21 Best Kahoot Alternatives for Remote Teams

By: | Updated: December 11, 2023

Here is our list of the best Kahoot alternatives.

Kahoot alternatives are different platforms for playing virtual trivia and learning games with your team. Examples include Slido, Poll Everywhere, and AhaSlides. The purpose of these games is to allow employees to engage in friendly competition while boosting team building.

These ideas are similar to team building quizzes, quiz websites for teams, and online team building games.

This list includes:

  • Kahoot alternatives for adults
  • free apps like Kahoot
  • Kahoot alternatives for large groups
  • Kahoot alternatives for Zoom
  • sites like Kahoot

Let’s get to it!

List of Kahoot alternatives

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that teams can use to play virtual trivia quizzes and learning games. Here are a few Kahoot alternatives to play at work.

1. Quizizz

If you are looking for an interactive learning platform for your team, then Quizizz is a great option. This app allows you to create interactive quizzes, polls, and presentations. This platform also has over one million pre-made quizzes, which you can quickly download and edit.

Although Quizizz primarily focuses on education, teams can also use this platform to create trivia quizzes, assessments, and training lessons. We recommend using Quizizz for employee orientation, training, and onboarding.

Explore Quizizz.

2. Virtual Team Trivia

One of the most interactive Kahoot alternatives for Zoom is Virtual Team Trivia. This game allows remote teams to get together for a fun 60-minute trivia event. Virtual Team Trivia is not like your typical trivia game. As part of this game, players solve tricky clues and exciting challenges together while improving teamwork skills. You can also customize the game to include specific questions about your company, interests, or employees.

Each Virtual Team Trivia game has a dedicated host and library of trivia questions. In addition, this game can accommodate teams of over 500 employees, making it perfect for large groups.

Learn more about Virtual Team Trivia.

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3. AhaSlides

AhaSlides mainly focuses on presentations, training, and quizzes during team meetings. This platform allows you to engage your team with a variety of formats, such as live polls, Q&As, word clouds, and brainstorming tools.

Here is a breakdown of the game types:

  • Polls let you ask your audience to vote on a question.
  • Scales allow participants to rate different statements.
  • Word clouds enable contestants to submit their own one-word opinions.
  • Idea sharing lets all players enter their ideas and vote for their favorite.

Similar to Kahoot, this app allows players to join each game simultaneously from their mobile devices. In addition, team members can follow along in real time.

Explore AhaSlides.

4. MyQuiz

MyQuiz is a multiplayer trivia quiz for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. Through this app, teams can create and play their own trivia quizzes. This platform supports three different modes, including multiplayer, team trivia, and single-player mode. In addition, the game offers various question types, such as multiple choice, open-ended, true or false, and polls.

MyQuiz can support up to 100,000 players, making it one of the best Kahoot alternatives for large groups.

Learn more about MyQuiz.

5. Slido

Slido is one of the best tools for audience interaction, allowing you to add live polls, Q&As, and word clouds to any in-person or virtual meeting. The main difference between Slido and Kahoot is that Slido focuses more on team meetings and training, which is why you can add interactive elements directly to your presentation. In addition, Slido integrates with most common team collaboration platforms, including Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Webex.

Explore Slido’s features.

6. Good & Co.

If you are looking for Kahoot alternatives for adults, then we recommend Good & Co. This activity focuses on helping employees uncover their strengths to grow their careers. As part of this activity, employees take a three-minute quiz comprised of different personality questions. After completing the quiz, each participant’s results show the cultural fit between this employee and their workplace.

Good & Co. premakes their quizzes, so you do not have to create your own trivia questions. This platform is ideal for teams looking for a quick quiz game solution.

Get started with Good & Co.

7. Gimkit

If you are looking for Kahoot alternatives for large groups, then we recommend Gimkit. Compared to Kahoot, Gimkit allows team members to engage in team presentations and quizzes. Gimkit is unique because the app initially began as a high school project. Since then, the platform has evolved to include interactive game modes and a virtual money-based scoring system.

Users earn cash by answering questions correctly and lose money when answering a question incorrectly. Players can use their money in the shop to purchase upgrades and power-ups. Gimkit is perfect for teams that enjoy gamification and easy gameplay.

Learn more about Gimkit.

8. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere allows you to add an interactive activity to any meeting or training session. This platform lets players join the game from their mobile devices. This app offers many options for employee engagement, such as online polling, surveys, quizzes, and word clouds.

The best part is that this application easily integrates with various platforms, including Zoom, PowerPoint, and Google Slides. In addition, Poll Everywhere is simple and easy to use, making this platform a great alternative to Kahoot.

Explore Poll Everwhere’s features.

9. Slides with Friends

Slides with Friends is an interactive slide builder to help you create interactive decks and presentations. The best part about this platform is that you can add special features like word clouds, live polls, surveys, multiple choice, and quizzes into your slides. After you create your slides, simply screen share and invite coworkers to join your game.

Here are a few tips on how to make the best use of Slides with Friends:

  • Have employees submit project ideas using word clouds.
  • Poll team members on new company policies.
  • Quiz employees on a recent training session.
  • Add a multiple-choice question to your agenda slide.

Slides with Friends is an ideal option to add an interactive and exciting element to your team meeting.

Learn more about Slides with Friends.

10. CrowdParty

CrowdParty is perfect for remote teams that want to play games together on Zoom. You do not need to download additional software, programs, or applications to play on CrowdParty. We recommend this game for teams of all sizes, as the platform is free for up to ten players.

Here are a few of the games you can play on CrowdParty:

  • Would you rather
  • Guess the phrase
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Pick who
  • Interactive polls
  • Trivia night

CrowdParty easily integrates with video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, making this game a great option for your next team meeting.

Explore CrowdParty’s features.

11. JeopardyLabs

JeopardyLabs is one of the best free and creative Kahoot alternatives for big teams. This game allows users to create and customize Jeopardy questions for free. This app is easy to use, allowing users to create a unique Jeopardy template based on their own theme or topic. Once you create your game template, share the URL with team members to begin playing together.

We recommend JeopardyLabs if you want to test employees on their knowledge of the company and industry.

Learn more about JeopardyLabs.

12. Trivia

Trivia is an online quiz platform that allows teams to bring socialization and fun into their meetings. With Trivia, you can explore a vast library of games and quizzes that integrate directly with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Plus, most quizzes take only five minutes, making these games highly time efficient. We recommend launching a Trivia quiz during your team meeting to take a break and have fun.

Explore Trivia’s features.

13. Trivvy

Trivvy is a platform that allows users to host team building trivia games. This app is best for remote and hybrid employees of all levels, from new hires to experienced team members. In addition, you can play with a variety of features, such as themed rounds, quickfire mode, audio or visual questions, and trivia.

This all-in-one trivia platform is known for its engaging team building events. When you book a game with Trivvy, you get a quizmaster, or professional host, to take your team through a fun and engaging experience. Plus, the platform is home to a library of carefully curated questions. Trivvy is one of the best Kahoot alternatives.

Learn more about Trivvy.

14. GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is a unique learning game focused on geography. Once you open GeoGuessr, the game drops you in a random location on a street view screen. Then, players explore the area and search for different clues. The clues you find in the surrounding area allow you to guess where in the world you are. For example, if your game drops you on a beach, team members can virtually explore the surrounding area and consult with each other on the video chat before guessing that they are at South Beach in Miami, Florida.

GeoGuessr is one of the most fun, engaging, and unique icebreaker activities. The best part about this game is that it promotes teamwork and collaboration as teams work through clues to guess their location on the world map.

Explore GeoGuessr.

15. Brightful

If you are looking for a fun and creative alternative to Kahoot, then we recommend Brightful. Brightful is a virtual learning and gaming platform that keeps teams engaged online. With Brightful, teams can play web-based games on video calls, join fun activities in Slack, and share icebreaker games.

This platform is home to a variety of games focused on employee engagement and teamwork, such as Draw It and Question of the Day. The best part of this app is that players can personalize each game and customize the questions to meet their specific needs.

Learn more about Brightful.

16. Quizalize

If you are looking for an easy-to-use Kahoot alternative, then we recommend Quizalize. Quizalize allows you to create quizzes on any topic using simple features, like text-to-speech and audio file uploads. In addition, you can import previously created Google Form quizzes and surveys, turning them into Quizalize games.

Users tend to choose Quizalize for educational purposes. However, the platform is also a great tool for teams to play engaging games and quizzes on topics like company facts and fun icebreakers.

Explore Quizlalize.

17. TierMaker

TierMaker is a unique icebreaker quiz game that allows your team to create lists and rank items from best to worst. This app allows teams to rank any topic, from sports teams and movie characters to video games and television shows. TierMaker is the perfect icebreaker for groups to discuss common interests and ideas.

If team members do not agree about one ranking, then they must work through the issue to properly rank their list items. For example, on a list of favorite foods, five team members may agree that pizza deserves the number one spot. However, the remaining teammate may believe steak should be the number one choice.

TierMaker is one of the best games to promote collaboration and team building. Plus, this game is unique because teams work collectively to create a final ranking list on a specific topic of choice.

Learn about TierMaker.

18. Sporcle

Sporcle offers free interactive games, multiplayer team challenges, and online general knowledge quizzes. Similar to Kahoot, this website allows team members to battle each other in different quizzes and trivia challenges.

On this app, you can find quizzes on a variety of topics, including pop culture, geography, and sports. Sporcle encourages critical thinking and teamwork, as members work together to conquer games and trivia questions.

Explore Sporcle’s games.

19. Quizlet

If you are looking for free apps like Kahoot, then Quizlet is an easy and simple option. Quizlet specializes in providing learning tools, flashcards, and online quizzes. On this platform, users can create custom quizzes or choose from thousands of premade templates made by other users. This learning platform is great for studying and quizzing employees on various work-related topics, such as company policies and onboarding procedures.

Learn more about Quizlet.

20. Covalent

Covalent is an online gaming platform designed to help connect teammates in a virtual work environment. This website helps teams share memories and build bonds through interactive games.

The best part about this platform is that you can create personalized games and videos focused on your team’s needs. For example, if you want to play two truths and a lie, then you can use Covalent’s video feature to have players record themselves stating their truths and lies. During the game, you can play each video and have teammates guess which statements are true and false.

Covalent is a great platform for team building and bonding. We recommend Covalent for teams looking for personal connections and employee engagement.

Explore Covalent’s offerings.

21. Bored

If you are looking for a unique and innovative alternative to Kahoot, then our recommendation is Bored. This game integrates with Slack, allowing you to play fun social games with coworkers. Bored’s games are similar to Kahoot, including trivia and icebreakers.

Here is a breakdown of Bored’s game modes:

  • Trick or trivia
  • Roastmasters
  • Memelord
  • Who’s the faker?
  • Give me a break

Bored allows you to bring your team together for socialization, camaraderie, and team bonding.

Learn more about Bored.


Kahoot is one of the most popular team building platforms for interactive quizzes and tests. The best part about this game-based learning platform is that team members can join virtually on their mobile devices using a unique game code.

Team quizzes like Kahoot are great for team bonding and skill building. Luckily, there are many alternative solutions to Kahoot that your teammates may find equally engaging. We recommend finding a program that integrates well with other platforms that your team uses, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Slack.

Next, check out our list of fun virtual team building activities and virtual team building apps.

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FAQ: Kahoot alternatives

Here are answers to common questions about Kahoot alternatives.

What are some good Kahoot alternatives?

Some good Kahoot alternatives include Virtual Team Trivia, Poll Everywhere, and Sporcle. These apps focus on team building through trivia quizzes and exciting challenges. Plus, you can easily integrate many of these options to accommodate teams of all sizes in an in-person or remote setting.

What are some apps like Kahoot?

If you are looking for apps similar to Kahoot, then we recommend Slido and MyQuiz. These platforms allow you to create your own quizzes featuring various question types, such as multiple choice, true or false, or open-ended. Once you create your quiz, you can invite players to join your game using a unique URL and game code. These apps are perfect for team building and bonding.

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