13 Top Executive Coaches Who Can Help Boost Your Career

By: | Updated: January 10, 2024

Here is our list of the best executive coaches.

Executive coaches are industry experts who help business professionals break into a new career or advance in their current jobs. These coaches can also share tips tailored to specific demographics or offer advice on becoming better leaders. For example, you could work with Dr. D. Ivan Young, Laura Weldy, or Annie Kip. The purpose of these coaches is to improve workplace efficacy and climb the corporate ladder.

These coaches are similar to leadership coaching services, workplace culture consultants, and leadership training programs.


This list includes:

  • female executive coaches
  • Black executive coaches
  • executive career coaches
  • executive leadership coaches
  • executive coaching consultants

Let’s get to it!

List of executive coaches

Hiring an executive coach can help folks at all stages of their careers, from getting hired to stepping into the C-suite. Here is a list of the top coaches for executives.

1. Brooke Taylor

Brooke Taylor had a multi-faceted career at Google and cofounded a team before becoming a career coach. Today, she is one of the leading female executive coaches. Her program focuses specifically on women in leadership. Taylor aims to help women understand that their self-worth does not stem solely from their success at work, a phenomenon she calls “The Success Wound.” Women can work one-on-one with Taylor on a four-step program to success.

The steps of the Conscious Success Method include:

  • Diagnose: Determine how you got to your current situation and where the problems lie.
  • Plan: Learn who you are and what you are seeking so you can plan realistic goals.
  • Repair: Address the issues you are struggling with to avoid future burnout.
  • Emerge: Manifest as your fully formed vision.

Overall, Taylor hopes to help clients improve their leadership, career, and life. From landing promotions to switching careers to setting boundaries, Taylor’s holistic approach can help workers succeed.

Learn more about Brooke Taylor.

2. Anne Koopmann

Anne Koopmann has an impressive track record, from Head of Quality and Lean Implementation to female leader in the engineering industry. She is a great choice if you are looking for executive leadership coaches specializing in emerging STEM leaders. Koopmann offers one-on-one coaching to help folks transition from technical experts to leaders.

This program includes:

  • Individualized coaching plans
  • CliftonStrengths 34 and CliftonStrengths for Managers report
  • One 60-minute and five 90-minute one-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Ongoing support between sessions via email and voice message
  • Pre-work for each session, including tailored worksheets and exercises
  • A variety of leadership tools and cheat sheets
  • Individualized strengths-based resources
  • Individual development and action plan

Koopmann addresses strength-based leadership to help STEM professionals become the best version of themselves. Her strategies aim to build confidence by fostering authenticity.

Learn more about Anne Koopmann.

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3. Dr. D. Ivan Young

Dr. D. Ivan Young is one of the most highly qualified Black executive coaches and a diversity trainer at Harvard’s Institute of Coaching. He is certified in various coaching and practitioner techniques, including MBTI and neuro-linguistic programming. Additionally, he specializes in executive development coaching and diversity training.

Some of the lessons clients will learn include:

  • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance
  • Regularly making level-headed decisions in high-stress situations
  • Understanding multicultural and multigenerational perspectives
  • Resolving internal and external conflicts
  • Coaching employees with an empathetic and person-centered approach

Ultimately, the focus is on managing stress and pressure while maintaining strong relationships. Whether clients are entrepreneurs breaking into their industry or CEOs leading their firms, they will benefit from Dr. Young’s perspective.

Learn more about Dr. D. Ivan Young.

4. Laura Weldy

Laura Weldy has several years of coaching and speaking experience and is a Professional Certified Coach. Weldy focuses on helping women become powerful leaders and learn to use their voices in and out of the workplace.

Her coaching centers around the following lessons:

  • Advocating for yourself and becoming your own career champion
  • Feeling authentic, powerful, and unique in your leadership style
  • Setting achievable goals to stave off imposter syndrome

Weldy’s Powerhouse course is a four-hour experience that tackles the entire female leadership experience. Additionally, clients will receive helpful tools, such as a 70-page workbook, neurolinguistic programming tools, one month of virtual support, and a 30-day follow-up call. Folks starting new leadership roles, switching careers, or needing workplace TLC should check out this course.

Learn more about Laura Weldy.

5. Russel Heath

Russel Heath has a background in leading environmental organizations and political campaigns. Heath completed a leadership training program four times before becoming a full-time coach. He studied with Accomplishment Coaching and has been in the business since 2012. Heath’s style focuses on personal mastery.

Personal mastery includes the following:

  • Uncovering your true, authentic self
  • Radiating calm, compassion, and power
  • Staying centered regardless of the surrounding chaos
  • Developing your character and advancing on your terms

Heath aims to take a transformational approach to coaching. Rather than simply teaching clients a few tools or cheering from the sidelines, he asks them to dig deep and overcome their challenges.

Coachable high performers will benefit from his head-on approach.

Learn more about Russel Heath.

6. Dr. Kym Harris-Lee

Dr. Kym Harris-Lee has a background as a leader in human resources and talent development. Additionally, she is a board-certified executive coach, speaker, and author. Dr. Harris-Lee coaches following the M.O.R.E. methodology, which begins with the question, “How do people experience you?”

M.O.R.E. then breaks down in the following ways:

  • Maximum Self-Awareness: Developing self-understanding and seeking others’ perceptions
  • Optimal Optimism: Fostering a positive outlook, strong network, and self-care routine
  • Rich Relationships: Establishing solid relationships with teams, peers, colleagues, and key stakeholders
  • Empathetic Engagement: Actively putting themselves in others’ shoes and seeking common ground

In addition, Dr. Harris-Lee offers specialized training for professional women of color. Leaders and entrepreneurs can book a one-time session, a six-month program, or a virtual group coaching course.

Learn more about Dr. Kym Harris-Lee.

7. Annie Kip

Annie Kip is a PCC-level Co-Active Professional Certified Coach with a background in branding and marketing for large corporations. Kip aims to give entrepreneurs and leaders clarity, calm, and confidence. She offers one-on-one coaching services to help individuals become their true selves.

Her course aims to develop:

  • The confidence to show up boldly in the workplace
  • A unique personal brand that aligns with goals and values
  • A network of enjoyable and reliable colleagues
  • An energetic, authentic, and magnetic personality

Kip’s course, The Integrated Entrepreneur, features individual coaching, strategic visioning, weekly inspired action assignments, and check-ins between sessions. To learn to listen to yourself and create the ultimate curated business lifestyle, check out Kip!

Learn more about Annie Kip.

8. Jess Dods

Jess Dods has been a certified career coach since 2002. He has several certificates, like Certified Positive Psychology Coach and Coaching With Neuroscience. Prior to coaching, Dods worked in many leadership roles, including at Fortune 100 companies. Dods can help managers with job searching, increasing performance, career transitions, organizational consulting, and leadership development.

The leadership development course features the following:

  • Aligning leadership approaches with the organization’s goals
  • Assisting management teams in navigating transitional periods
  • Helping leaders quickly adjust to new roles and duties
  • Offering a supportive platform during challenging phases
  • Devising strategies to tackle external hurdles
  • Sharing the organization’s stance with stakeholders
  • Elevating interpersonal communication skills
  • Managing time and resource allocations
  • Executing devised strategies effectively

Through personality measures, feedback tools, and assessments, Dods can help hone your leadership skills.

Learn more about Jess Dods.

9. Lara Heacock

Lara Heacock began her professional career with a degree in psychology and an MBA. She was a professional recruiter and leader for 14 years before becoming a coach. Heacock’s coaching philosophy is Kind Over Matter, which uses kindness to drive personal and professional development.

By working with Heacock, professionals can learn to:

  • Boost self-assurance and self-acceptance
  • Prioritize tasks instead of procrastinating
  • Effectively manage unexpected challenges in life
  • Allocate time to genuinely enjoy hard-earned accomplishments
  • Use established techniques to handle stress and maintain composure
  • Confidently establish boundaries and decline with kindness
  • Discover a revitalized sense of meaning and involvement
  • Forge stronger connections and remain fully engaged with loved ones
  • Achieve more with less effort and relish life

Heacock works with folks for six months to help ensure lasting healthy changes. Overall, Heacock and Kindness Over Matter aim to unlock businesspeople’s true confidence and identity.

Learn more about Lara Heacock.

10. Elizabeth Pearson

Elizabeth Pearson is an executive career coach with a 15-year background in sales. She has been coaching for eight years with a spiritual lens. Pearson can assist any professional, but she specializes in helping women succeed in male-dominated fields, get back into the workforce after pregnancy, and balance careers and motherhood.

Pearson offers the following coaching services:

  • One-on-one coaching: A five-month program to identify and achieve goals
  • Two-week immersive: A shorter option to help workers quickly find clarity on their career path
  • Mastermind: Small groups of women with similar goals to help workers network and improve skillsets
  • Workshops and trainings: Presentations or panels to help teams learn to succeed together

Pearson also offers other resources, like a course on improving your LinkedIn presence and a program to help free yourself from a cage. If you are looking to align your professional, personal, and spiritual selves, then check Pearson out!

Learn more about Elizabeth Pearson.

11. Todd Calongne

Todd Calongne is one of the executive career coaches who utilize a unique coaching technique. He has 20 years of work experience, notably in public affairs and leadership roles for the US government. Calongne transitioned into coaching in 2013 and has been doing so ever since. Mid- and senior-level executives may be interested in his unconventional approach, as he combines executive coaching with hypnotherapy.

This experience includes the following:

  • Analyzing your present circumstances and potential for change
  • Gaining insight into attracting job openings
  • Understanding strategies within the evolving job market
  • Mastering effective interviewing techniques
  • Recognizing your strengths and areas for improvement via a personality evaluation
  • Personalized coaching to overcome obstacles

Hypnotherapy aims to accomplish these goals on a deeper level by unblocking subconscious protections. Interested professionals can book a combo coaching and hypnotherapy package, which features weekly coaching sessions and hypnotherapy as needed.

Learn more about Todd Calongne.

12. Deborah Guy

Deborah Guy is a Certified Fear Mastery Coach, Certified Career Coach, Business Coach, and Co-Active Coach. She has had her own coaching practice since 2006. Guy uses strategic interventions, fear mastery coaching, and personal effectiveness consulting. Clients will begin the process with a chemistry session to see if Guy is the right fit. Then, the process begins!

Her coaching aims to help businesspeople:

  • Create clear visions for the future
  • Establish valuable goals and next steps
  • Overcome obstacles and work toward goals
  • Eliminate negative habits and behaviors
  • Learn to understand and respect personal feelings
  • Enjoy and celebrate successes and progress

Sessions occur at least twice a month and last for 50 minutes each. In addition, clients can text or email Guy between meetings. Be sure to reach out if you want a results-oriented action plan to help accomplish personal and professional goals.

Learn more about Deborah Guy.

13. John Guanci

John Guanci is a former business owner and has been an executive coach since 2013. He is trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Guanci adopts an approach he calls fearless coaching, which focuses on getting to know individuals and their needs. Rather than using a premade formula, he aims to help clients understand themselves deeply.

Here is what to expect:

  • Learn and love who you are
  • Understand your drive and passions
  • Recognize how to maintain your identity during stress
  • Create and implement a personal recipe for success
  • Gain and maintain individual goals

Interested parties can book one-on-one coaching, a Boston session, The Islander Intensive, or a life apprenticeship. If you are interested in doing inner work to produce outer results, then working with Guanci might be a great fit!

Learn more about John Guanci.


Career coaching may be the right choice for those looking to break into the workforce, switch career paths, earn a promotion, or improve their leadership techniques. Executive coaches help businesspeople level up their careers at every step. Many of these experts specialize in particular areas, like career women or spirituality. More than business advice, many coaches look to improve each part of their clients’ lives. This holistic approach makes the experience double as both career tips and therapy. This list of executive coaches can help you get started when searching for the right coach for your needs.

Next, check out our articles on coaching books, employee coaching, and management training programs.

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FAQ: Executive coaches

Here are answers to common questions about executive coaches.

What are executive coaches?

Executive coaches are professionals who help career folks improve their skills and confidence. These coaches often have experience in the business sector and usually go through additional training to become a coach. Depending on the individual and the chosen package, these coaches can help folks one time or for several months.

What do executive coaches do?

Often, executive coaches have different approaches based on their specialties. Ultimately, though, the goal of this process is to improve personal and professional lives. Some coaches may begin by identifying goals and creating action plans to achieve them. Others may focus on personal work, like improving confidence and understanding individual roadblocks. Usually, coaches meet with clients one-on-one, although some offer group sessions.

Why should I hire an executive coach?

Since executive coaches offer a range of services, it is a good idea to understand your goals before approaching this process.

An executive coach might be the right choice for you if you:

  • Are a new leader looking to develop your leadership style
  • Have gotten feedback from supervisors that you are struggling with workplace skills, such as communication
  • Are looking to break into the workforce or switch careers
  • Are interested in advancing up the corporate ladder

Overall, executive coaches are a great resource for professional development.

How do I find executive coaches near me?

Executive coaching has exploded onto the business scene, so you can likely find a nearby purveyor.

There are several ways to find executive coaches near you, including:

  • Searching the internet for “executive coaching [name of your city]”
  • Finding an executive coaching directory, such as Noomi
  • Asking colleagues who have worked with coaches for references
  • Looking for local executive coaches on LinkedIn or other socials

Additionally, most executive coaches offer remote coaching services, so finding a local one may not be necessary.

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