Updated: January 26, 2023

25 Best Management Newsletters to Read in 2024

You found our list of the best management newsletters.

Management newsletters are emails with informative management-related reports and guidelines. Examples of these newsletters include Business Management Daily, Product Mindset, and Effective Managers. The purpose of these publications is to engage managers by sharing leadership tips and highlighting relevant industry trends. These newsletters also promote tools and courses to help readers become more efficient and productive at work.

This list is a subset related to management books, management certification programs, and team management skills.

This article covers:

  • free management newsletters
  • product management newsletters
  • project management newsletters
  • daily manager newsletters
  • management tips newsletters

Here we go!

List of the best management newsletters

Consistently reading newsletters can help managers stay on top of industry news and run their businesses more efficiently. Here is a list of resourceful email newsletters to subscribe to.

1. Department of Product

Department of Product is one of the best product management newsletters. This newsletter updates readers on the latest product development news, like the leading product analysis reports, product launch events, and shifting consumer behavior and trends.

Readers will likely enjoy the content’s creative writing styles and mentally stimulating ideas. Department of Product best suits product teams. This newsletter sends weekly emails to help subscribers acquire practical knowledge and skills for building successful products and improving their careers.

Learn more about the Department of Product.

2. Workplace Report by The Wall Street Journal

Workplace Report among the best reads for managers. This newsletter is a subset of the reputable newspaper, The Wall Street Journal, and covers a wide range of management topics. The publications aim to help managers adapt to change, build resilience in business, and make worthy investments.

Workplace Report presents the best stories in a fascinating narration to help readers catch up with trending news. The articles also share stimulating ideas to help readers think deeper about current issues and make better decisions. For instance, an article may discuss the effects of politics or technological advancements in the workplace.

Learn more about Workplace Report.

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3. The Mattermark Daily Newsletter

The Mattermark Daily Newsletter is a resourceful article for general managers, investors, and financial advisors. This publication covers crucial financial matters, like venture capital, financial news, and fund management.

The authors of this daily newsletter include successful leaders and entrepreneurs who share useful tactics for successful businesses. The thought-provoking articles cover topics like raising finance, hiring and firing best practices, and managing a board. In addition, managers can access solutions like building email lists and enhancing lead generation.

Learn more about Mattermark Daily Newsletter.

4. PR Daily

PR Daily is among the best free management newsletters for sales and marketing managers. The newsletter shares guides to communication technology, PR trend analysis, and success stories in the marketing field. These news articles are handy in helping readers improve social media marketing and enrich public relations.

PR Daily also offers practical tips for building readers’ industry expertise. For instance, you can learn how to apply crisis communication and marketing to market products and services.

Learn more about PR Daily.

5. Management Tip of the Day by Harvard Business Review

Management Tip of the Day is among the most-read email newsletters. This resource shares actionable advice to help readers improve their management practices. The daily newsletter contains well-researched tips to help managers improve their leadership.

This newsletter updates readers on the latest news in areas like technology and innovation, competitive strategy, and customer relations. The content usually includes links to other learning resources, like podcasts and blogs, to keep readers informed. Also, you can subscribe to relevant products like the HBR 20-minute manager series, a set of books that helps managers deal with day-to-day issues at work.

Learn more about Management Tip of the Day.

6. Community Manager

Community Manager Newsletter is a must-read for management executives. The articles highlight trends in communication management and are most beneficial to managers who deal with social media and community development. For instance, the newsletter updates readers on the latest news reports and studies about community management.

This newsletter equips community managers with the skills and knowledge to adapt to the changing paradigms in public relations and marketing functions. The bimonthly newsletter can help you impact the community and lead a healthier life.

Learn more about Community Manager.

7. The Hustle

The Hustle is one of the best daily manager newsletters. This newsletter is a quick read and contains some of the most interesting stories in the business world. The articles are resourceful, covering current trends in major topics like technology, finance, and the internet.

The Hustle is a free newsletter with over two million subscribers who receive a newsletter in their inboxes every day except Saturdays. These reads are fun and represent the opinions of innovators in multiple industries.

Learn more about The Hustle.

8. Effective Managers

Effective Managers is one of the leading newsletters for business owners and management executives. This monthly publication shares great tips on leadership and management. For instance, it covers topics like improving team productivity and strategy execution.

This newsletter’s authors include successful CEOs and entrepreneurs. These writers share various methods of running businesses to help managers improve their own performance.

Learn more about Effective Managers.

9. Supermanagers TLDR

Supermanagers TLDR is one of the most practical resources for managers who want to improve their performance. The newsletter contains indispensable tips on best management practices to help readers run organizations more effectively. The authors write the information in enticing formats, like exclusive interviews and case studies.

The articles have a creative writing style and include lessons and ultimate guides on key managerial issues. Topics include team leadership, meeting productivity, and talent retention. These articles can help readers develop expertise in general management.

Learn more about Supermanagers TLDR.

10. Business Management Daily

Business Management Daily is among the leading free management newsletters, perfect for team leaders. The content includes critical management ideas, such as applying HR best practices, office administration skills, and efficient managerial tips.

This daily newsletter gives readers actionable advice on standing out in their businesses and professions. Relevant news can also help you get industry smart, avoid legal pitfalls, and create a productive workplace culture.

Learn more about Business Management Daily.

11. Hypercontext

Hypercontext is a leading newsletter for managers and leaders. The articles share thought-provoking questions, advice, and management resources. Managers will likely benefit from the insights and implementable tips that encourage efficient leadership.

This newsletter serves over 80,000 subscribers and often sends invite links to interactive live sessions. In these sessions, readers access management resources and learn about matters like effective team collaboration, leadership trends, and internal and external communication.

Learn more about Hypercontext.

12. Product Mindset

This newsletter is a rounded product manager’s guide for developing marketing products. The articles explain important aspects of product development in a creative, engaging, and easy-to-read format.

This newsletter sends weekly emails to help readers accumulate helpful resources for developing their products. Once every month, the author also writes a summary of that month’s newsletters to help ensure that subscribers pick up important tips they might have missed. In addition, readers can access some free e-books on product development.

Learn more about Product Mindset.

13. Know Your Team

Know Your Team is an interesting newsletter for folks wanting to build and improve their managerial skills. This newsletter thoroughly researches critical management questions to develop accurate, helpful content. Part of this research includes interviewing leaders, managers, and employees.

Know Your Team authors present the articles as easy-to-follow guidelines. The topics address issues like implementing management strategies, building a rapport with your followers, and getting team members to collaborate. These articles can help readers integrate the theoretical practice of management with actual work situations.

Learn more about Know Your Team.

14. PM Insider

PM Insider is one of the best project management newsletters. The articles contain valuable advice to help managers execute projects more efficiently. Also, you can access news and articles highlighting exclusive tips and techniques for running projects.

With PM Insider, subscribers choose to receive daily, fortnightly, or monthly updates. The topic-specific newsletters will form a library of insightful content to train managers on product strategies, sourcing funds, and managing employees.

Learn more about PM Insider.

15. CB Insights

CB Insights is among the most interesting daily management newsletters. This resource best suits IT managers, data geeks, and CTOs. The articles use the latest research and reports to break down ideas into well-defined concepts and digestible explanations.

CB Insights prides itself on having about one million subscribers. This free resource explores and simplifies technology topics to help readers become more professional and informed about technology. Examples of this newsletter’s topics include IT infrastructure in businesses and optimizing technology investments across data centers.

Learn more about CB Insights.

16. Product Life

Product Life is among the leading product management newsletters. This publication is a handy tool kit for over 20,000 subscribers, offering practical insights and strategies to coach readers on building successful products.

Articles in this newsletter contain helpful information to help product builders advance their careers. In addition, the curated writing style favors learning. For example, the newsletters use case studies and simplified templates to simplify hard topics into palatable information.

Learn more about Product Life.

17. The Modern Product Manager

The Modern Product Manager is a daily newsletter sharing unique content on products and technology.

With at least 3,000 subscribers, the author writes about his personal experience as a Chief Product Officer. He addresses concepts like creating and developing products to match market demands. Also, the author advises readers on ways to use web solutions and mobile products to impact lives.

Learn more about The Modern Product Manager.

18. Forbes Investing Newsletters

Forbes is among the leading investment newsletters for managers. The topics clarify technical investment terms to make it easy for managers to understand financial issues. The topics also cover crucial investment paradigms like risk management, cryptocurrency, and inflation.

Forbes Investing Newsletters are a must-read for entrepreneurs who want to get insights on fund management, financial safety, and economic analysis. The author also shares expert advice on countering investment challenges, like forming mergers.

Learn more about Forbes Investing Newsletters.

19. Business Administration Information

Business Administration Information is one of the best free newsletters to read. Managers and administrators can greatly benefit from ideas in well-prepared industry news, personal career journeys, and featured articles.

The Business Administration Information newsletter offers updated content to inform managers about the business world. Articles cover topics like accounting red flag identification, cybersecurity fundamentals, and employee engagement tips. Readers can access the two monthly newsletters by subscribing or visiting the website. In addition, you get free business updates and news from previous weeks.

Learn more about Business Administration Information.

20. 5-Bullet Friday

5-Bullet Friday is a free weekly email newsletter delivered to your inbox every Friday. The author is a technical investor and advisor to major companies like Shopify. From his work experience, the author shares his knowledge and writes an article with his favorite resources of the week.

This interesting read has concise ideas and includes the latest trends. Readers find the articles informative and fascinating to read.

Learn more about 5-Bullet Friday.

21. Workology

Workology is among the top management tips newsletters. This resource extensively discusses trends, tools, and reports that can help readers become better people managers and business leaders.

Workology’s newsletter reaches over 500,000 subscribers and shares a variety of valuable workplace content to read anytime. For instance, this newsletter tackles issues such as employee training and workplace leadership. In addition, subscribers also get links to resources, courses, and podcasts with valuable tips to help improve their professionalism.

Learn more about Workology.

22. Rebel’s Guide to Project Management

Rebel’s Guide to Project Management is a fast-growing newsletter community with over 50,000 subscribers. This weekly newsletter has indispensable ideas and advice to inspire project management team members to be productive and manage their work with ease.

The author, a project management mentor and coach, incorporates her experience and advice into the articles. The coaching method involves sharing giveaways, freebies, and online resources to help ease readers’ tasks.

Learn more about Rebel’s Guide to Project Management.

23. Administrative Professional Today

Administrative Professional Today is one of the most trusted resources for staff in the administration department and business management. This newsletter’s content creators include a team of administrative gurus and professional managers who target upcoming administrators.

Administrative Professional Today issues newsletters once a month. These publications offer online training and tools for better productivity. Subscribers and guests can also join the free and interactive weekly forum, where readers exchange ideas, news, and skills to improve their careers.

Learn more about Administrative Professional Today.

24. Build For Tomorrow

Build For Tomorrow is one of the best self-help resources for becoming a better manager. This newsletter allows you to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and use them to create solutions for possible gaps.

The article has actionable advice to help readers improve their adaptability, decision-making process, and creative thinking. The authors take holistic approaches to address common personal issues that most managers undergo, like dealing with discouragement, taking initiative, and breaking from their comfort zone.

Learn more about Build For Tomorrow.

25. ASAP

ASAP newsletters are among the best free resources for managers. These weekly publications tackle administration issues that often challenge managers. For instance, the contents include topics like conflict resolution strategies and workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion.

When you subscribe to ASAP, you get newsletters in your inbox as soon as they are published. In addition, you can join ASAP’s weekly Coffee Break and get a chance to interact with professionals from across the world.

Learn more about ASAP.


Management newsletters are among the most efficient tools for engaging and influencing managers. Folks who subscribe to these interesting publications get articles in their work or personal email as soon as they are released. These write-ups also help market and communicate your products to existing and prospective clients. Additionally, the newsletters can redirect managers to interactive forums to discuss emerging issues and build their networks.

Next read, management versus leadership and professional development ideas.

FAQ: Management newsletters

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about management newsletters.

What are management newsletters?

Management newsletters are electronic or printed articles containing practical tips for managers. The newsletters address general or specific management issues to equip managers with relevant skills for business. Plus, these articles can help to showcase company solutions like tools, courses, and apps to help you become effective.

What are the best newsletters for managers to read?

Some of the best newsletters for managers include Rebel’s Guide to Project Management, CB Insights, and Community Manager. These documents provide training and mentorship for becoming a better worker.

What makes a good management newsletter?

The following are features of a good management newsletter:

  • A catchy headline that attracts readers’ attention
  • Concise writing that saves readers time by getting directly to the point
  • Content that answers readers’ questions
  • Fun and engaging writing style to hook the reader from start to finish
  • Visual aids such as photographs and charts to simplify technical reports
  • Simple vocabulary and good grammar

These features make your newsletter readable and helpful and entice your audience to keep coming back for more.

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