23 Fun Office Mixer Ideas, Games & Activities

By: | Updated: July 25, 2023

Here is our list of the best office mixer ideas.

Office mixer ideas are games, activities, or places to host a fun and casual get-together for team members. For example, playing social games like Desert Island or What am I? or getting out of the office and going to a sporting event, or volunteering together. The purpose of these activities is to break the ice and allow a new team to get to know each other better.

These gatherings are a type of team building event and group activity.  These events aim to boost cooperation in the office, improve company culture, and increase collaboration.

This list includes:

  • work social event ideas
  • sober office mixer ideas
  • mixer ideas for adults
  • work mixer ideas
  • mixer activities for large groups

Let’s get started!

List of office mixer ideas

Office mixers can be challenging to plan. You want to ensure the event is fun and that attendees get to know each other better. When trying to bring a new team together, you need this list of the best work mixer ideas.

1. Mix n’ Mingle (Staff Favorite)

You can boost your team’s networking skills and encourage meaningful connections with Mix n’ Mingle! This experience offers a variety of engaging activities to improve your team’s relationships.

Mix n’ Mingle includes the following features:

  • a 90-minute guided session led by a skilled host
  • collaborative group challenges and discussions that encourage teamwork
  • icebreakers to start conversations and break down barriers
  • exercises that create strong bonds among team members

For added convenience, you can choose your preferred venue, and we will meet you there with all the materials. To enhance relationships within your team, look no further than Mix n’ Mingle!

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a fantastic way to encourage interaction among team members and future employees. Attendees who work together to solve problems get to know each other better and develop quicker relationships. A great way to start the scavenger hunt is to give a separate clue to each guest to help solve the first puzzle, making all the participants must work together from the beginning. You can plan the hunt inside with general items or choose to go outside if the weather is nice. You can also aim your scavenger hunt at encouraging participants to get to know each other better.

Some sample list items to encourage social interaction are to find:

  • Someone in a red shirt
  • Someone with three kids
  • Someone whose name starts with M
  • The youngest person in the group
  • Someone who loves Elvis

A scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to encourage socialization. get people socializing in a fun game.

Here are lists of scavenger hunts for adults and DIY scavenger hunt clues.

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3. Cocktail Mixer

If you are looking for mixer ideas for adults, then a cocktail mixer is the answer. A cocktail mixer is a social activity that revolves around mixed drinks. You can accomplish this theme in a variety of ways. For example, have small samples of different cocktails set up at different tables. Guests get the chance to meet new coworkers while mingling and tasting drinks. Another way to host a cocktail icebreaker is to assign a specific cocktail ingredient to each guest as they enter. So, when “vodka” finds “cranberry juice,” they make a cocktail. As guests attempt to make the most drinks, they get to meet more attendees.

Here are lists of work happy hour ideas and mixology kits.

4. Desert Island

Desert Island is one of those classic work mixer ideas that many attendees have likely played. Participants must tell the group what three items they would bring to a deserted island in this activity. You can encourage guests to get creative or even set categories they must check. Examples might include a food item, a media item, and a random item. This activity shows what attendees have in common with each other. Nothing binds potential team members like a shared love of high-quality coffee and their French press.

5. Art Challenge

A key to encouraging interaction is to create an atmosphere where attendees are comfortable. A fantastic way to make guests forget they are meeting new people is to keep their hands busy. Planning a craft activity where all attendees build something is one of the best sober office mixer ideas. This game requires no alcohol, just some creative minds and hands. Some ideas are building a tower out of select supplies, like marshmallows and raw spaghetti, or a Lego creation.

6. Speed Mixing

Most team members are probably familiar with speed dating. In this activity, daters go on very short dates with several suitors, with each interaction lasting only one to two minutes. The goal of the exercise is to meet as many people as possible in a short time. This principle can apply to an office mixer, as well. Rather than looking for future dates, guests are getting to know potential coworkers. Speed Mixing is a fantastic way to get introductions out of the way early so participants can focus on getting to know each other.

7. Guess My Name

Finding out other attendees’ names is a big part of a mixer. In this fun game, guests must guess each other’s names. The rules are simple. Participants can give clues to their names but cannot say what they are outright. For example, if your name is George, you might say something about living in the jungle. This game encourages conversation and unique interactions. Guests can give verbal clues or even act the clue out. A bonus of this game is that it makes remembering names easier down the road.

8. That’s My Line

That’s My Line is the perfect officer mixer activity for the movie lovers in the group. To play this game, compile a list of famous lines from movies. These lines can be well-known, like “I’ll be back,” or obscure. However, it is best to choose movies most attendees have likely seen. During the game, divide the group into two teams. Then, have members of the teams take turns drawing a line from a bowl. Each team will have 20 seconds to guess the movie the phrase is from. The team with the most correct guesses wins the game.

9. Karaoke Night

Hosting a karaoke night is one of the best mixer activities for large groups. It is easy to accommodate many singers, and even those who do not want to sing can enjoy the show from the audience. To plan a karaoke event, be sure the location you choose has access to audiovisual technology and plenty of space to set up. You do not have to go to a karaoke bar to have a fun time. With this fun event, you can find out who has the best pipes in the group.

10. Selfie Challenge

While most mixer activities encourage guests to put smartphones down, this fun office mixer idea encourages folks to look at their screens. However, guests will not be surfing social media. Rather, guests need to take as many selfies as possible. You can award points for different tasks. For example, 10 points for a selfie with one new acquaintance or in front of a specific item, or 20 points for video footage, the possibilities are endless. At the end of the mixer, the guest with the most points wins. You can also encourage attendees to exchange contact information while they have their phones out.

11. That’s Not My Name

That’s Not My Name is one of the best office mixer ideas for smaller groups. If you have too many attendees, this game might become overwhelming. For this activity, participants get a name tag upon entering the event. The hitch is that the name tag has the wrong name. As guests mingle and learn each other’s names, they can switch to the correct name. By night’s end, everyone should have the correct name on their chest, and all attendees will know each other a little better. For a fun twist, encourage guests to answer a certain question before getting their name tag back, like, “What is your favorite food?”

12. What Am I?

In this interactive activity, guests wear a card in a headband or tape it to their back. You can write different things on the cards, like occupations, animals, objects, or even places. As guests mingle, everyone tries to guess what they have on their own card by asking questions. The results are often hilarious, and attendees forget they do not know each other well. What am I? is one of the best office mixer ideas when you need something quick and inexpensive to break the ice with a group.

13. Two Truths and a Lie

This classic game is one of the best and easiest work mixer ideas. This activity takes very little or no preparation. To play the game, ask team members to write down or say out loud three statements. Two of the declarations need to be true, and one needs to be a lie. After the speaker lists their statements, the group must decide which are true and which is a lie. The goal of the activity is for attendees to get to know each other in a fun and unique way. It might surprise guests to find out what they have in common through Two Truths and a Lie.

Check out more fun question games.

14. Team Baking

Creating a masterpiece in the kitchen as a group is one of the most unique work social event ideas. For this event, have a recipe and ingredients ready before the mixer begins. You will also need access to a kitchen with a stove. You can choose a sweet option, like cookies or pie, or opt for a savory recipe, like tacos or a dip. Depending on the skill level and interests of the group, you can choose a simple or more complicated recipe. You can even make this activity into a competition by dividing the group into teams and seeing who comes up with the best representation.

For inspiration, check out this guide to office cook-offs.

15. One-Minute Sale

In One-Minute Sale, attendees practice a sales pitch on a random object. To play this game, first, write down different subjects on a piece of paper and place them in a bowl. For example, a cup of coffee, The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, or a lawnmower. Then, guests must draw a piece of paper and devise their one-minute sales pitch. After all the participants get a chance to give their pitches, everyone can vote on who did the best job. This game is one of the best work mixer ideas for sales teams.

16. Photo Booth

A photo booth is a fantastic way to encourage meaningful interaction among all guests at the mixer. To set up a photo booth, you only need a backdrop and fun props. You can choose a variety of hats, glasses, and ties along with word bubbles with either pre-printed sayings or left blank for attendees to write their own. For a retro event, supply a Polaroid camera for instant pictures. You can also ask guests to use their own cameras and then upload the pictures to a Slack channel so everyone can see them.

17. Storytime

In Storytime, attendees get the chance to flex their creative muscles. In this game, the group sits in a circle or at a table. To begin the activity, ask one person to write a sentence about anything on a blank sheet of paper. Then, that player will pass the paper to the next person, who will add another sentence. As team members add lines, a story develops. Throughout the game, there should be some good laughs and a funny story at the end of the night.

18. Elevator Pitch

In Elevator Pitch, guests get the chance to practice giving a short speech about themselves. An elevator pitch is a brief, rehearsed story. You can set this activity up similar to a speed dating, or mixing, event. Team members should spread out among tables or areas of the room, then every minute or two, they move to another area. Both the listener and the speaker benefit from this activity. The listener gets to practice hearing someone else speak, then asking a meaningful question. The speaker gets the chance to perfect their short elevator pitch.

19. Cup Stack Challenge

In Cup Stack Challenge, participants race against the clock, and each other, to stack as many cups as possible in a set amount of time. First, choose a time limit, ideally one minute. Then, have participants either stack as many cups as they can or recreate a build already set up. To encourage interaction, have attendees work in groups of two or three to stack the cups.

20. Escape Room

Escape rooms are fun and dynamic activities where guests must work together to solve a series of puzzles to break out of a room. As team members rely on each other to solve clues, they develop deeper relationships. You can choose to go to a local escape room or host one yourself. If you want to encourage immediate interaction, then an escape room is a great option.

Here are lists of DIY escape room ideas and escape room tips and clues.

21. Volunteer Together

Today, many future employees look for companies that value altruism and service. One of the best ways to show your team cares about serving others is by hosting a mixer where all attendees serve together. You can volunteer in a variety of ways. For example, building baskets to donate to homeless shelters or low-income schools. You can also work with an on-site organization where they need help, like at a food bank or clothing drive.

Check out this list of group volunteering activities.

22. Sporting Event

If there is a local athletic club in your town, then consider a game for an office mixer. Many larger cities have at least one, if not several, professional teams. Even in more remote areas, you will likely find minor-league teams. With different sports seasons spanning the entire year, you will find an event that works for your schedule. You can get a block of seats if you have a smaller group. Or, consider a suite for an extra special event. Sometimes, teams will have themed nights or meet and greets, so check the schedule ahead of time.

23. Happy Hour

An organized happy hour is a classic way to host an office mixer. Many restaurants and bars will work with you to plan an exceptional event. You can reserve a private room and set up a custom drink and food menu. Happy hours are fantastic places to interact in a social setting away from the constraints of the office. If you are looking for one of the best mixer ideas for adults, then a happy hour is the way to go.

Here are more work happy hour ideas.


Hosting a fun mixer is a great way to break the ice between new or potential team members and current employees. These games and activities are the best way to encourage deeper relationships and discussions. Office mixer ideas are fantastic to get a group of strangers laughing like old friends. These gatherings help break down awkward barriers and allow attendees to engage comfortably.

Next, check out community building activities and quotes about teamwork and respect.

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FAQ: Office mixer ideas

Here are the answers to common questions about office mixer ideas.

What are office mixer ideas?

Office mixer ideas are games or events team members play at an office party. The goal of these games is to break the ice so attendees who might not know each other get the chance to interact in a fun and casual way.

What are some good social ideas for the office?

Some good social ideas for the office are speed mixing, where guests mingle like a speed dating event with only a few minutes with each new partner, or Storytime, where guests work together to build a story one sentence at a time.

How do you throw an office mixer?

You can throw an office mixer in a variety of ways. For example, plan an event in your office space where guests play office games like Cup Stack Challenge or have a scavenger hunt. Or, you can choose to host the event offsite, like at an escape room or a local sporting event.

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