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14 Signs of a Good Manager at Work in 2021

You found our list of signs of a good manager. Signs of a good manager are qualities of effective leadership that result in high morale and productivity among teams. For example, getting to know team members, sharing credit for wins, and taking an active role in career coaching. The purpose of pointing out these qualities […]

21 Best Business Books to Read in 2021

You found our list of top business books. Business books are practical guides to building and running successful enterprises. The genre is diverse and offers advice to businesses of all sizes and types. These books cover topics like negotiation, management, profit, and productivity. The purpose is to teach entrepreneurs effective habits and best practices that […]

18 Best Marketing Books to Read in 2021

You found our list of the best marketing books. Marketing books are nonfiction guides that explain how to build a brand and gain visibility for a company, product, or service. These books cover topics such as branding, digital marketing, social media, and storytelling. The purpose of these books is to teach marketing competencies and help […]

94 Awesome Scavenger Hunt Clues, Riddles & Answers

You found our list of scavenger hunt clues! Scavenger hunt clues are questions, riddles, puzzles, and hints that lead players to objects during scavenger hunts. For example, “if not for me, the birds would live in a hole in a tree” leads treasure hunters to a birdhouse. The purpose of these prompts is to make […]

24 Virtual Pride Month Ideas for Work in 2021

You found our list of fabulous virtual pride month ideas. June is Pride Month in the US, Hungary, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Greenland. This month commemorates the Stonewall riots, and champions equal rights for the queer community. Pride is a celebration of identity and a call for tolerance and acceptance, as well as an acknowledgement […]

How to do Virtual Water Coolers in 2021

You found our guide to creating a virtual water cooler. Virtual water coolers are online spaces where remote colleagues can gather for casual conversation. For example, sharing weekend plans or talking about television shows. The purpose of these online rooms is to boost camaraderie among remote teams. Virtual water coolers are examples of remote team […]

9 Ways to Play Online Jeopardy With Friends or Coworkers

You found our list of ways to play online Jeopardy. Jeopardy is a quiz game that challenges players to answer trivia in specific categories. There are several ways to play group Jeopardy online, such as through apps, websites, and Zoom. Online jeopardy is also known as virtual Jeopardy. For rules and step-by-step instructions, check out […]

55 Inspiring Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Quotes

You found our list of Asian Pacific Heritage Month quotes. Asian Heritage Month is in May, and is a thirty-one day celebration of Asian achievement and inclusion. Asian Pacific Heritage Month quotes are phrases used to express the holiday’s message of equality and pride for the Asian-American community. These sayings are a type of motivational […]

14 Ways to Celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month at Work

You found our list of Asian Pacific Heritage Month ideas for work. Asian Pacific Heritage Month is a US holiday celebrated during the month of May. The occasion honors Asian culture and the achievements of the Asian community within the United States and across the world. The month is also commonly known as Asian Heritage […]

21 Best Online Problem Solving Games & Activities for Groups

Here is our list of the best online problem solving games & activities. Problem solving games are activities that require players to use critical thinking skills to solve puzzles. For example: escape rooms, Sudoku, and murder mysteries. The purpose of these exercises is to sharpen reasoning and decision-making skills in group settings. These activities are […]

73 Motivational Pride Month Quotes for Work

You found our list of the best pride month quotes. Pride month quotes are sayings that champion equal rights and acceptance for members of the LGBTQ+ community. These statements deal with topics such as love, civil liberties, allyship, and embracing identity. You can use these quotes in social media posts, emails, meetings, and group chats […]

15 Virtual Take Your Dog to Work Day Ideas for 2021

Woof! You found our list of the best virtual take your dog to work day ideas! National Take Your Dog to Work Day is a US holiday celebrated on the last Friday in June. Employees observe the occasion by bringing dogs to the office. Virtual Take Your Dog to Work Day activities are ways to […]

163 Best Team Building Questions for the Workplace in 2021

You found our list of the best team building questions! Team building questions are conversation prompts that help group members connect and build relationships. For example, “What is your favorite movie ever?” or “How do you spend the majority of your work day?” The purpose of these prompts is to facilitate discussions and find points […]

10 Best Training and Development Books to Read in 2021

You found our list of the best training and development books! Training and development books are guides that teach best practices for onboarding and educating employees. These books cover topics such as course design and delivery, learning evaluation, and performance reviews. The purpose of these books is to streamline the process of teaching staff new […]

24 Virtual Campfire Ideas, Games & Activities

You found our list of virtual campfire ideas. Virtual campfires are online events that include typical camp activities such as ghost stories, s’mores-making, and sing-alongs. Online campfire ideas are ways to recreate the bonfire experience on virtual meeting software like Zoom and Google Meet. The purpose of these gatherings is for guests to have fun […]

The #1 Random Question Generator Tool in 2021

You found our online random question generator tool. Random question generators are tools that produce questions on demand. For example, you may want to generate questions for icebreakers, games of twenty questions or to facilitate conversations and get to know someone. The purpose of these generators is to provide you with good questions at the […]

14 Best Office Pets for Happy Workplaces

You found our list of friendly office pets! 🐾 Office pets are animals that live in or visit the workplace and spread cheer to employees. These furry friends typically belong to the company, but might also be the personal pet of the CEO or owner, office manager, or another employee. Pets are a great work […]

14 Employee Turnover Causes & How to Fix It

Here is our list of major causes of employee turnover. Employee turnover is the rate at which employees leave an organization. Reasons behind employee turnover include lack of growth and progression, inadequate compensation, and inefficient management. Understanding these reasons helps leaders design employee retention strategies. This article includes: involuntary turnover reasons reasons why employees quit […]

17 Best Connection Games to Play with Large Groups

You found our list of fun connection games! Connection games are activities meant to encourage interactions and help build bonds among players. For example, personal trivia, photo challenges, and mingle Bingo. The purpose of these exercises is to make it easier for folks in large or distanced groups to get to know each other and […]

19 Fun Virtual Family Games to Play Together Online

You found our list of fun virtual family games. Virtual family games are competitions to enjoy with relatives via virtual meeting software like FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype. For example, online trivia, Pictionary, and digital scavenger hunts. The purpose of these games is to facilitate family bonding and fun between distanced relatives. These games are ideal […]

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