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️ loved by trivia fans, nerds, quiz buffs, remote teams

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How it Works

We run fun, challenging Virtual Team Trivia as one of our full service virtual team building activities, as well as part of virtual happy hours and conference entertainment that you may already be hosting. The event is all the fun of a slightly chaotic pub-trivia night, without the sticky tables, loud music and overpriced beer. It's fun 🙂

Our Virtual Team Trivia combines wildly smart clues, unique game mechanics and fun challenges in a way that connects your people around the experience. We craft unique questions that are designed to be a balanced mix of difficulty, topical areas, and formats. Our hosts have a library of trivia content to draw from and we can also customize the trivia to match a theme of your choice. For example, we can include trivia about your people, company, industry, interests and other inspiration.

Virtual Team Trivia is a 60 minute, fully facilitated event that we conduct over a secure video conference platform. We can accommodate all group sizes, from a small group of five to a large group of 500 and beyond. Since the trivia has endless variations, it can be a good fit for a series of events or recurring meetings.

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Event Options

1. General Knowledge Trivia

️ loved by trivia-fans, amateur triviologists

Our standard trivia game includes a wide range of fun and intriguing trivia. Our goal is for your team to not just compete to get the most answers right, but to also learn some cool facts they can share with friends.

2. Black History Month Trivia

️ loved by trivia enthusiasts, lifelong learners, anyone who loves to have fun

Our Celebration of Black History trivia event shares knowledge, inspires pride, and brings your people together to learn and have fun. The trivia is designed and led by POC team members who crafted an educational and celebratory activity indicative of lived experiences. Your group will enjoy several rounds of custom trivia focused on Black figures in pop culture, science, engineering, sports, history and more, plus general knowledge and matching famous quotes. The event is 60 minutes, and is an excellent way to recognize and celebrate Black History Month year-round! All new for bookings starting February 2022!

3. Women's History Month Trivia

️ loved by teams who want to learn, trivia fans, everyone

Our Women's History Month Trivia is great for celebrating any time of year! Your team will enjoy several rounds of high-energy, educational, and custom trivia. Our event was developed and is led entirely by women. All new for bookings starting March 2022!

4. National Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia

️ loved by trivia fans, lifelong learners, anyone who loves to have a good time

Since 1988, Americans have observed National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15–October 15. September 15 holds special significance in the Hispanic Community as it commemorates the anniversary of the independence of several countries, including Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras. A few days later, Mexico and Chile also honor their independence days. Come celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with our fun, fascinating, fast-paced, and educational trivia events! Available for team vs team or individual vs individual competition, and for events held on or after September 1, 2021.

5. Halloween Trivia

️ loved by Halloween enthusiasts, the Sanderson sisters

Prepare for a wickedly competitive game of Halloween trivia. From spooky to ghoulish, this festive trivia session will delightfully spook your people, while bringing the office together to celebrate this haunting holiday.

6. Scary Movie Team Trivia

️ loved by horror fans, Michael Myers, and IT

Don’t go alone -- tackle this scary movie trivia together in teams! Work with your group to compete against other groups in answering tricky horror movie questions in three fun formats over the course of a 60 minute span. Great for competitive groups who want to lean into the spookiness of the season!

7. Winter Trivia

️ loved by trivia enthusiasts, cold weather fans, and Frosty

Brrr-ing it on with this winter-themed team trivia! You and your team will compete against each other in groups to see who knows the most about the chilliest time of year. Great for brainy groups who want to foster teamwork… and a little friendly competition.

8. Pride Trivia

️ loved by all

A 60-minute event designed to honor and celebrate Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community!

9. Sea and Space Trivia

️ loved by astronauts, scientists, deep sea enthusiasts, Moby Dick

Explore two of the universe's most fascinating and mysterious subjects in this fast-paced trivia event: The depths of space and the depths of the sea! You and your team will show off their knowledge to earn some points. Put on your diver's helmet, your oxygen tank, and your smartypants! Note: This event is available in Spanish with advance notice.

10. New Year's Trivia

️ loved by goal setters, planners, anyone who likes an excuse to have fun together

Kick off your team's year right with our fun, festive, and high-energy New Year's Trivia game! This game is a great way to set the tone for 2021 and help your team connect as you get ready to tackle your business' new year goals together.

11. International Trivia

️ loved by international audiences

International Trivia is built with a global audience in mind. Whether your team is in Belize, South Africa, Singapore or New Zealand, these questions will be relevant and insightful.

12. Custom Trivia

️ loved by your people

We can build Custom Trivia sessions related to your organization or interests! For example, we can include questions about your company history, incorporate core values, or poke fun at the big boss. It's a blast.

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