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You discovered our list of top destination management companies.

Destination management companies are organizations that assist with corporate travel planning. For example, these companies often assist with hotels, food, entertainment, transportation and more. These organizations are commonly known as “DMC companies” for short, and the singular is “destination management company.”

This list is similar to the best event management companies and is helpful for planning company retreats.

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  • travel management companies
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Let’s get to it.

List of global destination management companies

Here is a list of DMCs that operate in many countries around the world.

1. Global DMC Network by JTB Group

Location: Various cities across the world

True to its name, Global DMC Network runs events across the world. Destinations include locales in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Oceania, including Brazil, Russia, the UK, India, China, Malaysia, and New Zealand. While this organization is technically a DMC Network instead of an individual DMC, all the management consultants within fall under the umbrella of the travel agency titan JTB group. Since JTB group has coordinated events as large as Olympic ceremonies, they are well equipped to plan large-scale international gatherings.

Visit Global DMC Network by JTB Group.

2. Hosts Global

Location: Various cities across the world

Hosts Global works largely in North American and Europe, but can coordinate events in key spots in Asia, the Caribbean, Northern Africa, and Oceania as well. From incentive programs, business meetings of all sizes, site inspections, and monumental occasions, Hosts Global offers streamlined, safety-first experiences. With over sixty years of service under their belts, the professionals at Hosts Globals have had ample time to hone and perfect their craft.

Visit Hosts Global.

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3. IVI DMC Enterprises

Location: Mexico and Central America

IVI DMC Enterprises creates experiences throughout Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama, Domincan Republic, and Columbia. IVI DMC was the first accredited DMC in Mexico, and for over 20 years has expanded operations to better serve clientele across several countries. The company tailors programs to meet clients’ needs, offers temporary import assistance and multilingual communication services, and incorporates handcrafts and local products into dining and gifting.

Visit IVI DMC Enterprises.

4. Ovation Global DMC

Location: Various cities across the world

Ovation caters to multiple continents including The Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East, and designs programs for destinations such as Macau, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Bahrain, Egypt, Rwanda, Georgia, and Lithuania, to name a few. They take a three-pronged approach, offering destination consultancy, creative design, and logistical event planning services tailored to clients’ scope and needs.

Visit Ovation Global DMC.

5. PRA

Location: Various cities across the world and US

PRA is a business event management firm with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Their mission is to create exemplary, innovative events that embody their client’s visions of growth. PRA operates out of all 50 US states, as well as international destinations including Australia, Sri Lanka, Korea, Italy, Czech Republic, and Japan. Besides creative on-site events, they also offer digital solutions for tech-savvy businesses.

Visit PRA.

6. Terra Events

Location: Italy, Spain, Portugal, France

Terra Events services Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France. They design incentives, corporate events, hospitality programs, meetings, and conferences that engage attendees with the finer things in life. This team’s high standards and grounded structure help them deliver immersive experiences rooted in pleasures such as sports, arts, wine, cuisine, and similar cultural delights.

Visit Terra Events.

7. Terramar

Locations: San Francisco, Mexico, Central America

Terramar’s main destinations are San Francisco, Los Cabos, Cancun, Panama, and Puerto Vallarta. They offer leisure travel and personal events such as weddings as well as coordinating corporate affairs like meetings and incentive programs. Beyond logistics and entertainment, Terramar provides marketing and promotion and supplies statistics post-event.

Visit Terramar.

8. DM Africa

Locations: Africa

This company services the African continent, with destinations including Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. They offer luxury services and VIP security details for an elevated experience. The consultants also contract with translators in various languages. It is worth noting that DM Africa currently only accepts bookings from travel agents, tour operators and professional travel planners, so you may need to enlist the help of a travel expert to act as a liaison.

Visit DM Africa.


Location: Various cities across the world and US

Though CSI DMC works mainly in US cities such as Denver, Seattle, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Orlando, and Nashville, their international division creates experiences across six continents, including destinations such as Cambodia, Croatia, Kenya, Montenegro, Tanzania, and the UAE. CSI advertises virtual and virtual reality, in-person, or hybrid services, meaning guests can travel to remote locations or attend remotely. The company offers many immersive, culturally-rooted, and adventure based experiences, and many virtual events include kits and corporate gifts to more thoroughly engage at-home attendees.

Visit CSI DMC.

List of US destination management companies

Here is a list of DMCs that operate across the United States.

10. Access

Location: Various cities across the US.

Access operates in twenty major US cities including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York, New Orleans, San Diego, and Washington DC. They handle large-scale and small-scale events, and both high-profile and low-key affairs. From travel incentive trips to service projects to full-blown parades, Access adopts a purpose-driven, service-intensive approach to event coordination. The company boasts over half a century in business as well as an 85% repeat client ratio.

Visit Access.

11. Hello! Destination Management

Location: Florida, California, and other US states

Hello! specializes in local services in Florida, California, Virginia, Washington DC, Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Las Vegas. They collaborate with companies to create a shared vision for a dynamic event. Services include tours, dining, transportation, event design, entertainment production, and team building, among other amenities. Their method is to involve clientele heavily in the imagining process, but to make the logistics stress-free.

Visit Hello! Destination Management.

12. RMC

Location: Various cities across the US

Some of RMC’s top destinations include Aspen, Austin, Bachelor Gulch, Beaver Creek, Coastal Carolina & Georgia, Colorado Springs, Denver, Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe, Napa and Sonoma Valley, Park City, Salt Lake City. Through the lens of history and unique culture, the organization offers an immersive experience that connects travelers with the locale. Notable excursions include national parks, chocolate boutiques, architectural marvels, food trucks, swims with sharks, and cowboy lessons.

Visit RMC.

13. 360 Destination Group

Locations: California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Las Vegas, and New York

360 Destination Group’s areas of expertise include sections of the West Coast, Southwest, and Florida, as well as New York City and Chicago. Their service-based approach aims to reduce stress and maximize enjoyment. Notable past offerings include red-carpet style soirees, adventure sports extravaganzas, outdoor garden banquets, international food festivals, and an indoor skate park, but 360 Destination Groups tailors each event to suit the individual client.

Visit 360 Destination Group.

14. Destination Events Services

Locations: Various cities across the US

Destination Event Services coordinates events in the US’s most major cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, and its home base of New York City. It aims to create exciting and unique experiences tailored towards individual enjoyment, including “meet the chef” and “meet the athlete” features during dinners and outings.

Visit Destination Events Services.

15. On the Scene

Locations: Various cities across the US

True to its name, On the Scene handles groundwork for out-of-town events in cities such as Dallas, Denver, San Diego, and Las Vegas. Viewing every venue as a blank canvas with the potential to become a memorable experience, the company brands its design, decor, transportation, and entertainment services as solutions.

Visit On the Scene.

16. Swargo Events

Locations: New York City

Based in the city that never sleeps, Swargo Events is open to creating events in multiple locales, with a heavy focus on its hometown. Swargo’s approach centers around recruiting the most talented professionals and visionaries, both in their own ranks and their partnering vendors. Events they tackle include meetings, holiday functions, charity galas, and product launches for big and small companies alike. Not only does Swargo seek to build memorable experiences, but also to immortalize them with noteworthy photography options.

Visit Swargo Events.

17. Details NYC

Locations: New York City

Details NYC proclaims to “aim for the stars” by providing exceptional, top-tier services in New York City. From dinner cruises and helicopter tours to shopping to lessons from the Knicks and rollerblading afternoons in Central Park, Details NYC customizes the big city experience for personal and professional groups alike. It is worth noting that the company proudly advertises virtual services and green events as well, for modern-minded and ecologically conscious clientele.

Visit Details NYC.

18. Nxt Event

Locations: Boston and New England

Nxt Event services Boston and New England, aiming to capture the character of the Northern city and states for an authentic, highly-entertaining experience. So far, all the offerings are port cities, and embrace nautical elements as well as deep histories. Special services include celebrity chef cuisine nights, evening sunset cruises, tours of the local music scenes, as well as waterfront activities such as lobstering.

Visit Nxt Event.

19. Corinthian Events

Locations: Boston and New England

Like many other industry providers, Corinthian Events has made a foray into virtual offerings. One element that sets the company apart from peers is its diversity of its target audiences. Corinthian Events advertises to various groups, from family outings, private functions, and retirement parties, to campaign kickoffs, networking receptions, and experiential marketing events. The company holds staff to high expectations and seeks to excel at every step of the execution process while paying homage to both the historical roots and modern progress of New England.

Visit Corinthian Events.

20. Capital City Events

Locations: Washington DC

The aptly named Capital City Events operates out of the country’s command center, offering specialized events and meeting planning services that highlight DC’s rich history. From “National Treasure Hunts,” to celebrity appearances, Capital City Events aspires to cultivate over-the-top, high-class experiences led by a polish, professional team of event planning masters.

Visit Capital City Events.

21. Destinations South

Location: Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston

Nestled in the vibrant south, this destination management company channels the lively character of the region to create exuberant events. With focal points in Atlanta, Savannah, and Charleston, Destinations South seeks to curate hospitable and colorful experiences. Highlights of their advertised offerings include corporate social responsibility programs, special interest tours, road races, and festivals, along with basic destination management services like logistics and meeting design.

Visit Destinations South.

22. Advantage Destination And Meeting Services

Location: Miami and Southern Florida

Advantage Destination And Meeting Services operates out of sunny Florida, hosting events in cities such as Miami, Palm Beach, Naples, Orlando, Boca Raton, and the Florida Keys. The company strives to bring peace of mind to clients by adhering to high standards, following proper procedures, and handling all parts of the planning process with supreme attention to detail. An in-house production and design team assembles atmospheric elements like lighting, centerpieces, furniture, table settings, and floral arrangements to build cohesive events.

Visit Advantage Destination And Meeting Services.

23. Deco Productions

Location: Miami and Southern Florida

Deco Productions is a South Florida based destination management company boasting over 30 years of experience, and a 20,000 square foot facility. The company’s affairs tend to be extravagant, theatrical productions complete with professional lighting and sound setups, staging and draping, unique performances, and efficient show management. Deco Productions offers off-site experiences as well, procures all necessary permits and rentals, and also provides registration and graphic design services.

Visit Deco Productions.

24. Metroconnections

Location: Minneapolis & Minnesota

Metroconnections is a Midwestern destination management company functioning primarily out of Minneapolis. The consultancy administers extensive video services, including video livestreams and virtual event options. They also specialize in a wide range of production, event, and conference services, including website design, marketing assistance, registration support, philanthropy-based team building activities, and of course, transportation.

Visit Metroconnections.

25. Underwood Events

Location: Chicago and the Midwest

Underwood Events specializes in experiences in Madison, Chicago, and Milwaukee. The company uses intimate knowledge of its home turf to connect companies to the character of the city and create inviting events with plenty of flair. Trade shows, conferences and holiday parties are Underwood Events’ main concentrations, but they produce occasions of all kinds for companies big and small.

Visit Underwood Events.

26. The CE Group

Location: San Antonio

The CE Group, self-proclaimed “Champions of Celebration,” runs out of San Antonio. The CE Group prides itself on creating safe yet immersive experiences for its visitors, highlighting the character of San Antonio through tours, excursions, local showcases, and culinary encounters. They also offer virtual and hybrid events complete with mailed activity kits for ultimate engagement. Other notable specialties include integrated communications campaigns and large-scale sports event management.

Visit The CE Group.

27. Destinations by Design

Location: Las Vegas

Destinations by Design is an aesthetic-centric Las Vegas destination management company that sets out to make every event a splash. From personal celebrations like weddings and birthdays to corporate events such as charity fundraisers, meetings, incentives, and retreats, this company’s approach emphasizes smart design and visual flair. The staff embraces the entertainment potential of Vegas to coordinate shows, adventure sports, and casinos into the program.

Visit Destinations by Design.

28. Imprint Group

Location: Colorado, Las Vegas, and Florida

Imprint Group’s geographic footprint spans Colorado, Las Vegas, and Florida, and the staff facilitates larger-than-life events and experiences designed to leave lasting impressions. Like many other industry players, Imprint Group has pivoted to include virtual events and meetings to its menu of services, but puts a unique spin to make online events engaging and interactive. Conventions and festivals are among their claims to fame, but they host more intimate gatherings as well.

Visit Imprint Group.

29. The Destination Manager

Locations: Arizona

The Destination Manager strives to surprise and delight by sculpting destination experiences that capture both the Southwestern spirit and the imagination. From their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Destination Manager dispatches skilled and experienced staff that focus on details and execute effective maneuvers. Mention-worthy activities include dessert hiking, canyoning, hot air balloon rides, and aerial tours of the Grand Canyon.

Visit The Destination Manager.

30. Southwest Conference Planners

Location: Arizona

Southwest Conference Planners organize events throughout Arizona, embracing the desert landscapes with themes like upscale fiestas, succulent-rich garden parties, and starlit galas. The company prides itself on providing outstanding customer service and scouting unique venues that serve as colorful backdrops for memorable events.

Visit Southwest Conference Planners.

31. Circa

Locations: Texas, and a few other US states

Circa believes that the “everything is bigger in Texas” slogan should apply to events too, and goes to great lengths to create beautiful coordinated experiences that generate buzz for their clients. By employing a collaborative approach that involves clients in the inspiration process and synchronization vendors into a harmonious flow, Circa achieves seamlessness execution. Because they champion customization, Circa works with organizations to fulfill visions, and offers attendees activity tiers that correspond to differing levels of adventurousness to ensure that each guest has the ideal experience.

Visit Circa.

32. Bixel & Company

Location: Los Angeles and Southern California

Bixel & Company’s stomping ground is Los Angeles, and their stylized events could pass for movie sets. Utilizing mansions, beaches, landmarks, and city blocks, the company builds showstoppers meant to make impressions. Bixel & Company’s services encompass full proposal development, supplier sourcing, executive meet & greet, exclusive tours and experiences, local and national entertainment, and all the details in between. This LA-based DMC caters to corporate clientele as well as VIPs seeking with special occasions to celebrate.

Visit Bixel & Company.

33. Destination Concepts Inc.

Location: San Diego and Southern California

The nimble teams at Destination Concepts Inc. accommodate virtual and hybrid events as well as localized, expert in-person affairs. Based out of San Diego, the company offers area expertise for several popular destinations around California. From graphic design, copywriting, and branding, to logistics, accommodations, and activities, Destination Concepts uses a multifaceted approach to ensure an event’s success. Destination Concepts Inc is woman-owned, and the founders take an active role in event execution.

Visit Destination Concepts Inc.

34. SHW

Locations: Pacific Northwest

SHW has over forty years of practice producing events in Seattle and Portland. The company offers standard destination management services like strategy, design, event staffing, logistics, and entertainment, with modern industry options like virtual and hybrid events. The organization’s mission is to use top talent and deep hospitality connections to deliver results for clients. Staff incorporates the ethos of its Pacific Northwestern venues to create quintessential experiences. A few of SHW’s notable focuses include eating well, gifting creatively, and sharing experiences with others.

Visit SHW.

35. Desilvia Meeting Consultants

Location: Hawaii

Desilvia Meeting Consultants operates in Hawaii, executing events on islands such as Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Big Island. The tropic headquarters makes the company a popular choice for travel incentive programs, but the group excels at routine event planning as well. Remarkable elements include kayak tours, helicopter rides, jungle expeditions, volcano viewings, surfing excursions, fire-dancer shows, and more entertainment that spotlights the rich culture and features of Hawaii.

Visit Desilvia Meeting Consultants.

36. Alaska Destination Specialists

Location: Alaska

Alaska Destination Specialists is the premier destination management company in Alaska. By leveraging close vendor partnerships, Alaska Destination Specialists handles details of out-of-town events for organizations and individuals that want to explore the far north. The company works out of Alaskan locations like Anchorage, Juneau, Kodiak, Fairbanks, and Denali National Park, as well as spots in Washington and British Columbia. From remote resorts to arctic cruises to snowmobiling and sled dog meet and greets, itineraries embrace the rugged wilderness of the landscape.

Visit Alaska Destination Specialists.

Final Thoughts

Planning out-of-town events can be intimidating, but destination management companies simplify the process by offering their local expertise, creative insights, connections, and logistical skills to organizations in need

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FAQ: Destination Management Companies

Here are some common questions and answers about destination management companies.

What is a destination management company?

Destination management is a niche industry that serves an important purpose. Organizations occasionally need to hold events such as corporate team building retreats, industry conferences, company summits, festivals, grand openings, in distant cities or countries.

Destination management companies facilitate these events using local expertise and professional connections. Because these industry professionals maintain extensive knowledge about the target location, they are able to plan and execute events with ease.

Outside organizations would have to spend time researching venues and vendors, establishing contact, and negotiating contracts. Since destination management consultants already have relationships with local hospitality professionals, they can verify the quality of third party companies, synchronize vendors, and often, secure better rates.

While making arrangements requires extensive research and legwork for the hosting organizations, destination management companies can coordinate high-class, high-quality events in a fraction of the time, with less stress to the client. Destination management professionals deliver extraordinary results and offer an invaluable service, so many corporations prefer to outsource event management tasks to these capable individuals.

These organizations are also called “DMC companies.”

What does a destination management company do?

A destination management handles event planning duties in the chosen location. A destination management consultant’s responsibilities may include:

  • Procuring venues
  • Arranging transportation and airport transfers
  • Reserving accommodations
  • Managing registration
  • Recruiting entertainers
  • Booking tours, lessons, excursions, and other activities
  • Coordinating catering and meals
  • Negotiating prices and packages with vendors
  • Issuing invoices and collecting payments for services rendered
  • Creating a program and schedule of events
  • Communicating with third parties and synchronizing efforts
  • Overseeing registration, departures, and arrivals
  • Securing reasonable accommodations for special circumstances, for instance ensuring that the venue is wheelchair accessible
  • Providing support services and resources
  • Decorating the event spaces
  • Erecting staging, draping, and other structural elements
  • Renting or loaning furniture and equipment
  • Supplying graphic design, copywriting, and branding services
  • Ordering and distribute swag
  • Handling photography, videography, audiovisual, and live streaming services
  • Holding general liability insurance
  • Offering translation services in foreign countries

Consultants may take on additional duties as the need arises. A destination management company handles all aspects of the event planning process, from inception to completion.

Teams of experts help corporate clients conceive a vision for the experience, and then coordinate the moving parts that turn the dream into the reality. Most importantly, destination management companies act as liaisons between clients, vendors, and venues, facilitating communication between parties and connecting hosts with top-tier event professionals.

Some of the events destination management companies plan include:

  • Corporate retreats
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Festivals
  • Company galas
  • Seminars
  • Travel incentive programs
  • Trade shows
  • Fundraisers
  • Grand openings
  • Brand launches or relaunches
  • Marketing events
  • Company milestones
  • Award ceremonies
  • Employee appreciation events
  • Sporting events
  • Executive team building outings
  • Site inspections and travel agent familiarization (FAM) trips
  • Business meetings
  • Holiday functions

Many destination management companies also handle personal celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and retirement parties. Since the event industry thrives on innovation, most consultants are open to out-of-the-box suggestions. Feel free to pitch an unusual event type to a DMC, and chances are, the staff will be happy to take on the challenge and start brainstorming with you.

Who hires destination management companies?

Companies and individuals who need to execute out-of-town events hire destination management companies.

Typical DMC clientele include:

  • Event planners
  • Retreat coordinators
  • Committee chairmen
  • Conference organizers
  • Nonprofit heads
  • Marketing officers
  • C-suite executives
  • Human resources professionals
  • Travel agencies
  • Meeting planners
  • Festival organizers

Individuals seeking pleasure travel or special event execution may also enlist the help of destination management professionals.

How do you choose a destination management company?

DMC networks curate lists of accredited destination management companies that belong to their organization. When seeking an out-of-town event consultant, DMC networks are a good place to start.

Another good idea is to search for a destination management company with the target city. For instance, type “destination management company in Los Angeles,” and the search engine will return a list of professionals that specialize in Southern California events.

Folks choose to employ destination management companies because of the staff’s intimate knowledge of the area. So, it makes sense to hire a company that has ample experience working in your desired destination.

Since destination management companies tend to operate as location specialists, most are hyperlocal or hyper regional. Nevertheless, there are some DMC’s with countrywide or international reach. If you foresee future events in several different cities or countries, then it may be worth developing a relationship with a nationwide or global destination management company so that you do not need to establish new contacts for each occasion.

Before choosing your event management company, first have an idea of the event you want to throw. Most companies will collaborate with clients and involve you in the brainstorming and envisioning process, however it is helpful to establish rough parameters of the event before choosing consultants to ensure that your partner can handle the type and scope of the event.

DMC’s typically advertise their locations and services on their webpages. Many also publish portfolio highlights of past event achievements.

As with any service, it is important to read reviews, including scanning testimonials on forums outside the company websites if possible. Social media can be a powerful tool for finding authentic feedback and content from the guest perspective. You may also want to study or contact organizations that hosted events you admire for advice and recommendations.

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