Updated: December 09, 2023

20 Best Company Uniform Suppliers in 2024

You found our list of the best company uniform suppliers.

Company uniform suppliers are vendors who design, create, or sell employee uniforms, protective gear, and uniform materials. Examples of these companies include SanMar, Bravo Apparel, and Welking Garment. The purpose of these suppliers is to provide employees with quality and comfortable work uniforms to enhance company identity and meet occupational safety and health standards.

This list is a subset related to company pride ideas, team building attire, and company swag ideas.

This article covers:

  • largest uniform companies
  • work uniform companies
  • work uniform suppliers
  • professional uniform makers
  • uniform brands

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List of the best company uniform suppliers

1. Lead Apparel

Lead Apparel is among the most reliable suppliers for designing bespoke employee clothing and accessories. Some of this company’s specialized services include embroidering and printing brands, logos, or slogans, which helps businesses promote their products and services. In addition, Lead Apparel designs fashionable garments by incorporating the latest styles and premium brands like Peter Millar, JBL, and Timbuk2.

Compared to its close competitors, Lead Apparel delivers large quantities of uniforms at an affordable rate and uncompromised quality.

Learn more about Lead Apparel.

2. Fabian Couture

Fabian Couture is one of the most trusted work uniform suppliers. This company focuses on producing durable garments with distinctive designs. The company constructs top-notch quality and style uniforms to help the wearers feel comfortable and look great.

Fabian Couture prides itself on over 100 years of experience and exceptional customer service. Product-wise, the company has perfected the uniform-making process to ensure that employees get the best formal wear in the market, such as formal trousers, blazers, skirts, suits, and shirts. Fabian Couture distributes these uniforms on a rental and retail basis. Some key clients for these uniforms include the hospitality industry, schools, and bands.

Learn more about Fabian Couture.

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3. Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck is among the leading corporate wear suppliers in the US. The company distributes stylish clothing like shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses. These uniforms have desirable features, like elasticity, moisture wicking, and UV-ray protection to enhance employees’ comfort and safety when working in the office or field.

Good quality and affordability are among the top reasons clients shop at Cutter & Buck. In addition, this company applies environment-friendly measures and social compliance in its production chain.

You can order unisex or gender-specific clothes in all sizes, including extra large and extra tall. Clients can also request logos of their favorite teams and institutions.

Learn more about Cutter & Buck.

4. Gallagher Uniform

Gallagher Uniform is one of the best uniform rental services. This uniform provider helps clients maintain a professional look and build their brand with less hassle. The company majorly serves Michigan and Indiana but can conveniently ship garments to clients in different regions. In addition, the company uses a reliable barcode and tracking system to trace uniform statuses, such as shipment progress and laundry and repair needs.

If you value consistent, quality service and premium fabrics, then consider Gallagher Uniform as your preferred supplier. This company is famous for providing durable, safe, stylish, and appealing uniforms that your team will love. These products include uniforms for automobile operators, security guards, and hospitality professionals. Clients can also shop for branded medical scrubs, accessories, and protective gear.

Learn more about Gallagher Uniform.

5. Bravo Apparel

Bravo Apparel is one of the top-rated stores for custom uniforms. This company distributes a wide collection of brands, styles, colors, and sizes. Bravo Apparel has a reliable production process that includes embroidery, cloth making, and printing, helping clients tailor their designs.

Companies working on a limited budget and time can trust Bravo Apparel to deliver quality custom uniforms for their teams. Clients in Canada can visit the Surrey, BC, showroom to receive samples and orders, while distant clients can call or book online. The friendly customer service reps will help you develop designs that best fit your professional needs.

Learn more about Bravo Apparel.

6. A Cut Above Uniforms

A Cut Above Uniforms is among the leading professional uniform makers. This supplier distributes long-lasting apparel designed to provide a comfortable and professional look. Some of the company’s best-selling apparel are pilot and security guard uniforms.

A Cut Above Uniforms can manage large orders of custom workwear, which usually take up to four weeks to produce. The company can also help clients create designs to match their style and operational needs, such as branding and product awareness. Also, clients who order large quantities get to negotiate a budget within their means.

Learn more about A Cut Above Uniforms.

7. S&S Activewear

One of the top-rated wholesale distributors of uniforms is S&S Activewear. This vendor offers affordable prices and discounts for bulk orders. In addition, the company has a quick and efficient turnaround for product shipments. With multiple distribution centers, clients can enjoy same-day delivery in most states.

S&S Activewear also specializes in making premium quality printed garments. This apparel matches current fashion trends to ensure employees look stylish and feel confident.

Learn more about S&S Activewear.

8. Aramark

Aramark is one of the largest uniform companies in North America. The company provides customized uniforms, traditional workwear, and swag bags to help employees to identify with their organization and enhance product promotion. The uniforms are available for purchase or rent. Aramark also provides weekly laundry services when you rent their uniforms.

Besides staff uniforms, this company also supplies first aid, safety, and restroom supplies to help create a more comfortable and safe workplace. Aramark has responsive customer care service and a variety of uniform services to meet unique needs, like branding, comfort, and convenience. Plus, the company redistributes uniforms to multiple businesses and locations.

Learn more about Aramark.

9. A+ Career Apparel

A+ Career Apparel is renowned for detailed and affordable custom branding. The company’s designers make striking team uniforms by selecting the best fabrics and embroidering using the latest technologies, like the tape digitizing method. Some of this supplier’s top clients are in the transit, healthcare, and postal delivery industries.

A+ Career Apparel has amazing inventory management that facilitates same-day shipping. Door delivery services are also available so customers get their uniforms when needed. Plus, this company has interesting packaging styles like poly bags and fan-fold that make your orders clean, crisp, and presentable.

Learn more about A+ Career Apparel.

10. All Seasons Uniforms

All Seasons Uniform is among the best industrial uniform makers. This company offers career clothes like nursing scrubs, lab coats, and chef jackets. Clients can also get protective apparel, such as flame-resistant and high-visibility safety clothes. The company has a simple process for placing orders and a flat rate for shipping.

Some in-house customization services at All Seasons Uniforms are screen printing, direct embroidery, and custom emblems. This service creates unique and striking uniforms for teams. In addition, these clothes are comfortable and convenient as team wear for work or recreational activities.

Learn more about All Seasons Uniforms.

11. Uniform Advantage

Uniform Advantage is among the most reputable professional uniform suppliers. With over 30 years in operation and multiple branches in major cities across the US, this company specializes in superior quality, stylish, and professional career apparel. These comfortable uniforms come in several colors, prints, and styles.

Uniform Advantage distributes medical uniforms and safety accessories like nursing shoes. Clients can request embroidery services to reflect their team slogans and company brands. These uniforms are affordable, and you can purchase them in retail or wholesale quantities.

Learn more about Uniform Advantage.

12. SanMar

SanMar is among the top-rated national work uniform companies. This distributor prides itself on having a large uniform inventory and an efficient shipping system. Sanmar distributes work uniforms for clients, like employees in the local government, emergency services, and manufacturing companies. These clothes are suitable for work and team events.

This company specializes in branding hoodies, shirts, and hats to produce unique employee uniforms. This process includes screen printing and embroidering on both formal and athletic clothing. Clients can also order company swag items, such as branded beanies, bags, and backpacks.

Learn more about SanMar.

13. Merchology

One of the most highly rated companies for custom uniforms and corporate gifts is Merchology. This team’s responsive staff attends to your queries and helps set up, design, and digitize your logo. Additionally, experts customize your apparel in multiple ways, including digital printing, laser engraving, and hot foil stamping. Clients can also order personalized company swag items and bulk employee gifts like electronics and drinkware.

Merchology can offer significant savings through wholesale discounts, special offers, and free logo branding and decoration. The company delivers orders quickly to your door and offers free shipping within the US for purchases above $5,000.

Learn more about Merchology.

14. Charles River Apparel

Charles River Apparel is among the most trusted work apparel suppliers in North America. This clothing store has a good reputation for superior cloth quality, excellent designs, and professional customer service. Charles River Apparel has over 10,000 distributors and retailers to conveniently serve local and international clients.

This company makes promotional products like corporate attire and athleisure apparel for institutions such as colleges, corporations, and resorts. The clothes are comfortable and fashionable, and you can order tall and extended sizes. All attire comes from quality, long-lasting, weather-resistant fabrics.

Learn more about Charles River Apparel.

15. Gearcor

Gearcor is a leading distributor and retailer of work footwear and uniforms. This company also supplies a wide range of work safety apparel, like flame-resistant clothing, fall protection equipment, and personal protective equipment. These safety products are useful for employees who work in hazardous environments, such as construction, mining, manufacturing, and chemical industries.

Gearcor has several warehouses nationwide and maintains a large inventory to keep up with bulk orders. Customers can select products from the available options or customize their own safety footwear and uniform online or in person. Plus, the Gearcor team has great customer service and will recommend the best footwear for your unique work environment.

Learn more about Gearcor.

16. Propper International

Propper International is a top-rated tactical apparel manufacturer and supplier. This company’s uniforms are best for officers in security industries, like the military, law enforcement, and corrections sectors. This company’s renowned products include tactical pants, flight suits, and footwear.

Propper International’s uniforms are high-quality and drape naturally. These uniforms can also endure harsh weather elements like strong winds and heat. Propper International uses special colorfast fabrics that stretch and flex to enhance the wearer’s comfort while providing a professional appearance. In addition, these uniforms are relatively affordable compared to competitors.

Learn more about Propper International.

17. GlenGuard

GlenGuard is one of the best work uniform makers. This company manufactures high-quality safety apparel like arc-rated flame-resistant clothes and high-visibility fabrics. GlenGuard’s stand-out features include comfort, durability, and versatility.

GlenGuard fabrics have been tested and proven to exceed industry standards and comply with OSHA requirements. Clients can also order from famous premium brands like Ariat and Honeywell.

Learn more about GlenGuard.

18. UniFirst

UniFirst is among the largest work uniform distributors. The company specializes in superior-quality apparel, and the staff will help clients design uniform solutions that fit clients’ needs. For instance, the company makes uniforms for different occupations and customizes clothing to mirror companies’ image. In addition, customers can get accessories like gloves, belts, and hats.

At UniFirst, clients can lease, rent, or buy uniforms depending on their budget and needs. The company manages rental uniform maintenance by repairing, laundering, and replacing apparel when necessary.

Learn more about UniFirst.

19. The Uniform Outlet

The Uniform Outlet is a trustworthy distributor of medical staff uniforms. This company operates over 45 stores across the US to help meet the demands of high-quality medical scrubs and accessories. In addition, this distributor offers products from leading brands like Sanibel Scrubs, Skechers, and Grey’s Anatomy.

The Uniform Outlet offers great variety and versatility. In addition, the company welcomes clients to customize their uniforms with styles that suit their hospital’s needs. You can get the uniforms in gender-specific designs in all sizes.

Learn more about the Uniform Outlet.

20. Welking Garment

Welking Garment is among the largest uniform companies, with at least eight state-of-the-art production lines. This supplier manufactures premium products like personal protective gear, flame-retardant fabrics, and high-visibility safety apparel. These items are useful as protective clothing, outdoor wear, and workwear.

At Welking Garment, clients get some of the best quality uniforms on the market. These items are easy to maintain and can meet unique needs, such as safety and comfort. The products are available on demand, and responsive customer care can help you place an order.

Learn more about Welking Garment.


Uniforms enhance an employee’s professional appearance and promote workplace safety. Partnering with these leading uniform suppliers can help you give employees a sense of pride and company identity. In addition, you can source a wide variety of office uniforms, staff safety supplies, and accessories for product promotional campaigns. Plus, a good uniform service is among the best ways to attract and retain your customers.

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FAQ: Company uniform suppliers

Here are answers to common questions about company uniform suppliers.

What are company uniform suppliers?

Company uniform suppliers are vendors that make or distribute employee uniforms. Uniforms include official corporate wear, protective clothing, safety footwear, and promotional accessories like T-shirts and hats.

What are the best company uniform suppliers?

Some of the most reliable company uniform suppliers are:

  • Lead Apparel
  • UniFirst
  • Propper International
  • Aramark
  • S&S Activewear
  • Gearcor

These companies offer some of the best quality company uniforms on the market.

How to choose a uniform supplier?

Choosing the best uniform supplier is much easier when you first identify specific company needs.

Generally, clients look for companies that provide high-quality apparel, stylish designs, budget-friendly prices, hassle-free shipping, and fast turnaround. Other important factors clients consider when choosing a supplier are discounts and promotional prices, door deliveries, great customer service, and ease of access. In addition, clients may favor durable and comfortable clothes made from organic materials like cotton and linen.

One of the best ways to ensure you get the best uniform is by attending companies’ trade shows and visiting their showrooms to sample and test the available products.

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