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We don't know what will happen; we just know it'll be darn fun.

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🕒 1 hour 👪 10 - 300+ people 📍 Location: Virtual

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How it Works

Just A Darn Fun Event is the perfect choice for teams who know they need to do something together, but aren't sure what to do. Just A Darn Fun Event is a 60-minute virtual happy hour and trivia night all wrapped up into one.

Our hosts are pros at leading groups through fun, engaging activities, and we'll surprise your team with the most fun they've ever had on a virtual meeting; we promise. Sample activities include (but are not guaranteed to be!) trivia, virtual bingo, and Never Have I Ever (the safe for work edition!).

All of our virtual events are conducted over a private, secure video conference line. While most of our events are Zoom-specific, we can host Just A Darn Fun Event on alternate platforms like Microsoft Teams and WebEx. Just A Darn Fun Event is a great choice for US and international audiences!

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