20 Murder Mystery Party Kits

By: | Updated: December 11, 2023

Here is our list of the best murder mystery party kits for adults. 

Murder mystery party kits are game boxes that contain a well-crafted crime narrative, character roles and scripts, and clues to solve the murder. Examples include murder mystery jigsaw puzzles, the Deadbolt Mystery Society kits, and Halloween murder mystery game kits. Playing a murder mystery game is a fantastic way to stimulate the mind, build problem-solving skills, and socialize with team members.

These murder mystery party kits are perfect for team building game nights and are similar to escape rooms and scavenger hunts. You can use these kits in tandem with team building murder mystery events or online murder mysteries. These kits are similar to escape room boxes.


This list contains:

  • murder mystery party kit for game nights
  • murder mystery party kit for team building
  • murder mystery party kit for small groups
  • murder mystery party kit for virtual parties
  • murder mystery games for large groups

So, let’s get to it!

List of murder mystery party kits

Murder mystery party packs usually have detailed plots and engaging narratives. The games typically need hosts, engaged participants, character scripts, and fun clues. Here are some murder mystery kits to liven up your next party.

1. Movie Murder Mystery Party

The Movie Murder Mystery Party follows an exciting story of a celebration gone wrong. You and the other game participants have just finished filming a movie, and the cast and crew decide to throw a party. However, it is not long before the director is found dead. Characters begin to point fingers, but nobody knows who murdered the director.

The dead director was smart and hid clues for you and your group members. This murder mystery game is scavenger hunt-themed and can contain five to ten players. Thus, the game is a good murder mystery party kit for small groups. The activity is entirely improv and can be different every time. The kit consists only of a downloadable free PDF book. However, The Movie Murder Mystery Party is a great option for free murder mystery party kits.

Learn more about Movie Murder Mystery Party.

2. Death at the Dive Bar

The Death at the Dive Bar party kit transports you to a small town bar where bad things happen. There was a deadly fall in a local dive bar that the characters thought was an accident. The victim is Nick Webster, owner of the bar. However, as events unfolded, one of his employees suspected there was intent and a murderer. Your team will have to find out which character in the game killed Nick.

The clues in this murder mystery game point to a secret each player is hiding. As the plot unfolds, players decipher codes, consider the evidence, and solve the murder.

Learn more about Death at the Dive Bar.

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3. 1920s Speakeasy Murder Mystery

1920s Speakeasy Murder Mystery is a kit that immerses your group in the world of prohibition, show business, and gangsters. This murder mystery party kit for game nights focuses on a murder at Fat Stan’s speakeasy. Amidst the singing, jazz, dancing, and drinking, an unknown figure enters the speakeasy. Soon, gunshots ring out, and poor Scabface Martins is no more.

Everyone at this illegal alcohol establishment is a suspect, and Officer Pilkington will do anything to find the culprit. The story is engaging, and all your friends will have a blast living through these fictional characters.

The game has a free downloadable intro file to preview the cast list, a newspaper prop, and a map. Buying the kit gives you access to the full script, printable clues, and party tips.

Learn more about 1920s Speakeasy Murder Mystery.

4. Deadbolt Mystery Society

The Deadbolt Mystery Society is excellent for murder mystery enthusiasts. This murder mystery party kit follows a central theme, but every month the case changes! You and your friends or coworkers can receive new and exciting cases to solve throughout the year.

Subscribing gives you access to new monthly mystery boxes, an exclusive downloadable micro mystery, and a collectible card. Otherwise, you can buy a one-off box without the extras. The murder mystery stories range from old-timey murder stories to kidnapping stories.

Learn more about Deadbolt Mystery Society.

6. Zombie Cannibal Murder Mystery

Zombie Cannibal Murder Mystery is a great murder mystery party kit for virtual parties. You and other virtual players are at the Penderghast Asylum while a zombie virus ravages the world. However, Dr. Abraham Weller is experimenting on inmates of the asylum to find a cure for the virus.

Unfortunately, a staff member in the asylum becomes a zombie, and all hell breaks loose. The other staff members and inmates must figure out who started the outbreak. However, the witnesses are either undead or criminally insane. This murder mystery party kit can accommodate up to 32 players offline or online.

Learn more about Zombie Cannibal Murder Mystery.

7. Hunt a Killer

Hunt a Killer is a subscription-based murder mystery party kit. The game comes full of clues, evidence, and codes you and your team will enjoy cracking. You will join in a six-part investigation. Each part revolves around one mystery case, which adds up at the end to reveal the killer. If you have some time on your hands for a long game.

Learn more about Hunt a Killer.

8. Murder in Manhattan

If you want to spice up your dinner party, consider the Murder in Manhattan mystery game. The game tells the story of the anniversary party of Mr. Francis Fisk, where e several high-profile business associates and family members are present. Suddenly, there is a blackout, and a guest is dead by the time the light returns.

The guests are all elites and do not want a public scandal. So, guests and staff at the party work together to solve this peculiar case. Every player in the game assumes a character and tries to deduce who committed the murder.

This kit includes printable color props, nametags, step-by-step instructions, setup tips, invitations, and awards.

Learn more about Murder in Manhattan.

9. Last Stop: Murder

Last Stop: Murder takes you and your team members on the infamous Oriental Express. Every character in this game has a hidden agenda. The story starts as the train stops, and a passenger gets killed. Lucky for all the other passengers, Detective Pardot is here to save the day. However, the lead investigator needs the guests’ help to comb through all the evidence. This murder mystery game is excellent for large groups.

This kit includes a detailed PDF file containing step-by-step introductions, nametags, color props, clues, and customizable invitations. The kit also has audio clips.

Learn more about Last Stop: Murder.

10. Mystery of Oak Island

The Mystery of Oak islands transports every player to a world of pirates, puzzles, and padlocks. You and your team need to decode ciphers and finish puzzles to discover the mystery behind this island. This murder mystery party kit has seven real padlocks and a comprehensive mystery box.

Learn more about the Mystery of Oak Islands.

11. A Pryce in Blood

A Pryce in Blood takes you and your team on an odyssey to a remote Caribbean island. The game starts with a story about the famous treasure of the Lost Grotto. You and your team search for the treasure, but your ship sinks. Luckily, you and some crew members swim to a nearby island. When you all wake up, you find your captain dead and his treasure map missing. Now you and every surviving member of the ship must find the killer.

This murder mystery game is relatively easy to play. The game lasts for about 30 minutes and needs about eight players. If you run a small business and want to do some team building activities, then A Pryce in Blood is perfect for you.

The kit includes character sheets and name placards for each role.

Learn more about A Pryce in Blood.

12. Unsolved Case Files

You can spice up your game night with a dose of Unsolved Case Files. You and other players work together to uncover new evidence on old cases and convict bad guys in the fictional town of Riverdale. The death of Harmony Ashcroft is an example of a case you would come across.

In the Harmony Ashcroft murder mystery, Harmony Ashcroft’s wedding is approaching, and she is excited. But when she leaves her rehearsal dinner, she inexplicably winds up dead. Twenty years later, new evidence comes to light, and now you have to figure out who killed her. You must solve every level of the game to uncover the truth. The kit includes pictures, character sheets, audio recordings, props, and puzzles.

Learn more about Unsolved Case Files

13. An Inquisition of Vampires

You can delve into the world of vampires, blood, and betrayal with this murder mystery party kit. The game focuses on eight vampires in the city of Grayston. These vampires are suspects in the murder of Archibald Crane. As you and your team members play the game, you discover that Archibald Crane was no angel and that every vampire had a motive for the murder.

The grand council of vampires sends famed detective Inquisitor Dominic to find the killer and bring them to justice! Some of the interesting characters in the game are Narcissa Nin, Ophelia Saint, Evelyn Mitternacht, and Alister Maundrell.

This kit includes hosting guides, name cards, character sheets, introductory handouts, and invitation templates.

Learn more about An Inquisition of Vampires

14. Sleuth Kings Master Detective: Monster Madness

With Sleuth Kings Master Detective: Monster Madness, you can make your team building event fun. There has been a gruesome murder, and the culprits are creatures of the night, such as zombies, vampires, and werewolves. This murder mystery party kit brings fantasy to life with its clever clues, exciting stories, and pieces of evidence.

There are different case options to play. For example, you can pick the Master Detective Box, which takes about three hours to solve, or the Rookie Detective Box, which takes about one hour to solve. The kit also has envelopes with “evidence” that you use to solve the murder.

Learn more about Sleuth Kings Master Detective: Monster Madness

15. A Very Shakespearean Murder

A Very Shakespearean Murder puts your knowledge of Shakespearean stories to the test. The murder narrative tells the tale of a ball thrown by a queen. All the guests are having fun until someone discovers the court jester has been killed. Now, all the partygoers are suspects.

The game can take up to 14 players and comes with audio evidence! Your coworkers will love immersing themselves in the game’s world. Some key characters include Juliet Catapult, Queen Derivative II, Lady MacBiff, Bendovero, and Romeo Magherd. You will find a host guide, different character sheets, question menus, and whodunit cards in the kit.

Learn more about A Very Shakespearean Murder.

16. Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns is a great game for a night in with the girls. This groovy murder mystery party kit tells the story of Heidi and Paul, who were celebrating at Pamper Island before their wedding. The bride and her friends decide to go paintballing and find the groom dead. Also, none of the friends around can find the groom’s best friend, Steve Wingman.

The game contains question menus, character sheets, evidence sheets, and audio evidence. You will need to work together with your friends to find the culprit. Learn more about Girls Just Wanna Have Guns 

17. A Very Merry Christmas Murder

If you are having an event close to Christmas, consider playing the A Very Merry Christmas Murder party kit. The mystery focuses on Albi LeGrinch, a successful Christmas tree seller. The victim is hosting a big Christmas party in his house, but as the celebration starts, none of his friends or family can see him.

Later, the guests at the party find Albi’s body hanging from a tree. However, there is evidence of foul play, and all party attendees are suspects. Some suspects you and your group can play are Hugh Diddit, Jack Torrents, Nick Personas, Santana Baby, Holly Bush, and Perky Baster. The murder mystery party kit includes a host guide, question menus, character sheets, invitations, and audio evidence.

Learn more about A Very Merry Christmas Murder.

18. Murder at the Disco

Murder at the Disco takes participants back to the 70s. The story follows a hot nightclub owner, Doctor Disco, who is found dead. The crime occurred in the VIP lounge, but no guest saw him enter. There’s an optional VR scene that comes with the game. If you add the VR scene to your package, your friends or coworkers will enjoy a 360-degree view of the game. The kit contains a question menu, a host guide, character sheets, invitations, and audio evidence.

Learn more about Murder at the Disco.

19. Malachai Stout’s Family Reunion

You and your group members can play different dysfunctional characters in the Stout family reunion. This game is about the Stout family, which does not get along well. However, all family members want to remain in the good books of Malachai Stout because of his wealth. The morning after the family arrives, Malachai Stout is found dead. He was strangled in his sleep. Also, the safe in his room is open, and all the jewels inside are stolen. The phone lines are down, so the family and staff cannot call 911.

You and the other players must solve the murder mystery. The kit includes invitations, character name tags, party instructions, and customizable awards.

Learn more about Malachai Stout’s Family Reunion.

20. Don Carrasino and the Murdered Mobster

In this murder mystery party kit, you and your guests play different gangsters, mobsters, and crooks affiliated with Don Carrasino, a mafia boss. The story revolves around the death of Danny “Chuckles” Luciano, the right-hand man of Don Carrasino. After the death, you and every player must come together to figure out the murderer.

This murder mystery party kit includes a hosting guide, introductory handout, name cards, and invitation templates.

Learn more about Don Carrasino and the Murdered Mobster.


Murder mystery parties are a fun and engaging way to make memories and bond with your coworkers, friends, or family. Thus, they are helpful in team building exercises. The murder mystery kits come in different engaging themes and storylines. Each kit contains all the necessary items to make the game fun, such as host guides, name cards, and character sheets. The right murder mystery party kit stimulates players’ teamwork, problem-solving, and presentation skills.

Next, check out virtual team building kits for remote teams.

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FAQ: Murder mystery party kits

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about murder mystery party kits.

What are murder mystery party kits?

Murder mystery party kits are boxes that contain all the materials needed to maneuver a murder mystery game and solve the murder. The items in the murder mystery party kit items include a well-crafted story, evidence, clues, character sheets, codes, ciphers, and case files.

What are some good murder mystery party kits?

Some good murder mystery party kits include:

  • Hunt a Killer
  • Unsolved Case Files
  • Murder on the Mystery Express
  • A Very Merry Christmas Murder
  • Last Stop: Murder
  • Movie Murder Mystery PARTY
  • Death at the Dive Bar
  • Deadbolt Mystery Society
  • A Pryce in Blood
  • A Very Shakespearean Murder

There are so many murder mystery party kits you can choose.

Where can you find murder mystery party kits?

You can find murder mystery party kits on Amazon, Etsy, My Mystery Party, and Murder Mystery Store, to name a few. Simply go to the site, search for the murder mystery section, and choose any kit you want. You can also find free murder mystery party kits at Playing with Murder.

How much do murder mystery party kits cost?

A murder mystery party kit usually costs between $15 and $150. Many factors affect the cost, including the number of characters, the contents of the box, and technology.

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