Updated: December 12, 2023

16 Women in Leadership Programs

Here is our list of the best women in leadership programs.

Women in leadership programs are training sessions that address the challenges women often encounter in the corporate world. The programs also provide practical strategies for women to overcome these challenges and become powerful leaders. Examples include the Women’s Senior Leadership Program, Harvard’s Women of Color Leadership Program, and Brooking’s Women’s Leadership Program. The purpose of these programs is to empower uprising women leaders and encourage participants to build a strong network.

These programs are similar to leadership training programs and are great for improving management skills and executive skills. The programs help participants discover their unique leadership styles and become good leaders.

This list includes:

  • women’s leadership development training programs
  • women’s executive leadership programs
  • women’s leadership groups
  • women’s leadership mentoring programs
  • women of color in leadership programs
  • women leadership training

So, let’s get started!

List of women in leadership programs

Women in leadership programs address gender bias while developing attendees’ communication, leadership, and negotiation skills. From Executive Women in Leadership Cornell Certificate Program to Women’s Senior Leadership Program, here are the best programs for women in leadership.

1. Women’s Leadership Development

Women’s Leadership Development, organized by the Center for Creative Leadership, is one of the best women’s leadership development training programs. Participants will learn how organizations can flourish by supporting talented leaders during this training session. The Center for Creative Leadership has decades of experience addressing women’s leadership development. The organization also takes pride in having helped countless women deal with workplace challenges.

Attendees will learn why companies should focus on equity if their goal is to benefit women employees. In addition, the training will guide you through creating a work-life balance and aligning your goals with your intentions. This women’s leadership development training is available in three customizable options to suit different organizations’ needs.

Learn more about Women’s Leadership Development.

2. Oxford Women’s Leadership Development Programs

Attending Oxford Women’s Leadership Development Programs is excellent if you aim to increase women leaders’ impact in your company. The coursework focuses on barriers women must overcome to become better leaders and managers. Also, the curriculum addresses three major themes, which are:

  • Self-Acceptance
  • Self-Development
  • Self-Management

Oxford Women’s Leadership Development Programs are among the best women in leadership programs. During the session, you will access tools and resources to help identify your strengths and influence. You will learn to use these two elements to navigate various negotiation scenarios. At the end of the course, participants will be able to recognize their leadership potential and understand how to address gender assumptions. The entire training features six modules. During the last module, you and other participants will draft a realistic plan to help you as future leaders.

Learn more about Oxford Women’s Leadership Development Programs.

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3. Women’s Senior Leadership Program

Women’s Senior Leadership Program is a hybrid training session that develops attendees’ unique talents. This program is ideal for leading women executives who wish to advance to the C-suite. During the session, you will learn the essential skills needed to reach a top level at work.

You will also enjoy access to research-based insights to help you build your leadership abilities. The sessions take place in person and online, running for three and four- and- a- half days respectively. But the facilitators will spread the classes over nine months to give attendees enough time to learn and practice new ideas. You will also network with peers and receive constructive feedback from the Kellogg faculty. This leadership program is one of the best women’s executive leadership programs for female leaders with extensive management skills.

Learn more about Women’s Senior Leadership Program.

4. Yale School of Management Women’s Leadership Program

The women’s leadership program by Yale School of Management is excellent for organizations looking to develop women leaders and gain a competitive advantage. During the session, you will learn how to build a high-performing team and identify decision-making biases.

The program also addresses ways to manage crises and build negotiation skills. You can expect Yale’s training to equip your women leaders with unique perspectives and skills that will contribute immensely to your organization. This program runs for five days. In the end, attendees will go through a post-program session to receive coaching on leadership and management strategies.

Learn more about Yale School of Management Women’s Leadership Program.

5. Harvard’s Women of Color Leadership Program

Harvard offers a leadership program to help women of color find ways to thrive in their organizations. This four-day-long course is among the most interactive women of color in leadership programs. The session focuses on preparing attendees for the greater responsibility women leaders are most likely to face.

Harvard’s Women of Color Leadership Program provides an opportunity to build your network in your personal and work life. The program also reveals strategies participants can use to create a company culture that is inclusive and supportive of all workers. The training is ideal for rising women leaders with about 7 to 20 years of professional experience. Furthermore, the lessons feature the latest research on diversity, inclusion, and leadership.

Learn more about Harvard Women of Color Leadership Program.

6. Women’s Executive Leadership: Business Strategies for Success

Women’s Executive Leadership: Business Strategies for Success is an executive program facilitated by the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. The coursework helps attendees discover their unique leadership styles. You can also use this program to build your professional influence and leadership skills.

This training provides insights into the nuances of emotional intelligence and negotiations. During the training, the facilitators will regularly split participants into groups to identify and review ways to practice the lessons learned. You can also expect feedback from your coaches. Women’s Executive Leadership: Business Strategies for Success covers a variety of topics, including:

  • How Top Women Succeed
  • Corporate Governance
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Financial Acumen

Aside from developing women leaders, the course provides an excellent opportunity to build a strong network of women executives.

Learn more about Women’s Executive Leadership: Business Strategies for Success.

7. Chicago Women in Philanthropy Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program

Chicago Women in Philanthropy Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program is one of the best women’s leadership groups. This training is designed for women in the nonprofit field. The facilitator organizes separate sessions for emerging and mid-career leaders. During the program, you and other participants must attend several peer-to-peer and goal-setting sessions. The group encourages women from diverse ethnicities to grow together regardless of participants’ individual career goals and work experiences.

You will find the program’s requirements for mentees and mentors on the group’s official site. The course designed for emerging leaders is ideal for women with five years or fewer of work experience. On the other hand, women with over seven years of professional experience can attend the mid-level leaders’ program. The training’s duration will stretch over a year, within which the mentors and mentees must attend sessions running for two to four hours per month.

Learn more about Chicago Women in Philanthropy Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program.

8. Leadership Development for Women

Leadership Development for Women is an interactive program organized by the American Management Association. You can attend this training to enhance your leadership skills and advance your career. The program takes place in person, in an online classroom, or even at your company location. For a classroom session, the training runs for just two days.

Leadership Development for Women teaches attendees how to master their emotions in unwelcoming situations. The program aims to instill confidence and positive energy in women pursuing career growth. When the training ends, you will recognize your true capacities as a female leader. You will also master how to develop a strategic network virtually. The course pushes attendees out of their comfort zone to become more confident and develop a resilient mindset.

Learn more about Leadership Development for Women.

9. Executive Women in Leadership Cornell Certificate Program

Cornell organizes this program for executive women in leadership. Attendees will learn how to navigate gender imbalance in an organization and level the playing field. The course starts by guiding attendees through evaluating power dynamics and gender bias in the organization. You will also learn strategies for overcoming the limitations imposed by these factors.

This training session is one of the best women’s executive leadership programs. Attendees will also look into challenges women leaders often face when negotiating for themselves and their teams. After registering, you will enjoy one year of access to an online symposium where experts address essential leadership issues. The class is ideal for no more than 35 students. Also, the training runs for three months. You should plan to spend an average of four hours per week. Furthermore, participants will receive an Executive Women in Leadership certificate from Cornell LC Johnson College of Business.

Learn more about Executive Women in Leadership Cornell Certificate Program.

10. A Leadership Experience for Women of Color by The Leader’s Edge

The Leader’s Edge is an organization dedicated to addressing the limited representation of women in American businesses. The company organizes this program to help diverse women build leadership skills and increase their contributions to their organizations. The course features virtual skill-building sessions and individual coaching meetings.

You can also expect small group cohort meetings during the training. The mentors will guide you through creating a feasible professional development plan. You will also have access to assessment instruments and helpful feedback. Aside from this program, The Leader’s Edge offers several other women in leadership workshops, including Emergency Women Leaders and Executive Leadership Institute for Women.

Learn more about A Leadership Experience for Women of Color by The Leader’s Edge.

11. Leadership Initiative Mentorship Program

Leadership Initiative Mentorship Program is an interactive training led by the Women’s Leadership Alliance. Women with different professional goals can attend this training. First, you should define your professional goals and expectations. Afterward, the facilitators will pair you with a mentor with the required experience and background to assist you in achieving your goals. You can expect regular conference calls from the facilitators to monitor your progress during the program.

The entire session will run for six months. Also, the facilitators will ensure that the mentors access the essential tools and resources to give you the best experience.

Learn more about Leadership Initiative Mentorship Program.

12. Turknett Leadership Group’s Women in Leadership

Turknett Leadership Group is one of the best women’s leadership groups. The organization offers Women in Leadership, a program targeted to help women access the expertise required to advance their careers. This course serves as a female talent pool and helps participants build strong networks and alliances.

The group designed this curriculum for high-performing women leaders, including mid-managers and first-level supervisors. Turknett Leadership Group’s coaching strategies benefit both women and their organizations. This program allows women to discover and maximize their talents and help their organizations grow. Furthermore, the facilitators can customize the leadership lessons to meet your organization’s needs. Turknett Leadership Group has a staff of leaders with over 25 years of experience in women’s leadership matters.

Learn more about Turknett Leadership Group’s Women in Leadership.

13. Leadership Program for Women & Allies: From Opportunity to Action

Babson College organizes this program to help women and their allies become better leaders. The four- to five-day interactive course requires attendees to create a personalized action plan. You can access the training in a virtual or in-person format.

During the coursework, attendees will learn various leadership skills and ways to take advantage of new opportunities for their companies. You will also learn strategies from women leaders to help you grow personally and professionally. This program is perfect for mid- to senior-level leaders. Also, you can attend the session regardless of your gender. In addition, the class helps attendees identify the role of diversity and inclusivity at work. The facilitators can customize the lessons to meet your company’s unique needs.

Learn more about Leadership Program for Women & Allies: From Opportunity to Action.

14. Women in Executive Leadership Program

The Women in Executive Leadership Program provides high-performing women opportunities to network, learn, and develop. The program helps participants identify conduct that can negatively impact their professional lives. You can attend this training session if you want to take up executive roles in your company. The course is also ideal for entrepreneurs who desire a high level of professional success.

The instructors will employ various learning techniques, including presentations, discussions, and collaborative tasks. Furthermore, you and other participants will follow the lead of experts in drafting your individual development plans. Women in Executive Leadership Program addresses all the skills women need to attain a higher leadership level. This training is among the best women’s leadership mentoring programs. Once you finish this class, you can enjoy access to monthly mastermind sessions to help you grow.

Learn more about the Women in Executive Leadership Program.

15. Brookings’ Women’s Leadership Program

Brookings’ Women’s Leadership Program is an excellent opportunity for high-performing women to bond and share their experiences. The program revolves around how women can be effective in a formal or informal position of authority.

The class addresses the challenges commonly faced by women in the professional sphere. Furthermore, the program enhances attendees’ communication skills. You do not need any G-S level requirement before attending. In the end, you will have the ability to make successful negotiations in your professional life. After booking, you will also enjoy access to the WashU at Brookings community. Additionally, the course covers up to eight units in Brookings’ Certificate in Public Leadership.

Learn more about Brookings’ Women’s Leadership Program.

16. Women Leaders: Advancing Together

Facilitated by Harvard, Women Leaders: Advancing Together is one of the best women’s leadership development training programs. This course focuses on developing women leaders’ skill and building an organization’s talent pipeline. The training also addresses the challenges women face in becoming rising leaders.

Women Leaders: Advancing Together is ideal for women leaders, supervisors, coordinators, and senior managers of all genders. Also, group attendance is not necessary, although it is advisable. Afterward, participants will access individual career coaching on addressing unplanned situations while practicing lessons learned during the session. The curriculum depends on whether participants are senior leaders or rising women leaders. For the latter, attendees will learn to improve their communication, negotiation, and presentation skills. Also, the curriculum for senior leaders focuses on ways to build credibility and opportunities for high-performing teams.

Learn more about Women Leaders: Advancing Together.


Women in leadership programs offer numerous benefits to participants and their organizations. These programs provide mentors who will teach women attendees the skill needed to attain higher professional roles. Depending on the course, facilitators might require only women attendees or all genders to participate. Generally, these trainings aim to promote workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion. You get to learn about barriers that stop women from reaching early management positions. You will also identify ways to overcome these obstacles and advance up the management chain. Most of these programs feature follow-up sessions to ensure you reach your goals.

Next, check out these leadership conferences and leadership books for women. We also have a list of fun leadership activities.

FAQ: Women in leadership programs

Here are answers to questions about women in leadership programs.

What are women in leadership programs?

Women in leadership programs are training sessions that teach women essential leadership skills and ways to reach higher managerial positions. These leadership programs allow women to build strong networks and learn from each other’s experiences. Also, the courses help women improve their negotiation and communication skills.

What are the best programs for women in leadership?

The best programs for women in leadership include:

  • Leadership Initiative Mentorship Program
  • Harvard’s Women of Color Leadership Program
  • Turknett Leadership Group’s Women in Leadership
  • Women’s Executive Leadership: Business Strategies for Success
  • Yale School of Management Women’s Leadership Program

These trainings give women peer-to-peer support to ensure accountability while reaching their professional goals.

What are the benefits of women in leadership programs?

Attending women in leadership programs is beneficial to the attendees as well as their respective organizations. The classes help participants discover and build their skills in leadership and negotiation. Also, the lessons help high-performing women become confident and influential leaders. Women in leadership programs encourage attendees to be innovative and contribute immensely to their companies. Participants also learn strategies to lead an inclusive and high-performing team.

How do I start a woman in leadership program?

To start a women in leadership program, identify the areas to address. Examples include leadership skills, gender bias, and negotiation abilities. You would also want to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition, decide on the class type. The session can be virtual, in person, or hybrid. Also, decide how long the program will last. A good idea is to partner with women leaders with reliable professional experience to mentor attendees. Also, make the experience results-driven by assessing participants and giving feedback. You can also follow- up with participants after the program.

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