13 Best Recruiting Companies

By: | Updated: January 21, 2024

You found our list of the best recruiting companies.

Recruiting companies are organizations that help match applicants with appropriate job openings. Examples include Manpower, Adecco, and Insight Global. The purpose of these businesses is to connect job seekers with opportunities and help companies find the right fit for their needs. These organizations work effectively with other businesses that want to add talent to their workforce. These companies are also known as “recruiting firms” or “recruiting agencies.”

Using these companies is one of the most effective hiring tips and strategies. Employers can also use employee referral programs and career fairs to find prospective workers.

This list includes:

  • recruiting agencies
  • staffing and recruiting companies
  • healthcare recruiting companies
  • tech recruiting companies
  • talent acquisition companies
  • job recruiter agencies
  • top recruiting firms

Let’s get to it!

List of recruiting companies

Recruitment companies can be a valuable resource for both job seekers looking for new opportunities and companies pursuing new talent. From Lucas Group to Nelson Connects and Frontline Source Group, here is a list of companies businesses can use to recruit new talent.

1. Toptal

If you are looking for staffing and recruiting companies, then Toptal is a fantastic choice. The company’s rigorous screening process measures language, personality, and in-depth capabilities through test projects. This screening ensures the acceptance of the best global talent across the entire industry. With a talent pool of only the top 3% of the workforce, companies can rest assured knowing they have access to the highest-quality candidates.


  • Has a pool of the best talent, such as project managers, finance experts, designers, and software developers
  • Works with leading brands like Shopify, Duolingo, Salesforce, and Bridgestone
  • Can assemble teams with ease as per demand
  • Has an average match time of less than 24 hours
  • Has a pool of vetted workers that ensures a 98% trial-to-hire success rate
  • Has a pool of talent that embody the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and communication

Toptal offers services in the technology, healthcare, and life sciences industries. Organizations in customer products and services as well as communications, media, and entertainment can also seek staffing services from Toptal.

Learn more about Toptal.

2. Manpower

Manpower is a leading global workforce solutions company that sources, assesses, develops, and manages talent. The company works with thousands of organizations each year by providing skilled talent. Similarly, Manpower improves the livelihood of millions of workers by connecting candidates to sustainable work opportunities across different industries.


  • Provides staffing and recruitment services for clients and candidates in more than 75 countries
  • Works with over 14,000 small to midsized companies
  • Has over 70 years of experience in the staffing and recruitment industry
  • Recognized as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the 12th year
  • Recognized for its diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the workplace

Manpower offers flexible, direct-hire, and project staffing. The company also provides on-site management and work-ready services. Organizations in industries such as manufacturing, financial services, hospitality, energy, logistics, and distribution can benefit from Manpower’s services.

Learn more about Manpower.

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3. Kelly Services

As a pioneer in the modern temporary help industry, Kelly Services tops the list of talent acquisition companies across a variety of economic sectors. The company follows a sustainability strategy by connecting work opportunities to deserving workers. Through these services, Kelly Services enriches the workers’ lives, creating positive community differences.


  • Provides recruitment services in engineering, science and clinical, education, government solutions, and tech fields
  • Has a commendable approach to recruiting services based on environmental, social, and governance approach
  • Works with all organizations, from small to Fortune 100 companies
  • Connects over one million workers to employers every year

Kelly Services also provides contract staffing, on-site management, and direct-hire solutions.

Learn more about Kelly Services.

4. SecureVision

SecureVision is a recruitment company that builds relationships to help organizations scale their sales engines as candidates reach their full potential. The company has an uncompromising approach to recruitment that focuses on professionalism and excellence.


  • Offers multiple recruitment solutions, including on-demand, scalable, and flexible options
  • Has a team of expert recruiters who are knowledgeable in category-leading technology
  • Works with global companies such as GrubHub, Affirm, and ThoughtSpot
  • Has a global presence
  • Has a vast pool of candidates in different fields

SecureVision works with job seekers with a background in account management, marketing, consultative sales, people operations, and tech in the commercial space.

Learn more about SecureVision.

5. Robert Half

With a long history of connecting workers with companies, Robert Half is a fantastic choice of recruiting agencies. The 1948-founded company focuses on finding meaningful employment opportunities and helps organizations access specialized talent. Robert Half offers recruiting services in the finance and accounting, technology, and legal industries. The company also provides services for the marketing, creative, administrative, and customer support sectors.


  • Has over 70 years of experience in the recruitment industry
  • Has received several accolades since its inception from notable organizations like Forbes
  • Serves workers and companies across the globe with over 300 locations

Robert Half offers various recruitment options, including remote hiring, contract talent solutions, permanent placement, and managed solutions.

Learn more about Robert Half.

6. LaSalle Network

Founded in 1998, LaSalle Network is a leading staffing and recruiting company. The company’s mission is to hire and retain the best workforce in different industries. The staffing and recruiting company provides services for the administrative, healthcare, marketing, and sales sectors.


  • Is an award-winning company
  • Has a veteran hiring initiative to help the transition of military service workers to civilian careers
  • Works with charities throughout the year

Since its inception, culture has been a top priority in LaSalle Network. Thus, the company focuses on building a culture that fits every organization. Companies can work with LaSalle Network to identify opportunities where organizations can improve and get simple and sustainable solutions.

Learn more about LaSalle Network.

7. Insight Global

Insight Global is a recruiting company that promotes genuine relationships and makes a meaningful impact across the globe. The company has scaled from an entrepreneurial start-up to a globally recognized organization. With a vast network of qualified individuals, Insight Global provides staffing solutions in industries such as energy, construction, and education. Other fields that the recruitment companies cater to include financial services, creative, engineering, and information technology sectors. Insight Global is also a great choice of healthcare recruiting companies.


  • Is a premier executive agency that offers access to a network of qualified and prescreened candidates
  • Over 21 years of experience in the hiring industry
  • Over 40,000 placements every year
  • Over 66 offices across the US and Canada, the District of Columbia, and the United Kingdom
  • Has a staffing resource center that teaches employee retention strategies, culture management, and remote interviewing and hiring tips

Insight Global offers other services besides staffing, such as managed services, culture consulting, and diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting.

Learn more about Insight Global.

8. Lucas Group

Lucas Group is a recruiting company that aligns candidates’ skills, personal qualities, experience, and cultural fit to match the hiring goals of other organizations. The company, which is now part of Korn Ferry, has a wide pool of talent for organizations in different industries.


  • Offers staffing services in industries such as finance, manufacturing, human resources, tech, and legal
  • Offers military talent recruitment to help experts align their capabilities, professional acumen, and technical skills to the business world
  • Works with small to Fortune 500 companies

The company delivers superior hiring results by conducting rigorous research and applying smart human capital analytics. Organizations and candidates can seek flexible contract or direct-hire solutions.

Learn more about Lucas Group.

9. Nelson Connects

If you are looking for tech recruiting companies, then Nelson Connects is a good bet. The 1970-founded company provides tailored staffing solutions for job seekers and employers. The company’s collaborative approach focuses on trust, authenticity, and transparency to build long-lasting partnerships between candidates and businesses.


  • Supports communities and nonprofit organizations through financial support and volunteer time
  • Has a strict candidate verification process that ensures organizations only access the best talent
  • Has a large pool of qualified candidates
  • Follows an individualized hiring process that creates efficiencies, builds a company’s brand, and saves on costs

Nelson Connects works with emerging to leading global organizations in a wide range of industries, such as aviation, computer software, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Companies can also seek staffing and recruiting services in biopharma, aerospace, beverage, and electronic assembly.

Learn more about Nelson Connects.

10. Brilliant

Brilliant is a contract, direct-hire, and consulting company specializing in the finance, business, technology, and accounting sectors. The award-winning organization has gained recognition in major lists, such as Forbes‘ “America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms 2018.” The company offers a fun, safe, and equal environment to ensure that both businesses and candidates navigate their goals with ease.


  • Has a pool of over 150,000 qualified professionals available for new opportunities
  • Has a team of workers from leading industry professionals, including the Big Four accounting firms, accounting and finance professionals, and former hiring managers
  • Primarily serves the Southeast and Midwest regions in the US
  • Provides vetted consultants or candidates within 24 hours

Brilliant provides recruiting and staffing services in industries such as health care, distribution, tech, nonprofits, manufacturing, and hospitality.

Learn more about Brilliant.

11. Frontline Source Group

As one of the best tech recruiting companies, Frontline Source Group is a commendable option for both organizations and job seekers. The 2004-founded company has expert recruiters in locations such as Dallas, Houston, Denver, and Austin. Frontline Source Group focuses on building strong partnerships with other organizations and operating as an extension of internal hiring teams.


  • Has a pool of experienced candidates across major economic sectors
  • Is an award-winning company
  • Offers staffing services for contact-to-hire, contract, direct-hire, and executive placement positions

Some of the IT positions that the company specializes in include healthcare workers, software developers, software trainers, project managers, and database administrators. Frontline Source Group also has a wide pool of experts in JAVA, HTML, or Linux administration, business intelligence analysis, and help desk support. Besides IT, the company also offers staffing and recruitment services in human resources, engineering, oil and gas, and administrative sectors.

Learn more about Frontline Source Group.

12. Adecco

With over 50 years of experience in the staffing industry, Adecco is a great choice for organizations and job seekers looking for staffing and recruiting companies. The company ranks globally as one of the largest staffing and human resource companies. Depending on specific organizational goals, companies can access a vast pool of temporary, direct-hire, or temp-to-hire workers.


  • Over 450 locations in 60 countries
  • Daily recruitment of high volumes of workers
  • Works with notable companies such as Honda, Communications Test Design, and Radial

Organizations can get staffing expertise in different specialties, such as human resources, science, retail, accounting and finance, and transportation. Adecco also offers recruitment services in medical, hospitality, and customer service.

Learn more about Adecco.

12. Aquent

Aquent is a recruiting company focusing on matching the right opportunities to the top talent and fostering relationships between organizations and workers. The company is a renowned global leader in creative, design, and marketing sector recruitment. Depending on the business needs, organizations have a wide pool of freelancers, permanent hires, temporary hires, consultants, and outsourced talent.


  • Has a talent pool of over two million candidates across eight countries
  • Has an annual employment rate of over 10,000 workers
  • Focuses on a strict screening process that includes portfolio reviews, video interviews, reference checks, and skill assessments

Organizations can also benefit from Aquent’s brands, including Aquent Studios, Aquent RoboHead, Aquent Scout, and Aquent Gymnasium. In addition, the company provides exceptional care for talent, such as free skill training, efficient onboarding, fast eligibility checks, and frequent check-ins. Aquent also offers project management and creative strategy services.

Learn more about Aquent.

13. Magnifind

With a vision to be the most valuable recruitment firm globally, Magnifind is a fantastic choice of talent acquisition companies. The England-based company provides a recruitment experience that exceeds the expectations of candidates, companies, and industry players.


  • Has a global presence in the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Ensures companies have the most relevant candidates through the unique and custom database
  • Builds on the values of balance, collaboration, and mindfulness

Magnifind supports roles such as marketing, sales, customer success, and product development.

Learn more about Magnifind.


Recruitment companies play a vital role in the job market by connecting job seekers with opportunities and helping companies find the right fit for their staffing needs. These organizations often offer a range of services, like resume writing, interview preparation, and access to a wide variety of job openings. By taking on the task of finding and screening candidates, recruitment companies can save companies time and bring diverse perspectives to the hiring process. The right choice of recruitment company can be a valuable resource for candidates looking for new opportunities or organizations that want to add new talent to their workforce.

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We also have a list of recruitment books, HR books, and career books.

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FAQ: Recruiting companies

Here are the answers to some common questions about recruiting companies.

What are recruiting companies?

Also known as staffing or employment agencies, recruitment companies are organizations that help businesses identify and hire new employees. These organizations focus on understanding individual staffing needs. Recruitment companies then use various methods such as advertising, networking, and database searches to find and screen candidates for open positions.

What are the best recruiting companies?

With the wide variety of recruitment companies, it can take time for companies and candidates to determine the right partners.

Here are a few factors to consider when searching for recruitment companies.

  • Specialization: Organizations and job seekers should look for recruitment companies specializing in their specific industry or job function. For instance, if a company is searching for top tech talent, then a tech recruitment company is likely to have the best candidates. Niche recruitment companies have a deeper understanding of different positions’ particular needs and requirements.
  • Reputation: Rather than blindly choosing a recruitment company, we advise organizations and candidates to check the reputation of the recruitment company. You can check reviews by reading online sources and also asking for referrals from industry professionals.
  • Services: Be sure to evaluate the recruitment company’s range of services. For instance, if you are a job seeker, then you could consider recruitment services offering resume writing, interview preparation, and job search assistance. Likewise, organizations looking for new candidates should be on the lookout for the types of hires that recruitment companies offer.
  • Communication: Be sure to pay attention to how the recruitment company communicates with you. For instance, be keen on whether the company responds promptly to inquiries and provides accurate information. Good communication is crucial in building a successful working relationship with a recruitment company.
  • Fees: Be aware of any fees that the recruitment company charges. Some companies charge a percentage of the candidate’s salary, while others charge a flat fee. Make sure you understand the terms of any fees before committing to working with a recruitment company.

Some of the best recruitment companies include Toptal, Aquent, and Robert Half.

Why use recruiting agencies?

The decision on whether to undertake individual hiring or outsource the services may not be easy. Organizations often struggle with finding the right recruitment company or agreeing to the contract terms. However, these companies can simplify the recruitment process for both small and large organizations.

Here are some benefits of using recruiting companies:

  • Access to a wider pool of candidates: Companies can choose from a larger group of qualified applicants. These companies often have a database of job seekers and may advertise open positions on behalf of the company.
  • Expertise in finding and screening candidates: Recruitment companies can use different avenues to find top talent and screen prospects, which can save companies time and resources.
  • Access to diverse teams: Companies can access diverse workers, which is the key to building a more inclusive workforce.
  • Cost and time saving: Using a recruiting agency can save companies time by taking on the task of finding and screening candidates. Similarly, these companies can be more cost-effective than in-house recruitments. The cost- and time-saving perks are especially beneficial to small businesses or organizations that do not have a dedicated human resources department.

Even with these benefits, organizations must ensure they work with agencies that will meet their specific needs.

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