16 Fun Work Anniversary Ideas to Celebrate Employees

By: | Updated: November 30, 2022

Here is our list of the best work anniversary ideas.

Work anniversary ideas are ways to celebrate employees for time spent working in a company. For example, creating achievement timelines, making anniversary posters, and decorating employees’ workspace. The purpose of these ideas is to recognize personnel in the company and make them feel valued and appreciated.

These celebrations are examples of employee recognition activities and are similar to years of service awards. Other ways to celebrate the occasion include virtual work anniversary parties and work anniversary presents.


This list includes:

  • work anniversary ideas for employees
  • work anniversary ideas for bosses
  • work anniversary games
  • work anniversary activities
  • work anniversary events

Here we go!

List of work anniversary ideas

Work anniversary ideas include activities, games, and events to celebrate a specific number of working years in a company. From throwing an office party to decorating an employee’s workspace, here are some fun ideas you can use for work anniversaries.

1. Organize a Fun Mini Award Ceremony

A mini award ceremony is one of the best work anniversary events to honor multiple employees simultaneously. First, decide the venue for the award. The platform can be in the conference room, during a company dinner party, or even in a local park.

Before the event, you can list the names of the employees you are celebrating and different award titles. Then create a poll for other employees to nominate the celebrated employees for a particular title. You can give funny titles and also present awards to supplement the labels. For instance:

  1. Coffee’s best friend- This highly-productive employee deserves a specially-printed “Coffee’s best friend” mug.
  2. Worker with the most organized desk- The first thing you notice in this employee’s office is the overly organized desk that never seems to get messy. A customized office desk organizer is a thoughtful gift.
  3. The office clown- Work becomes less stressful because of this talented comedian. You can return the favor by buying this employee a free ticket to a comedy show.
  4. Best office event planner- Thanks to that one employee, you have had successful events like dinner parties, conferences, or fundraising events. The ideal gift seems to be a fancy planner and a pen.
  5. The living ‘timer’- You do not need a clock to know it is already lunch break or exactly 2 pm. You can tell what the time is from the routine of this employee who deserves a desk clock.
  6. The sports lover- The employee that brought their sports obsession to the office table. Give that employee a medal connoting their favorite sport or tickets to a game.
  7. The donut supplier – That one employee who always surprises coworkers with donuts or other snacks. The employee deserves a free supply of gourmet donuts.

After the nomination, make sure that each celebrated employee gets an award. You can hold this celebration to commemorate work anniversaries and ask staff to volunteer titles that fit the honoree.

2. Create an Achievement Timeline

Creating a timeline containing a team member’s achievements is one of the best work anniversary ideas for employees. This idea is great for any number of work years you are celebrating. To create an achievement timeline:

  1. Collect pictures of the employee you are celebrating. For example, the honoree’s original company ID photo or a group snapshot of employees after accomplishing a project.
  2. You can also include a list of the successful projects the employee took part in since the employee’s first workday.
  3. Collect complimentary notes from other employees about the employee whose work anniversary you are celebrating.
  4. Ask the celebrated employee to write out their major motivation and incentive for the pictured moments and successful projects. Let the employee also include their aspiration for the company.
  5. Collect all the pictures and other information into an album. Arrange the events chronologically and distribute copies to the celebrants and other employees. Also, reserve a copy for the company.

Creating an achievement timeline is a unique idea. Rather than looking forward, you take a moment to look backward at the important memories, achievements, and valuable contributions an employee made to the organization.

This form of appreciation will make employees feel valued and boost their morale. Furthermore, knowing that the company will look back on their achievements at some point will motivate other employees to work harder.

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3. Create a Photo Booth

If you plan to organize a party to celebrate your employee’s or boss’s work anniversary, you cannot go wrong with a photo booth. You can have the booth’s background designed with posters of the event. Photo booths are pretty easy to set up. You can buy a designed photo booth or make a DIY one.

One fun prop idea is to include a cutout of the celebrant, or provide a whiteboard on which employees can write personal congratulations for the honoree. You can also include a large hashtag design of the event on a poster at the photo booth. Encourage employees to use the hashtag when posting their pictures taken at the photobooth on social media as a promotional idea.

4. Organize a Group Outing for a Group Anniversary

Organizing a group activity is one of the best work anniversary ideas. This idea is great if many employees have their work anniversary at the same time. Some fun ideas include:

  1. A city tour
  2. A mixology class
  3. Museum tour
  4. Wine tasting
  5. Karaoke night
  6. A musical concert
  7. An Art class
  8. Zoo tour
  9. Cruise
  10. Lunch in a classy restaurant

The amount you are willing to spend on any group activity you choose will depend on your company’s budget. Also, fancy ideas like a cruise, city tour, or lunch in a classy restaurant are great work anniversary ideas for bosses.

For more inspiration, check out this list of company offsite ideas.

5. Have a ‘Work Experience’ Reflection Session

This activity is excellent as the celebrated employee speaks about their work achievements to other employees.

The employee can reflect on the ‘downtimes,’ the stress periods, and even the unsuccessful projects. The reality is that workdays can be stressful, and not all projects will be successful. Some tips for creating an employee reflection session include:

  1. Inform the celebrated employee some days or weeks before you organize the session.
  2. Decide the time and place for the session. It can be a ten-minute session during a lunch break or in the conference room.
  3. Include light and refreshing snacks or even cups of tea.
  4. If you have other gifts you would like to give to the employee, then this session is a perfect opportunity.

The employee can share advice and strategies that made their work successful. The session will make celebrated employees feel valued and showcase their work experience. Besides, other employees may find a much-needed motivation from the speech.

6. Make Anniversary Posters

Making an anniversary poster or portrait is one of the fun work anniversary ideas for bosses. You can put up a poster in your workplace celebrating your teammate’s years at work. The poster should contain essential items like:

  1. A picture of the employee
  2. The number of work years celebrated
  3. A short complimentary note
  4. Some of the company’s achievements since your teammate’s first workday, along with personal accomplishments and statistics

If you have other activities you want to engage in to commemorate the anniversary, then you can include information about the activities on the poster.

Also, you can ask employees to create customized posters. Simply give the employees all the information you want to include on the sign. Then let the employees explore their creativity and decide how to present the information on the poster aesthetically.

You can award a gift to the employee with the best design. Furthermore, you can appreciate other employees’ efforts by featuring their posters on the company’s social media page.

7. Check Off an Activity on the Employee’s Bucket List

One of the best ways to celebrate a work anniversary is to check off an activity on an honoree’s bucket list.

Before the work anniversary day, you can ask the honoree to write out a bucket list that includes an activity they would love to complete. Then make the ‘dream activity’ come through for the honoree. You can also have other employees celebrate with the honoree by participating in the activity. Team members can also gift other items on the list to the celebrated employee.

8. Play a Work Anniversary Trivia Game

Trivia games are fun work anniversary games to play while celebrating. To make the game interesting, customize the questions to be about the honoree

To play a work anniversary-themed trivia:

  1. Prepare questions relating to the employee or boss whom you are celebrating
  2. Divide employees into small teams. If your group is small, then the employees can play individually.
  3. If the employees participate in a group, then you can ask each group a question at a time. The group that answers correctly wins a point. However, if the employees participate individually, then you can award a point to the first employee who answers a question correctly.

The celebrated employee is not the only worker entitled to get a gift on the work anniversary day. You can also compensate the winner of the trivia game with a gift.

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9. Decorate the Employee’s Workspace

One of the excellent work anniversary activities to appreciate an employee is to decorate their workspace.

Employees spend most of their time working in their office space. You can redecorate that office space and get new furniture. Rather than hire an interior designer, the team can work together and decorate the office.

Before getting the furniture and proceeding to decorate, have a decoration plan with the team. Planning will make the activity go on smoothly. Also, ensure that the design you choose matches the taste of the celebrated employee.

Beyond a total makeover, you can also temporarily decorate the workspace by hanging banners, balloons, and streamers.

10. Celebrate with Cocktails

Cocktail parties are one of the fun work anniversary ideas for employees. You can share glasses of delicious cocktails with other employees after work.

Also, you can include a cocktail class as part of work anniversary activities in your company.

You can hire a local mixologist to offer a cocktail class if your company’s budget for the work anniversary is enough. Before the class, send the attendees their cocktail kits. You can also customize the kits to indicate the work anniversary celebration.

After learning to mix glasses of tasty cocktails, raise the glasses for many more employees’ work anniversary to celebrate and take a sip.

Check out these lists of virtual happy hour cocktail kits and virtual mixology classes.

11. Throw An Office Party

Throwing an office party to celebrate workiversaries is one of the popular work anniversary ideas. Regardless of how common anniversary parties are, you still need to plan well for success. To prepare a party celebrating your coworker or boss,

  1. Know the budget with which you want to work.
  2. Assign various tasks to different workers to make the planning easier.
  3. Decide the time of the party. It is a great idea to have the party after work hours. By that time, most employees will be free from office work and can focus on the party.
  4. Determine if the party will be formal or casual.
  5. Also, plan the menu accordingly. It may be light snacks or a buffet.
  6. Include other activities and ideas like trivia, a photo booth, and musical chairs.

To heighten the fun, make the event a surprise party for the employees you are celebrating.

Check out this list of office party ideas.

12. Raise Funds for Charity

Fundraising events are not everyday work anniversary events. However, if donating the funds from the event makes the celebrated employee feel happy and appreciated, then the whole idea of fundraising is worth it.

To raise funds and donate to a charity:

  1. First, decide the events from which you want to get funds. For example, the event can be a competitive karaoke, a fitness class, a bake sale, or a movie night at a local cinema.
  2. Publicize the event to invite interested participants to buy tickets or register for a fee.
  3. After the event, locate a charity where the celebrated employee would like to make donations.
  4. Then donate the funds to that charity.

This positive gesture is a great way to build a team and give back to the community while celebrating work anniversaries.

Here is a list of virtual fundraising ideas.

13. Host a Movie Night

A movie night is a great way to celebrate a work anniversary. You can have a relaxing hangout in the office after work hours. To host a movie night, prepare the necessary tools like a projector and speaker.

After setting up the projector and putting up the movie, sit back and enjoy the relaxing night.

Also, you can get tickets to see the celebrated employee’s favorite movie in the cinema instead. Regardless of how you choose to host the movie session, you should include refreshments for the attendees.

14. Create an Appreciation Card

Giving cards for work anniversaries may sound cliche. However, you can make the cards memorable by creating them with your team members.

Get other employees involved in the card creation to show how much the celebrated employee means to your organization. You can make simple DIY work appreciation cards with items like:

  1. Paper
  2. Cardstock paper
  3. Anniversary stamps
  4. Card-making adhesive
  5. Washi tape
  6. Markers

To create a special appreciation card, prepare all the materials needed. You can ask the team members to get most of the materials so that the employees can choose a design of their choice.

You can also include a special handwritten note inside the card. This activity is ideal for small teams. It would be best to let the employee you are celebrating join in the card-making.

15. Organize A Private Dinner With The CEO

The CEO is a respected high-ranking officer in a company. You can use the presence of the CEO of your company in a private work anniversary dinner to make the dinner special. Choose a restaurant that fits the company’s budget. Also, make reservations when the CEO is not busy with work.

During the dinner, the CEO can use the opportunity to recognize the effort of the celebrated employees. Also, the dinner attendees can discuss work matters or talk about other issues not related to work.

16. Celebrate With Snacks

Celebrating work anniversaries does not always have to be fancy and expensive. You can go simple by ordering snacks and refreshing fruit juice for the employees.

It does not matter whether you are eating an expensive dinner in a high-end restaurant or a simple snack during lunch break in the office. The most important thing is that you remember to celebrate an employee’s work anniversary.


Celebrating work anniversaries is a great way to let employees or bosses feel important and appreciated in the company. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make the anniversary unique. Be sure to work within your company’s budget. Also, try to involve other employees to make the celebration more memorable.

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FAQ: Work anniversary ideas

Here are answers to questions about work anniversary ideas.

What are work anniversaries?

Work anniversaries are annual celebrations to commemorate an employee’s first day at a workplace. You can celebrate the anniversaries by giving gifts or engaging in fun activities, games, and events.

Why should you celebrate work anniversaries in the office?

One of the major reasons why you should celebrate work anniversaries is that the celebration makes an employee feel valued in the office. Also, celebrating work anniversaries shows your worker that you care about their presence and contributions at work.

What are some good work anniversary ideas?

Some good work anniversary ideas include making anniversary posters, creating a photo booth, celebrating with cocktails, decorating the employee’s workspace, and creating an achievement timeline.

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