18 Virtual Juneteenth Celebration Ideas & Events

By: | Updated: May 29, 2024

Here is our list of the best virtual Juneteenth celebration ideas.

Virtual Juneteenth celebration ideas are ways to commemorate the freedom of enslaved people in the US, which took place on June 19, 1865. Examples include having a virtual Juneteenth book club, Juneteenth lunch and learn, and Juneteenth podcast session. The purpose of these ideas is to reveal fun ways you can celebrate this holiday online.

These events are examples of virtual team celebrations and virtual diversity activities. These ideas are a virtual version of Juneteenth ideas for work and are similar to Black History Month ideas.


This list includes:

  • virtual Juneteenth event ideas
  • virtual Juneteenth games
  • virtual Juneteenth activities
  • Online Juneteenth ideas

So, let’s get started!

List of virtual Juneteenth celebration ideas

Juneteenth, also called Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, is an important day in history that marks the freedom of enslaved people in Texas. You can celebrate this holiday via virtual platforms like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. From a Juneteenth movie session to Juneteenth virtual campfire, here are fun activities, games, and ideas you can use to mark this holiday virtually.

1. A Celebration of Black History: Ultimate Game Show

A Celebration of Black History: Ultimate Game Show is a team vs team event that fosters friendly competition while also uniting the group in a tribute to Black triumph.

This virtual event is:

  • Fully hosted
  • 90 minutes
  • Available on multiple video call platforms
  • Designed by POC team members
  • Interactive and encouraging of group discussion
  • Educational yet fun
  • Engaging, with multiple quiz game formats

Learn more about A Celebration of Black History: Ultimate Game Show.

2. Juneteenth Bingo

Bingo is a favorite game that fits into almost any celebration, including Juneteenth. Since Bingo is a popular game, chances are that your colleagues are already familiar with the rules. However, you can go over the game rules.

To play Juneteenth Bingo, prepare a card containing prompts like:

After, send a copy to participants and decide on how to play. Participants will mark an “x” inside a board containing prompts they once experienced. You can follow these guidelines to play online Bingo.

For a more engaging session, split participants into teams and send the teams into breakout rooms. Each team will receive just one bingo card. The aim is to find players within the team who once experienced the actions on the bingo card. Depending on your rules, the first player to fill the boxes horizontally or vertically wins the game.

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3. Juneteenth Musical Festival

A Juneteenth musical festival is one of the most fun virtual Juneteenth event ideas. You can hire a Black artist to perform in your event to support Black talents. However, if you cannot afford to hire an artist, then you can still have a blast hosting a Juneteenth-themed musical festival. The host or designated DJ can share their audio with attendees while playing popular Juneteenth songs.

Examples of these songs are:

  • Freedom by Beyonce
  • Golden by Jill Scott
  • Doo Wop (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill
  • Rise Up by Samora Pinderhughes

First, choose a virtual platform where you will host your musical festival. A video conferencing platform like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet will be great. Then create and send invites for the event. You can also sell tickets for the concert and donate the funds to a charity supporting racial justice, equality, and equity.

4. Support for Black-Owned Business

To celebrate Juneteenth, you can support and patronize black-owned businesses and talents in the community. There are many ways to support this good cause virtually. You can search for Black entrepreneurs’ social media accounts and websites to buy their goods. If you plan to send employees a Juneteenth gift box, then get the items directly from a Black business owner. You and your colleagues can also promote these companies on your social media accounts by posting about their goods and services.

Aside from goods, you can equally use the service of Black artists and entertainers. Furthermore, you can support black-owned companies by leaving positive reviews on their website.

5. Juneteenth Podcast Session

Listening to Juneteenth podcasts is one of the most fun virtual Juneteenth celebration ideas with a remote team. You will find tons of podcasts online addressing different topics on Juneteenth. The best part is that you can listen to the digital audio file anytime. You can listen to podcasts at your convenience or share your computer sound during a virtual meeting with your colleagues.

Also, discuss what you learned with your colleagues regardless of how you listen to the Juneteenth podcast. You can schedule a meeting on a video conferencing platform for the discussion. A more flexible option is to hold the discussion throughout the week on Slack and allow participants to join at a convenient time.

6. Virtual Juneteenth Book Club

If you and your peers are book lovers, then hosting a virtual book club in the spirit of Juneteenth will be great. You can also organize this book club to gain deeper insight into the holiday’s concept. You should first create a poll and let participants vote on the book to read.

Here are a few amazing books you can read for Juneteenth:

  • The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin
  • She Came to Slay. The Life and Times of Harriet Tubman by Dunbar, Erica Armstrong
  • Stony the Road by Henry Louis Gates
  • Freedom’s Gifts by Valerie Wilson Wesley
  • Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

You can also send digital copies of the book if participants prefer to read from their devices, or encourage club members to buy the book or borrow it from the library. Then pick a date and time you and your colleague can meet to discuss the book. But pending the general meeting, create a message board where members can drop questions anytime. Be sure to come along with a list of engaging questions to ask about the book during your virtual meeting.

7. Juneteenth Movie Session

Watching Juneteenth movies is one of the most exciting virtual Juneteenth activities. You and other viewers can vote on the movie to watch.

Fun Juneteenth movies and documentaries you will enjoy watching include:

  • Harriet (2019)
  • Miss Juneteenth (2002)
  • I Am Not Your Negro (2016)
  • Selma (2014)
  • (In)Visible Portraits (2020)

You can use Zoom for this movie session. After starting a meeting, share your screen with attendees and play the movie. You can also use Teleparty, a remote movie-viewing app. This software also adds group chat to several platforms, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney Plus. At the movie’s end, you and other viewers should extend the fun by discussing the movie.

8. Juneteenth Lunch and Learn

If you are looking for ways to celebrate Juneteenth while creating a learning environment, then you can organize a virtual lunch and learn. Before the session, assign different topics on Juneteenth to attendees.

For instance, attendees can pick topics like:

  • The History of Juneteenth
  • Significance of the colors of the Juneteenth flag
  • Fun ways to celebrate Juneteenth
  • The significance of red-colored food during Juneteenth
  • How Juneteenth came to be a federal holiday

In addition, engage your group by asking members to come up with more unique topics. After assigning the topics, give attendees enough time to research and prepare their presentations. A virtual Juneteenth lunch and learn allows teams to have fun and bond while learning historical facts. You can host this event during lunch break or at your convenient time. However, lunch and learns are not complete without food. So you can also send lunch packages or cover the cost of food and beverages for attendees.

Check out this list of virtual lunch and learn ideas.

9. Juneteenth Quotes

Sharing Juneteenth quotes with families and friends is among the best online Juneteenth ideas. You can share the quotes on your social media page or status. Also, if you plan to send a Juneteenth gift to a colleague or family, then you can include the quote on a message tag.

Here are excellent Juneteenth quotes to share:

  • “You can’t separate peace from freedom, because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.” – Malcolm X
  • “Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won; you earn it and win it in every generation.” – Loretta Scott King
  • “There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.” – Michelle Obama
  • “Freedom is not something that one people can bestow on another as a gift. They claim it as their own, and none can keep it from them.” – Kwame Nkrumah

Sharing these quotes is a simple and thoughtful way to celebrate Juneteenth. You can also encourage your employees to post their favorite Juneteenth sayings on the company’s message board.

Similarly, here is a list of Black History Month quotes.

10. Virtual Black Culture Exhibit or Museum Tour

Touring a Black culture museum is one of the most fun virtual Juneteenth ideas. You can check with a local Black culture museum or research online to find institutions that offer virtual tours.

Examples of the Black culture museums you can visit from home include:

You can access the exhibits from the websites of many of these museums. If you are exploring the online exhibits with a group, then all you have to do is schedule a video meeting and share your screen. However, if you want a more realistic experience, then check with a local Black history museum to see if their tour guides lead real-time virtual tours.

Check out this list of virtual museum tours.

11. Swag Bag

Packing a swag Bag for attendees is one of the best virtual Juneteenth event ideas. You can work with a Black-owned gift company to curate swag items. You can also find tons of services offering readily packed Juneteenth bags. You can be as creative as you want with the items you include inside the swag bag. For instance, a tote bag with Pan-African colors will leave a good impression on attendees.

Customized Juneteeanth t-shirts are also a good idea. You can even encourage guests to wear the custom t-shirt for your event.

For more ideas on swag bag items, you can check out these swag bag ideas for events.

12. Virtual Red Wine Break

A virtual red wine break is a relaxing way to commemorate the holiday with your colleagues at work. The idea is to replace a coffee break with a red wine break for this day. You can send employees a red wine gift package ahead of time. Also, provide alternatives, whether soda or punch, for employees who are not fans of red wine.

If you find keeping the conversation flowing challenging, then start the session with icebreaker questions. During the break, you can share your celebration plans and ideas about Juneteenth with your coworkers. A virtual red wine break provides an informal environment to bond with colleagues. Furthermore, you can play fun games, including Juneteenth-themed bingo and trivia, to boost engagement.

Here is a guide to virtual coffee breaks.

13. Virtual Juneteenth-Themed Dinner

Throwing a virtual Juneteenth-themed dinner is one of the most exciting virtual Juneteenth celebration ideas. Be sure that you leave enough time to properly plan your event details, from invitations to music and food. Folks commonly have red-colored beverages on Juneteenth. You can plan the menu to include drinks like red wine, sorrel, cranberry juice, and strawberry soda. Also, plan fun activities to entertain guests and boost attendance. You can employ the service of Black entertainers, ranging from keynote speakers to comedians and musicians.

To keep the conversation flowing, start your dinner party with fun Juneteenth icebreaker questions, such as:

  1. What is your favorite food to eat on Juneteenth?
  2. Have you ever hosted a Juneteenth-themed party?
  3. Would you rather have red wine or red soda?
  4. What is your best part of Juneteenth?
  5. How do you prefer to celebrate Juneteenth?

You can use a backdrop with Pan-African colors to enrich your dining experience. Additionally, consider setting up a planning committee to take care of your event details.

14. Juneteenth Culinary Session

If you and your group have a favorite Juneteenth food, then you can take advantage of the celebration to learn how to prepare the meal. You can expand your knowledge to make different Juneteenth-appropriate food and snacks like red velvet cake, strawberry ice cream, and tasty barbecue sauce. An excellent idea is to partner with a local Black chef to share fantastic recipes with your group online. Also, if you prefer a practical session, then send the needed ingredients to attendees beforehand.

Furthermore, if you and your friends are cocktail lovers, then you can get hands-on and create delicious, red’-colored beverages. In the spirit of Juneteenth, you can use the service of a Black mixologist to guide you through making delicious Juneteenth cocktails.

Regardless of your chosen culinary experience, our group will have fun celebrating Juneteenth while learning new recipes.

Here are lists of online cooking classes and online wine tasting experiences for inspiration.

15. Juneteenth Scavenger Hunt

Juneteenth Scavenger Hunt is one of the most fun virtual Juneteenth games. The game requires players to search their homes for Juneteenth-related items or challenges. First, compile a list of challenges or items to find.

Examples include:

  • Take pictures of something with the colors red, white, and blue
  • A red-colored beverage
  • Something inscribed with the word “freedom”
  • Spell Juneteenth backward as fast as possible and without pausing

After compiling a list of items and challenges, set the game rules. Then create a virtual meeting and send the link for participants to join. A designated host will call out the items one after the other. Participants must scavenge around and present the item or do the challenges before the set time runs out. A player wins a point for each challenge or item found that falls within the description. The scavenger hunter with the most points wins.

You can follow these guidelines to play a virtual scavenger hunt.

16. Juneteenth Party Invitation

The impression your guests will have about your Juneteenth event starts right from the invitation you send. Therefore, you would want to make a colorful and well-presented invitation. You can use Crello or Canva to create and send nice digital invitations to guests’ emails. Also, design the invitation with the Pan-African colors commonly associated with Juneteenth, which are black, red, and green, or with the colors of the Juneteenth flag.

You can create several samples and ask your friends or planning committee members to pick the best. You would want to create the digital sample weeks before your Juneteenth party. That way, you can conveniently reschedule the event and communicate any plans change.

17. Juneteenth Virtual Campfire

A virtual campfire is among the coziest virtual Juneteenth activities. To host a virtual campfire, determine the virtual platform you would love to use. Then create a meeting and send invites to guests. You can send guests scented candles to light during this virtual gathering instead of a “fire pit.” You can also ask guests to put on their flashlights while putting off other lights in their rooms for the best experience.

Furthermore, ensure you plan for entertainment, whether music or comedy. A virtual campfire is also a perfect opportunity to test your storytelling skills. You can share Black history stories with attendees. In addition, arrange for Juneteenth snacks and beverages for guests, like strawberry ice cream, red velvet cake, and red wine.

Here is a guide to online campfires.

18. Juneteenth Trivia

Juneteenth trivia is one of the most fun virtual Juneteenth games. The best part of playing this game is that participants learn about this important day in American Black history in a fun and subtle way. Be sure to give participants enough time to look into the concept of this celebration. You can equally provide resources to educate your group about Juneteenth. Furthermore, curate a list of Juneteenth questions yourself or find prompts online. Here are fun Juneteenth questions you can ask during the session:

  • Q: Which president of the US issued the Emancipation Proclamation?
    A: Abraham Lincoln
  • Q: Who designed the first Juneteenth flag?
    A: Boston Ben, also known as Ben Haith
  • Q: What was the estimated number of enslaved persons living in Texas in 1865?
    A: 250,000 enslaved people
  • Q: Can you name the colors on the Juneteenth flag?
    A: Red, white, and blue

Depending on the number of participants, attendees can play individually or in teams. You should clarify the rules and specify how players will take turns answering. Also, award points for each correct answer. The team or player with the most points wins.

Check out more virtual trivia ideas.


Folks in different parts of the world celebrate Juneteenth annually, particularly on June 19. This celebration remains important because Juneteenth marks the day the remaining enslaved people in Texas became liberated after the Civil War. Juneteenth is more than a holiday but also an avenue to preach social justice, equality, and equity. Many people celebrate Juneteenth by making donations to organizations supporting these causes. There are countless ways to celebrate this virtual holiday. You can support Black-owned businesses, watch movies with friends, and look into Black history. You can also play fun games with a twist of Juneteenth. Juneteenth is a time to share stories of Black freedom, resilience, and Joy. In whatever way you celebrate this holiday, be sure to have fun and stay connected with families and friends.

Next, check out ways to celebrate virtual Black History Month at work. We also have inspiring Black History Month quotes, Arab American Heritage Month quotes, Hispanic History Month quotes, and Asian Pacific Heritage Month quotes.

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FAQ: Virtual Juneteenth celebration ideas

Here are answers to questions about virtual juneteenth celebration ideas.

What are some good virtual Juneteenth celebration ideas?

Good virtual Juneteenth celebration ideas include taking a virtual red wine break, touring a Black culture exhibit, and playing games like Juneteenth scavenger hunt, Juneteenth Bingo, and Juneteenth trivia.

How do you celebrate Juneteenth virtually?

You can celebrate Juneteenth virtually by hosting an event on a video conferencing platform. During the event, you can play games, listen to music by Black artists, and even invite Black entertainers to perform. If you do not plan to throw a party, then you can do simple yet fun activities. Examples include listening to a Juneteenth podcast, reading a book about Black history, buying goods from Black business owners, and touring a Black history museum.

Why should you celebrate Juneteenth in Online Offices?

Celebrating Juneteenth in online offices is a great way to show your support to Black coworkers or people in society. Besides, the celebration is a great way to spend quality time with colleagues and build your team. Also, Juneteenth allows companies to reflect on steps taken toward promoting racial equality and celebrate progress.

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