20 Fun Virtual Networking Ideas, Games & Activities

By: | Updated: February 26, 2024

You found our list of the best virtual networking ideas.

Virtual networking ideas are activities that online meeting facilitators can use to engage event attendees and encourage interaction. Examples include open mic sessions, escape rooms, and mixology lessons. The purpose of these activities is to help attendees connect and pave the way for successful collaborations even after the event. Therefore, virtual meeting facilitators must select engaging activities that suit participants’ interests.

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Let’s get started!

List of virtual networking ideas

Virtual networking ideas allow participants to connect and engage in purposeful conversations beyond the scope of an event. Through these activities, attendees get to meet and interact with potential clients and industry peers without logistical limitations. From playlist parties to speed networking and DIY craft sessions, here is a list of fun and engaging ideas that you can use for your next networking event.

1. Mix n’ Mingle (Popular)

Mix n’ Mingle is an innovative networking experience that encourages folks to have authentic conversations! These curated virtual activities bring team members closer together.

Here is what to expect:

  • a 90-minute session led by a skilled host
  • icebreakers that break down barriers
  • group challenges and discussions that encourage teamwork
  • creative exercises that strengthen bonds

Mix n’ Mingle is the perfect choice to elevate your team’s relationships and build a stronger network!

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

2. Pre-Event Live Chat

A pre-event live chat is an excellent selection of virtual networking activities facilitators can engage participants in before an event. The activity can boost attendees’ participation from the start of an event up to the end. For example, you could create a Slack channel and lead participants through the chat. You can even host activities such as an introduction or a Q & A session. A pre-event chat live also enables event facilitators to know attendees better and tailor activities as per participants’ interests.

For more ideas, check out virtual water coolers.

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3. Open Mic Session

An open mic session is an enjoyable virtual networking activity that can spark conversations among attendees. You could carry out this activity at the start or end of your networking event. However, we advise that you start with the session to let attendees get to know each other better and lighten the event’s mood. You could start by giving all participants a heads-up about the session and letting attendees prepare mini-acts. Participants can read a short poem, showcase their paintings, sing a song, or tell an appropriate joke. Starting your networking sessions with an open mic activity will liven your event and pave the way for more engagement.

4. Expert Sessions

Expert sessions are a fantastic choice of online networking event ideas suitable for any group. With these activities, you can ask every attendee to list their expertise outside their scope of work. First, encourage participants to list unique capabilities or everyday activities that they have mastered. For instance, participants could list baking, drawing, or personal finance as their expertise. You can then use online collaborative platform features like the Zoom breakout rooms to let participants have intimate discussions with other attendees. Expert sessions could lead to unexpected connections among players.

5. Virtual Meal Sharing

Depending on the time you are hosting your virtual networking event, you can share breakfast, lunch, or dinner with attendees. The virtual meal-sharing idea works well for both small and large groups. If you host a small group of attendees like colleagues, then you can even send meal coupons. For large groups, let attendees choose their meals and interact based on their food. For example, you can let participants state why they choose to eat a Tex-Mex meal during the gathering.

Here is how to throw a remote lunch.

6. Virtual Escape Room

Escape rooms are some of the best virtual networking games that you can use to engage online event attendees. These activities will encourage interaction among attendees as participants work towards a shared goal. You could start by selecting a hosted or self-guided escape room to engage your team via Zoom or other online platforms. Teams will then complete puzzles, solve riddles, and escape the room within a limited time. If you are working with a tight budget, then we encourage you to try free virtual escape rooms.

Check out this list of virtual escape rooms for team building.

7. Pre-Event Photo Contest

A simple pre-event photo contest is a practical networking tip for small or large gatherings. You can encourage participants to share pictures within a specific theme. For instance, if you are hosting a business networking event, then participants could share a picture of a landmark they took during a recent official gathering. You can also promote a fun atmosphere by asking attendees to share images of amusing items. For instance, participants can send pictures of their pets or their at-home work setup. Then, you can have a photo guessing session where participants try to guess the owners of the photographs. A pre-event photo contest will glimpse each attendee’s personality and encourage greater engagement during the event.

8. Playlist Party

A playlist party is a good bet if you are looking for free virtual networking event ideas. For this simple activity, encourage every event attendee to add one to three tunes to a playlist on a platform like Spotify. To promote diversity, you could encourage attendees to add their favorite songs from their culture. Then, have a listening session after the networking event. You can even have a song-guessing session where participants try to identify players who chose a specific tune. Depending on the demographics of attendees, you could even encourage participants to bust a move.

9. Online Mixology Lesson

A mixology lesson is an excellent way to add some smiles to a virtual networking session. Rather than have attendees watch a mixologist whip out cocktails, you can request the expert to devise ways to encourage interaction among participants mid-lesson. For instance, the mixologist can have an interactive ask me anything session. Another great idea that could work for a few guests is sending cocktail kits. You could include each participant’s preferred drinks and icebreaker cards that will spark easy conversations during the event.

Check out this list of virtual mixology classes with kits.

10. Speed Networking

Suitable for both small and large groups, speed networking is one of the best online networking event ideas that will maximize interaction among attendees. For small groups, you can let participants pair up and strike up a conversation within two to four minutes through fun prompts like icebreaker questions. Each attendee will then initiate a conversation with a different participant. For large groups, you can divide participants into teams of five to ten players. Then, have inter-group interaction sessions.

For inspiration, you can check out this list of conversation starters.

11. Virtual Watch Party

While a virtual watch party may not mimic an actual in-person celebration, event facilitators can use the activity to encourage conversations among participants. You are free to select movies, documentaries, or shows that highlight a topic related to your event. For instance, you can choose a recent film release and let participants watch it before the event. You can then have an after-film interactive session where participants share lessons from the film.

12. DIY Craft Challenge

DIY challenges are interesting virtual networking activities that boost attendees’ creativity. In this challenge, ask attendees to make DIY crafts with readily available products. We advise that you think of simple challenges that will not take much time to complete. For instance, pet owners can draw illustrations of their furry friends as other participants make paper plate animals or cardboard flower prints. Once attendees complete their craft challenges, host a session where each participant showcases pictures of what they wanted to create and the final outcome. If you want to engage attendees in challenging craft activities, then be sure to coordinate ahead of time and ensure participants have all the proper materials.

13. Storytelling Links

The storytelling links activity is a good bet if you are looking for virtual networking ideas to engage attendees. For this idea, start the storytelling session with a simple phrase. For instance, “my Persian cat loves dry food.” Then, the next participant can continue the session, starting with “I had a black cat when I lived in Ohio.” All attendees will contribute to the story by adding relatable statements. The storytelling links will help event attendees know each other better and also teach quick-thinking tactics.

14. Guess Who

Event facilitators who are on the search for virtual networking games could try Guess Who. This activity works well for large and small teams. To start the exercise, let all participants list two to three fun facts about themselves that no other attendee knows. Then, the facilitator will read out one statement at a time as players guess the participant.


  • Who once lived in Ghana?
  • Who has a crush on x (famous personality)?
  • Who among you would eat pizza every day?
  • Who owns a German shepherd?
  • Who among you would wear oversized shirts every day?
  • Who can play more than five musical instruments?

Be sure to encourage attendees to list unique and entertaining prompts.

Here are more guessing games.

15. Virtual Photo Booths

A virtual photo booth is a a platform that workers can access from any location and customize their pictures. These booths allow attendees to add fun filters, backdrops, and stickers to their images. For example, you could let attendees use an old picture or request each participant snap a selfie during the event. You can even ask willing attendees to share their photos with other participants and have a fun session where guests customize each other’s pictures.

16. Pet Party

A pet party is a great virtual networking idea for event attendees. For this simple activity, request pet owners to join the networking event with their furry friends for a few minutes. Dog owners could even share funny videos of their pets’ tricks, such as the paw shake or spin, which is often quite hilarious. You could even host pet contests for the best snuggler, the cutest, and the most vocal companion.

For inspiration, here is a list of virtual take-your-dog-to-work ideas.

17. Guest Speakers

One of the best ways event facilitators can spice up their networking events is to invite a renowned speaker. We encourage event planners to bring in a speaker who is relevant to the specific group of attendees. You can request the guest to share insightful and knowledgeable experiences that will also keep participants’ engagement high. For instance, a Q&A session with a renowned TED talk expert, musician, or actor may be an unforgettable experience for your guests. Be sure to lead by asking questions to help every attendee learn and get involved.

For similar ideas, check out this guide to online lunch and learns.

18. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are some of the simplest yet interactive free virtual networking event ideas. If you have a large team, then we advise that you divide players into smaller groups. Then, give each team a similar list of items to find.

Scavenger hunt ideas:

  • Pet selfie
  • Favorite book
  • A souvenir from a past vacation
  • Recreate an old family photo
  • Views from your office window

Be sure to include items participants could have in their homes and challenging prompts.

Here is a list of scavenger hunt ideas.

19. Two Truths One Lie

The Two Truths One Lie game is a classic icebreaker that you can use for a wide demographic of attendees. The activity offers a playful atmosphere where participants can guess the two true statements and one lie. For an easier activity, you can give participants random numbers. Then, let the first player read out three statements and pick a random number to make a guess. If the chosen player gets the wrong answer, then they can also select another random participant to try their luck at the game. Encourage players to think of simple and believable lies. The two truths one lie game is a great idea that keeps things casual and exciting.

Here are more question games.

20. Gamification

Gamification is the use of simple game mechanisms that include techniques such as point scoring, rewards, and real-time polls. This idea could increase participants’ engagement in a virtual networking setup.

Gamification ideas:

  • A point-based reward system that allows participants to redeem points earned and get swag or freebies
  • Public shout outs
  • Personalized trophies or badges

For a networking event, you could also incentivize participants who make the most genuine connections.


Remote gathering are a trend that has gained mass popularity across the globe. You only need an internet connection, a gadget, and an online collaborative platform to organize a fun networking event. However, since virtual events do not offer an opportunity for face-to-face conversations, attendees may not enjoy the event as much as an in-person meeting. Luckily, event facilitators can take advantage of virtual networking prompts that will foster interaction.

Next, check out this list of team building games for adults, team meeting ideas, and unusual team building activities.

We also have a list of virtual event ideas for online socials and virtual event planning tips.

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FAQ: Virtual networking event ideas

Here are answers to common questions about virtual networking event ideas

What are virtual networking event ideas?

Virtual networking event ideas are activities that will encourage interaction among attendees. We encourage event facilitators to clearly understand attendees’ interests before choosing the networking activities. Some good areas to start with are attendees’ hobbies and interests outside work.

What are the best ideas and activities for virtual networking events?

Virtual networking events are interesting alternatives to in-person meetings. However, virtual events can sometimes lead to attendee disengagement. As such, event planners must devise ways to capture the attention of attendees and maximize interaction. The best ideas and activities for virtual networking events include scavenger hunts, virtual photo booths, and virtual meal sharing.

What do you do at an online networking event?

While online networking events may be easier to plan than in-person meetups, event facilitators still face some challenges that can affect the event’s outcome. For a successful virtual networking event, you must ensure that you do activities that will appeal to the demographics of attendees.

During the event, we encourage facilitators to start with an introduction session. These activities offer attendees an opportunity to know each other and are also a welcoming gesture. You can then carry out the agenda of the day. Be sure to throw in fun activities such as storytelling links, scavenger hunts, and pet parties. Do not forget to communicate vital event prep details before the scheduled day.

How do you plan a virtual networking event?

Planning a virtual networking event can be tasking, especially if you host a group of new attendees. Hosting a successful networking event requires lots of prior strategic planning before, during, and after your event. Before your event, start by setting clear event goals and have a means of measuring the level of success. You can then start the actual event planning process. Be sure to include the event’s date, time, and length.

Here are more tips for a successful virtual networking event:

  • Take advantage of targeted connections- Targeted connections is a way of tailoring networking activities for a specific group of people. For example, you could start by finding out attendees’ interests, backgrounds, and intentions for attending the event. A simple targeted connections tip is sending out a short survey to participants before the networking event.
  • Pick the right hosting platform- Choosing the right hosting platform is a great start to increasing the chances of a successful event. You can host your event on Zoom or opt for other virtual networking event platforms like Remo, Wonder, and Arena.
  • Have contingency measures in place- While virtual events are easier to host, they do not come without challenges. As such, facilitators should have contingency measures ready in case challenges occur. For instance, if you notice that one activity disengages attendees, then be quick to switch up to other ideas. Be wary of technical issues that could lead to communication problems.

Virtual networking events offer tons of positive benefits to attendees and the host. Attendees get to interact with their peers without logistical challenges. Similarly, hosts get a convenient and cost-effective avenue to reach global communities. Just be sure to throw in some fun games and activities that attendees will live to remember.

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