Updated: August 25, 2023

24 Best Management Podcasts for Every Manager

Here is our list of the best management podcasts.

Management podcasts are audio episodes that center on topics related to leadership styles, conflict resolution, and team building in a business or organizational environment. These podcasts often feature expert interviews and industry best practices. Examples include The Ken Coleman Show, Manager Tools, and Leadership and Loyalty. These podcasts aim to guide interested team leaders on the best management practices to adopt in their workplace.

Management podcasts are similar to business podcasts, CEO podcasts, and entrepreneur podcasts. These resources help listeners learn the difference between management and leadership, team management skills, and management tips.

This article includes the following:

  • project management podcasts
  • business management podcasts
  • podcasts on management and leadership
  • podcasts for new managers

Let’s dive right in!

List of management podcasts

Given the increased expectations from team members, management is becoming a more tasking role. Many folks need you to empower them to contribute to the team. As a manager, it is important to be there when the team members need you to inspire, motivate, or monitor their performances. Here is a list of management and leadership podcasts that will boost your career as a manager and transform you into a leader.

1. WorkLife with Adam Grant

Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist and professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In his podcast WorkLife, he explores the world of work. Episodes provide insights into improving productivity, collaboration, and well-being.

He often interviews experts and thought leaders in various fields to discuss strategies for making work more meaningful and effective. The podcast covers topics like motivation, creativity, decision-making, and building positive workplace cultures.

Learn more about WorkLife with Adam Grant.

2. Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

Craig Groeschel is the founder and senior pastor of Life.Church, one of the largest and most innovative churches in the United States. In his podcast, he shares insights and lessons on leadership, personal growth, and organizational success.

He often draws from his experience as a pastor to provide practical advice. Listeners will get insights on leadership principles, team building, communication, and leading with purpose and integrity.

Learn more about the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast.

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3. The Art of Charm

AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak host this thrilling podcast. The Art of Charm focuses on social dynamics, communication, and personal development.

While not strictly a management podcast, it offers valuable insights into building strong relationships, effective communication, and personal growth. The hosts discuss topics such as networking, charisma, emotional intelligence, and self-confidence, all of which are essential skills for managers and leaders.

Learn more about The Art of Charm.

4. The Productivity Show

Thanh Pham and Brooks Duncan lead The Productivity Show, a podcast dedicated to helping listeners become more productive and efficient in their personal and professional lives. The podcast covers a wide range of productivity-related topics, including time management, organization, goal setting, and technology tools.

While not exclusively targeted at management, the strategies and techniques discussed on the podcast can be valuable for managers looking to improve their leadership skills and optimize their workflow.

Learn more about The Productivity Show.

5. Women at Work

Harvard Business Review produces Women at Work, a podcast that focuses on the experiences, challenges, and strategies of women navigating the workplace. Hosted by HBR editors, the podcast engages in candid conversations, interviews, and research-based discussions.

Topics include gender equality, leadership development, negotiation skills, work-life balance, and overcoming workplace bias. With real-life stories and expert insights, the podcast provides actionable advice and empowers listeners to advocate for change. The show aims to foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment for all.

Learn more about Women at Work.

6. Manager Tools

Manager Tools is a free weekly podcast featuring practical teachings on how leaders and managers can make a bigger impact.

Mark Horstman and Michael Auzenne cofounded this four-time People’s Choice Podcast Awards winner in 2005. Horstman and Auzenne hosted the podcast for 18 years before handing it over to the current hosts, Kate Braun and Sarah Sentes.

Aside from coaching managers on performance management, communication, and team building, Manager Tools caters to individuals seeking to reach their career goals. Manager Tools is one of the best project management podcasts for new managers who need a boost in their career journey.

Listen to Manager Tools.

7. Beyond the To-Do List

Beyond the To-Do List is a highly engaging podcast from Erik Fisher. Fisher often invites productivity experts to share their genuine perspectives. Discussions often center around how managers can increase the capacity of human resources with the right productivity approach.

By listening to this podcast, you will learn about activating mental fitness and effectively managing time. In addition, listeners will learn how forming the right team leads to better business productivity.

Overall, Beyond the To-Do List introduces actionable productivity strategies that enable employees to grow as individuals and professionals.

Listen to Beyond the To-Do List.

8. The Ken Coleman Show

The Ken Coleman Show is one of the most popular podcasts on management and leadership, hosted by American career coach and best-selling author Ken Coleman.

Coleman highlights the importance of being an accountable leader who leads by example and communicates effectively with employees. The host invites successful industry leaders to the show to share valuable tips on how managers can develop the right leadership skills.

In The Ken Coleman Show, managers learn to give their team members a sense of purpose by celebrating their successes and milestones. Coleman believes managers can create an environment that inspires employees to reach their full potential, especially by encouraging a collaborative culture in the workplace.

Check out The Ken Coleman Show.

9. Coaching for Leaders

As the name implies, Coaching for Leaders is an awesome audio resource for leaders seeking to enhance their coaching and leadership skills.

Host Dave Stachowiak invites authors, coaches, and leadership experts to share their knowledge of productive leadership. This podcast emphasizes coaching as a leadership tool. Therefore, managers who develop a coaching mindset can build solid interactions with their team members.

Also, the program covers specific challenges that most managers and leaders face. These issues include managing change, building a powerful organizational culture, and dealing with difficult employees.

Check out the Coaching for Leaders Podcast.

10. Leadership and Loyalty

Focusing on topics such as integrity, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness, the Leadership and Loyalty podcast offers an understanding of authentic leadership skills.

Leadership and Loyalty’s host, Dov Baron, is a best-selling author and leadership expert. He talks about the need for managers to be aware of their emotions and be able to empathize with their team members. With these skills, it is easier to build a loyal team since most employees prefer empathic leaders.

Another advantage of the Leadership and Loyalty podcast is it gives managers a platform to gain knowledge from thriving leaders. These leaders come to share lessons from their years of experience, giving listeners new ideas to implement in their workplaces.

Check out Leadership and Loyalty.

11. EntreLeadership

The EntreLeadership podcast is for every manager or business owner looking for information on how to scale their business. Dave Ramsey addresses individuals’ major challenges and questions about creating a solid team.

EntreLeadership’s episodes feature successful entrepreneurs who tell stories about the challenges they overcame. By listening to these stories, team leaders and managers can gain inspiration and motivation to continue building despite all odds.

Listen to EntreLeadership.

12. The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes launched The School of Greatness in 2013 to help individuals succeed in every area of their lives, including careers. The School of Greatness airs invaluable episodes for managers who want to learn about business and self-development. Besides management, this podcast explores topics such as resilience, goal-setting, and motivation.

You will find interviews with business, entertainment, science, and health game changers. Additionally, Howes sometimes hosts solo episodes. This podcast helps managers develop the mindset needed to impact their organization positively.

Listen to The School of Greatness.

13. LEADx Leadership Podcast

The LEADx Leadership Podcast is a valuable tool for every team manager. The podcast brings top thought leaders and executive coaches together to share their collective, helpful ideas.

The LEADx Leadership Podcast’s host, Kevin Kruse, often invites exceptional business professionals to the podcast. Past interviewees include Stephen M. R. Covey, Chris Ducker, Ken Blanchard, Rory Vaden, and John C. Maxwell. You stand a high chance of excelling at work when you start your day listening to these mentors. All episodes of the LEADx Leadership Podcast aim to help you grow as a professional looking to reach your full potential.

Listen to the LEADx Leadership Podcast.

14. The People Managing People Podcast

If you are a manager or leader struggling with burnout, poor turnover, or team member disengagement, then you should start listening to The People Managing People Podcast. The podcast’s host, Becca Banyard, is a leadership expert interested in inspiring managers to build a welcoming workplace.

All the podcast’s episodes feature real-life stories and examples from founders and best-selling authors. By tuning in, you will be able to understand the basics of creating a work environment that is healthy, happy, and productive for your team members.

Listen to The People Managing People Podcast.

15. The SOS Show

The SOS Show is a podcast for managers who are dealing with mental stress. The program challenges many misconceptions individuals may have regarding mental health. When it comes to a work environment, managers are prone to experience more mental stress than any other team member.

The SOS Show’s host, Suchita Bhatia, seeks to dissect some mental health stereotypes. Professional psychotherapists and clinicians share their perspectives on mental health, clarifying what it truly means. With this podcast, managers can gain deeper insight into mental health and how it may affect an individual’s work life.

Listen to the The SOS Show.

16. What Great Bosses Know

If you want to learn ways to be a great manager that your employees will love more, then listen to different episodes of What Great Bosses Know.

This podcast’s host, Jill Geisler, guides listeners to adopt the top qualities of a great manager. For example, Geisler understands that a manager should be able to motivate team members individually for a productive outcome. Some guests also speak on the issue of trust. These guests discuss why managers must learn to trust their team members to make the best workplace decisions.

Listen to What Great Bosses Know.

17. Management 3.0, Happiness at Work

Like most workers, team managers also experience lousy work days. In those times, listening to this podcast can help lighten your mood while you carry on with your daily tasks. Management 3.0, Happiness at Work is a weekly podcast where you can listen to inspirational stories of happy and successful managers.

You do not want a situation where your state of mind rubs off on your team members. With this podcast, entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers can learn how to find happiness in their jobs.

Listen to Management 3.0, Happiness at Work.

18. Coffee With the Greats

In Coffee With the Greats, Miles Fisher sits down to have interesting and inspiring conversations with notable individuals about greatness.

This podcast highlights one of the key ways to attain greatness in life, which is not to belittle your dreams or let others do so. Coffee With the Greats is suitable for every manager. You will learn how to stand up to your directors and defend your team’s efforts. Additionally, you will discover that great managers know how to get their hands dirty and not leave challenging tasks to the team.

Listen to Coffee With the Greats.

19. The Manager’s Handbook

When you assume your role as a first-time manager, you will need a guide that shows you all you need to know about your new managerial position. Matt Sornson and Alex MacCaw offer that guide with The Manager’s Handbook.

This podcast aims to train new managers on how to build team culture, form solid relationships, and manage conflicts in the workplace. You will also learn to eliminate the follower mindset and become a better leader. As a result, you can make decisions that benefit your organization. Additionally, The Manager’s Handbook podcast will boost your creative skills as a team manager.

Listen to The Manager’s Handbook.

20. Women’s Leadership Success Podcast

Since 1978, host Sabrina Braham has offered mentoring and coaching for women in executive positions. The Women’s Leadership Success podcast talks about practical techniques that have helped thousands of women to excel as managers. The program covers career advancement, work-life balance, salary increments, and influencing others.

The podcast host invites other female thought leaders to tell their stories and give tips to help listeners succeed in their careers.

Listen to the Women’s Leadership Success Podcast.

21. Read To Lead

Chief investment analyst Jeff Brown hosts the Read to Lead podcast. Brown invites business authors to talk about their books and experiences in business, leadership, self-development, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Brown believes that leaders are readers, meaning those wanting to rise above their current level must invest their time in reading books. Brown also recommends reading books that seem challenging to understand, as it is a good way to task brain muscles. With the Read to Lead podcast, managers will cultivate the habit of reading good books.

Listen to Read to Lead.

22. Deliciously Ella

It is important not to neglect your physical and mental health because of work. Deliciously Ella is a podcast for every manager who wants to learn how to incorporate healthy eating and lifestyle into their routine. Ella and Matthew Mills cofounded Deliciously Ella. The Millses host weekly interviews with experts to offer inspiration on various issues such as anxiety, mental health, and how to find pure happiness. The podcast also focuses on veganism, stress management, and skincare.

Listen to Deliciously Ella.

23. The Growth Show

Starting your career as a manager is one step of the journey, but career advancements are a completely different ball game. The Growth Show hosts, Sebastian Kunz and Serhat Kaya, review managerial advancement by exploring successful individuals’ growth. Each episode tells inspiring tales of entrepreneurs who have built businesses, ideas, or movements. The Growth Show will push you to take advantage of new opportunities instead of staying in one place for too long.

Listen to The Growth Show.

24. The Shape of Work

If you want to keep up with updates on the future of people management, then this podcast is perfect for you. Hosts Kartik Mandaville, Abhash Kumar, and Anoop Suresh interview top people leaders on their beliefs regarding people management. Some topics covered include management, marketing, technology, and talent acquisition. In addition, this podcast will give you fresh perspectives on employee engagement and other skills you need as a growing manager.

Listen to The Shape of Work Podcast.


Being an effective manager can be tasking. You have to lead your team effectively and get results. One of the best ways to access top expert knowledge is by listening to fantastic podcasts from individuals who have walked the journey. From mindset shift to effective communication to team building, this article highlights the best project and business management podcasts you need to grow as a manager.

For more management resources, check out these lists of management games, management blogs, management newsletters, and management training programs.

FAQ: Management podcasts

Here are frequently asked questions about management podcasts.

What are management podcasts?

Management podcasts are audio shows focusing on leadership styles, dealing with conflicts, helping employees grow, and building teams in a business or organization setting. In addition, these podcasts often have interviews with experts and talk about best practices in the industry.

What are the best management podcasts?

Some of the best management podcasts include EntreLeadership, The Ken Coleman Show, and LEADx Leadership Show. The podcasts offer excellent resources for succeeding as a manager or a leader.

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