20 Best Brand Consultants for Businesses

By: | Updated: December 12, 2023

You found our list of top brand consultants.

Brand consultants are professionals who help businesses create a distinctive presence in the marketplace. Examples of these advisers include Bellweather, SGK, and Tenet. The purpose of these consultants is to help businesses to reposition themselves, expand their target market, and gain a competitive advantage.

These providers are similar to management consulting companies. Advice from these experts is similar to information found in books on business strategies, books on content marketing, and digital marketing books.

This list includes:

  • digital brand consultants
  • brand consulting services
  • freelance brand consultants
  • creative brand consultants
  • rebranding consultants
  • brand strategy consulting firms

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List of brand consultants

Branding agencies provide some of the most important inputs in creating effective and sustainable brand identities. These consultants often factor in changing market trends and business goals. From Lexicon to NinjaPromo to BrandTuitive, here is a list of the best consultants businesses can use to improve their branding.

1. Traina

Born from the belief that moving people is key to scaling businesses, Traina is a great choice of creative brand consultants. The company focuses on brand expressions that create positive company cultures. The company’s branding tasks include bringing insights, perspectives, energy, and enthusiasm to realize a brand’s potential. Some of Trainia’s branding tasks that companies can benefit from are brand identity, strategy, and activation.

Traina has a remarkable portfolio working with brands such as Kyocera, Meta, Salk, Microsoft, and Qualcomm. The company is also renowned for creating market-leading brands by leveraging data and creative designs. Organizations can also seek digital experience services, like hosting and maintenance, motion and video graphics, and digital strategy.

Learn more about Traina.

2. Bellweather

Bellweather is an independent brand consultancy integrating strategy, technology, and design to create remarkable companies. By taking brands as business drivers, the company leverages powerful tools that enable organizations to unlock their potential. Bellweather focuses on implementing visually impactful campaigns and compelling brand stories. Some of the services that Belleather offers are brand training, campaigns, illustration styles, verbal identity, and communication collateral.

Bellweather has a portfolio working with leading brands, such as oodi, Mobility, Nupco, and Tawal. The company is also renowned  for its branding work at the Transform Awards MEA 2022. Businesses can also benefit from customer experience, brand audits, opportunity framing, and customer journey mapping services.

Learn more about Bellweather.

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3. bluemarlin

As one of the leading digital brand consultants, bluemarlin is a great choice for companies that want to accelerate their growth. Founded in 1993, the company helps brands navigate change by combining creativity and strategy. These branding efforts are pivotal in giving businesses relevance and providing opportunities for responsible futures and more profits. The creative branding process starts by watching global industry trends, examining technical details, and taking a consumer approach.

Some creative branding services businesses can seek from bluemarlin are structural design, packaging design, brand communication, change management, and trend analysis. The company also has a remarkable portfolio working with brands such as elixir, Ballantine’s, Bio Essence, Kinnie, and Thatcher’s. bluemarlin has locations in London, Mumbai, and the UK.

Learn more about bluemarlin.

4. Desantis Breindel

Desantis Breindel is a leading B2B branding agency. The company focuses on building differentiated B2B brands with designs that delight and create engaging experiences. The branding agent focuses on brand differentiation, merger and acquisition branding, product launch, sales force empowerment, and market expansion. The branding consulting firm has a variety of services, such as strategy, design, research and analytics, and brand experience. The company also provides employee brand and digital engagement. Desantis Breindel works with diverse brands, including professional services, technology, health care, real estate, and energy sectors.

Learn more about Desantis Breindel.

5. SGK

As a brand experience and global packaging company, SGK is a fantastic choice for companies searching for brand consulting services. The company focuses on simplifying marketing and amplifying business results. By working with SGK, companies enjoy a simplified marketing process. As a result, brands get the freedom to speak louder, reach the right target market, and scale faster. With years of packaging experience, from impeccable production to breakthrough design, SGK helps brands reach the ideal clientele.

The company also provides workflow consulting, change management, photography and retouching, and production art. Other notable services are applied intelligence, business process services, and technology application. SGK also has some of the most versatile marketing technology. For instance, with the SGK modular marketing technology, businesses enjoy compatibility with world-class ERP systems and global security. The technology also provides cloud-based production capabilities. SGK has a portfolio of over 1,500 clients worldwide.

Learn more about SGK.

6. Lexicon

Founded in 1982, Lexicon is a brand consulting company that creates distinctive and noteworthy businesses. The company uses fundamental insights to create unforgettable products, company, and brand names. Some of the services Lexicon offers include naming, architecture, name research, linguistic and cultural evaluations, and screening. The company has a portfolio of over 3,700 projects in over 22 countries. These projects include leading brands, such as Coca-Cola, BlackBerry, Sonos, and Subaru. With locations in California and Amsterdam, Lexicon can work with global brands. The company serves both innovative startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about Lexicon.

7. BrandMe

If you want to grow your company, then you must capitalize on brand consulting services. Partnering with BrandMe, a company that creates master brand identities, is a clever way to ensure brand marketing consistency. BrandMe delivers clear, single-minded, simple brand identities aligning with organizational values and goals. The company focuses on branding consulting services, like consumer journeys, naming, portfolio architecture, and brand audits. Other notable branding-related services that BrandMe offers include artwork, 3D structural and print, and equities analysis.

Learn more about BrandMe.

8. Evviva

Evviva is an evidence-based and strategy-led brand consulting company. The company focuses on changing misalignments in branding to drive business growth. From new competitive threats, crises of confidence, acquisitions, and pivots in strategy, Evviva sees opportunities to scale businesses in every situation. The company has an incredible branding portfolio featuring global organizations, such as Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Atlassian, and Google Fiber. Evviva works with businesses in diverse industries like energy, manufacturing, SAAs, tech, eCommerce, and healthcare. With offices in Edinburgh and San Francisco, Evviva combines the UK’s marketing genius and Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial spirit to deliver the best brand strategy, identity, and positioning.

Learn more about Evviva.

9. Suzanna Jackson

With over 25 years of experience in brand consulting, Suzanna Jackson is a great pick for companies looking for freelance brand consultants. Suzanna Jackson has extensive experience in brand strategy, naming, valuation, engagement, and corporate identity. Some of Suzanna Jackson’s services are brand strategy and positioning, management facilitation, and brand naming. The consultant also provides internal brand engagement and strapline creation services. Suzanna Jackson works in diverse sectors such as nonprofit to multinational brands. Some notable projects by Suzanna Jackson were for brands such as Nescafé, Nokia, Land Rover, and PepsiCo.

Connect with Suzanna Jackson.

10. Clay

Based in San Francisco, Clay is a great choice of UI/UX design and brand consultants. The company transforms brands through visual identity, strategy, and web presence. Clay uses a simple approach to create digital products that prospects will love. The company has a team of branding experts who prioritize working closely with clients. Besides the client-centered approach, the company also focuses on a methodological approach to collaboratively design and brand. Clay mostly works with businesses in the tech industries. The branding company also provides mobile app development and web design services. Clay has a brand portfolio with global industry-leading companies, like Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Samsung.

Learn more about Clay.

11. NinjaPromo

NinjaPromo is a great choice of brand consultants for companies searching for a full-service provider. The 2017-founded company helps other organizations connect with their customers by creating personal connections, specifically in the digital aspects. As a brand consultant, NinjaPromo helps package organizational visions into unique identities that ensure brand establishment, preservation, and enhancement. Through these services, companies can increase awareness, build a brand from the ground, and improve their reputation.

Some of the company’s services include branding strategy, development, design, style guide, and management. NinjaPromo offers different packages such as social media, corporate, and website branding. The company also provides services such as mobile app and blockchain development, community management, and media relations. NinjaPromo has earned various recognitions, like the top Crunchbase digital marketing agencies with over 100 employees and the Digital Agency Network top digital marketing agencies for startups.

Learn more about NinjaPromo.

12. Catchword

With an award-winning portfolio and deep experiences, businesses cannot go wrong with Catchword as their choice of digital brand consultants. The leading-branding company has over 25 years of experience in the industry, serving over 650 clients, including Intel Arc, Atlas, Asana, and Hitachi Vantara. The company helps define a brand’s who, what, and why through visuals and language that resonate with the right target audience. Catchword leverages its team with diverse backgrounds in branding and human communication. Some of the services that Catchword provides are brand positioning, architecture, messaging, taglines, and copywriting. The company also offers visual identity services, such as logo creation and identity systems. Catchword also has a variety of awards, such as the Clutch 2019 to 2022 number one branding agency worldwide and the 2022 Influencer Marketing Hub top branding agency.

Learn more about Catchword.

13. Mucho

Mucho is a branding consulting company that creates meaningful brands through inspiring campaigns and visionary designs. The company embraces industry complexities and insights to reach the ideal target market. Mucho follows a branding strategy by aiming at the core of human endeavors and values. The company’s branding services include brand research, strategy, benchmarking, positioning, and architecture. The company also provides consumer and market insights and data visualization to prevent preventable branding errors. Besides strategy, Mucho also crafts brand narratives following analysis, vision, and business objectives. The company has offices in Melbourne, New York, San Francisco, Paris, and Barcelona.

Learn more about Mucho.

14. BLVR

BLVR tops the list of creative brand consultants. The company takes a unique approach that uncovers the heart of an organization and translates the results into an authentic purpose. BLVR focuses on creating brand identities that maximize impact, multiply profit, and rally consumers’ behaviors. The branding agency’s unique methodology goes beyond short-term tactics, including belief, purpose, vision, and behavior. By working with BLVR, brands can avert industry disruptions, deliver greater social good, unite a workforce, and boost brand trust. The company works with businesses in diverse industries, such as food, wellness, consumer goods, hospitality, and apparel.

Learn more about BLVR.

15. Tenet

Tenet is a consulting company that builds powerful brands. The firm capitalizes on advanced analytics, creativity, and collaborative innovation. These steps guide the company to create imaginative experiences that attract the ideal clientele. Organizations can seek corporate branding services, like market research, logo and identity design, communications, brand launch, and implementation. Consumer branding services include concept design, portfolio architecture, retail and package design, and product identity.

Tenet also provides brand management services like digital workflow applications, outsourcing, and custom engineering and integration. Other notable branding-related services are data science, digital, and product and service innovation. The New York-headquartered company also has locations in other cities, such as London, Toronto, San Francisco, Columbia, and Kansas City.

Learn more about Tenet.

16. Motto

As a global strategic branding agency, Motto is a remarkable choice for companies that want to bring their ideas to life. The 2005-founded branding leader collaborates with CEOs, founders, and executive teams to realize significant opportunities. Through innovative branding, companies can withstand shifting business models, leadership changes, and market changes. Some of the branding services that Motto provides include research and insights, brand definition, positioning, architecture, and vision. Motto has a portfolio of global brands, such as Disney, Virgin, and Andela.

Learn more about Motto.

17. Andrea Gercken

If you are looking for freelance brand consultants, then you might want to connect with Andrea Gercken. The Berlin-based digital brand consultant develops user-centered stories and strategies for brands that want to leverage the digital space. Andrea Gercken offers various branding-related services, including target group analysis, concept development, social media and platform strategy, and market observation. The consultant also provides brand storytelling and project management services. Gercken’s love for architecture, excellent design, and art reinforce her dedication to growing brands.

Connect with Andrea Gercken.

18. Daake

Daake is a pivotal-moment brand agency that helps businesses make the most of their unique identities. The company’s consulting begins with one of the most important branding steps, brand thinking. Through this step, Daake helps to identify organizational intentions. Brand thinking entails research, audit, strategy, architecture, customer experience innovation, and stakeholder unification. The company then carries out brand design services, like identity, messaging, user experience, and internal culture. Organizations also get various brand change services, like momentum building, social learning, culture shift, and internal and external launches.

Learn more about Daake.

19. WANT

With over 24 years in the industry, WANT is a commendable choice of rebranding consultants. The company creates world-class brands that delight customers, outrank the competition, and achieve exemplary results. WANT provides brand strategy, definition, messaging, and architecture solutions. The company also offers brand naming, identity, and research services. WANT focuses on simple approaches to branding. The firm has a portfolio of over 2,000 brands in 45 countries, of which 31 brands are on the Best Global Brands list.

Learn more about WANT.

20. BrandTuitive

Whether you are a brand new or established company, BrandTuitive is a great branding partner. The company focuses on both branding and marketing. Thus, businesses can have one in-house service provider. Some of the branding services that BrandTuitive provides are strategy, verbal identity, and visual identity. Businesses looking for branding marketing partners can opt for creative campaigns, digital experiences, and communications services. BrandTuitive uses a branding and marketing approach that ensures that all efforts tell a meaningful story that builds businesses.

Learn more about BrandTuitive.


Branding is a crucial part of differentiating a company’s products and services from competitors. While businesses can opt for in-house branding teams, consultants often have extensive experience in the industry. These consultants research, develop, and manage all branding strategies in a business. However, businesses must ensure they work with experienced consultants who understand the business vision and align with organizational values.

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FAQ: Brand consultants

Here are answers to common questions about brand consultants.

What are brand consultants?

Brand consultants are professionals who help companies develop and maintain strong brand identities. These individuals may provide essential branding-related services, such as market research and brand strategy development. The right choice of branding consultant will increase consumer loyalty and overall brand awareness.

What do brand consultants do?

Tasked with creating and implementing branding strategies, brand consultants play a vital role in the success of a business. These professionals try to create and maintain positive images of a business.

Some of the roles of brand consultants include:

  • Conducting marketing research: This includes analyzing the target audience, the competition, and the overall industry trends. Market research allows branding consultants to gain a deep understanding of the company’s target market and the best ways to reach and engage with consumers.
  • Developing a brand strategy: Brand strategy development may include creating a unique brand value proposition, positioning statement, and architecture. Brand strategies define the company’s unique selling points and how it will differentiate itself from its competitors. These approaches can also help create a consistent message and visual identity for the company across all marketing channels.
  • Implementing branding campaigns: Branding consultants may create marketing materials, such as logos, website designs, and advertising campaigns. Consultants often work closely with the marketing team to ensure that all branding efforts align with the overall brand strategy and are consistent across all channels.
  • Provide insights on the effectiveness of branding efforts: Branding consultants use analytics to track the success of campaigns and make recommendations for future improvements.

Branding consultants can help companies differentiate themselves from competitors, create a positive lasting image in the minds of consumers, and increase overall brand awareness and loyalty.

Who are the best brand consultants

The right choice of branding consultants can propel a company in the right direction faster. However, organizations often struggle to determine the right fit for their needs. Some factors that businesses could consider include branding expertise, pricing, approach to marketing, business goals, and industry knowledge. Some of the best branding consultants include Traina, BLVR, and Evviva.

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