24 Fun Virtual Activities For Groups Of Adults

By: | Updated: August 27, 2022

Here is our list of the best virtual activities for groups.

Virtual activities for groups are games and activities done remotely via an online platform, like Slack, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. For example, Blackout Truth or Dare, Murder Mystery, or a Fitness Class. These ideas aim to build relationships, grow team camaraderie, and have fun.

These examples are a subset of remote team building ideas and online social ideas and can serve as team activities for conference calls and virtual team games.

This list includes:

  • virtual activities for large groups
  • virtual activities for small groups
  • online activities for adults
  • virtual self-care activities for groups
  • remote group activities for teams

Here we go!

List of virtual activities for groups

Remote group activities for teams allow coworkers to bond even when separated by state lines. Here is a list of top virtual activities to try with coworkers or friends.

1. Virtual Bingo

Facilitating virtual activities for large groups is challenging yet possible. Games like Virtual Bingo are excellent options for gatherings with many participants.

To play Virtual Bingo, each participant will need a Bingo board. You can use everyday tasks to fill in each square. Or use an online generator.

Some ideas are:

  1. Did chair yoga
  2. Forgot to brush your teeth this morning
  3. Sent a GIF to a teammate
  4. Made a delicious breakfast
  5. “Can everyone see my screen?”
  6. “Can you hear me now?”
  7. “Sorry, I was on mute.”
  8. Replied LOL while laughing in real life
  9. Did chores on lunch break
  10. On 3rd cup of coffee
  11. Switch to soda or tea from coffee
  12. Amazon delivery interrupted a meeting
  13. Pet interrupted meeting
  14. A family member interrupted a meeting
  15. Wearing pajama pants
  16. Have a workday playlist
  17. Stayed up too late last night
  18. Finished a great book
  19. Someone joked about the commute
  20. Everyone is on mute at the same time
  21. Heard chewing sounds
  22. Three people spoke at once
  23. Did eye strain relief exercises
  24. Had 4 glasses of water
  25. Using a standing desk
  26. Working from a coffee shop
  27. Working from an appointment
  28. Changed clothes during the day
  29. Ate leftovers for lunch
  30. Made the bed this morning

Winning requires connecting five boxes in a row. You can also vary the game by awarding winners who mark off four corners, diamonds, or a board blackout.

Check out this template for Online Team Building Bingo.

2. Blackout Truth or Dare

Blackout Truth or Dare is one of the most entertaining online activities for adults.

Like traditional Truth or Dare, Blackout Truth or Dare poses questions or challenges to participants. In this version of the game, team members use Zoom. During the game, each player will start on camera. The first player will ask other players a question or issue a challenge. Willing players will leave their cameras on. Any player who does not wish to participate in that round turns their camera off. The team member asking the question or posing the dare will choose one participant to complete the challenge.

The player who successfully answers the question or completes the dare continues the game by posing the next truth or dare.

Here is a truth or dare generator tool to pick prompts for the game.

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3. Murder Mystery

Murder mystery parties are problem-solving online activities for adults. Virtual murder mystery parties are also an excellent way to foster interaction between remote coworkers.

In these games, participants act out a murder story. The goal of the exercise is to figure out the identity of the killer by the story’s end.

There are many online murder mystery event options online. Choosing a facilitated event allows team members to focus on the mystery instead of expending energy running the game. However, you can also find a script online and DIY your Zoom murder mystery event.

Check out these virtual murder mystery games.

4. Virtual Dance Party

Dance parties are a great way to burn off excess energy and have fun. Virtual dance parties can be as short or long as time allows.

To create the playlist for the dance party, pick a theme. Planning the event with a decade theme is one fun option. To make the activity even more exciting, encourage participants to dress the part. Attendees can show up in their best 80’s hairband attire and rock an air guitar solo.

Here are lists of high-energy songs and motivational songs.

5. Personality Test

Remote group activities for teams are essential to developing cohesiveness. A personality test aids in this goal.

There are many free personality tests available online. To consider schedules, allow team members several days or a week to complete the test.

When folks complete the tests, ask them to send the results to you. Next, plan a meeting where all participants can discuss their results. Finally, the group can talk about how different personality types fit together. This exercise will help team members relate better and understand and appreciate differences.

Check out this list of online personality tests.

6. Who’s That Baby?

Besides being cute, baby pictures are a fun way for remote team members to get to know each other better.

In this virtual game, each participant will send a leader a baby picture of themself. The leader collects and posts the photos in a Google Doc or Slack channel. Participants will have a couple of days to look through the pictures and vote on who they think each baby is. You can also play the game live by sharing the photos during a Zoom meeting and using Kahoot! or polling to facilitate voting.

Here are more get to know you games.

7. Online Meditation

Virtual self-care activities for groups can increase productivity and ease stress. Online group meditation is a fantastic way to practice self-care.

To organize a meditation session, you can find an exercise online or hire an expert to guide the group. There are many online options on YouTube. Before the session, invite your group to an online meeting. If you have the resources, then send each participant a candle or a small bottle of scented oils to enhance the experience.

For similar activities, check out this list of virtual employee wellness ideas.

8. Virtual Fitness Class

Exercise is an amazing way to burn energy and calories! In addition, exercise releases endorphins that boost moods, and happy workers are productive workers.

Virtual fitness classes can be as short as 5 or 10 minutes or full workouts of 30 minutes to an hour. For longer sessions, plan a monthly event that employees can plan to attend. If you prefer more frequent classes, then a 5-minute yoga class after lunch is an easy option. YouTube is full of free virtual fitness classes, as well.

Check out this list of virtual fitness class providers, and this list of team workout ideas.

9. All Bad Cards

All Bad Cards is one of the most fun online activities for adults. All Bad Cards is a virtual version of Cards Against Humanity.

Participants can play this virtual card game together in real-time. The platform keeps all cards private until a participant plays one. We recommend ensuring your team will appreciate the game’s tone, as it can get a bit raunchy. Otherwise, you can build a more work-appropriate version of the game by using a blank card deck builder online. The game’s humor can break the ice and help remote teammates get quickly comfortable with each other.

Learn about All Bad Cards.

10. PowerPoint Party

PowerPoint and party do not often appear in the same sentence. However, this activity is a surprising crowd-pleaser.

The idea of a PowerPoint party is for teammates to learn new information and get to know each other better. An organizer on your team should schedule a different team member to present for each meeting. These presentations can be weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Each presenter should create a 5-10 minute presentation on a random topic. For example, a wood-carving hobby, a recent trip to Thailand, or model ship-building. This activity works best when presenters are knowledgeable and passionate about the topic.

11. Virtual Coffee Chat

Planning virtual activities for small groups is a great way to encourage employees to know each other better. Remote employees may not be able to meet at a coffee shop, yet virtual coffee chats can still foster relationships.

To organize virtual coffee chats, assign team members to a pair or small group. Or, use an app like Donut on Slack to make these matches. Once paired, participants find a time to meet with the assigned teammate for a short casual video chat. For best results, ensure that each participant has an opportunity to connect with every other team member throughout the activity.

It helps to set ground rules for the chat. For example, ban work talk and set a time limit. Also, give some sample topics to keep the conversation flowing.

Here are some ideas for topics in a virtual coffee chat.

12. Oh My Stars

Virtual teams are usually spread out, sometimes on multiple continents. Finding common ground between distant coworkers can create a sense of connection.

This exercise is one of the simplest virtual activities for groups. The easiest method for facilitating the activity is to set up a Slack channel or shared album dedicated to the event. Each member should take a picture of the stars where they live. Then, team members can compare what the sky looks like where each participant lives. Coworkers might find a lot of similarities.

You can do variations of this activity with other surroundings such as views from windows, woods, sunsets, local parks, city centers, and holiday festivals.

For similar activities, check out virtual campouts.

13. Virtual Book Club

Book clubs are a way to encourage discussion and deepen relationships between remote teammates. I found some of my best friends through great books.

Hosting a virtual book club is a unique way to develop team members both personally and professionally. To facilitate a book club, all participants will read the same book. Then, on a scheduled day, readers will come together to discuss their ideas about the book. This meeting works best if one person guides the discussion with questions and prompts.

To account for varying interests, choose a different type of book each month. Or ask a different team member to select a book and host the discussion each month. If monthly book clubs are hard to keep up with, then quarterly meetings might be the answer.

For reading recommendations, here are lists of professional development books.

14. Would You Rather?

Would You Rather encourages discussion and deepens relationships.

For this virtual event, invite participants to a video call. Instead of business as usual, pose a question in the form of “Would you rather A or B?” Folks discuss which option they prefer and why. It might surprise participants what their coworkers choose!

Participants can use the polling or reaction feature to respond or type answers into the chat.

Here is a long list of Would You Rather questions.

15. The Price is Almost Right

Playing The Price is Almost Right can be a fun and productive way to build relationships.

During the event, the host will hold up an item. The first player to guess the price, or a price within 5 to 10 cents in either direction, wins points. Whichever team or player wins the most rounds wins the game!

Tip: An easy way to “buzz in” would be to have all participants turn their cameras off. The first person to turn on their camera answers first.

Check out more virtual game show ideas.

16. Cleaning Challenge

Cleaning is not usually considered a favorite chore, yet completing the task can bring peace of mind and satisfaction.

First, create a Slack channel devoted to cleaning challenges. Encourage team members to send a picture of an area of their house that needs cleaning. Then, when the space is clean, post another picture. Sharing progress is a great way to encourage motivation and increase accountability. Plus, cleaners can feel proud of their tidy-making accomplishments.

You can post a challenge for a particular room or section of the house throughout the month. Or, you could run random 10-minute drills where channel members immediately take a break to clean for 10 minutes.

In remote workplaces, homes double as workspaces.  A clean office can create clear mindsets and improve productivity.

17. Poetry Slam

A poetry slam is a unique and exciting way for team members to show their creativity.

To plan a poetry slam, encourage participants to write a poem or find a published poem to perform. Then, while poetry readers present the poems, listeners can snap in agreement or use the reaction feature to interact.

Before the session, ask all participants to grab a beverage, turn their lights low, and light a candle to set the appropriate mood. To make the event feel more authentic, ask participants to change their backgrounds to look like a coffeehouse or bookstore.

For similar events, check out virtual talent shows.

18. Museum Tour

Attending a museum tour sounds impossible for remote teams, yet many museums offer virtual tours.

Google Arts & Culture offers access to digital artwork and museum tours. Furthermore, many museums offer virtual tours on their websites. During the tour, encourage discussion among team members about their favorite piece of art and why.

If a museum tour is not possible, then ask team members to take turns displaying their favorite pieces of art. This piece can be either something they own or a picture from online. Folks can discuss their ideas about each piece.

Check out this list of virtual museum tours.

19. Lunch Bunch

Having a virtual lunch bunch is a way to recreate the tradition of sharing a communal meal virtually.

To schedule a lunch bunch, create a standing appointment in the team calendar. For example, the first Monday of the month from 12:00-1:00 EST. During this hour, team members can drop into the call as time allows, for 10 minutes or the whole hour. This lunch bunch is for casual conversation and non-work talk. These discussions will deepen relationships among coworkers.

Check out this guide to doing lunches remotely.

20. Recipe Swap

Trying new recipes is an excellent way for teammates to bond and taste delicious food.

First, set up a Slack channel for recipes. Encourage team members to post favorite recipes and personal anecdotes on the channel. For example, mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies. Or a staple from a team member’s culture. Then, as folks make these dishes, the chefs can post pictures and comments and chat food with the group.

21. Virtual Celebrations

Remote offices mean no gathering in the break room for celebrations like birthdays and retirements. Online celebrations are among the best virtual activities for large groups.

If you are in charge of a team, then keep track of important dates. For example, birthdays, milestone anniversaries, and retirements. Your group can celebrate these events virtually. During the event, invite all participants to join a video call. Together, everyone can celebrate the person of honor and play a fun and quick game like Two Truths and a Lie or a Scavenger Hunt.

If you are part of a large team, then try celebrating birthdays monthly. Every team member gets recognized with this approach, yet these celebrations do not overly interrupt work.

Here are more ways to celebrate holidays and occasions online.

22. Virtual Card Game

Card games are an entertaining pastime. Playing card games virtually is a great way to connect team members outside of work and help them get to know each other.

Many card games are available virtually on sites like Playing Cards. To start a game, invite at least one team member to play the game. Be sure to create a chat so participants can communicate during the event.

Check out this list of online board games.

23. Netflix Watch Party

Netflix allows users to schedule watch parties with friends and families. Participants will need to download the Watch Party extension to enable synchronized watching.

A team member will need to set up a watch party and send the URL invitation to all participants. You can encourage folks to grab their favorite drink and snack and settle in for a fun night. To ensure variety, alternate themes. For example, show a horror movie one time and a comedy the next. If the whole team enjoys a show, then schedule a watch party for each new episode!

24. Virtual Comedy Show

Attending a comedy show is a great way to spend time with friends or coworkers. Now, you can watch comedians online too. So, get your drink and popcorn and attend a show!

Here is a list of virtual comedians to check out.


Virtual activities for groups are fun games and events that allow team members to bond and get to know each other better. Including these activities with your group will increase productivity and camaraderie.

Next, check out this list of virtual diversion and inclusion activities, these fun group activities for adults, and this roundup of motivational work songs.

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FAQ: Virtual activities for groups

Here are answers to questions about virtual activities for groups.

What are virtual activities for groups?

Virtual activities for groups are games or events that friends or coworkers can do online together. Remote teams benefit from these activities because team members get a chance to relate and have fun, even when they work from different locations.

What are some good virtual activity ideas?

Some good virtual activity ideas are playing Would You Rather, hosting a recipe swap, or participating in an online personality test and discussing the results.

How do you make virtual group activities fun?

To make virtual group activities fun, offer a variety of activities that suit the interests of all team members. Having something for everyone will ensure every participant feels included and has fun. Also, create an environment where team members do not feel like they need to work, rather they are only there to socialize.

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