35 Fun Office Bulletin Board Ideas for Work

By: | Updated: February 26, 2024

You found our list of creative office bulletin board ideas.

Office bulletin board ideas are interactive activities employees can do on bulletin boards hung in communal office spaces. For example, suggestion boards, team timelines, and caption contests. The purpose of these activities is to create a sense of community within the workplace and to keep team members engaged. Office bulletin boards are also called team bulletin boards or employee bulletin boards.

These boards are an employee engagement best practice and a way to improve company culture. Bulletin boards fulfill a purpose similar to virtual water coolers and Slack channels.

This list includes:

  • motivational bulletin board ideas for work
  • fun employee bulletin board ideas
  • welcome board ideas for the office
  • team bulletin board ideas

Here we go!

List of office bulletin board ideas

Here are the best activities and themes for work bulletin boards.

Bulletin board with a sticky note with an idea light bulb on it

1. Prompt of the Week

Prompt of the week is one of the easiest office bulletin board ideas. Each week, post one question, and ask teammates to respond. Example prompts might include “which fictional workplace would you most like to work in?” or “what is the best piece of advice you ever received?” Teammates can write-in their answers and take a peek at teammates’ responses. This activity is a fun way to spark conversations around the office, both on the board and off of it.

Here is a random question generator and lists of icebreaker questions and getting to know you questions.

2. Battle of the Boards

Battle of the Boards is an interactive bulletin board idea that challenges players to pick between two options. To create this board, divide the space into two sides, and choose two contrasting choices. For example, unicorns vs dragons, wireless earbuds vs traditional headphones, and getting to pet a friendly dog on a walk or finding $5 on the sidewalk.

Throughout the week, employees can vote for their favorite by moving their photo or writing their name on the chosen side. This activity helps team members learn about each other’s preferences and can uncover common ground.

Pro tip: Making photo magnets of employees will make voting easier, make the board reusable, and help team members grow more familiar with coworkers.

For inspiration, here is a list of this or that questions.

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3. The Puzzle Board

Puzzle boards are collaborative spaces where teammates can solve challenges together For example, crossword puzzles, riddles, and hangman. First, pick your puzzle, then print out a large version and hang it on the board. Be sure to provide plenty of pens and markers so that employees can write in answers.

Check out this list of team building puzzles and problem solving games.

4. The Buddy-up Board

The Buddy-up board is a way for teammates to bond and get to know coworkers better. Every two weeks, create a signup space where employees who are open to taking breaks with coworkers can volunteer. Be sure to leave the signup sheet up for at least a couple of days, or up to one week. Then, pair up participants, post the matches, and give team members the remaining time to coordinate an on-the-clock meetup, such as a lunch or walking break.

For similar activities, check out this guide to virtual coffee breaks.

5. Today I Learned

Today I Learned is a space where teammates can share interesting facts and reflections. You can either assign a different team member to share a tidbit each day or week, or give teammates the option to add information whenever and change the board once it becomes full. This exercise encourages a culture of constant learning and curiosity and normalizes the sharing of knowledge within the community.

6. Mystery Board

Mystery boards are a guessing game that helps coworkers get to know each other better. Every week or month, a random team member gets assigned to be the subject or creator of the bulletin board. That team member can decorate the board however they choose, or send an organizer a list of fun personal facts. Once the board is up, the rest of the team members try to guess the teammate the board is about or by. Be sure to post the answer publicly at least a few days before you take the board down so that employees can connect the content of the board with the subject.

7. The Pet Directory

Pet Directories are one of the most fun employee bulletin board ideas. On this board, team members can post photos of their fuzzy (or scaly, feathery, etc) family members. Be sure to leave enough room so that every employee can post at least one photo of their animal companions. Each photo should include at minimum the name of the employee, the department or position, and the name of the pet(s.)

For more work fun with furry friends, check out this list of office pets and this guide to virtual take your dog to work day.

8. Kindness Challenge

Kindness Challenge is a bulletin board that promotes positivity within the office. First, fill the board with nice deed “dares.” For example, “buy a coworker a coffee,” “give a compliment,” and “restock communal supplies.” Team members can complete as many of these tasks as they would like, and can also post their own suggestions for random acts of kindness. This exercise encourages team members to be more thoughtful to each other and can be an effective employee morale booster.

9. You Are Awesome

You Are Awesome is a space for team shoutouts. On this board, coworkers can praise peers for accomplishments and give thanks for assistance. To create this board, provide sticky notes and pens, and encourage teammates to leave notes of gratitude and admiration for each other. Contributors can submit anonymously or can sign the compliments.

To make it even easier for teammates to participate, you can even divide the board into basic categories like “made me laugh,” “helped me with a work task,” or “taught me something,” so that staff only need to each others’ names.

This exercise creates a workplace culture of recognition and empowers employees to celebrate each other.

10. The Suggestion Board

The suggestion board is a bulletin board version of the office suggestion box. In this space, employees can write recommendations. Examples might include “stock cold brew in the break room” “more healthy snacks,” or “casual dress Fridays.” Employees can vote for each other’s ideas by adding notes or stickers or signing their name to the suggestions. This approach is a way to gauge the popularity of employee recommendations and can be an effective tool for collecting feedback. Not to mention, the suggestion board encourages staff to support each other and work together to improve the office environment.

11. The Favor Board

The favor board encourages teamwork and camaraderie within the office. On this board, post offers of help or requests for help. For example “I need an audience to practice my presentation on”, or “I can make you a custom emoji on Slack.” The favors do not need to be work-related, and employees can offer up any service they think might be beneficial to coworkers. These boards can showcase team members’ special skills and talents and spark new connections and relationships based on gratitude.

12. Family Photo Album

Family photo albums offer a way for team members to get a glimpse into each other’s outside-of-work lives. Each coworker brings at least one photo to add to this office collage. To encourage ongoing engagement with the board, you can issue a new theme or prompt each month. For example, “before & after”, “what was I thinking?”, “prom”, “family traditions”, or “someone I miss.”

You can also turn the board into a guessing game by challenging employees to name the coworker each photo belongs to.

13. The Office Museum

Workplace bulletin boards can act like mini museum exhibits and give employees information about events in the office’s history. These displays can be serious or silly, for example, a who’s who of the founding staff, or an art exhibit of funny and bizarre office emails. These boards can help employees appreciate the company’s history and culture and can connect newer employees with the wider organization and the company’s roots.

14. Just-the-headlines Board

Just-the-headlines boards are the bulletin board equivalent of an office cheat sheet. Similar to news tickers, these boards distill current events down into short and simple headlines. Employees can get the most important news at a glance by looking at this board, and can follow-up more in depth by checking in with a manager or searching through employee emails or the company Wiki. This board idea keeps employees updated and helps the staff better absorb and prioritize important information.

15. Community Doodle

Community doodle is one of the easiest employee bulletin board ideas. Simply hang up a blank piece of paper or a whiteboard, provide different color markers, and allow employees to express themselves artistically. This exercise can help teammates relieve stress, as well as encourage teamwork, collaboration, and creativity within the office.

Pro tip: Take a picture of each masterpiece before hanging a blank canvas, and archive the past doodles via a cloud-based drive.

For more ideas about fostering workplace imagination, check out this list of books on creativity.

16. Team Timelines

Team timelines track group members’ significant events over a set period of time. First, decide on the length of time to track. The timeline can go back to the company’s inception, or can focus on a period as short as a single month or quarter. Next, draw a line with starting and ending dates, and then encourage employees to add career milestones. Examples might include getting hired or promoted, closing a deal, or completing a major project. Points do not need to be exclusively work-related, and can include non-work achievements such as completing grad school, having a child, or adopting a pet.

This exercise encourages groups to celebrate individual accomplishments as shared wins and can help teams visualize and appreciate their progress.

17. Caption Contest

Caption contests are fun ideas for work bulletin boards. To do this activity, post a photo or cartoon and ask teammates to write-in or print out and post possible captions. At the end of the week, have employees vote on the best submission or have a judge choose a winner.

You can ask teammates to contribute pictures for the contest, use images from outside caption contests like the one from the New Yorker, or have the boardmaker pick the picture.

Here are more ideas for workplace competitions.

18. Office Yearbook

Work bulletin boards can serve as a space to create an office yearbook in real time. Each month, invite employees to post photos, quotes, and mementos that represent current events. You can post questions or call for submissions on a particular theme to encourage participation. Each month, take a picture of or scan in the submission, and at the end of the year collect the content into a yearbook that team members can read to remember the year. Like traditional yearbooks, team members can sign each others’ books and write each other personal messages.

Here are some most likely to questions to inspire superlatives.

19. The Q&A Board

Q&A boards are areas where teammates can publicly post questions and get answers. For instance, employees can ask non-time sensitive questions about work topics, or can conduct polls or surveys to gain insights. Since the board is public, any teammates can answer, and the whole office can use the board as a resource. However, managers should also monitor the board to ensure that team members are giving accurate information.

20. Quote Board

Quote Boards are one of the easiest motivational bulletin board ideas for work. These spaces are areas where employees can share and read inspiring phrases. You can post a quote of the day/week/month, or ask teammates to share their favorite quotes around a certain topic, for instance growth, imagination, or Women’s History Month. You can also assign random teammates to post quotes to inspire the rest of the team.

Check out this directory of quotes for work.

21. Values Board

Values boards are ways to remind employees of the company mission and core values. These boards can highlight employees who embody the values, or can be a space where employees can reflect on these ideals and brainstorm ways to live the values within the workplace. Or, the board can merely list the information to serve as a constant reminder for team members to prioritize these characteristics in their work. As an added plus, values boards can give office visitors an insight into the company’s guiding principles.

22. Clips from Trips

Clips from trips is a board dedicated to travel. Teammates can post photos and mementos from recent or favorite trips, swap travel tips, and answer questions like, “what was the coolest hidden gem you found while traveling?” or “what super-touristy thing are you 100% not ashamed to have done?” Travel is often a common interest among teammates and can help coworkers form connections and have a deeper appreciation of different cultures. Plus, these pictures and pointers can inspire wanderlust and a sense of adventure within the workplace.

23. You-should-try Board

A you-should-try board is a space where staff can share tips, reviews, recommendations, and life hacks with coworkers. Board makers can divide the space into categories like music, food, habits, and websites and apps, or can assign a staff member of the month to share advice. Or, the board can be open-ended and staff can volunteer suggestions organically.

The board can include tools like free trial offers, QR codes for video tutorials and additional resources, menus from nearby restaurants, or photos of team members performing the activity.

24. Office Mad Libs

Office Mad Libs is a fun and interactive activity for office bulletin boards. To create the board, give a series of blanks with word types, and have passersby fill in suggestions. There can be more than one recommendation for each blank, and you can either circle the best option, or let employees mix and match between the choices. Either way, the blanks should be separate from the paragraph. You can either cover up the story with a large piece of paper and have cutouts for blanks, or have fill-ins as a list on one side of the board, and then post the rest of the paragraph on the other after a few days.

Check out more vocabulary games.

25. The Special Occasion Board

Instead of circulating a group card for special occasions like birthdays, retirements, and work anniversaries, you can fill a bulletin board with warm wishes from the office. To start a special occasion board, post a photo of the special employee along with the reason for celebration. Then, encourage teammates to leave special messages throughout the day. The honoree can watch the board fill up with warm fuzzies, and can remove the paper and keep it as a memento at the end of the day.

Since the messages are in a public area, all employees can benefit from the warm wishes and friendly vibes.

Check out more online team celebration ideas.

26. Trivia Board

Trivia is one of the most fun employee bulletin board ideas. You can post monthly quizzes and competitions that encourage team members to put on their thinking caps. The board can include a QR code where participants can submit answers, or you can run the game old-school and have players write-in answers on the board or fill out a form to hand-in in a nearby envelope or box.

The game works on the honor system, and using the internet to find answers is not allowed, however players can work in teams or departments to finish the quiz.

You can name the highest scoring team the winners or draw a prize recipient randomly from the answer sheets.

Check out this starter list of team trivia questions.

27. Freebie Board

Freebie board is a community classifieds where coworkers can post things they are looking to get rid of for free, like furniture, desk organizers, or baked goods. Employees can also offer up complimentary services, such as 10 minute exercise classes or random haikus. Management can also post occasional freebies here, such as swag up for grabs or tickets to events.

28. Weekly Check-In

Weekly check-in spaces are boards where employees can self report on job progress or current state of mind. There are many ways to structure these boards. For example, managers can post a check-in question for employees to reflect on or answer, can ask team members to fill out and post a short evaluation, or can ask teammates to summarize their week overall by writing a number. This tactic can help managers and team members identify when a teammate is struggling and in need of help or cheering up, which is especially useful in virtual offices where these situations may not be immediately obvious. The board also encourages employees to self-reflect and be mindful, and can be a way to share progress and take a team pulse.

Here is a list of check-in questions.

29. Happenings Board

Happenings boards act as community calendars and notify and remind employees about upcoming events. We recommend separating the board into different areas such as mandatory events, optional events, and non-work events. Teammates can post information about non-work gatherings like informal happy hours, fundraisers, or upcoming performances. You can also include a section that lists the coming birthdays and work anniversaries on the board.

This board acts as a tool for employees to stay informed about upcoming events and a way to find opportunities to spend time and bond with team members.

30. Team Building Outing Board

Team building outing boards centralize team hangouts in one space. Managers can post a couple of options for activities and time and dates for the next outing, and employees can vote to determine the details. Team members can also post pictures and reflections from past events, and can make requisitions and recommendations for future outings.

Check out this list of office team building activities and games.

31. Employee Maps

Employee maps are one of the best team bulletin board ideas. To make this board, first post a country or world map. Then, ask teammates to mark the places where they currently live or have lived, have traveled to, or want to travel to, and so on. We recommend creating a color key so that teammates can distinguish between these categories. This activity helps teammates learn more about each other’s homes and history and can help facilitate connections between team members.

Check out more connection activities.

32. New Employee Boards

New Employee Boards are one of the easiest welcome board ideas for the office. This activity introduces new hires to the rest of the office, helps staff put names to fresh faces, and gives the team an opportunity to make the newest team member feel welcome. To create this board, post a photo of the employee along with their name, position, and a few fun facts. In the surrounding space, coworkers can write welcome messages.

Pro Tip: Include a QR code for an updated organizational chart and seating chart so that staff can stay up to date.

Here are more new employee welcome ideas.

33. Welcome Back Boards

Welcome back boards are ways to greet team members returning from time off, such as sabbaticals, maternity or paternity leave, or getting re-hired. Teammates can post welcome back messages, as well as “while you were away updates” to catch the teammate up to speed. These tidbits can range from policy changes, to inside jokes, to personal changes like getting married or getting a new pet.

Check out more welcome back to the office ideas.

34. Group Jams

Group Jams are bulletin boards that give work soundtrack suggestions. Each month, ask teammates to send along one song they are currently listening to, and post the results. You can either have teammates write-in their own recommendations, or print out and post all the answers. The song board can have themes like, “awesome covers” or “feel-good tunes,” or suggestions can be open-ended. You can even create a group playlist, and include a QR code on the board so that teammates can instantly start listening.

For inspiration, here is a list of team building songs.

35. Coloring Time

Coloring pages are one of the most innovative office bulletin board ideas. Each month, have the graphic design team create a basic coloring page. Example designs might include the mascot doing something holiday-related, a new product, or a patterned company logo. The board should include a folder with blank copies of the coloring pages that employees can take to color on break or take home to their children. Have each employee artist sign their masterpieces, and display the finished products on the board. This board idea is a way to add a pop of artwork to the office, and you can repurpose the pages to entertain little workplace visitors during company events like Take Your Child to Work Day.

Final Thoughts

Office bulletin boards are a communal activity that team members can participate in asynchronous, on their own time. These interactions and contributions are on display for the entire office, and help to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among the workforce. Most bulletin board ideas are low cost and low effort, yet return great results. These easy activities offer a way for teammates to connect and get to know each other better, and also improve employee engagement, company culture, and team morale. These ideas can be actual bulletin boards, or can be done virtually.

For similar ideas, check out these lists of employee recognition board activities, community building activities and relationship building activities.

Next, check out this list of the best office break room ideas and these office coffee station ideas for work.

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FAQ: Office bulletin boards

Here are answers to common questions about office bulletin boards.

What are office bulletin boards?

Office bulletin boards are interactive activities that give employees information and help teammates get to know each other and the company better. Examples of themes and activities include new hire spotlights and quote boards. The purpose of these activities is to create a sense of community and foster interaction between employees.

What are some good office bulletin board ideas?

Some good office bulletin board ideas include employee maps, team outing boards, special occasion boards, community doodles, and pet directories.

How do you create an office bulletin board?

To create an office bulletin board, first secure the space. Ideally, workplace bulletin boards should be in high traffic, easily accessible areas such as break rooms and near stairwells. After deciding on a theme or activity for the board, gather the necessary materials and arrange the board. Be sure to make staff aware of the board and encourage employees to use it.

To create a virtual office bulletin board, use a Kanban-board-based project management platform like Trello or Monday or a whiteboard app like Miro.

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