A high-stakes virtual spy mission

️ loved by secret agents, adventure fans, James Bond

🕒 1.5 hours 👪 5 - 20 people 📍 Location: Virtual

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Welcome to day one as an agent. We’re skipping the boring slideshows on the dress code and how to make a martini and going straight into the action. Today, right now, you are saving the world. What could possibly get in the way? SPIES!

Your organization has been infiltrated by spies who are intent on undermining your efforts. Is it John from Marketing, Susan in HR or is it your boss?! During this virtual high-stakes mission, you will solve puzzles, show off high-tech gadgets, defuse bombs and hopefully catch those spies before it’s too late!

Espionage! is a 90-minute, fully virtual team building event. Our expert entertainers will lead your group through this epic spy mission full of twists, turns, and surprises. Espionage! is designed to run on the meeting platform of your choice.

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