14 Fun Online Card Games to Play on Zoom

By: | Updated: October 30, 2023

Here is our list of the best online card games.

Online card games are card games you can play via an internet connection. Example games include poker, Codenames, and Make It Meme. The purpose of these activities is to have fun, connect, and relax as a team. These games are also known as “virtual card games” and “Zoom card games.”

These activities are similar to online board games, online trivia, guessing games, and culture-building games.

This list includes:

  • the best card games to play online
  • Zoom card games
  • card game apps

Here we go!

List of online card games

Playing card games online is an exciting team building exercise. The best virtual card games offer private lobbies, so only you and your colleagues will be allowed in. Card games are a great stress reliever and can be a fun way to compete with your whole remote team!

1. Spyfall

Spyfall’s site has Zoom in mind, making it one of the best Zoom card games. One player is a spy, and the rest are FBI agents. The agents’ job is to identify the spy. The spy’s job is to avoid detection.

Players receive identical location cards. However, the spy does not know the location. Players take turns questioning each other about the location. Because the spy does not know the place, they must lie when questioned. The game ends when the agents accuse a player of being a spy or the spy figures out the location.

Spyfall is for four to twelve players. The host can set the round length as well as the game mode. The four game modes are Spyfall 1, Spyfall 2, Adults Only, and Outrageous. The game assigns an invite code, which other players can use to join.

Play Spyfall.

2. Champ’d Up

Jackbox Games created a fun and interactive card game experience. In Champ’d Up, three to eight players compete in two rounds to determine the greatest character. In the first round, players create a champion character based on a given prompt and send it to another player. That player must guess the prompt and create a challenger. Then, these characters battle it out.

In the second round, the process repeats with a twist. Each contest has a surprise follow-up match, and players can choose to replace their fighters with a previous character or keep them for potential bonus points. In following games with the same players, teams can use characters from previous games. With Champ’d Up, you can build your ultimate champion army!

Play Champ’d Up.

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3. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is one of the top card game apps for two to five players. The game is a cat-based version of Russian roulette. Players pick up cards until they draw an Exploding Kitten card. The Exploding Kitten knocks players out of the game unless they have a Defuse card. All the other cards in the deck help contenders avoid the Exploding Kittens. The game ends when all but one player explodes!

The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for $1.99. The game includes several expansion packs as well. To play this game over Zoom, you can play on your phone and have the Zoom call open to see the team’s reactions to exploding!

Download Exploding Kittens for your phone.

4. Codenames

Codenames is one of the most exciting word card games for Zoom. This competition is a word-based guessing game for four players. During gameplay, the spymaster gives one-word clues to the field operative. The clues should get the investigator to guess their secret words. A team wins once they guess all the assigned words!

Codenames Online works great for remote teams because it has a built-in video chat feature. To kick off gameplay, press the Create Room button and choose your settings. Then, you can share the room URL with your colleagues, and the game can begin!

Play the official Codenames Online.

5. Bad Cards

Bad Cards is one of the best drinking card games over Zoom. This raunchy card game is the grown-up version of Apples to Apples, similar to Cards Against Humanity. The game will assign a Card Queen who will read the prompt card. Then, players try to fill in the blanks with their funniest response card. A point goes to the player who submits the Card Queen’s favorite answer. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Participants can take a drink every time they win a point to make this a drinking game. The longer the game lasts, the funnier the answers tend to get!

Bad Cards is an excellent option for playing this game online. You can choose from four game modes: classic, bad questions, family-friendly, and bad memes. You can even create your customized pack!

After selecting your card packs, the game will give you an invite link to share with colleagues. Bad Cards is a great game for large groups of up to 50!

Check out Bad Cards.

6. Make It Meme or We Meme

Meme games are some of the simplest card games that can be played over Zoom. Make It Meme and We Meme are similar to What Do You Meme? The sites show players a meme image, and the player writes a funny caption. Once the whole group submits their captions, the team will get to vote on which memes they like and dislike. At the end of the round, the game assigns points based on how many upvotes or downvotes each meme receives. The player with the highest number of points wins!

To play this game over Zoom, you can go to Make It Meme or We Meme. On both platforms, you can host a private match. The sites will give you a link that your colleagues can use to join the round.

Make It Meme has three game modes and some other personalized settings. Plus, Make It Meme has the added features of live chat, meme buddies, and download buttons!

Check out Make It Meme or We Meme.

7. Lisko

Lisko is a fun, strategic trick-taking game. Players begin with one card in their hand. Then, contenders place bets on whether they think they will take a “trick,” which is all the cards played in one round. Competitors follow the suit from the beginning of each round. Dragon cards always win the pile, and other special cards also change the gameplay. Players score points if they win the number of tricks they bet on and lose points if not. The game deals one more card during each round than the previous round, and the betting resets. Whoever has the most points at the end is the winner!

Lisko’s website has remote players in mind. The site has a video and chat function, and connects to Discord.

To begin the round, press New Game and choose your display name. Then, pick a difficulty from the hosting screen and select which special cards you want to include. Lisko also has the option to create custom rules. Once the rules are set, send out the custom link, and up to six players can join.

Play Lisko.

8. Poker

Poker is one of the most popular card games, and there is no shortage of options for Zoom poker games. Poker has many variations. The basic premise is to build the best poker hand possible and bet you can beat other players’ hands. If you have the best hand or are the last player standing, then you win the pot!

Playing poker online is a common pastime, and many websites are dedicated to the game. For your Zoom call, check out Poker Now and Clubs Poker. Poker Now is a free site with no download required. To start the online tournament, click Start Game, choose your nickname, and create the game. You will receive a link to send to colleagues so they can join in on the fun.

Clubs Poker requires the game host to make an account. However, other players do not need an account to join the game. The account is free, and once you make it, you can start new games and share links with your whole team. Clubs Poker is great for company events because it has audio, video, and chat built right in. Spectators can even join the game to watch everything unfold.

Check out Poker Now and Clubs Poker.

9. Skip-Bo

Skip-Bo is a fun card game for two to four players. The program will deal out a stockpile to each contender. Then, players take turns stacking cards in sequential order on a shared pile. The first player to get rid of their stockpile wins!

Skip-Bo is free for download on Windows, the App Store, or the Google Play Store. You can host your Zoom call to chat and react to the game with any of these options!

After downloading the app and doing the tutorial, you can press Play with Friends to create a room. The app will give you a room ID to share with coworkers. You can choose from a stockpile of five, seven, or ten cards. The app also connects to Facebook so you can add friends from social media.

Play Skip-Bo on Windows, Apple, or Android.

10. Set

Set is a competitive matching game for one to six players. Each card has four elements: shape, color, number, and interior. The purpose of the game is to create sets. The elements must all match or completely mismatch to be considered a set. Matching sets correctly will earn you a point, but trying to match incorrect sets will lose you a point. The game ends when no more sets are in the deck, and the player with the highest score wins!

To play Set over Zoom, try checking out BuddyBoardGames and Set with Friends. On BuddyBoardGames, one team member can create a room name and username. Then, the website will create a unique code that the room creator can send out over Zoom chat. Or, players can join by typing in the room name. On Set with Friends, you can click New Private Game, then send out the link for your team to join the game.

Try out a round of Set on BuddyBoardGames or Set with Friends.

11. Oh Heck

Two to six players compete in this fast-paced betting game. Each player receives ten cards. The game assigns a trump suit, and players bet on how many “tricks” or cards they will collect during the round. Once all contestants place their bets, the round begins. All players must match the leading suit at the beginning of the hand. If participants do not have that suit, they can either play a trump card or “sluff off” a card from any other suit. The game assigns points based on whether competitors take the number of tricks they bid on. Whichever player gets the most points wins!

When playing Oh Heck over Zoom, an employee can start a private game. Colleagues can join using either the room name or by following the link generated by the website. Each player will come up with their username, and then the betting can begin!

Check out Oh Heck on BuddyBoardGames.

12. Uno

Uno is a popular card game where two to six players compete to get rid of all the cards in their hands. Players take turns setting down cards that match the color or number of the top card in a pile. The first player to run out of cards wins!

You can download the official Uno app on the App or Google Play store. If you want to play in your web browser, then one of the most straightforward sites is BuddyBoardGames. To get started, create unique screen and room names. You will see an option to share a link to your room with other players, or they can type in the room name to join. Under the room link, there is an option to customize the rules.

Play Uno on BuddyBoardGames or download the app.

13. Crazy 8s

Crazy 8s is a childhood classic and one of the easiest card games that can be played over Zoom. The game deals a hand of eight cards, and the goal is to get rid of all the cards in a hand. Each player takes turns placing a card on the pile. The card should match the facing suit or number. Players can use an eight at any time, which is why they are crazy! A few other cards have special rules as well. The player who runs out of cards first wins!

FriendsyEights has a simple multiplayer that is great for Zoom calls. When starting a round of Crazy 8s, the first player will enter their username. Then, the website will produce a shareable link so the whole team can join!

Try a few hands of Crazy 8s on FrendsyEights.

14. Cribbage

Cribbage is an exciting two-person card game with the goal of moving pegs around the board. Each hand begins with six cards. Next, both players choose two cards to put in the crib, which is an extra hand for the dealer. Finally, players count the points in their hands and move their pegs. The first participant to reach the end wins!

Cribbage is one of the best card games to play online. Both BuddyBoardGames and PlayingCards.io have private rooms for Cribbage. To play on BuddyBoardGames, you must come up with a username and room code. Then, players can join by room code or link. On PlayingCards.io, you can press Start Game, and the platform will create a shareable link.

Check out Cribbage on BuddyBoardGames or PlayingCards.io.

Sites to play card games over Zoom

When hosting games over Zoom, you might want to add a little variety to your event. Here are some sites that offer many games in one stop.

1. BuddyBoardGames

BuddyBoardGames is a simple, easy-to-use multiplayer platform. To start a game, you must come up with a nickname and room code. The website offers several games, including Cribbage, Uno, and Spades. There is no sign-in required.

Play cards at BuddyBoardGames.

2. Playingcards.io

Playingcards.io has a wide variety of games that are easy to play with colleagues over Zoom. Sheepshead, Rummy, and Bridge are just a few examples of available card games. Playing is as simple as pressing Start. Once the game gives you the invite code, you can share the PIN and start playing!

Play games at Playingcards.io.

3. CardzMania

CardzMania has several options for playing card games over Zoom. You can choose from games like 325, Hearts, or War. Once you select your game, you can click multiplayer mode. The site provides you with an option to host a table. Players can join using the provided URL, and the games can begin!

Check out CardzMania.

4. Steam

Steam is one of the largest online game retailers. If you can think of a game, it is probably on Steam. The website has card games ranging from Marvel Snap to Gwent to Card Dungeon. Steam also has remote play, so players can cooperate across platforms on any game they choose.

Look for games on Steam.


Playing card games virtually is a fun way to get to know your friends and coworkers and unwind. Card games over Zoom are great because you can include players from anywhere in these activities. Since many of these games are quick, they work well as meeting openers. Remote card games are also a fun addition to your next company game night! With so many options available, there should be games for the whole team.

Next, check out our lists of fun virtual meeting games and online team building games.

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FAQ: Online card games

Here are answers to questions about online card games.

What are online card games?

Internet card games are card games playable online over software or video chat. Card games are a great way to interact with colleagues and get to know each other. Some examples include Crazy 8s, Skip-Bo, and Set.

What are some good card games to play on Zoom?

The internet is full of great card games to play on Zoom. A few of the best games include Spyfall, Codenames, and Bad Cards.

How do you play card games on Zoom?

To play card games on Zoom, choosing which games you would like to play ahead of time is helpful. Then, you can select the decks or send out a poll to see what participants are interested in. Most games have private rooms that use invite links. Before the call, you can start the game to get the URL ready. Then, start the meeting and send out the link or code. Once the team joins, the fun can begin!

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