20 Best Halloween Office Party Ideas for Work

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

You found our list of Halloween office party ideas.

Halloween office party ideas are fun ways to celebrate the spooky season at work. For example, you might have a costume contest, a pumpkin carving competition, or a trivia match. The purpose of these activities is to foster team bonding, boost morale, and create an enjoyable atmosphere at work. These activities are also known as “Halloween work party ideas” and “office Halloween activities.”

These Halloween office party ideas are similar to Halloween games, virtual Halloween party ideas, and Halloween escape room ideas.

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Let’s get to it!

List of Halloween office party ideas

From cryptic costume contests to zombie Zumba sessions, here is our list of the best activities for your next office Halloween party.

1. Escape Dracula’s Castle

If you are looking for a spooky virtual escape room experience, your team can go on an unforgettable journey to Romania, where some of your friends turn into vampires! You will need to solve Dracula’s puzzles, uncover the traitors, and escape the Count.

Here is what you can expect:

  • a 90-minute adventure with a talented host
  • puzzles ranging from potion making to secret tunnels
  • mini-games and real-life historical facts
  • social deduction from secret vampire traitors

From fighting off vampires to reading crystal balls, teams will need to use their unique talents to escape this castle. This experience will boost players’ quick-thinking and people-reading skills.

Learn more about Escape Dracula’s Castle.

2. Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion

ghost hunt in the haunted mansion banner

With Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion, your team can go on a bone-chilling virtual journey through Winchester Mansion! This immersive experience features a dark mystery and a spooky escape.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with a highly skilled host
  • spine-tingling scares and surprises with Ouija boards
  • mysterious puzzles, evil spirits, and hidden secrets within the mansion’s walls
  • engaging stories, clues, and challenges to piece together the haunted tale

Your team will need to collaborate and think quickly if they want to escape the mansion. This supernatural experience is a fun challenge!

Learn more about Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion.

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3. Cryptic Costume Contest

You can impress your coworkers with your creativity in the Cryptic Costume Contest. Participants can dress up as their favorite mystery, secret, or unsolved puzzle. Whether costumes feature a stealthy detective or disguised superhero, the one rule is to keep folks guessing.

Teams can showcase their costumes on a short runway walk. Judges can award prizes for their favorite outfits. Prize categories could include Best Cryptic Costume, Most Mysterious, or Hardest to Decode. An office party idea will make colleagues laugh and have interesting conversations!

Here is how to do a costume contest virtually.

4. Pumpkin Carving Contest

A pumpkin carving contest can bring out your team’s creativity! Letting employees design or carve out their own pumpkins will add Halloween spirit to the office. You can provide materials like pumpkins, markers, paint, and carving tools. Then, set up a designated carving zone for a mess-free experience. For the contest, create categories for various awards, such as Scariest, Funniest, and Most Innovative. A panel of judges or team voting can determine winners. Carving pumpkins is one of the most classic Halloween work party ideas.

5. Haunted Office Decor

Haunted office decor can add a spooky touch to your workspace. You can decorate your desk with spider webs, miniature pumpkins, ghostly paper chains, and eerie sculptures. Another option is to transform the meeting room into a haunted house. Dark curtains, antique furniture, and candle-shaped desk lamps will add to the look. To complete the chilling atmosphere, play spooky soundtracks in the background. Decorations are among the top spooky office party ideas to showcase your Halloween spirit!

Here is how to decorate the office for winter holidays.

6. Spooky Scavenger Hunt

A spooky scavenger hunt is a great way to challenge your coworkers! To plan this contest, write puzzles leading to different office locations. Riddles should relate to Halloween and office items. You can hide mini jack-o-lanterns, plastic spiders, and treat-filled coffins. Then, split groups into teams, and give them the list of clues. The team that locates all items first wins a prize!

Here are examples of Halloween-themed items you could hide:

  • Witch’s Hat
  • Miniature Pumpkin
  • Spider Web
  • Black Cat Figurine
  • Ghost Decoration
  • Candy Corn
  • Skull Ornament
  • Bat Plushie
  • Vampire Teeth
  • Halloween-themed Cookie Cutter
  • Glow-in-the-dark Skeleton
  • Zombie Hand Prop
  • Cauldron
  • Jack-o’-lantern Candle
  • Skeleton Key
  • Witch’s Broomstick
  • Mummy Figurine
  • Potion Bottle
  • Fake Eyeballs
  • Plastic Spiders

This activity adds excitement to your Halloween party and promotes team building.

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7. Terrifying Trivia

Terrifying trivia is an excellent choice for any Halloween office party. This game will bring out folks’ competitive nature and test their knowledge of frightening facts. To host this activity, write a list of Halloween-related questions. Topics could include horror films, supernatural beings, and haunted locations. Participants can split into teams and answer questions. Whoever earns the most points wins!

Here are examples of questions:

  • What is the name of the Celtic festival that Halloween originated from? Answer: Samhain
  • What vegetable did people carve during Halloween before pumpkins? Answer: Turnips
  • Which famous magician died on Halloween in 1926? Answer: Harry Houdini
  • What is the most popular Halloween candy in the US? Answer: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Who is the author of the novel Dracula? Answer: Bram Stoker

Terrifying Trivia adds excitement and enjoyment to the office party. This activity also fosters team unity and teaches teams new facts.

8. Thriller Dance-off

A Thriller dance-off is among the most exciting and lively office Halloween activities. Coworkers can show off their favorite dance moves inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video. Participants can wear costumes of zombies, werewolves, or Michael himself. You can play the music video on the projector and have teams dance along! Optionally, have a judge watch the performance and give out prizes to the best dancers. This dance-off allows teams to get active and dance. Plus, participants can showcase their creativity, coordination, and rhythm.

9. Bloodcurdling Bake-off

A bloodcurdling bake-off is an exciting and tasty activity to add excitement to your Halloween party. Colleagues can create the most creative scary baked goods possible. For instance, teams can make creepy cupcakes or spooky cookies. Then, have coworkers taste each baked good and vote for their favorite flavor and design. Whoever gets the most votes wins! This activity promotes creativity and encourages friendly competition. Best of all, the team will get to enjoy delicious treats!

Here is how to do an office cook-off.

10. Monstrous Movie Night

A monstrous movie night makes for a great spine-chilling evening. For this experience, start by having folks vote on which movie they want to watch. For example, teams could watch The Blob, The Thing, Dracula, or The Wolfman. Next, set up a projector and comfy seats in a large space. Popcorn, desserts, and drinks will turn the office into a mini theater. Finally, watch the film together! This exercise is a great way to spice up your Halloween party.

Learn how to do an office movie night.

11. Witchy Workshop

A witchy workshop is a great addition to any office party ideas for Halloween. This activity allows colleagues to be creative and embrace the spooky spirit. Participants can do crafts like making potions, decorating wands, or creating spell books. Folks can even use these crafts to decorate the office. The witchy workshop brings the team closer and lets groups have fun expressing themselves. This workshop will be a magical experience for the whole team.

12. Guess the Monster

Guess the monster makes a great addition to your Halloween office party. You can cut out silhouettes of famous monsters and hang them around the office. Then, workers can try to identify the monster based on their shadow. Whoever earns the most points wins!

This game promotes laughter and friendly competition while adding an element of mystery to the festivities. In addition, these monster shadows make for great decorations around the office!

Here are more guessing games for work.

13. Phantom Photo Booth

The phantom photo booth adds festive fun to any Halloween office party. Employees can dress up in costumes and take pictures in a spooky and enjoyable setting. You can decorate the booth with Halloween-themed props. Examples include fake cobwebs, pumpkins, and tombstones, creating an eerie atmosphere. Employees will love capturing memories with their colleagues while showing off their creative costumes. The Phantom Photo Booth is an entertaining way to bond with colleagues and capture memories.

14. Frightful Food Station

The frightful food station is a delicious way to celebrate the season. This station offers a variety of spooky treats that will delight and surprise your coworkers. Snacks can include eerie cupcakes and finger-shaped sandwiches. These treats allow colleagues to show off their creativity and bond. Further, folks will love eating delicious goodies! You can also turn this station into a contest. Teams can vote for their favorite treats, and you can give prizes out to winning chefs.

15. Creepy Cocktail Corner

This Halloween, you can spice up your office party with a creepy cocktail corner. This spooky bar provides spine-chilling refreshments for your colleagues. Further, this station adds an eerie touch to the party atmosphere. You can set the mood with drinks like Bloody Mary’s Eye, Zombie Punch, and Vampire’s Kiss. To make the bar even more exciting, consider hosting a creepy cocktail-making contest. This fun, haunting bar experience will surely be a hit with your coworkers.

Here is a roundup of Halloween drink recipes from Food Network for inspiration.

16. Dreadful DJ Booth

You can add a spooky touch to your Halloween office party with a dreadful DJ booth. The haunted DJ station can feature eerie lighting, fog machines, and creepy decorations. Spooky tunes and spine-chilling sound effects will set the mood. Employees can dress up as their favorite monsters or villains and request songs or have dance-offs.

The DJ booth creates a thrilling atmosphere where the whole team can let loose and enjoy the festivities. This booth is a great way to bring some frightful fun into the office during the Halloween season.

17. Scary Story Time

Scary story time is one of the easiest holiday party ideas. Colleagues can gather in a dimly lit room and take turns sharing spooky tales. For an authentic feel, you can give each speaker a flashlight to shine on their face. This activity is great for indoor parties or sitting around a campfire.

Telling stories creates an eerie atmosphere, promotes team bonding, and unleashes creativity. By participating in scary story time, you can create excitement and anticipation among coworkers. This exercise makes the party an unforgettable experience.

18. Spine-Chilling Video Games

This Halloween, bring out the screams with scary video games. An office gaming tournament can bring your Halloween party to a new thrilling level. For this activity, set up a projector and play popular horror games. Examples include Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Resident Evil.

The jump scares and exciting gameplay will keep teams on the edge of their seats. Plus, playing these games creates a haunted house vibe in the office. Be sure the whole team agrees on a game for maximum enjoyment!

19. Macabre Murder Mystery

A macabre murder mystery is one of the most fun Halloween themes for work that turns your office into a haunted crime scene. Employees can solve a dark, chilling murder mystery that took place in your very own office. For this activity, create scary scenarios and intriguing clues. The whole team can dress in Sherlock Holmes-inspired outfits to heighten the ambiance. Colleagues will work together to find clues and solve the crime. This thrilling puzzle game fosters teamwork while amusing participants with spooks and scares.

Read more murder mystery ideas for team building.

20. Zombie Zumba Session

Hosting a zombie Zumba session at your Halloween office party is a funny way to exercise. This activity combines the energetic Zumba routines with the eerie atmosphere of zombies. Attendees can dress as zombies and learn Zumba moves while enjoying catchy music. You can either follow along with a video or invite a teacher to lead a class. This activity promotes physical activity, fosters team unity, and boosts employee morale.

Final Thoughts

Halloween office parties can be more than just wearing costumes and sharing candy. Employees can bond over shared experiences and create lasting memories. Creative activities like guessing games or escape rooms can challenge team members. Plus, these exercises provide plenty of laughs. When planning your next Halloween party, be sure to consider these games!

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FAQ: Halloween office party ideas

Here are frequently asked questions about Halloween office party ideas.

What are some fun Halloween games for an office party?

Some fun Halloween games for an office party could include a cryptic costume contest or a thrilling scavenger hunt around the office.

How can you decorate the office for a Halloween party?

To decorate the office for a Halloween party, you could transform different areas into themed zones. For instance, one room could become a haunted house complete with cobwebs and eerie lighting. Another could turn into a spooky graveyard. You could also encourage employees to decorate their desks or cubicles with spooky decor, like jack-o-lanterns, bats, or witches’ hats.

How do you plan a Halloween party for work?

Planning a Halloween party for work is a fun way to kick off the holiday season.

Here are a few steps to consider:

  • Decide on a date and time that works for the whole team.
  • Brainstorm a list of activities or games that would be fun and appropriate for your office.
  • Plan the logistics like decorations, food and drink, and music or sound effects.

It is also important to communicate the plan to the team well in advance so they can prepare their costumes or any other items they might need.

Why should you throw Halloween parties at work?

Throwing Halloween parties at work can help foster a positive company culture. These gatherings allow employees to relax and enjoy themselves in a non-work setting. This relaxation can boost morale and productivity in the long run. Additionally, such parties encourage creativity and teamwork as employees come together to plan and execute the event.

What are some creative costume ideas for an office Halloween party?

Creative costume ideas for an office Halloween party could range from characters from popular culture or movies, pun-based costumes, or even group costumes.

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