17 Top Icebreaker Apps and Tools for Meetings

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

You found our list of icebreaker apps and tools.

Icebreaker apps are digital resources that help colleagues connect. For example, Mentimeter allows for real-time polling, and Donut creates random coffee meetups. The purpose of these tools is to foster communication and build relationships. These tools are also known as “apps for icebreakers” and “digital icebreaker tools.”

These icebreaker apps and tools are types of team building apps and similar to icebreaker questions, icebreaker games, and funny icebreaker jokes.


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List of icebreaker apps and tools

From Drawful 2 to Pigeonhole Live, here is our list of the best tools and apps to help break the ice.

1. Mentimeter

With the Mentimeter app, it is fun and easy to break the ice in any setting. This tool allows you to create interactive presentations, workshops, and meetings. You can engage your audience by asking for their input in real time. The site offers a variety of options, from multiple-choice questions to word clouds. This tool enhances participation and collaboration Plus, this app makes the environment more interactive and enjoyable. Mentimeter is perfect for remote teams or classrooms.

Learn more about Mentimeter.

2. Pigeonhole Live

Pigeonhole Live is one of the most helpful digital icebreaker tools for meetings and events. Users can ask questions and vote on the ones they like best. You can also use the site to host polls and quizzes, which makes meetings more interactive and fun.

Pigeonhole Live also has a feature called Word Cloud. This program takes all the responses from the audience and makes a big picture of the most common words. Another useful feature is Survey, which asks attendees for their opinions or feedback on different topics.

The site is easy to use, and you can access it from your computer or phone. With Pigeonhole Live, you can make sure the whole team feels included and engaged in the conversation.

Learn more about Pigeonhole Live.

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3. Donut

Donut is a Slack app that helps build teams and foster a sense of community within a workplace. One of the features is Coffee Chat. This tool randomly pairs you with a colleague for a virtual coffee or lunch meeting. This way, you can have a chat with a coworker you might not talk to often. Donut also has Icebreaker Questions, which sends questions to your team to spark conversation. With Donut, team members can create connections and improve relationships.

Learn more about Donut and check out more Slack apps.

4. Banter Icebreaker Games

Banter Icebreaker Games is one of the best Slack apps for icebreakers that helps team members socialize. Members can play casual, fun-filled games that promote communication and increase productivity. One of the app’s features is Trivia Time, where you can test your knowledge with fun quizzes. You can also play Quick Questions, where you answer short and easy questions to learn more about each other. Plus, Two Truths and a Lie lets you share interesting facts about yourself and guess which one is the lie. The app is perfect for remote teams, spreading laughter and smiles.

Learn more about Banter Icebreaker Games.

5. Factile

Factile helps you create and play trivia games with your friends, classmates, or colleagues. With Factile, you can make your own quizzes on any topic you like, such as history, science, or pop culture. Then, you can invite others to play and see who knows the most!

This game is easy to use, and you can play on your computer, tablet, or phone. Factile also keeps track of scores, so you can compete with others and see who is the trivia champion. Factile is a great way to learn and have a good time!

Learn more about Factile and check out more quiz apps.

6. Drawful 2

Drawful 2 is a fun Jackbox game where you can draw and guess silly things with your friends. During this Pictionary variant, you get to draw funny pictures based on weird prompts. Prompts might include a potato riding a skateboard or a dancing hot dog. Then, your friends try to guess what you have drawn while players laugh at the wacky answers. Drawful 2 also lets you create your own custom episodes with your own prompts, so the fun never ends! Drawful 2 is sure to bring lots of laughs and entertainment.

Learn more about Drawful 2. and check out more online Pictionary websites.

7. QuizBreaker

QuizBreaker is a fun app that helps you get to know your friends or coworkers better. This site has several features, including quizzes, trivia, escape rooms, and pulse surveys. Team Building Quizzes allow users to schedule ongoing quizzes. This feature is ideal for remote teams or those in different time zones.

With Multiplayer Trivia, users can host live games with over 10,000 trivia questions or write their own. Virtual Escape Rooms put teams to the test as they solve different mysteries. Finally, Pulse Surveys offer real-time employee engagement data through scientifically backed questions. With this platform, teams can strengthen bonds, boost morale, and enhance collaboration.

Learn more about QuizBreaker.

8. Icebreaker

Icebreaker is a fun icebreaker software that helps folks connect and have fun together. Participants can speak up and connect using the power of pictures. You can use Icebreaker during online sessions. The platform offers intuitive features that make it easy to use for both you and your participants. Icebreaker options include setting up a quick warm-up or appreciating team strengths. Participants can join sessions with just a few clicks without needing their own account. With Icebreaker, you can build personal connections and make your meetings more engaging.

Learn more about Icebreaker.

9. Water Cooler Trivia

Water Cooler Trivia is a great tool for starting interesting conversations and building team unity. The site asks enjoyable and engaging questions that colleagues can discuss during breaks or meetings. Trivia pros handwrite questions each week, and you can customize the quiz schedule.

This activity promotes interaction and teamwork by involving all team members. Water Cooler Trivia is an easy and efficient way to add some fun to the workplace.

Learn more about Water Cooler Trivia.

10. Conversation Starters World

Conversation Starters World is a helpful website full of fun ideas to start conversations with colleagues. You can find plenty of interesting questions to ask, like, “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” or “What’s the best book you’ve ever read?” These questions can help you get to know folks better and have fun conversations.

You can also find conversation starters for specific situations, like parties, dates, or even job interviews! Plus, Conversation Starters World is easy to use. You can just browse the website and find the questions that interest you. With Conversation Starters World, you will never run out of things to talk about!

Learn more about Conversation Starters World.

11. IceBreaker by TeamRetro

IceBreaker by TeamRetro is a digital team building tool that helps teams break the ice and get to know each other better. With IceBreaker, you can cycle through different questions that help teams connect. Question categories include check-ins, get to know you, and team building. You can also choose random. Then, the site shows you a question you can ask your team. For instance, “What’s something you wish you had less of in your life?” These questions are a great way to start meetings or team sessions on a positive note and build stronger connections.

Learn more about IceBreaker by TeamRetro.

12. Dixit Online

Dixit Online is a fun game where you can use your creativity to tell stories with pictures. In Dixit, each player gets a hand of illustrated cards with fun images. One player acts as the storyteller and chooses a card from their hand to describe with a word or phrase. Then, the other players choose cards from their own hands that they think match the storyteller’s description.

The site shuffles and reveals the cards, and players try to guess which one belongs to the storyteller. Dixit Online also lets you play with friends or family online, so you can have fun together no matter where you are. With its easy-to-understand rules and charming artwork, Dixit Online is a delightful icebreaker!

Learn more about Dixit Online.

13. Online-Escape-Room

Online-Escape-Room offers thrilling escape room adventures. Rooms include Pirate Panic, Escape the Tomb, and Bitcoin Break-In. In these exciting challenges, you and your team must work together to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and escape within the time limit. Each room has its own unique story and immersive environment. These features make the experience feel like a real-life adventure. Whether you are evading pirates or cracking a high-stakes heist, Online-Escape-Room offers engaging gameplay.

Learn more about Online-Escape-Room and check out more free online escape rooms.

14. Slido

Slido encourages engagement and participation in meetings, workshops, and events. Users can ask questions, run polls, and gather feedback in real time. Other features include word clouds, open-text responses, and icebreaker quiz ideas.

Slido’s user-friendly interface and customizable features help presenters interact with audiences. With Slido, presenters can encourage interaction, spark discussions, and respect all voices. Overall, Slido is a valuable tool for breaking the ice and fostering collaboration among participants.

Learn more about Slido.

15. Icebreaker from Range Labs

Range Labs offers a great tool with their Icebreaker program. This site aims to help you connect with your team. Over 300 icebreaker questions will get conversations flowing. For example, “Do you have any routines you use to improve your energy and focus?” Questions cover several categories, like building trust, would you rather, and food and travel.

Another feature is the spinner, which ensures each team member gets a chance to share their ideas. The spinner will choose a member at random to answer the icebreaker. If you sign up, then you can also access moods, save attendees, and try more topic types.

Learn more about Icebreaker.

16. Deckle.app

Deckle.app is one of the top virtual team building tools that is perfect for icebreaking activities. This site’s interactive features ensure each social interaction is unique. Available games include Incredible Race, Mates’ Trivia, and Emoji Buddies. Incredible Race is a unique scavenger hunt mode that features QR codes and curated tasks. During Mates’ Trivia, colleagues will learn about one another in an AI-powered game. Emoji Buddies matches team members for any group event. Plus, this app is available on mobile! Deckle.app adds a fresh twist to initiating interactions.

Learn more about Deckle.app.

17. Butter

Butter is one of the top programs for interesting workshops, trainings, and meetings. The site has several icebreaker programs. For instance, participants can have chat threads and send each other GIFs. You can also create customized playlists for engaging meetings or parties. Breakouts are also great for icebreakers, as meeting-goers will be able to have conversations in smaller groups.

Multiple-choice polls can help you learn your team’s opinions on work-related subjects or even their favorite foods. In open-ended polls, workers can write their own answers to poll questions. You can even display results in a word cloud! Butter also offers unique flashcards. Cards can contain text, images, videos, and GIFs. This function is perfect for asking icebreaker questions. For an in-depth way to run meetings, be sure to check out Butter!

Learn more about Butter.

Final Thoughts

The use of icebreaker apps and tools has changed how folks conduct virtual meetings. These tools make it possible to foster engagement, encourage participation, and build relationships. With a wide variety of options available, there is certainly an app or tool that will suit your team’s needs. The goal is to break the ice and maintain an atmosphere of openness and camaraderie.

Next, check out our posts on unusual icebreaker questions, large group icebreakers, and virtual icebreakers. You can also check out scavenger hunt apps.

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FAQ: Icebreaker apps

Here are frequently asked questions about icebreaker apps.

What are icebreaker apps?

Icebreaker apps are digital tools that helps attendees interact during meetings. These sites offer various activities such as games, quizzes, or random interactions. These connections help participants get to know each other.

How do icebreaker apps work?

Icebreaker apps provide interactive activities for groups. These activities can range from simple Q&A sessions to complex games or challenges.

How do you choose the right icebreaker tool for your team?

Choosing the right icebreaker tool for your team depends on several factors. You should consider your team size and the specific goals you have for the icebreaker activity.

What types of activities do icebreaker apps offer?

Icebreaker apps offer a wide range of activities. Some tools provide simple Q&A sessions, while others offer complex games or challenges. Some apps also facilitate random pairings for coffee chats or one-on-one meetings.

Are icebreaker apps suitable for large groups?

Many icebreaker apps are great for large groups. Features like breakout rooms and team-based challenges can engage many participants.

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