23 Best Airbnb Online Experiences for Team Building

By: | Updated: August 27, 2022

Here is our list of fun Airbnb online experiences for remote teams.

Airbnb online experiences are virtual activities and events led by expert hosts from Airbnb. The events and activities usually take place on Zoom. For example, Meet and Draw a Llama and Secrets of Magic. The purpose of these events is to allow remote participants to connect virtually while sharing a fun and memorable moment.

These events are examples of online socials, remote team building exercises, and virtual tours.

This list includes: 

  • Airbnb online cooking experiences
  • Airbnb virtual tours
  • Airbnb online drink-making activities
  • Airbnb online wellness activities

Here we go!

List of Airbnb online experiences

From at-home cocktail-making sessions to expert-led wine classes, here is a list of Airbnb online experiences for teams. 

1. Chocolate Origins and Create with a Maker

Chocolate Origins and Create with a Maker is a fun Airbnb experience that centers on learning the process of making chocolate. 

During this 60 minute experience, the host will guide you through making a homemade chocolate bar. The class lists necessary supplies like chocolate that you can melt in the microwave, a spatula, spoon, ladle, and a mold to pour the chocolate.

This experience combines chocolate making with a virtual tour as the host leads the group on an online excursion to a cocoa estate. Attendees view cocoa pods and beans up close and learn about the growing process. During the experience, you will learn how to ferment the beans and the steps of processing the nibs.

Learn more about Chocolate Origins and Create with a Maker, and check out more virtual chocolate tasting experiences.

2. Worlds Top Coffee Masterclass

For a unique coffee break idea, you and your team can take a coffee class where team members learn how to brew a great cup of coffee. Worlds Top Coffee Masterclass is a 60 minutes coffee-making experience on Zoom. A chemical engineer and an award-winning barista and coffee company CEO team up to lead the class.

Your team will learn the neuroscience of flavor and different ways to make coffee in the coffee class. Basic things needed for the course include:

  • Half spoon of Cinnamon 
  • One lime or lemon
  • Half a spoon of salt

Taking a coffee class together is a fabulous way for your team to bond together.

Learn more about Worlds Top Coffee Masterclass, and check out more virtual coffee break ideas.

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3. Positive Thinking with a Paralympic Hero

Positive Thinking with a Paralympic Hero is one of the Airbnb online wellness activities great for motivating team members and boosting their morale. This experience will give you a moment to relax from work stress and reflect on your mental wellness. You and your team will also learn how to deal with adversities.

The duration of this activity is flexible, although it usually lasts for 90 minutes and takes place on Zoom. The host will use his professional sports experience as a paralympic athlete to teach your team a positive mindset and how to perform under pressure. 

Learn more about Positive Thinking with a Paralympic Hero.

4. Taj Mahal Virtual Tour with Local Expert

Taj Mahal Virtual Tour with Local Expert is a Zoom-hosted walk around the famous Taj Mahal, a beautiful white-marble mausoleum in India. A tour guide will host the experience for your team in 60 minutes. The fun and enlightening experience your team will have include:

  • Learning the architectural details of the Taj Mahal
  • A view of the beautiful garden, marble, and gemstones within the building 
  • A virtual walk from the entrance of the Taj Mahal to the river bank located behind the building
  • An account of the Agra Fort
  • A tour to the Baby Taj Mahal 

At the end of the tour, you and your team can ask questions about Indian Monuments. This virtual tour to the Taj Mahal is one of the interesting Airbnb virtual tours your team can take and learn about the monuments of India without leaving their home.

Learn more about the Taj Mahal Virtual Tour with Local Expert.

5. Secrets of Magic

Secrets of Magic is an online magic class on Zoom that is great for team building. The class lasts for 30, 60, or 90 minutes depending on your team’s preference.

This Airbnb online magic experience will allow your team to watch a mind-blowing magic performance with simple items like a roll of toilet paper and coins. There will be a lesson on the tricks and psychology behind performance and tips on replicating the illusions. 

The experience includes hands-on practice with tricks using a deck of cards, a coin, a magic wand, and a roll of toilet paper.

Learn more about Secrets of Magic.

6. Make Mexican Street Tacos with a Pro Chef

Airbnb online cooking experiences like Make Mexican Street Taco with a Pro Chef make fun hands-on events for teams. The host of this experience is a professional chef who runs her own TV cooking show. The host will lead the cooking class on Zoom for 90 minutes and teach teams to prepare Mexican Street tacos. The first 30 minutes are an introductory session and a summary of the Mexican tacos recipe. Then, the host will guide you on how to make your homemade taco filling, traditional red salsa, and flour tortillas from scratch.

The recipe for vegan Mexican street taco is also available. The online cooking class is a BYO ingredients class, and participants will receive a list of necessary supplies.

It is not compulsory to engage in cooking during the class. Instead, you can decide to sit back and have fun watching the class with your favorite snack.

Learn more about Make Mexican Street Tacos with a Pro Chef.

7. Drawn from Within with a New York Artist

Drawn from Within is one of the more artistic Airbnb online experiences. This event allows the team to explore their creativity. You do not need to be an expert in drawing to partake in the session.

The host will lead you and your team in a 60 minutes long drawing session. The only supplies needed to participate are a pen or a pencil and one to five sheets of paper.


Draw from Within involves exploring the creative mind and seeing familiarity with a renewed curiosity. 

Learn more about Drawn from Within with a New York Artist, and check out more online group art classes.

8. Harry Potter Magic in Edinburgh Tour

Harry Potter Magic in Edinburgh Tour is one of the interesting Airbnb virtual tours you can take with your team. During the 60 minutes experience on Zoom, your team members will compete in different Hogwarts houses. The experience also includes a Harry Potter trivia competition between the houses. Every team member who shows up in a costume wins a point for their Hogwart house. Also, the team member with the best costume gets an additional point. 

The Edinburgh Tour will take you and your team to places where J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, got her inspiration for the locations used in Harry Potter. Also, you will take a tour of the graveyard where the author got the inspiration for the names of the characters in the Harry Potter series.

Learn more about Harry Potter Magic in Edinburgh Tour.

9. A Party in Paris with a Parisian

A Party in Paris with a Parisian is ideal for virtual offsites and team building events. For 60 minutes, the host will lead you on a virtual tour around the beautiful city of Paris. 

During the event, you will learn things like:

  • How to prepare a Parisian picnic
  • The birthplace of an iconic drink in the Royal Palace
  • Facts about the Eiffel Tower

You will also get to discover the funnier side of the Louvre museum. This virtual tour is a great idea to bring your team together for an online adventure that creates memories. 

Learn more about A Party in Paris with a Parisian.

10. Family Magic Show and Magic Lesson

If your team is searching for a virtual entertainment event idea, then you can consider an Airbnb online magic experience like Family Magic Show and Magic Lesson.

The host will perform magic tricks on Zoom for 45 to 50 minutes. This Airbnb magic show is a blend of magic and comedy that will entertain your team. After the host’s performance, there will be a 10 to 15 minutes session where you learn magic tricks. You will need two rubber bands and any small item with holes like a key or a ring to practice the tricks.

Learn more about Family Magic Show and Magic Lesson.

11. Meet and Draw a llama

Meet and Draw a llama is an interactive online virtual experience great for uniting dispersed teams. The experience involves meeting a Llama and making sketches of Llamas. The best part of this experience is that you do not need any special drawing skills to participate. With just paper and ink, your team will explore their imaginations in different ways.

The host will guide your team in the drawing process, and you will show your work to the host through the camera. The 60 minutes drawing experience also includes a tour to a paddock where you learn about llamas. You will learn simple ways to draw complex llama poses and unleash the power of imagination within the illustrations. 

Learn more about Meet and Draw a Llama.

12. ‘True vs. False’ Funny Historical Game

This Airbnb experience combines historical facts and an interactive lie detection game. The host will tell facts and stories from different parts of the world. Some are fictional, while others are fabrications. The audience can judge which stories are false and which are historical truths. 

Before the end of the experience, the host will eventually let you know which stories are authentic.

This event is one of the more interactive and engaging Airbnb online experiences, and the hosts often dress up in costumes to help teams get into the spirit of the challenge.

Learn more about ‘True vs. False’ Funny Historical Game.

13. Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague

Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague is an Airbnb online tour designed with team building in mind. You will tour the empty streets of Prague through a pre-recorded muted video. However, the host provides live commentary over the recording and allows the audience to ask questions. The one-hour tour will take you back in time to 1713-1715 when a doctor, Alexander Scamsky, fought the plague. 

The places you will visit online include the old St. Francis hospital, the convent of St. Agnes, the Old town square, and the Jewish Quarter.

Learn more about Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague.

14. Let go of stress 

Let go of stress is one of the more helpful Airbnb online wellness experiences for team building. You and your team will engage in a stress-relieving meditation session during this event. The meditation experience also focuses on reducing anxiety and negativity. 

The entire experience will last for 30 minutes. Of the total 30 minutes, there will be a 15-minute guided meditation session and a five-minute individual meditative state. For the rest of the time, you get to learn about the description of the meditation and ask questions. 

Learn more about Let go of stress through this Guided Meditation, and check out more virtual wellness activities

15. Living Room Legends Scavenger Hunt

Airbnb online experiences like Living Room Legends Scavenger Hunt are an excellent option for team building exercises. This Airbnb online scavenger hunt will bring out the creativity in your team as you create fun new things from random items.

In this 60-minute game, you display abilities like multitasking, communication, and problem-solving skills. Another fun part of the Living Room Legends Scavenger Hunt virtual experience is the chance to win fun virtual prizes. 

Learn more about Living Room Legends Scavenger Hunt.

16. Live Virtual Wildlife Safari in South Africa 

This Airbnb experience offers you a real-time online tour of the 240Ha wildlife sanctuary in South Africa. The experience will take place on Zoom for 90 minutes. On this virtual tour, you will learn about the South African wildlife from the comfort of your home. 

Here are some other things you and your team get to experience:

  • You will learn the history of the farm
  • You will see the animals in the wildlife reserve like the Zebra, bontebok, wildebeest, and waterbuck
  • You will also learn about these animals

Airbnb virtual tours like the Live Virtual Wildlife Safari in South Africa are great for team building. This wildlife tour also features a friendly competition with quizzes for your team.

Learn more about Live Virtual Wildlife Safari in South Africa.

17. Irish Village, History, Culture & Craic – Fun Hour

This virtual Airbnb experience will expand your knowledge of Ireland’s rich culture and history. The host will lead the one-hour experience that includes:

  • Storytelling 
  • Chat
  • Quizzes
  • Scenic views
  • Irish music
  • Irish Craic

The experience is one of the best virtual happy hour ideas that teams can use for online social events. 

Learn more about Irish Villiage, History, Culture & Craic – Fun Hour, and check out more virtual happy hour ideas.

18. ‘No Spain, No Game’ The Fabulous Game

The ‘No Spain No Game’ is a high-energy Airbnb online game experience for teams. During the 60 minute event, the host will lead you in team-building games like a scavenger hunt, trivia, and truth vs. false.

At the end of the event, the host tallies points, names a winner, and hands out prizes. This game gives remote teams the chance to interact and compete while learning about Barcelona and Spain.

Learn more about ‘No Spain No Game’ The Fabulous Game.

19. Wine Class With a Cool Wine Expert

A wine class with your team is a way for team members to spend time together virtually and learn more about wine from the comfort of home. This wine class is one of many Airbnb online drink-making activities your team can enjoy. The host will lead your team on a 60-minute lesson on Zoom. In the class, you and your team members will learn facts about wine. For example:

  • The process of making red and white wine 
  • The difference between red and white wine
  • How to choose wine when buying 
  • Main grapes and their regions in the world
  • The difference between the grapes
  • Wine and food pairing

Each team member needs to bring their own red wine, white wine, and cheese for the best experience. 

Learn more about Wine Class With a Cool Wine Expert, and check out more virtual wine tasting experiences

20. Solve The Mystery Escape Room

Solve The Mystery Escape Room is a team building game experience on Airbnb. There are two different time options available to play the game. You can either play in 60 minutes or play in 90 minutes. A game master will lead the game on Zoom. At the start of the game, there is an interactive session where you get to know your team members on a deeper level.

In the game, your team members will play as one team. If your team is large, then the game master can divide the team into small groups. The game master will tell you the game’s rules and the plot. Then, the team will solve riddles and work together as a group of detectives trying to solve the prepared game. The goal is to bring a final answer to the game master.

Learn more about Solve The Mystery Escape Room, and check out more virtual escape room experiences.

21. Yoga with Olympic Champion Kat Copeland

A Yoga session is one of many Airbnb online wellness activities that can help your team members relax and share a bonding experience. Yoga with Olympic Champion Kat Copeland is a 70-minute Airbnb session hosted on Zoom.

The experience covers a series of yoga exercises to suit your needs, like Hatha, yin, and vinyasa restorative yoga. An expert will host you and give an introductory session before the yoga starts. Also, if any of your team members have injuries, the host can lead the yoga session to support the injured team member.

You do not need to be an expert in yoga before participating. However, you will need comfy clothes and a yoga kit. However, if you do not have a yoga kit, then you can find a soft and comfortable spot on the floor.

Learn more about Yoga Olympic champion Kat Copeland, and check out this guide on doing team building yoga.

22. A Sandwich Masterclass with a Pro

A Sandwich Masterclass is part of the tastiest Airbnb online cooking experiences for teams. In the one-hour class, the host guides you and your team on how to make a New York-style sandwich. The recipe of the sandwich is adjustable for all kinds of diets.

Also, during the one-hour session, you can talk about your favorite sandwich and debate on sandwich-related topics like whether a hotdog is a sandwich. When you book the class, you will get a list of all the ingredients to make the sandwich, like bread, cold meat, and vegetables.

Learn more on A Sandwich Masterclass with a Pro.

23. Making Cocktails at Home 

Making Cocktails at Home is one of the most fun Airbnb online drink-making activities for teams.

This cocktail class takes place on Zoom for 90 minutes. During the class, an expert host will guide you through making two cocktails at home. Apart from learning how to make delicious cocktails, you will also learn:

  • Cocktail-making techniques and when to use them
  • The history of cocktails 
  • The major families of cocktails 
  • Staple cocktail ingredients and spirits 
  • How ice affects cocktails

The ingredients you will need for the class include a jigger, two bottles of alcohol, glassware, and a cocktail shaker.

Learn more about Making Cocktails at Home


Airbnb online experiences are great opportunities for remote teams to bond and have a fun virtual happy hour. The events and activities give you memorable, interactive, and fun moments without leaving your home. Plus, many of these experiences are budget-friendly and expand employees’ cultural horizons.

Next, check out this list of virtual team bonding experiences and this guide to forming successful virtual teams.

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FAQ: Airbnb online experiences

Here are answers to questions about Airbnb online experiences.

What are Airbnb online experiences?

Airbnb online experiences are live-hosted activities led by an expert from Airbnb. With Airbnb online experiences, you can virtually connect with local hosts worldwide and learn many new, exciting facts.

What are some good Airbnb online experiences for teams?

Some good Airbnb online experiences for teams are Worlds Top Coffee Masterclass, Wine Class With a Cool Wine Expert, Positive Thinking With a Paralympic Hero, and Harry Potter Magic in Edinburgh Tour.

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