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You found our list of the best online cooking classes.

Online cooking classes are virtual courses where chefs teach you how to prepare food. For example, by building good cooking habits, learning special cooking techniques, and creating specific dishes. Usually, these classes are hosted by professional chefs, but they can also consist of user-generated lessons.

These classes are similar to online art classes and are often used as virtual team activities.

Specifically, this list includes:

  • free online cooking classes
  • virtual cooking classes
  • how to host a Zoom cooking class

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List of online cooking classes

Cooking classes are following the trend of going virtual. From online webinars to one-on-one video calls, here are virtual cooking classes you can do.

1. MasterClass

MasterClass is an online streaming service, where users can learn from some of the world’s best minds with a $15 per month membership. What is unique about MasterClass is the sheer amount of big names associated with it. For example, the platform has classes taught by Gordan Ramsay, Alice Waters, and Thomas Keller.

Browse MasterClass.

2. Rouxbe Online Culinary School

Rouxbe is an online culinary school, where individuals, businesses, or schools can receive a professional cook certification. Rouxbe’s strength is that it was created by the presidents, chief operating officers, school administrators, and instructors from traditional, in-person culinary schools. This feature means you are sure to get a world class education in how to become a professional chef.

Try out Rouxbe.

3. Udemy

Udemy is a global marketplace for online courses, which are taught in 65+ languages. These courses include 100+ virtual cooking classes, with prices starting at $10. Udemy is full of instructors who are working professionals passionate about imparting their knowledge. So, you will be sure to find quality classes that match the cooking skills you want to work on.

Take a look at Udemy’s.

4. The Chef & The Dish

The Chef & The Dish features live online cooking classes, where you connect with professional chefs. These chefs teach you to cook dishes through Skype and then watch you try it yourself. The program includes a variety of cuisines, from Italian to Turkish. You can tune in for a personal experience with tips from cooks from around the world. You can even find profiles of the chefs on the website.

Read up on the chefs at The Chef & The Dish.

5. The Kitchn Cooking School

Created by Kitchn, a daily online food magazine, The Kitchn Cooking School is a 20-day program of 20 lessons to familiarize you with cooking. If you have ever wanted to become a skilled cook quickly, then these virtual cooking classes will help. For a team building experience that suits everyone, you can register and learn cooking basics with your colleagues. Soon, you will be able to confidently share dishes you have made with each other.

Join The Kitchn Cooking School.

6. America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School

This class is by America’s Test Kitchen, which also produces cooking magazines and cooking shows for public television. The Cooking School offers 320+ online cooking classes that fit both beginning and experienced cooks. Each course consists of a particular topic, such as sauces or dumplings and potstickers, so you can pick and choose what you would like to learn. Once you become a member, you have access to all classes that can be accessed from all devices.

Start a free trial at America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School.

7. Top Chef University

Top Chef University is a virtual cooking class that is perfect for team building. First, ask your colleagues to download the app, which comes in two versions: the original app, which works on both iPad and Android tablets, and the lighter version designed for use on the iPhone. Then, learn alongside your coworkers from the contestants from Bravo’s Top Chef. The Top Chef University course covers basic techniques, and will help you quickly become comfortable with cooking.

Download the Top Chef University app.

8. 18 Reasons

18 Reasons is a nonprofit community cooking school based in the Bay area. 18 Reasons’s goal is to empower the community with free classes for low income families, and teach people how to prepare meals and improve the quality of their diet. Traditionally, 18 Reasons offered in-person workshops at their 18th Street location. However, the nonprofit recently started holding online cooking classes via Zoom.

Sign up for membership at 18 Reasons.

9. Home Cooking New York

Home Cooking New York provides live online cooking classes for kids, teens, and adults. After the organization’s in-person teaching kitchen closed, Home Cooking New York started holding online cooking classes via Zoom. The options available include group classes, private classes, and a five-week culinary bootcamp. You can enlist in these courses with your team, and have the flexibility of choosing what menu items you would like to learn.

Check out Home Cooking New York.

10. Foodist Kitchen

Foodist kitchen is a 30 day program that is designed to teach you how to cook without recipes. Instead of teaching you specific recipes or techniques, Foodist Kitchen focuses on developing helpful habits you will use for the rest of your life. Foodist Kitchen sends you lessons and assignments through email, so that soon you will find being in the kitchen easy and intuitive.

Enroll at Foodist Kitchen’s.


Regardless of if you are an experienced cook or a novice, the virtual cooking classes on this list all have something to offer you. Since courses are held via the internet, these online cooking classes conform to your schedule and are often less expensive than attending a brick and mortar culinary school. So, becoming an expert chef is more within reach than ever.

For more online experiences, check out our list of virtual wine tasting classes, and this one with virtual tours.

FAQ: Online Cooking Classes

Still curious about how your team would benefit from online cooking classes? Here are some frequently asked questions about virtual cooking classes.

What are some free online cooking classes for adults?

Some free online cooking classes for adults are The Kitchn Cooking School, Top Chef University, and 18 Reasons

How do you host a Zoom cooking class?

To host a Zoom cooking class, decide what you will teach, which could be a dish or technique. Then, break down the lesson into easy to follow directions. Rehearse these steps, so you are familiar with them prior to the class. Once you are ready, set a time to hold your class and create a Zoom meeting room. You can send invitations and a list of necessary ingredients to your class, and then convene at the designated time and Zoom link. Once everyone is online, walk guests through your lessons, stopping to answer any questions that come up. At the end of the Zoom cooking class, take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor together.

Which virtual cooking classes come with the ingredients delivered?

None of the virtual cooking classes on this list come with the ingredients delivered.

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