’s services.

Learn more about Accenture.

4. EY

Founded in 1989, EY is a fantastic choice for organizations looking for HR consultants. The company’s mission to build a better working world ensures that organizations can achieve desired human resource transformations. The London-headquartered company primarily provides financial audits, tax, and advisory services. However, EY also provides services in the HR and operations markets. For instance, the company’s rapid payroll and HR assessment methodology can help organizations gather insights about current operations. Other notable services include the technology transformation suite and the innovation lab.


  • Maintains a global presence in over 150 countries
  • Has over 350,000 employees and more than 700 offices across the globe
  • Boasts a reputation as one of the largest professional services networks worldwide and also one of the Big Four accounting firms
  • Ranks as one of the top 100 best companies to work for by Fortune

EY provides workforce analytics that enables consulting organizations to manage their workers easily. These insights can increase the reliability of project timescales and boost accurate reporting. The company’s talent acquisition services also offer a competitive advantage since businesses can get the right talent for the right cost with the right skills.

Learn more about EY.

5. Mercer

Mercer tops the list of HR diversity consultants. The company capitalizes on insights and data to provide individualized inclusive leadership and DEI talent strategy. Mercer works with organizations of any size, be it local or international firms. Some of the HR consulting services that Mercer offers include skill-based talent practices, talent mobility, HR transformation, and employee education. The company also provides employee compensation guides and workers’ experience insights.


  • Has over 75 years of experience in the consulting industry
  • Has over 140 country operations with more than 25,000 workers
  • Has a workforce with worker expertise, deal experience, and business acumen to solve even the toughest challenges
  • Collaborates with diverse clients in maturity, size, geographic location, and industry sector

Mercer focuses on different inclusion priorities, like representation, belonging, and thriving. The company provides services in industries such as financial services, technology, insurance, and energy sectors. Organizations can also seek financial services consultation on sustainable investment, retirement, and compensation plans.

Learn more about Mercer.

6. Strategy Source

Strategy Source is a company that partners with other organizations to facilitate workplace culture alignment through advisory services and hires. The company has a team of HR experts with deep knowledge of the people space. These consultants ensure that partnering organizations evolve alongside dynamic industry changes. With nationwide coverage in the United States, Strategy Source is a great choice for small business HR consultants.


  • Serves renowned companies such as eBay, Quantcast, Digital Remedy, and Digilant
  • Offers affordable, fast, flexible, and less risky retained and contained search services with a 100% success rate
  • Partners with alumni organizations, thought leaders, and affinity groups to boost diverse talent outreach
  • Has a pool of subject-matter experts in different fields that provide specialized on-demand skills to organizations

The company offers search, advisory, and consulting services to start-ups and global leaders. Besides HR, Strategy Source also provides consulting services in areas such as marketing, product, sales, and operations.

Learn more about Strategy Source.

7. America’s Back Office

If you are looking for HR consulting groups in the United States, then America’s Back Office is a fantastic option. The company serves both small and medium-sized businesses in different HR sectors, such as payroll, risk management, and employee benefits. The Michigan-based company handles all aspects of employee administration, helping organizations maximize employee profitability. The company has a team of highly trained professionals in 401k retirement services, employee performance management, and employee benefits.


  • Is a renowned leader in labor law compliance and human resource outsourcing
  • Listed as a Certified Professional Employment Organization by the IRS
  • Operates in all 50 states and territories, including Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico

America’s Back Office also offers labor law compliance, new employee onboarding, payroll processing, and human resource administration services. Additionally, you can hire this company to help with workplace safety programs, time and attendance solutions, and unemployment claims management. These services are a lower cost compared to internalizing the functions. Companies can also focus on ways to increase business profitability.

Learn more about America’s Back Office.

8. ARK Consulting

As a premier consulting and management development firm, ARK Consulting is a great choice for HR technology consultants. The company aims to enhance organizational effectiveness through processes, employees, and strategic interventions. The consulting firm also capitalizes on its vast in-house expertise in human resources, strategic and capacity development, and process management. ARK Consulting offers HR-related services such as strategic HR, performance management, capacity development, and salary benchmarking. Organizations can also seek behavioral competency assessments and job analysis services.


  • Has experience in conducting technology and management training and consulting assignments for organizations such as the World Bank, State Bank of Pakistan, and Mobilink
  • Works with a wide network of international and domestic associates
  • Follows a business reengineering process that focuses on the customer and outcomes

The company also specializes in competency assessments, management consulting, strategic management, and training and development.

Learn more about ARK Consulting.

9. Mission Accomplished Consulting

Mission Accomplished Consulting is an HR advisory company that helps small and midsize organizations leverage operations management. Founded in 2008, the company has scaled to navigate complex HR sectors. The firm provides services in employment law and regulatory compliance, workplace investigations, organizational design, and payroll. Other notable resources include benefits administration, handbook and policy development, leadership coaching, and management development.

  • Provides management and executive life coaching services that can help to unlock individual potential
  • Offers various courses, including entrepreneurial and licensing options
  • ​Works with industries plagued by high employee turnover, including healthcare, federal contractor, retail, manufacturing, and nonprofit sectors
The firm provides services in employment law and regulatory compliance, workplace investigations, organizational design, and payroll. Other notable resources include benefits administration, handbook and policy development, leadership coaching, and management development.

Learn more about Mission Accomplished Consulting.

10. MillerNet HR Solutions

MillerNet HR Solutions is a great choice for small business HR consultants. The company provides senior-level human resource solutions on a contract, interim, project, or advisory basis. The company also has an affordable rate system that is common with mid- or large-sized HR consulting firms.


  • Over 1000 hires with a 93% retention rate
  • Works in close collaboration with company leaders
  • Offers coaching services that can benefit business owners

MillerNet HR Solutions assists with performance management, workplace policies and procedures, exit interviews, and employee reviews. The company also offers employee or contract termination advice, resume writing, and return-to-work programs.

Learn more about MillerNet HR Solutions.

11. Willis Towers Watson

If you are looking for HR consulting groups with a global presence, then Willis Towers Watson is a great choice. The 2015-founded company is the result of a merger between Willis Group and Towers Watson. The company’s focus on data-driven and insight-led solutions ensures that organizations remain more resilient by capitalizing on their workforce. By partnering with this HR consultant, organizations will discover ways to inspire, reward, and engage employees. The company has a strong focus on teamwork, mutual respect, and integrity.


  • Has a global presence in the Americas, Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe
  • Has over 40,000 employees located across the world
  • Has gained international recognition for industry leadership and company-wide excellence
  • ​Maintained spot on the 2022 global outsourcing 100 list for 11th consecutive year

Some of the workforce solutions that Willis Towers Watson offers are employee engagement, compensation strategy and design, and global benefits management. Other vital HR services focus on inclusion and diversity, employee well-being, and pension management services.

Learn more about Willis Towers Watson.

12. Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is an HR consulting company aiming to drive sustainable growth by aligning structure and people. The 1969-founded company focuses on the most challenging yet critical business sectors. These sectors include attracting, motivating, developing, and creating the right structures to support a workforce. The company’s team of experts helps develop effective and comprehensive strategies that improve organizational structures.


  • ​Provides extensive certification and training for professionals, including project execution, sales training, and adoptive project leadership
  • ​Serves corporate affairs, cyber security, legal, marketing, and risk management functions
  • ​Follows an approach that aims at delivering sustainable growth by evaluating and benchmarking the skillset and mindset of workers
  • ​Offers the Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud to benchmark, predict, and inform

The company provides innovative thought leadership to organizations through the Korn Ferry Institutes. The innovative center focuses on key drivers and trends of organizational and human performance. In addition, Korn Ferry can assist with talent acquisition, succession assessments, and organizational strategies. The company also offers leadership and professional development services for executives and new hires. Korn Ferry serves organizations in the financial, healthcare, retail, travel, and media industries.

Learn more about Korn Ferry.


HR consultants are essential professionals who can help organizations effectively manage and develop their workforce. These specialists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and can provide valuable guidance on a variety of HR-related issues. If your organization needs HR support, then consider working with an HR consultant to achieve your business goals and optimize your human resources.

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FAQ: HR consultants

Here are answers to common questions about HR consultants.

What are HR consultants?

HR consultants are professionals who specialize in helping organizations manage their human resources. These individuals may provide a range of services, including the development of HR policies and procedures, recruitment, and assisting with benefits and compensation. HR consultants provide valuable expertise and support to organizations. These services can help companies effectively manage their workforce and achieve their business goals.

What do HR consultants do?

HR consultants offer expert advice and guidance to organizations in HR-related areas. Some of these sectors include recruitment and selection, training and development, employee relations, performance management, and compliance with employment laws and regulations.

​Organizations can either work with HR consultants on a project or ongoing basis to provide support and guidance. These consultants may work with organizations of all sizes and industries.

Who are some good HR consultants?

The best HR consultants are professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in the HR field. For instance, HR consultants may focus on specialties like recruitment, training and development, workplace safety, and compliance. Some good HR consultants include Ark Consulting, Mercer, and EY.

How can I find an HR consultant?

Finding the right choice of HR consultants can be a challenge. While there are a wide variety of consultants in the market, we advise businesses to do their own due diligence before settling on one company or professional.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for HR consultants.

  • Expertise: Be sure to look for consultants with a strong understanding of the HR-related issues most relevant to your organization.
  • Industry experience: Consider whether you want a consultant who has experience working with organizations in your industry. This expertise is an important consideration for industries with specific HR-related challenges or requirements.
  • Communication skills: Good HR consultants should have strong communication skills given the regular interactions with stakeholders. As such, companies should opt for consultants who can clearly articulate their ideas and effectively convey their recommendations.
  • Cost: Be sure to consider the cost of working with an HR consultant. We recommend determining your budget and narrowing your search based on the consultant’s fees.
  • Flexibility: We advise organizations choose flexible consultants who can adapt to specific organizational needs. For instance, some companies’ ideal choice of consultants could be professionals who can work as needed.
  • Reputation: Before settling on one consultant, look for professionals with a good track record of success and positive feedback from their clients. Consider asking for references and speaking with past clients to get a sense of the consultant’s work style and effectiveness.

You can find HR consultants through networking, professional organizations, online directories, or referrals. We have also simplified your search for HR consultants. Simply browse this list and select the HR consultant that fits your organizational needs.

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