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Hi! You found our list of the best online cooking classes. Online cooking classes are virtual courses where chefs teach you how to prepare food. For example, by building good cooking habits, learning special cooking techniques, and creating specific dishes. Usually, these classes are hosted by professional chefs, but they can also consist of user-generated […]

Hi! You found our list of online art classes. Online art classes are lessons available over the internet where users can practice creating art and learn new techniques. Depending on which course you take, the virtual art class can be highly structured or one where you can decide your own pace. Many of these online […]

Hello! You found our list of end of year budget spending ideas. End of year budget spending ideas are practical ways to use remaining funds before the year is complete. Many budgets reset in the new year, and leftover resources do not roll over. In some cases, new budget calculations depend on the amount spent […]

Hello job seekers! Here is our list of the best free career tests. Career tests are evaluations used to determine job strengths or ideal career roles for potential candidates. Individuals take these tests for self-analysis, while human resources professionals and managers occasionally use these quizzes to choose applicants and assemble teams. Career tests share several […]

Hello sightseers! You found our list of virtual tours of museums, zoos and national parks! Virtual tours are online experiences that enable visitors to view museums, landmarks, parks, and attractions through a computer screen. These tours use methods such as 360 picture view, satellite imagery, virtual reality, or video conferencing to bring famous sites into […]

Hallo g’vner! You found our list of fancy virtual tea party ideas. Tea parties are a time-honored tradition where guests gather to sip tea, nibble on desserts or light refreshments, and enjoy light conversation. Virtual tea party ideas are ways to entertain guests during an afternoon tea held via video conference software like Skype, Zoom, […]

Hi! You found our list of virtual wine tasting classes. Virtual wine tasting is an online experience, where sommeliers walk you through a selection of wines shipped to your home. The guide educates you on the wines’ backgrounds and teaches you what to look for when enjoying wine. Since virtual wine tastings usually occur in […]

Hi! You discovered our list of destination management companies. Destination management companies are organizations that assist with corporate travel planning. For example, these companies often assist with hotels, food, entertainment, transportation and more. These organizations are commonly known as DMC for short. This article covers: what is a destination management company? what does a destination […]

Hi! You found our list of fun question games to play with friends. Question games are activities that use prompts to reveal personal information about players. For example, “Never Have I Ever”, Icebreaker Questions and Truth or Dare? The purpose of these games is to build relationships, boost engagement and have fun. These questions are […]

Hi! You found our guide to employee engagement surveys. Employee engagement surveys are tools leaders use to gauge employee sentiment, diagnose issues, and brainstorm possible improvements. These surveys serve a variety of purposes such as improving internal communication, raising morale, decreasing turnover, or connecting colleagues more meaningfully. The tone of the survey can vary depending […]

Hello! You discovered our list of luxury corporate gift ideas. Luxury corporate gifts are expensive presents that organizations give to important clients, vendors, employees and industry contacts. Generally, these gifts are at least $500 each, and can often be $5000 or more. The purpose of these gifts is to build relationships between the organization and […]

Hello! You found our list of proven employee retention strategies. Employee retention strategies are ways to reduce staff turnover and hold onto your organization’s talent. These approaches not only save on hiring and training costs, but also increase employee satisfaction. These strategies are also known as “employee retention techniques.” These strategies are similar to employee […]

Hi! Here is our list of employee engagement best practices. Employee engagement best practices are policies that companies put in place to spur enthusiasm towards work among their staff. Generally speaking, these guidelines are designed to get employees more invested in their work and involved in achieving company goals. These best practices are similar to […]

Hi! You found our list of team building movies. Team building movies are films that showcase incredible leadership or feature the assembling of a team of misfits to achieve a difficult mission. Viewing these movies with your team inspires everyone to work better together and to believe in a common goal. Also, because you and […]

Hi! You discovered our list of online free personality tests. Personality tests are assessments that reveal motivations, psychological preferences, character, temperament, and beliefs. Individuals use these tests to gain a better sense of self-awareness, or just for fun! Employers use these questionnaires to balance teams and optimize management approaches. These tests can help improve company […]

Hi! You found our list of online volunteering ideas! Online volunteering is ways to dedicate time to philanthropies by using a computer or mobile device. These virtual volunteering ideas allow folks to contribute towards a cause without leaving home or travelling. These ideas are also known as online community service opportunities, virtual service opportunities, and […]

Hi! You found our list of getting to know you questions. Getting to know you questions are prompts that reveal personal information, beliefs, and fun facts about conversation partners. These questions are often used by kids, adults, couples, students and colleagues to build stronger relationships. These questions are a subset of icebreaker questions and are […]

Hi! You found our list of fun Microsoft Teams games. Microsoft Teams games are games, competitions, and puzzles playable on the Microsoft Teams platform. For example: Trivia, Guess Who, and Scavenger Hunts. These games use the platform’s features like video, chat and white boards to engage remote workers and facilitate virtual team bonding during online […]

Hello adventurers! You found our list of free DIY escape room puzzle ideas. Free DIY escape room puzzle ideas are tips and tricks that help you build an escape room from scratch. These suggestions make escape room set-up quick and simple, so you can make escape rooms for kids or adults at home, school, the […]

Hi! You found our list of fun corporate holiday party favors. Corporate holiday party favors are gifts presented to employees at company Christmas parties. Traditionally, these gifts are part of individual place settings or sit on a designated gift table. However, if your holiday party is remote, then you can still send party favors to […]

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