18 Unique Office Coffee Station Ideas for Work

By: | Updated: May 04, 2023

Here is our list of the best office coffee station ideas.

Office coffee station ideas are ways to set up an efficient and organized area for coffee and hot beverages for team members. Examples include providing a coffee machine and board games. The purpose of these activities is to have a way to keep the drink station orderly, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone in the office. These stations are also known as “office coffee bars.”

This list includes:

  • small office coffee station ideas
  • large office coffee station ideas
  • home office coffee station ideas

Let’s get to it!

How to Set up an Office Coffee Station

Large offices generally have ample space to create a large and well-organized coffee station. Usually, there is a sink and plenty of outlets to plug in machines. Some of the best large coffee station ideas utilize the space well and offer more options than just coffee.

If you work in a smaller office, then you might not have much space for a coffee station. However, do not let this stop you from creating an incredible area. You can find many ways to create an astonishing drink stop, even in small spaces. You can still make this space appealing if you have a small table with a coffee maker.

Here are the steps to set up an office coffee station.

1. Budget

The first step is to figure out a budget. In large offices, a substantial amount of money might be allocated to this station. However, small offices often do not get that luxury. If there is money in the budget, then spend some time researching what you need and what you already own. For example, maybe you do not need to buy furniture, but you could use a better machine. If there is no budget, consider asking for a monthly donation from all the team members utilizing the supplies.

2. Location

Find a place in your office to set up your coffee station. A kitchen is the most logical choice if available. This room offers a water source along with ample outlets. However, a corner or empty space in a common area will work. Wherever you choose, be sure the location is near a water source and that it will not be a distraction for teammates trying to work.

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3. Types of Beverages

Next, consider what beverages you need. This task is easy with fewer employees but is still possible with a large office. You can send out a poll to the office and see what types of coffee, tea, or other drinks team members prefer. Along with drink preferences, it is helpful to find out how often teammates make beverages at the office. The last thing you want is to waste money on beverages no one will enjoy.

4. Machines and Equipment

Once you know what types of drinks you want to provide, then it is time to think about machines and equipment. It is essential to consider how much coffee gets made daily. Even though it might seem excessive to order a commercial machine for a small office, it might be worth it. Otherwise, you could buy a new home kitchen appliance every couple of months.

5. Task a Team Member

Finally, consider putting a team member in charge of the coffee station. It is crucial to maintain this area, from reordering supplies to keeping it clean regularly. If no one monitors this space, then it will quickly become messy, and coworkers will not utilize it.

In the beginning, it might seem overwhelming to come up with coffee station ideas. However, research and communication with your team should yield various options that will work for your space.

Coffee bars are a place for coworkers to mingle while getting a refreshment or snack. Therefore, creating a space that encourages this socialization is important.

Office Coffee Station Ideas

When it comes time to set up the coffee station, there are several things to consider. For example, equipment, drinks, and even snacks.

1. Coffee Machines

A quick Google search will yield hundreds if not thousands of options for coffee machines. The most important thing to consider is what type of coffee team members prefer and how many cups they make each day.

If you get a machine meant for households, you will likely be purchasing a new one in a matter of months. It might seem like you are saving money now, but you will spend more in the long run. Household machines cannot withstand making a large number of cups a day. Over time, buildup on the machine and wear and tear can impact the coffeemaker.

There is a reason commercial machines cost so much more than those meant for homes. The intention of these high-end machines is to make more coffee each day. You can find an affordable machine meant for an office space with proper research.

There are a few main types of office coffee machines:

  • Traditional drip machine.
  • Espresso machine that will make lattes and espresso shots.
  • Pod machines, which require a pre-filled capsule to make an individual cup of coffee.
  • Pour over equipment, while not a machine, is beneficial for those who prefer coffee that is not from a pot.
  • French presses, also not equipment, are affordable.

Depending on your budget and the sort of coffee team members drink, you are more than likely to find a machine that fits the bill.

Thankfully, both of these methods are affordable, even if they are slower than coffee machines. However, providing the equipment for both options alongside a traditional coffee machine is simple.

2. Tea Options

Many folks worldwide rely on a cup of tea to get through the day. However, it can be overwhelming to stock for an office with so many types and varieties of tea.

The simplest method to provide tea for team members is tea bags and an electric kettle. With these options, teammates can heat water as needed and choose a satchel. However, you can also consider loose-leaf varieties and provide steeping supplies if true tea lovers are in the office.

3. Snacks

Offering a selection of snacks is considerate and beneficial if the budget allows. You can offer a variety of granola bars, cookies, chips, crackers, or even fruit. Be sure to opt for single serving packages when available to limit the spread of germs.

Here is a list of healthy office snacks.

4. Add-Ins

No coffee station is complete without flavorful add-ins. Team members will likely enjoy a wide variety of flavors and things to mix. You can consider a selection of creamers, sugars, and syrups to add to drinks. Be sure to think about different types of sweeteners, both traditional and sugar-free.

5. Accessories

When setting up a station, perhaps the most vital element to consider is organization. It would be chaotic to just set everything out on a counter. For the sake of the whole office, look for caddies, canisters, or drawer sets to hold things like stirring sticks, sugar packets, creamer, pods, and tea bags. If everything has a place, then things should not be scattered around creating messes.

Another accessory to consider is a refrigerator. Many offices do not have a kitchen or dedicated break room. However, a mini-fridge is an excellent alternative that does not take up much space. With this option, you can provide milk, creamers, and iced coffee and tea.

Finally, consider furniture and decorations. A solid table is all you need, but decor helps make the space more inviting. One of the best large office coffee station ideas is a theme for the area, for example, a particular color, like blue or gray, or Farmhouse decorations. An idea to bring the whole room together is a great way to encourage team members to utilize the area.

Coffee Station Activity Ideas

Here is a list of games and activities to promote socialization and deepen relationships when team members stop by to fill up their mugs. These ideas are a fun way to bring excitement to your office coffee bar.

1. Board Game Library

If you have a break room with a table or two and a cabinet, then a board game library is a fantastic way to encourage interaction among team members. You can stock this area with as many games as you prefer, but a few classics will go a long way. For your collection, consider Life, Uno, Battleship, or Apples to Apples. Or, ask team members to loan their favorite games for a couple of weeks at a time so that the options are always changing. When teammates play games together, even for a few minutes, they get a brain break from work and get to know each other a little better.

2. Doodle Wall

A doodle wall is one of the best office coffee station ideas when there are creative types in the office. All you need is a blank wall with paper or a dry-erase board and a few markers to create an area to encourage artistic release. Whenever coworkers get a few minutes, they can draw or doodle whatever inspires them. However, you decide to create this wall, be sure to take pictures regularly to remember the works of art created by the team.

3. Ping Pong Table

A ping pong table is a creative way to encourage team members to burn off some steam during the day. While these tables can be expensive, you can look to purchase one secondhand. You do need a larger area where a table this size can fit. If you have the budget to buy a new model, then consider a ping pong table that converts into a dining table. With this convertible option, team members can use one space to play ping pong and eat and hang out.

4. Large Word Games

Studies have shown word games, like crosswords and word searches, can increase focus and productivity. Supplying these activities in the break room benefits employees and employers alike. Printing an extra-large version of a new word search or crossword puzzle every week or two takes this game to a new level. Team members can spend a couple of minutes completing a task whenever they get coffee. Plus, if you have a copier that can handle large jobs in your office, all you have to do is print.

5. Word Magnets

If you have a refrigerator in the breakroom or near the coffee station, then word and letter magnets are a creative way to encourage socialization. Team members get the chance to leave a message to coworkers whenever they refill their drinks. To make things more interesting, pose a challenge each week. For example, ask teammates to come up with words that use the letters J and L. With a fridge full of words and letters, the possibilities are endless.

6. Lego Table

It may surprise you how entertained adults can be with Legos. These tiny building blocks are not just for kids. Playing with Legos is a great way to express creativity. Plus, having a table with a selection of Legos set up gives team members an area to socialize without filling every minute of silence. The conversation comes naturally when your hands and mind stay occupied with similar activities. You need a box of assorted building blocks to set up a Lego table. To keep the area organized, purchase a few building boards that stabilize works in progress.

7. Adult Coloring Pages

This break room activity is one of the easiest to put together. A coloring corner is one of the best small office coffee station ideas because it is incredibly affordable and requires very little space. Simply print off some coloring pages, which are readily available on the internet. Then, set the pages out with some colored pencils. Of course, there are ways to make this activity more elaborate if you want to purchase a mandala coloring book and nice markers. Team members can spend a couple of minutes coloring throughout the day. It is easy to socialize while giving your mind a rest from work tasks with a coloring book in front of you.

8. Arcade Game

An old-school arcade game is one of the most entertaining options for a coffee station. These machines are some of the coolest large office coffee station ideas. Hard work deserves rewards, and most employees would jump at the chance to play Frogger or Ms. Pacman during a break. The best part of these games is that they do not require much time. Team members can play a five-minute game and then get back to work. Plus, these classic games look fantastic in the break room.

Home Office Coffee Station Ideas

When you work from home, having easy access to a refueling station is essential. While you will not be able to recreate a traditional break room, you can still create an efficient area.

Similar to a corporate office space, the first step is considering the best location. For ease of use, try to find a place near your workspace. For example, if you work upstairs, find a way to set up a station near your computer. Walking up and down the stairs all day can detract from productivity.

If you have a small kitchen, then consider if there is a counter you can clear off and dedicate to beverages. Or, find a small space on an open wall where you can put a table to hold a coffee maker and a couple of mugs.

For experimental coffee and tea lovers, consider joining a subscription service. A little research will yield a variety of companies that will send new and unique coffee and tea samples to your home each week. With these subscriptions, your taste buds will never get bored.

Here is a list of home office ideas to try.


Coffee stations in the office are an essential part of day-to-day productivity. This area provides fuel and motivation to keep working and do the job. Whether you are in a large office and need a setup for many team members, or you have a few coworkers, there are ways to create an enticing and fun space. Even those who work from home deserve an awesome coffee bar.

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FAQ: Office coffee stations

Here are the answers to common questions about office coffee stations.

What are some good ideas for office coffee stations?

Some good ideas for office coffee stations are offering games and other social elements, like giant word searches and magnetic words. Creating a space where team members can interact and learn more about each other while getting a drink enhances the office culture.

How do you set up an office coffee station?

To set up an office coffee station, you need to consider the budget, types of drinks team members enjoy, and what kind of space you have. For example, a large office has a space dedicated to drinks and snacks and a budget to supply coffee and tea. However, a smaller office might not have a large budget to purchase machines and drinks.

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