12 DIY Office Olympics Ideas & Games for Teams 

By: | Updated: November 30, 2022

Here is our list of fun Office Olympics ideas for work.

Office Olympics ideas are fun and exciting games that get the whole office involved. For example, soccer, basketball, and even biathlon. These ideas aim to be an escape from day-to-day work responsibilities. The purpose of these activities is to encourage camaraderie, unity, and relationship-building.

These games are a subset of team building games and office challenges, and are in-person versions of virtual Office Olympics. These events can serve as indoor team building activitiesoutdoor team building ideas, field day activities, and Amazing Race ideas.


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Here we go!

List of Office Olympics ideas

Office Olympics are a tradition your entire team can look forward to every year. Coming up with fun and unique activities for the whole office is a fantastic way to inspire teamwork. Here are ideas for holding Office Olympics games within the workplace.

1. Desk Soccer

Desk soccer is a great first choice for office Olympic games. All you need to play soccer in the workplace is some space, office furniture, and a lightweight ball.

To set the field, grab two desks to be the goal posts. Be sure to spread the desks out, allowing 20 to 30 feet between goals. The best part of this desk soccer game is that the players do not have to run much to score. Instead, players wheel themselves back and forth in rolling office chairs.

The number of players per team depends on the size of the field and the number of rolling chairs. We recommend less than four players for each team.

Make sure there is a referee to keep the play fun and competitive. Also, use a lightweight ball to minimize damage. In a pinch, a balloon could work as the ball, as well. Finally, set a timer and let the game begin!

2. Rubber Band Archery

When you think of archery, chances are you picture bows and arrows. Yet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration would likely not be too keen on weapons in the workplace.

There is a way to make archery an office-safe Olympic activity. Instead of bows, the archers use their hands. Instead of arrows, shooters use rubber bands.

To set up this event:

  1. Create paper targets with a bullseye.
  2. Tape each of these targets to an open wall.
  3. Mark out five yards or so and place piles of rubber bands, one for each target.

To start the contest, give each archer a set amount of time to shoot as many rubber bands as possible. We recommend about 30 seconds. The winner will have the most bullseyes in the allotted time.

Be sure to have an open space for this event. It might not seem like rubber band archery could be dangerous. However, competition can get intense! To protect bystanders, make sure competitors have plenty of space to shoot the rubber bands.

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3. Pencil-Toss Javelin

There are no large, pointed spears involved in this version of the sport. Javelin takes office Olympic challenges to another level.

In office Olympics, javelin tossers throw small pointed sticks or pencils. In this event, competitors throw sharpened pencils at a trash can or other bin, not a large field.

To start the game, set up the target about 10 to 15 feet away from the launchpad. Then, allow each competitor to throw several pencils and see who can get the most into the can.

4. Paper Plate Discus and Shot Put

In Office Discus and Shot Put, no heavy discs or balls or open fields are necessary. In the office version of the game, paper plates and paper balls are the materials of choice.

To set up the arena for discus, mark a line with tape at the start of an open area in your office or parking lot. Then, have teams throw a paper plate as far as possible. Be sure to mark and record the farthest throw for each team. For best results, use a heavier paper plate, and avoid styrofoam.

For shot put, wad up several pieces of heavy paper until you have a sphere the size of a tennis ball. Next, have teams line up on the same taped line as the discus throw and put the ball as far as they can.

Throwers should not toss the objects casually like a frisbee or baseball. Instead, competitors try to throw in an arc. You can award extra points for throwing form. The more authentic the feel of the activity, the more fun your group will have.

5. Rhythmic Gymnastics

Making rhythmic gymnastics one of your office Olympics activities is a way for team members to showcase creativity. Onlookers will enjoy this event, as well.

This activity allows participants to choose a song and prepare a rhythmic dance to it. Ensure each contestant has enough space to perform the routine. Also, recruit an unbiased judge. For ease, you can base the scores on creativity, originality, or enthusiasm. Or allow spectators to rate the performance and total or average the scores.

6. Table Tennis

Table tennis, or ping pong, is a common pastime. You can incorporate this activity into your office Olympics challenges in various ways.

If your office already has a ping pong table, then you are ready to play. Simply organize a tournament of games to find a winner.

However, it is time to get creative if you do not have access to an actual table ping pong table. One setup option is to mimic beer pong, minus the beer. For this idea, fill cups with water so that the glasses have weight and are not easily knocked over. Be sure to set up the same number of cups on each side of the table using the same pattern. Then, have teams take turns tossing a ping pong ball into opposing cups.

Another option for table tennis is to set up cups upside down on one side of a larger table or desk. Next, have members of each team take turns bouncing a ping pong ball across the table. The team that knocks the most cups off the table wins the event.

7. Noodle Fencing

As far as office Olympic challenges go, fencing might not be your first thought. This sport is uncommon and requires extreme finesse.

However, do not let that fact stop you from including fencing in your games. A quick trip to a discount store will provide you with the materials you need to do fencing games.

There are several easy options for the foil, or sword. Many discount stores carry toy swords. Grab several of these swords, and be sure to get a few extras. Pool noodles are another option.

This event will be a little harder to judge as a leader will have to watch closely and call out contact made. The judge will need to be comfortable enough to keep order in the crowd, as well. This event has the potential to get a little rowdy.

8. Rolling Chair Bobsled

Incorporating bobsled into your event ideas for office Olympics is challenging yet possible. The major constraint is finding an area with enough open space. For best results, use a warehouse or parking lot. For this event, you will need a rolling chair and cones, trashcans, or large boxes to create corners.

First, set up a course. You can use boxes, trashcans, or cones to make corners or turns. The race requires one teammate in a rolling chair and another team member pushing the chair from behind. The pusher will need to guide the rider through the course while avoiding barriers.

To make the game a race, time each team and see who can complete the course in the fastest time.

9. Ping Pong Basketball

Many of your coworkers might already enjoy a game of pickup basketball. This office Olympic event puts a special spin on the beloved pastime.

For this event, you will need about 20 ping pong balls in two different colors and a trash can. If you only have one color ball, then mark ten balls differently than the other ten. To set the stage for the game, place the can in the middle of an open area with floors conducive to bouncing ping pong balls, and be sure to avoid carpet.

Next, ask two members of opposing teams to stand eight feet away from the trash can. Then, both players shoot the balls at the trash can. Whichever team manages to get the most ping pong balls into the trash can wins.

Note: if the trash can is shallow, then pad the bottom of the can with something soft like a towel. Ping pong balls could bounce out of the trash can if it is not deep enough.

10. Broom Golf

For this Olympic event, you will need a broom, a ball, and a cup or container bigger than the ball. The larger the ball, the more hilarious the game will be.

To play golf in your office Olympic games, tape a line on the floor as a starting point. Place the hole about ten yards away. If you choose to use an actual golf ball, then a drinking cup will work as a hole. However, you could also opt for a soccer ball and use a five-gallon bucket for the hole.

To do this event, have your teams take turns putting for the hole. The player who gets the ball in the hole in the least strokes wins.

To make this event more challenging, start the players farther away and label the hole with a par number. Then, have multiple players from every team play a round and add up or average the scores to find the winning team.

11. Foam Blaster Biathlon

The biathlon is a lesser-known Olympic event perfect for your office Olympics. This activity does require advanced preparation.

Each team will need a foam blaster gun as well as a target. A cluttered area will work better as an event course. The course should include a central area with a shooting range set up. The shooting range will be a target about 10 to 15 feet away from a line on the floor. Next, you must have a track for the competitors to run or speed walk through.

The aim of biathlon is to get through the course as fast as possible while shooting as accurately as possible. When a competitor misses a shot in the actual Olympics, they have to do a penalty lap. For office Olympics, have team members do penalty jumping jacks, push-ups, or spin in circles.

The participant who completes the course the fastest wins.

12. Office Steeplechase

The steeplechase gets its name from the horse race that originated in Great Britain. Racers must complete a long race, typically 2,000 or 3,000 meters, with various barriers. The competitors even cross water barriers.

While you cannot create water pits in your office, you can combine the steeplechase with race walking, another Olympic event.

The course for this event could span your entire office area. Consider using common areas, meeting rooms, bathrooms, stairs, reception, and the parking lot. The idea is to have a long course that participants complete.

Be sure to set up several barriers with boxes or chairs that competitors have to get through. To minimize potential injuries, speed walk. Without running, the race should not get out of hand and result in injury.

Watching adults speed walk their way through an obstacle course of office supplies is a good time for all. This event also accommodates a larger number of participants.

The teammate who finishes the race the fastest wins the game.


No matter your budget and space, pulling together event ideas for office Olympics is possible. The games will help your team have fun and build deeper relationships with each other.

Casual and fun events like office Olympics are opportunities for workers to shake up the normal office routine. A little prep work ahead of time and a good attitude from the participants goes a long way in pulling off a successful event.

A few pointers for organizing office Olympics:

  1. Consider the age and ability of participants when dividing them into groups. Let each team pick a country to represent, or allow the groups to choose a name.
  2. Create a scoreboard that everyone can follow. Update the board throughout the games with the medal count.
  3. Ensure you have a large, open space where there is space for all the events. Plan a day far enough in advance to allow members to clear their schedules.
  4. Plan an entertaining opening and closing ceremony.

The more you put into the organization, the more your team will get out of it.

For more office fun, check out this list of company retreat ideas and this collection of executive team building ideas.

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FAQ: Office Olympics

Here are answers to some common questions about Office Olympics.

What is Office Olympics?

If you Google Office Olympics, you will likely get a result referencing an Office episode. In real life, office Olympics serve a similar morale-building purpose. These activities are to give hard workers a break from the ordinary. These events lift spirits by encouraging employees to play games and let loose.

What are some good Office Olympics activities?

Some good Office Olympics activities include any Olympic activity you can pull off with office supplies. Soccer with rolling chairs is fantastic. Archery with rubber bands is fun, as well.

Why should you do an Office Olympics at work?

You should do Office Olympics at work because these activities are an amazing way to build camaraderie in your workplace. These events also encourage participation and relationship-building. Most importantly, office Olympics let workers have fun.

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