Virtual Team Building Activities for Large Groups

By: | Updated: August 07, 2023

You found our list of virtual team building activities, ideas and games for large groups.

Virtual team building activities for large groups are exercises, challenges, and games for higher numbers of people to play on platforms like Zoom. Example activities include Donut Calls, icebreaker questions, and Never Have I Ever. These activities are used to improve communication, boost company morale, and build relationships. These exercises can be paid or free and may also be called “online team building activities for large groups.”

These activities are a version of virtual team building activities and large group team building ideas, and are similar to virtual games for large groups, online icebreakers for large groups, and Zoom games for large groups.


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List of Virtual Team Building Activities for Large Groups

From Never Have I and Virtual Book Club to War of the Wizards, here are some of the best virtual team building exercises for large groups.

1. Collaborative Map

A shared map is a simple yet engaging way to encourage team collaboration in a large group. You will use Google Maps to create a collaborative map for this team building activity. Each person will then add markers at various locations depending on the category.

A collaborative map is a fantastic virtual team building activity for large groups because the options are endless. You can instruct team members to place markers on their college town, birthplace, or favorite vacation destination. Aside from offering a great collaboration opportunity, the shared map is helpful for learning more about remote workers.

2. Virtual Trivia Event

A large group trivia event is a fun way to bring people together while encouraging a bit of friendly competition. This activity allows participants to learn new information and is scalable for groups of all sizes. It is important to note that when you are dealing with a large team, split the employees into smaller groups. Another benefit of trivia events is that there are many categories, so the game may never get dull.

Learn more about virtual trivia.

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3. Typing Speed Race

Typing speed races are free virtual online team building activities that are easy to do anytime. To begin the activity, simply use an online typing test tool. Then, post your speed test results by email or on the company message board. When colleagues see the results, the more competitive members will reply quickly with their results, and others will follow suit.

Another option with this virtual team building activity is to host a typing speed relay. In other words, you form squads and add up their cumulative totals to choose a winning team. The key to this game is ensuring that every participant is using the same typing speed test.

You can do your typing speed race at

4. Virtual Museum Scavenger Hunt

If you are looking for a virtual team building game for large groups, then check out a virtual museum scavenger hunt. A virtual scavenger hunt is easy because it does not require your team to have any special software. This team building exercise can accommodate teams of all sizes and allows members to enjoy artistic work at renowned museums worldwide.

Check out these virtual museum scavenger hunts.

5. Virtual Movie Night

Hosting a virtual movie night is a more casual team building activity that also works well for large groups. Since people have different tastes in movies, poll everyone to see what they like. Be sure to offer genres that span different likes so the group can decide what they want to watch.

Once you have the movie chosen, host the virtual screening and use a video sync app. This activity is a low-key way for the group to spend time together. The group can even share reactions and commentary via the chat box!

6. Virtual Volunteer Day

Volunteering is a fail-safe way to bring a team together. Scheduling a virtual volunteer day allows larger groups to collaborate in new ways. Moreover, this exercise presents the opportunity to learn more about each other’s passions.

The best part is that a virtual volunteer day allows your team to collaborate for a cause. Collectively, your team can make a difference with a local or national non-profit. Virtual volunteer day activities can range from hosting a fun activity, leading an online class, or writing letters.

Learn more about volunteering online.

7. Guess That Song

If you are looking for a fun way to start or end a virtual meeting, then check out Guess That Song! Designate one person to share a few seconds of a song. Then, as fast as they can, each participant types the name of the song in the chat box. The team member who gets the most songs correct the fastest wins. You may be surprised how competitive this team building game can get!

8. Virtual Coffee Break

If you want a team building activity for large groups that is more low-key, then consider hosting a virtual coffee break. Hosting a coffee break is an excellent way to keep everyone connected. This activity works best if you schedule up to 30 minutes, which is designated as a coffee break. Team members may enjoy getting to know each other in a more casual setting.

Check out these virtual coffee break ideas.

9. Guess Whose Crib

This virtual team building activity is a fan favorite, as it will prompt the team to see how well they know one another. To play this game, have each participant take a photo of their living room, home office, or dining room. The photo is then submitted to the host. During gameplay, the host will show the group one photo at a time. The team members must then guess whose “crib” is in the picture. The player with the most correct responses at the end is the winner. Guess Whose Crib is a great way for team members to display their style and connect with other members.

10. Take a Virtual Trip

Virtually travel to a chosen destination with your group. Begin by polling the team members to see which travel destination people would want to visit. For example, provide them with three destinations such as the Bahamas, Europe, and Japan. It is worth noting that you should find a provider to ensure that the city you choose has a virtual tour experience offered.

Once you choose the perfect virtual tour, the group will enjoy the sights and sounds of the place. Depending on the location, you can focus the experience on history, art, or fashion. Either way, large teams usually enjoy virtual experiences that allow them to see and learn new information.

11. Breakfast Meetings

Though it is hard taking remote teams out to breakfast, you can still host a virtual breakfast meeting. Encourage your team to bring their own breakfast and join a virtual meeting. You can then focus the meeting on socialization or a review of the week.

Here is a list of virtual morning meeting games to play.

12. The Time Zone Game

The Time Zone Game is a fun virtual team building game for large groups working in different time zones. One great thing about the game is that it does not require a lot of time. The gameplay begins with one person announcing their time zone. The other team members must then try to guess their city. And for those teams that already know where each other lives, the Time Zone Game can also be played with random cities.

13. Online Gaming Session

If you have a large team that enjoys gaming, then you could host an online gaming session. Platforms such as Twitch or Roblox make it so that people can play alone or on teams for a common cause. Online gaming sessions are great team building activities because they promote teamwork and problem-solving. To promote friendly competition, you could offer prizes for the winners.

14. Baby Photos

If you are looking for an icebreaker that works well for large groups, then consider the baby photos game. Before the game begins, have each member of the team send their baby picture to one person. Have the person in charge arrange and number every baby photo into a screen-sharing program. Once the game begins, participants must guess which baby photo belongs to each team member. The answers should be displayed on the screen once everyone has written down their answers.

15. Take Online Tests or Assessments

Though test-taking may not sound like the most fun team building activity, it is a great way to connect with the team. Taking online assessments can be helpful in encouraging the team to learn more about one another. A benefit of online assessments is that there are many types, both fun and serious, to choose from. For example, you could learn about everyone’s Hogwarts house or have each person take the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.

Here are fun personality tests to do online.

16. Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now is a fun and engaging virtual team building game for large groups. The game is hosted in a virtual conference room, where one person is nominated as a speaker, and everyone else is an artist. The speaker randomly generates an image and then uses words to describe the image to the artists. The artists must then try to draw what they think the image looks like.

There is only one guideline with this game, and that is the speaker can only use geometric shapes. For instance, the person may tell the group to draw three equidistant triangles and then draw a large circle. Can You Hear Me Now is excellent for improving communication and critical thinking skills.

Here is a step by step guide to Can you hear me now?.

17. Virtual Murder Mystery

Hosting a virtual murder mystery can be a great break from the monotony of work to help teammates bond. Sign up for a virtual murder mystery experience with a reputable provider and choose the type of crime the team will solve. For large groups, a virtual murder mystery works best when the large group is broken down into smaller counterparts who must compete to solve it the fastest.

Learn about how to do a virtual murder mystery.

18. PowerPoint Party

PowerPoints do not always have to be boring. Hosting a PowerPoint Party is a great way to get team members engaged. The activity requires each participant to make a fun short presentation. With large groups, it is best to cap the exercise at five minutes. One exciting aspect of a PowerPoint Party is that the presentation can be about any topic. For example, foods, fashion, history, or even company culture.

19. Virtual Book Club

If you have team members who love to read, then consider starting an online team book club. Teams that already enjoy reading will be enthusiastic about this team building activity, and participation will come willingly.

To host a virtual book club, allow the team to vote for a monthly book title and establish a date for the virtual meeting. At the virtual meeting, the team will discuss their thoughts on the book. Books clubs are useful because you can choose books based on your industry. For example, if your team comprises salespeople, then you may want to have them read books like “The Art of the Deal” that teach sales techniques.

Final Thoughts

Virtual team building activities for large groups are a great way to build relationships between remote team members. Such games offer a unique opportunity to improve communication and engagement in a fun way. Incorporating these activities should result in remote workers who feel cared for, motivated, and more connected.

Next, check out this list of the best online team building games and these free virtual team building activities for remote teams.

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FAQ: Virtual Team Building for Large Groups

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about virtual team building for large groups. 

What is virtual team building for large groups?

Virtual team building for large groups comprises games, exercises, and other activities directed at bringing a team closer. These exercises are designed to foster teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

What are some good virtual team building activities for large groups?

Some good virtual team building activities for large groups include virtual scavenger hunts, PowerPoint Parties, Baby Photo Contests, and online gaming sessions.

How do you make virtual team building for large groups more engaging?

To make virtual team building for large groups more engaging, keep the activities short and align the exercises with employee preferences. For example, if you have a team who is not interested in gaming, then an online gaming session probably is not the best choice. Some leaders resort to polling their teams to see what types of virtual team building activities may interest them.

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