18 Best Team Building Training Courses & Workshops

By: | Updated: December 04, 2023

You have found our list of team building training courses and workshops.

Team building training courses are educational programs designed to help individuals and teams develop skills, knowledge, and strategies to work together more effectively. These programs usually include lectures, discussions, case studies, and experiential activities like team building games and simulations. Examples include the Art of Storytelling, How to be a Team Player, and Culture-Driven Team Building. The purpose of these courses is to improve overall team performance by focusing on critical areas such as communication, decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

These courses are examples of professional development activities and corporate workshops and are a worker engagement strategy.

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List of team building training courses

Team building training courses and workshops are particularly beneficial for organizations that rely on collaboration and teamwork to achieve their objectives. These programs can help teams overcome challenges and obstacles, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for working more effectively together.

Here are some of the best team building training workshops and courses that may benefit your team.

1. How to be a Team Player

Employees who are team players make up high-performing teams. Organizations achieve efficient teamwork when team members understand each other well. By taking this free EdApp course on being a team player, employees can learn how to overcome barriers within their team, understand and respect colleagues’ perspectives, and become effective team players.

The course features five lessons, each designed to deliver practical and engaging learning to your employees, and offers a final assessment that your team members will love.

Course highlights:

  • How to understand your team’s perspective
  • Communicating concerns in a constructive way
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Best practices that encourage teamwork

This team building training for managers and employers demonstrates why high-performance leaders need to value teamwork. In addition, the course is compatible with all devices, so students can access it whenever and wherever they like.

Learn more about How to be a Team Player.

2. The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to get individuals to take action, whether trying to close a business deal or calling for operational change. The Art of Storytelling by teambuilding.com is a highly interactive workshop formulated to help marketers, managers, and a host of other roles to improve their performance. This event is one of the most engaging team building workshops.

Course highlights:

  • Breakdown of the secret storytelling sauce
  • Identifying and engaging your target audience
  • Engagement exercise
  • Personal connections
  • Building a story workshop
  • Finding real-world applications

The course introduces participants to our propriety framework for crafting creative and impactful stories and other techniques for telling better stories. Our story masters will break down the strategies in an easy-to-understand manner, guide learners through the process, give room for practice, and provide personalized feedback. The course benefits beginner and expert storytellers alike, and participants can implement the lessons for work and other areas of their lives.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

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3. Building Team Excellence

Building Team Excellence aims to enhance leadership skills for fostering high-performing teams. The course covers the leader’s role in engagement, trust, and empowerment.

Course highlights:

  • Understand the leader’s role in team dynamics, fostering engagement, collaboration, trust, and empowerment
  • Develop core competencies for effective team leadership
  • Create high-performing teams through strong interpersonal skills
  • Foster innovation and growth within teams
  • Manage team performance through trust and empowerment

The course employs case studies, exercises, and assessments. Lessons benefit teamwork, harmony, motivation, problem-solving, and synergy. Leaders, managers, and professionals aiming for team excellence will benefit from this program. Participants receive a GLOMACS Certificate and CPE credits.

Learn more about Building Team Excellence.

4. Comedy Workshop

Comedy Workshop banner

Comedy Workshop is a skill development training that equips participants with basic knowledge of comedy and how to work together to craft hilarious jokes. Stand-up comedians with ample experience performing before large crowds handle this fun 90-minute workshop.

This creative session integrates skill development and virtual team building in a fun, unique, and collaborative way to engage your team and get them laughing and thinking outside the box.

The host will highlight some of the best jokes from the world’s top comedians. Then, team members will enjoy a great time discussing why these jokes work. Next, the team will create a late-night comedy joke using the joke-writing techniques they learn. This workshop is a top corporate team building training to help bring the team together and have some humorous fun.

Note — This event is bookable by special request, and is not available in December. Plan a call with our Client Advisors to learn more.

5. Leading Teams: Building Effective Team Cultures

Good relationships among team members are one of the secrets of effective and successful teams. Team culture is at the core of organizational success, and the Leading Teams: Building Effective Team Cultures course by Coursera is excellent for team players and leaders who understand the power of a strong team.

This program centers around building effective team cultures to encourage productive teamwork. In these modules, you will learn the definition of team culture and explore safety, engagement, and growth cultures.

Course highlights:

  • Develop team culture
  • Navigate growth and change in teams
  • Create space for DEIB
  • Facilitate psychological safety
  • Manage motivation and engagement

This intermediate course takes approximately 13 hours to complete, and participants will earn a certificate upon completion.

Learn more about Leading Teams: Building Effective Team Cultures.

6. Teamwork and Team Building

Teamwork is essential to the success of any project within any organization. Courses for Success designed this detailed certification program for professionals who want to gain in-depth knowledge about team building and leadership in corporate environments.

The Teamwork and Team Building course teaches theoretical and practical aspects of building and managing an efficient team. The program offers unlimited lifetime access to learners and features a free personal Training Success Program.

Course highlights:

  • Hone your leadership and people-management skills
  • Understanding the concept of team building and team management
  • Identifying conflicts and strategies for conflict resolution
  • Team building activities and application for diverse kinds of teams
  • Explore the four phases of the Tuckman team development model for team building

The course is easy to understand, and users can complete the program within six to eight hours. Additionally, learners can access the online class from any smartphone device or computer so students can learn at their own pace, anywhere.

Explore Teamwork and Team Building.

7. Communication Skills and Teamwork

Communicating effectively and building good relationships at work are essential for career success. This comprehensive communication course by Fullbridge assists professionals in their career development by equipping them with the required skills to effectively lead and collaborate with teams.

Course highlights:

  • How to determine the most appropriate format for different messages
  • How to use top-down thinking to structure your communications
  • How to manage conflict in a professional and appropriate manner
  • How to write clear, concise professional communications, including emails and calendar invitations
  • How to design clear and persuasive PowerPoint presentations

The program exposes learners to the best techniques for effectively communicating their ideas to their colleagues and delivering persuasive presentations. The activity-based tutorials will teach participants to master written and spoken communication and improve their soft skills. At the end of the program, participants will have the required knowledge to become influential in their workplace.

Communication Skills and Teamwork is the second course in Fullbridge’s four-course Career Development Series. You can check out the rest of the series’ lessons as they meet your needs.

Learn more about Communication Skills and Teamwork.

8. Team Building: Google’s Recipe for High Performing Teams

Companies comprised many team building techniques for 20th-century personnel, so Google has thoroughly researched current team building methods. This course brings team building into the modern era and shares Google’s secrets to a successful workforce.

The firm spent two years and millions of dollars researching 180 teams. In addition, Google conducted over 200 interviews and considered more than 250 variables in their studies.

Course highlights:

  • Common team effectiveness myths
  • Factors that impact team performance
  • How to build a high-performing team
  • How to measure and improve team performance
  • Free team health assessment for your team

This densely packed course has an hour of material, and learners receive a certificate of completion at the end. This course is for managers looking to improve their team’s psychological safety, dependability, structure and clarity, meaning, and impact.

Learn more about Team Building: Google’s Recipe for High Performing Teams.

9. Coaching and Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisors

This course focuses on developing effective team management skills and fostering a culture of coaching within organizations. The workshop aims to enhance leadership capabilities, adapt leadership styles, and effectively manage challenging situations to improve team performance.

Course highlights:

  • Foster coaching culture for better communication and insight into motivations
  • Adapt leadership style for optimal team inspiration and motivation
  • Manage challenges to boost trust and team performance

The course intends to equip managers and supervisors with the skills to lead teams effectively and provide coaching and feedback. Additionally, attendees will learn to manage challenging situations and foster a positive team culture that drives engagement and performance.

Learn more about Coaching and Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisors.

10. Culture-Driven Team Building

Every company has a unique culture, and every team has distinct traits. Therefore, one critical factor affecting employees’ performance, behavior, and weaknesses at work is their ability to identify with the organization’s culture.

By taking the Culture-Driven Team Building Specialization on Coursera, leaders can learn different tools and techniques needed to build high-performing teams and achieve success in the workplace. In addition, learners will discover more about how their company culture works, understand team diversity, and how to take advantage of these to collaborate effectively.

Course highlights:

  • Identify different aspects of team culture
  • Handle and resolve conflicts
  • Explore the collective wisdom of diverse teams
  • Maximize team performance
  • Create a culture of continuous learning

This online course by the University of Pennsylvania has four lessons and takes an average of six months to complete.

Learn more about Culture-Driven Team Building.

11. The Music Making Team Building Workshop Challenge

This interactive workshop aims to lower barriers and bridge communication gaps in teams using music. The course utilizes a variety of collaborative activities and exercises to take participants through various topics on successful team building. This program addresses concepts like communication, collaboration, team dynamics, project planning, and leveraging individual strengths for role designation.

Course highlights:

  • Provide a forum for informal and formal interactions
  • Challenge participants to complete several collaborative music-based projects
  • Offer an overview of the team building process
  • Explore the importance of leveraging strengths
  • Examine the value of clear messaging and descriptive language
  • Suggest ideas for adjourning teams when projects end

The workshop participants do not require prior knowledge of any musical instrument or special talent to complete the challenge successfully.

Learn more about the Music Making Team Building Workshop Challenge.

12. Working in Teams: A Practical Guide

Working in Teams is an introductory course on team building on edX. This self-paced course by the University of Queensland provides in-depth knowledge on how to build winning teams and utilize planning tools to manage individuals and resources. The program also details strategies for enhancing team efficiency and conflict resolution.

Course highlights:

  • The concept of team building: types of teams, team lifecycle, characteristics of high-performing teams
  • Receiving and giving feedback
  • Team diagnosis tools
  • How to be an effective team member: commitment, team roles, leadership, communication
  • The processes and techniques for effective teamwork and communication
  • Conflict and dysfunctional resolutions

The course is a practical guide that helps teams gain access to the right tools and templates for improving performance and building successful teams.

Learn more about Working in Teams.

13. Building and Sustaining Teams

Building and Sustaining Teams is a three-day course offered in both virtual and classrooms, making it a perfect addition to your list of virtual team building training courses. This course equips supervisors with skills to establish and maintain high-performing teams through intentional planning, collaboration, and effective communication.

Course highlights:

  • Analyze leadership roles
  • Enhance team alignment and engagement
  • Develop strategies for productive team dynamics.
  • Learn about team characteristics, trust-building, alignment, motivation, communication, and navigating team dynamics

The course includes practical exercises, assessments, discussions, and application planning. Supervisors seeking to support their organizations in building teams that achieve high performance will benefit from this course. Successful completion earns participants CLP, CEU, and PDU credits. Prerequisites are not mandatory, but suggested prerequisites include courses related to leadership, management, and interpersonal skills.

Learn more about Building and Sustaining Teams.

14. Collaborative Thinking Skills: Driving Teams Toward Better Results

Teams that achieve great results are the ones that put in collaborative effort. Working toward a common goal, appreciating the value of each team member, effective communication, and conflict resolution are some of the qualities that make winning teams. This interactive team collaboration workshop spotlights the essential skills required to build and maintain a culture of collaboration.

The workshop aims to analyze the current level of collaboration in the team and examines the eight environmental conditions that must exist for quality collaboration to ensue in any organization.

Course highlights:

  • Understanding the benefits and limitations of collaboration
  • The life cycle of collaborative teams
  • How to overcome the barriers that hinder effective collaboration
  • Identifying and working toward the common goal
  • Problem-solving and innovation
  • Building high-trust relationships among colleagues and clients

The course is available as a one-day workshop or multi-day program.

Check out Collaborative Thinking Skills.

15. Remotely Humorous: Build Joyful and Resilient Virtual Teams with Humor

Remotely Humorous is a unique certification program by HumorX on edX that uses an unconventional approach to team building. The course is ideal for remote working teams and individuals who want to learn how to use humor to interact with team members and craft creative ideas.

Course highlights:

  • Harnessing the superpower of humor for building resilient and winning virtual teams
  • How to unlock your unique sense of humor to foster cheerfulness and joy among team members
  • Humor techniques to gain more confidence and better use humor at work and in life
  • Virtual team building activities to cultivate a more effective and joyful team culture

Experts in team building designed this three-course program to equip participants with the right skills to cultivate better remote work-life balance.

Learn more about Remotely Humorous.

16. How to Manage Remote Teams

This free online team building course by Alpha Academy on Alison spotlights the leadership strategies and principles that managers need to get the most out of their remote workers. Management is challenging, and leading a remote workforce requires intense corporation among team members.

Course highlights:

  • Remote team management
  • Advantages and challenges of remote teams
  • Effective team relationships
  • Team culture and communication

The course teaches managers how to bring out the best in their team members, understand the traits of high-performing teams, build collaboration, and provide techniques that drive excellent communication among team members in diverse locations.

Learn more about How to Manage Remote Teams.

17. Giving and Receiving Feedback

Giving and taking constructive feedback is one of the most critical skills to succeed in today’s corporate climate. Feedback is only effective when it is constructive and yields the desired response. Feedback is crucial to building successful teams and a more robust work culture. However, not every worker is comfortable giving and receiving feedback.

Course highlights:

  • Active listening
  • Receiving feedback
  • Providing feedback
  • Getting back on track after bad feedback

EdApp’s Giving and Receiving Feedback course is highly effective for educating team members on giving and receiving constructive feedback. The program features four bite-size lessons that participants can quickly complete and implement to improve team effectiveness.

Learn more about Giving and Receiving Feedback.

18. Teamwork and Collaboration

Running a successful organization requires employees to work together to design solutions, strategize, and execute ideas. The Teamwork and Collaboration course explores corporate communication to create a foundation for building consensus, decision-making, and problem-solving in a group setting. The program allows learners to analyze and evaluate their leadership and teamwork experiences and relate these experiences to industry examples.

Course highlights:

  • Team building, motivation, and management
  • Collaboration among cross-functional teams
  • Relationship dynamics for small groups
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Team formation and development

Teamwork and Collaboration is one of the top free online team building courses that offer a certificate upon completion. Verified learners also get exclusive learning opportunities, such as live events by team building and collaboration experts.

Explore Teamwork and Collaboration.


Team building training courses help teams work cohesively, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. By developing critical skills and strategies, teams can work together more effectively. Team building activities can also improve morale, boost motivation, and foster a positive work environment.

When choosing a team building training program, it is essential to consider your team’s specific needs and goals as well as your budget and time constraints. Make sure to choose a course that is engaging, relevant, and tailored to your team’s unique challenges. Working with a team building consultant to determine the best program for your team can be helpful.

Next, check out our lists of employee training and development books, team building exercises, team building tips, and workplace culture consultants.

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FAQ: Team building training courses

Here are frequently asked questions about team building training courses.

What are team building training courses?

Team building training courses and workshops help teams develop skills, strategies, and attitudes to work together effectively and efficiently. These programs typically involve a variety of exercises, activities, and games designed to improve communication, trust, cooperation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

Facilitators can deliver team building courses and workshops in various formats, including online or in-person. It is also possible to customize the programs to suit the specific needs and goals of a particular team or organization.

What are the best team building training courses?

Some of the best team building training courses include Giving and Receiving Feedback, Teamwork and Collaboration, and Working in Teams. Teamwork is pivotal to the success of any organization or business, whether big or small. Strengthening the bonds between team members improves communication, enhances problem-solving skills, and helps teams work together more efficiently and effectively to achieve their goals.

What are some good team building workshops?

Many good team building workshops are available that can help improve team dynamics, communication, and collaboration. Some good examples include the Art of Storytelling, Collaborative Thinking Skills, and Comedy Workshop.

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