Sometime in the last twenty years, the American Dream shifted from a puppy, two kids, +1 and a picket fence to something more like, “working from home without pants.” And with this shift toward remote work came the rise of virtual management; a field dedicated to the skillful practice of managing and leading remote teams. […]

Icebreaker Questions

🕒 April 02, 2020

We love icebreaker questions! They’re a quick, fun, and easy way to do team building activities no matter where you are, and even more so if you are doing remote team building. We start every meeting with a quick round of icebreaker questions. This activity sets the tone for the meeting, allows people to loosen […]

You probably found this post by Googling team building activities near me, right? A lot of people do. Team building activities and corporate events are available in almost every city, state and country. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the best activities near you. So, we wrote this post to share a few […]