55 Best Outdoor Team Building Activities, Games & Events

By: | Updated: May 24, 2024

You found our list of the best outdoor team building activities for adults.

Outdoor team building activities are games, events and exercises for groups that take place outside. Example activities include scavenger hunts, field days, and walking tours. The purpose of these exercises is to get fresh air and sunshine while building camaraderie, trust, and community with groups of teammates. These activities are also known as “outdoor team building exercises.”

These ideas are opposites of indoor team building activities, similar to team building games and exercises for team building, and can create more positive company cultures. These ideas may include unusual team building activities and large group team building activities.


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List of outdoor team building activities

From scavenger hunts to amazing races to map of the world, here is a list of the best team building activities outdoor organizers can do.

1. High Line Scavenger Hunt

The High Line Scavenger Hunt is a great way to explore New York City. This event leads your group along the High Line, a Manhattan park built on raised railroad tracks that has unique views of the city and its skyscrapers. The experience is designed to improve communication, camaraderie, and creativity. The hunt is part competition, part educational tour, and the perfect way to enjoy a nice day outside in New York.

Learn more about the High Line Scavenger Hunt.

2. Field Day (Team Favorite)

Field Day is a fun outdoor competition for teams. This experience is fully hosted and high energy. During the 90-minute events, teams compete in a series of physical challenges.

What to expect:

  • Hosts to guide the games and crown the winners
  • Full setup and cleanup, with all necessary supplies provided
  • Activities that foster engagement and teamwork
  • Priceless group photo ops
  • An easy booking process and dedicated behind-the-scenes team to ensure a smooth event

This experience is great for large groups and is an exciting way for teams to bond while soaking up fresh air and sunshine!

Learn about Field Day.

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3. Photo Challenge

Photo challenges are outdoor scavenger hunts where participants photograph specific objects. To play this game, split the group into teams, give each team a list of clues, and set a time limit to snap as many photos as possible. We recommend a quick timeline, like 60 minutes.

You can try these prompts:

outdoor photo challenge

Participants can upload the shots to a shared photo album or present the pictures in a team photo slideshow. Whatever the format, the exercise is more interactive when participants can view and react to each other’s photos.

4. The Human Knot

The human knot is a classic team building game that works well in outdoor settings. To do the exercise, ask participants to stand in a circle, then grab the hands of two different team members on the opposite side of the circle. Next, participants must untangle themselves without breaking their grip. The exercise is over when the group becomes a ring with no hands remaining in the center.

See our step-by-step guide to the human knot.

5. Outdoor Rope Course

Rope courses are a common outdoor team building activity. These courses consist of a variety of physical obstacles that teams must work together to overcome. For example, participants might have to fit the entire team on a small square, or balance all group members on a seesaw without the plank hitting the ground. Many rope courses also include adventure elements such as tightropes, ziplines, tree houses, or high bridges. The purpose of these exercises is to encourage team members to face obstacles and fears together as a group, learn how to cooperate, and build trust with coworkers.

6. Board Game Simulation

Playing giant cooperative board games is one of the most fun outdoor activities for teams. In this exercise, employees act as game pieces and move around a giant board. You can use sheets, cardboard boxes, paper, or foam blocks to make your outdoor game board in a courtyard, parking lot, or field.

Here are some games that work well for this format:

  • Chess or checkers
  • Candyland
  • Twister
  • Life
  • Shoots and Ladders
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Operation
  • Mouse Trap

Ideally players will work together and cooperate to win the game.

Check out more great board games to play with teams.

7. Impromptu Orchestra

Impromptu Orchestra is a musical activity that sparks teams’ creativity. Each team must find random objects to use as instruments to play a song. For example, trash can lid cymbals, shopping cart xylophones, and bucket drums. You can assign the teams a song to play, and then give groups ten minutes to find the instruments, and ten more minutes to practice. Then, each group performs their song. You can award prizes, or announce everyone as winners.

8. The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a game where teams compete in destination-based challenges. To play the game, choose a route and mark the path so that participants know where to go. Next, place challenges and roadblocks along the way, for instance having to translate a message, locate coordinates on a map, find and try exotic food, or travel via unusual methods such as wheelbarrow. You can also place hurdles in teams’ way, such as giving teams pauses during which participants must halt the race for a specified amount of time.

The first team to cross the finish line wins the race and gets bragging rights.

Here is a list of Amazing Race ideas to try.

9. Paintball

Paintball is a fun and competitive outdoor team building activity. In this game, the group splits into teams and tries to hit opponents with colored balls of paint. You can play where one hit knocks an opponent out of the round, or tally up the hits at the end.

We recommend heading to a paintball range or field for your games, which will have all the equipment you need.

10. Relay Race

Relay races are fun group activities that emphasize teamwork. To run the race, teams must pass a baton off to teammates. Before the run begins, outline a series of handoff points along the route, and position teammates in these spots. The relay can be a straight run, an obstacle race, or a triathlon with different exercises for each stretch. The first team to cross the finish line wins.

11. Found Art

Found art is art made from objects you discover nearby. You and your team can take a walk to gather materials, and then use those supplies to create collaborative crafts or art projects. For instance, participants can take pictures of random words on billboards or signs, and then use the words to write a poem. Or, the group can create statues from objects found on a walk. At the end of the activity, give each team the opportunity to present the art to the group.

List of outdoor team building games

Playing team building games outdoors is a fun way to connect people outside. Example games include ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, and kuub.

12. Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a team strategy game you play outdoors. Each team receives a flag to hide from other teams. The object of the game is to capture other teams’ flags without losing your own flag. Typically the game has two teams, however you can play a multi-team format as well.

Learn more about capture the flag.

13. Minute To Win It: Outdoor Edition

Minute To Win It games are quick challenges that participants complete within a minute. These games are fun to play outdoors, especially since the challenges can get messy or require room.

Here are a few examples:

  • Transfer beads from one bowl to another using only chopsticks
  • Build a tower by stacking cups
  • Blow up a balloon and use the air to knock over plastic cups
  • Fill a tissue box with ping pong balls, strap it to your waste, and shake out as many balls as possible
  • Transfer ping pong balls from one cup to another using nothing but a straw

Before you start the games, set up stations with the materials needed for each game.

Check out our list of minute to win it games for work and list of online minute to win it games for more inspiration.

14. Flag Football

Flag football is a low-impact alternative to traditional tackle football. Instead of knocking into each other, players try to grab colored streamers from the opponent’s belt. Stealing an opposing team member’s flag is equivalent to a tackle. Typically, each team has five players, however you could play with more or less too. Otherwise, gameplay is similar to regular football.

Here are the official NFL Flag Football rules.

15. Big Jenga

Jenga is a quick and fun game for groups that is easy to take outdoors. The game involves players removing and restacking blocks of wood from a tower without knocking over the structure. For your outdoor team building game, you can buy a large format Jenga set made of giant, freestanding blocks. The larger sets are both challenging to build and exciting to topple. Participants can play as individuals or in teams.

Here is a Big Jenga set on Amazon.

16. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a question game that is even more engaging when played outside. Playing this game outdoors means that participants can involve strangers in the dares. For example, perhaps a player must give flowers to five random people, or serenade a nearby crowd. To keep the game good-spirited, the dares should not be harmful or disruptive.

You can use this truth or dare generator for prompts.

17. Cornhole

Cornhole is a popular picnic game that is great for team building outdoors. The goal of the game is to throw a hacky sack into the hole on a board. To play cornhole, all you need is a wooden board with a hole and a couple of sacks. Simply split the group into teams and keep score of how many points each team gets.

cornhole game example

Pro tip: For a two-in-one team building exercise, have each team decorate their cornhole board before the game starts.

Here are the official rules for cornhole.

18. Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the best outdoor team building sports. A net and a volleyball or beach ball are the only supplies needed to play this game. You can set up your match in a parking lot, beach, or field. The main rule is to not let the ball hit the ground or go out of bounds. Winning a game of volleyball takes significant teamwork.

19. Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is a fun twist on the traditional team game. In this version of the sport, players wear giant inflatable balls while kicking a ball towards a goal. Participants can crash into each other without getting hurt, for a high-energy and low impact game.

You can rent the equipment from an inflatable soccer company, find a large field to play in, split the group into teams, and then play!

20. Double Dare

Double Dare is a game show that involves contestants competing in a series of physical challenges. To play the game, gather your materials and set up stations beforehand, then split the group into teams and keep score as players complete each of the challenges. The game often includes trivia, obstacle courses, and mini games.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Feel inside containers filled with shaving cream to find a flag
  • Hunt for a marked ball inside a ball pit
  • Pop balloons to find a slip of paper with a password
  • Eat whipped cream pies to reveal pictures on the bottom of the tin
  • Catapult water balloons into a teammates’ oversize clown pants
  • Slide across a tarp full of bubble foam and hit a gong
  • Walk tight-rope-style across a pool noodle without falling into spaghetti sauce
  • Fill and seal a ziploc bag full of wet noodles using  your bare hands

Here are more virtual game show ideas for teams.

List of outdoor group activities for adults

Many common outdoor activities for adults work for teams too. Here are a few of our top picks for outdoor activities for team building.

21. Hiking

Hiking is an easy team building activity you can do outdoors. You and your team can hit the trail, check out the wildlife, and bond while taking in amazing views. Simply pick a path, bring plenty of water and snacks, and set out together into the wilderness. Feel free to stop at scenic overlooks to take team photos.

22. Bike Rides

Bike rides are outdoor group activities with wide appeal. This activity gives the group exercise, yet team members can still chat mid-ride. Picking a scenic path makes the afternoon more pleasant and gives the group photo opportunities. Feel free to carry out quick ice breaker games during rest stops. You can also end the event with a stop at a pub or ice cream shop.

23. Buddy Strolls

Buddy Strolls are one of the best outdoor team building activities for small groups. Simply match up teammates in groups of two or three people, then encourage these mini-teams to schedule a stroll. Teammates should chat about non-work topics during the stroll, and you can give walking buddies lists of icebreaker prompts or get to know you questions to spark conversations.

24. Tailgating

Before watching a sports game together,  your group can get in the spirit by hosting a tailgate in the parking lot. Or, you can host a standalone tailgate just for fun. Simply circle up the cars and trucks, set up a couple lawn chairs, and break out the barbecue grill. You can play music on the cars’ radios or on a portable speaker.

25. Walking Tour

Walking tours are a fun and educational outdoor activity for groups. Guides lead teams around a city while pointing out important landmarks and explaining the history and context of the area.

Examples of walking tour themes include ghost tours, food tours, and street art tours. Simply search for walking tours in your city, then book a guide to lead the activity. Teammates can chat with each other and ask the guide questions, and also take fun group photos throughout the tour.

26. Miniature Golf

Miniature golf is one of the most fun outdoor activities for teams. Your team can either hit a local mini golf range or design your own course. Each team plays with certain color clubs and balls, and putts through fun themed holes with obstacles. You can encourage teammates to take fun candid or posed photos at each hole.

Throughout the game, keep score. Then, give the winning team a trophy and bragging rights for the week.

27. Outdoor Volunteering

Volunteering is a rewarding outdoor activity for teams. Your group can soak up the sunshine while doing good for the community.

Here are a few outdoor volunteering ideas:

  • Walk dogs at a local shelter
  • Help take care of zoo animals
  • Build a porch or do landscaping for Habitat for Humanity
  • Hold a picnic with local philanthropy
  • Do a dunk tank or host a carnival to fundraise for a charity
  • Host a food or clothing drive outside
  • Clean up a park or highway
  • Plant trees and flowers
  • Participate in a charity run

Here is a list of group volunteer opportunities to try.

28. Animal Therapy

You can partner up with a local animal shelter that will bring animals to interact with your staff. Then, encourage employees to come outdoors to pet and play with dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, and other furry or feathery friends. This activity can give employees a major mood boost.

Similarly, check out this guide to office pets.

29. Roller Skating

Roller skating is an ideal team activity for sunny days. You can rent different sizes of roller skates or encourage team members to bring their own pairs. Then, rope off a section of parking lot or sidewalk where teammates can skate together. If your employees are capable skaters, then you can set up ramps and other obstacles.

30. Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is a calming outdoor team building exercise. Your group can roll out yoga mats on a rooftop, in a park, or on the beach. A teacher guides the class through the flow. Getting to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while moving through the positions improves participants’ mindsets and physical health. Taking the class as a team contributes towards a sense of community and collective wellbeing.

Learn more about  team building yoga.

31. Outdoor Museums

Some museums have outdoor exhibits such as sculpture gardens or botanical gardens. There are also touring outdoor museums that visit cities, like the traveling Vietnam memorial, or permanent outside exhibits such as the East Side Gallery in Berlin.

Check out these online museum tours for inspiration.

32. Fort Building

Fort building is a fun and creative outdoor activity. First, supply teams with materials such as sheets, cardboard boxes, tents, play tunnels, and duct tape. You can either ask teams to bring their own “constructional materials” for the activity, or allow participants to choose a specified amount of items from the group stash.

Then, give groups fifteen minutes to build a fort. Encourage employees to add special features such as moats, flags, drawbridges, or secret rooms to make forts more remarkable. The activity ends with participants giving a tour of what they built.

33. Pedal Tours

Pedal tours are a unique outdoor activity for teams. The vehicles typically have a table in the center and pedals along both sides. Passengers help the cart move by pedaling together. A guide points out sites as the group travels throughout the city. Sometimes, these tours involve beer or cocktails to enjoy during the ride. Teams must work together to propel the cart forward, yet still get to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

34. Go-Kart Racing

Go-kart racing is an outdoor activity that helps teammates live out racecar driver fantasies. Simply head to an outdoor driving range and compete to get the fastest track times. You can either race as individuals, or split into groups and average the team times.

35. Kayaking

For kayaking, participants can either ride solo in a group, or split up into two person kayaks for more active team bonding. Since rowers control the speed of the boat, team members can either paddle fast or float slowly down the river. Also, teammates in two-person kayaks must coordinate so the boat moves well.

36. Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is an exciting outdoor activity to do with groups. Teammates must work together to steer the raft and overcome strong currents. This activity gives groups a workout and gets the adrenaline pumping. Facing down danger brings the group closer, and helps teammates learn to depend on each other.

37. Community Garden

The first step to launching a garden is to decide what to grow. Throughout the seasons, teammates take turns caring for fruits, vegetables, and flowers by planting, weeding, and watering the plants. The best part of this activity is that it is on-going, and the team building benefits stretch over the course of many months.

At the end of the season, team members can harvest the crops and either make a team meal, or donate the produce to a local food bank.

38. Graffiti

For a team graffiti activity, first get a canvas, such as a wall that can be painted over or one that will soon be demolished, a car on its way to the junkyard, or a piece of sheetrock. Then, give teams spray paint and free reign to tag the canvas. Making stencils is a good idea, however if your team is artistic they can also freehand the design.

The team can work together to create a single design, or can work together to cover the space with a collage of unique designs.

39. Tie Dye

Tie dye is an artform best done outdoors. To do this activity, supply your staff with white fabric like T-shirts, tote bags, and bandanas to dye. You can also encourage team members to bring their own clothing or accessories. Be sure to set up stations with materials such as rubber bands and dyes.

Team members tie and dye the chosen fabric and soak the shirts or other apparel in water for a couple of hours. Employees should wash and let the fabric dry before wearing.

For more craft inspiration, check out this list of online art classes.

40. Chalk Murals

For chalk murals, provide each team with a big box of colored chalk and a section of sidewalk or asphalt to use as a canvas. Then, give teams 30 minutes to make their masterpiece. You can assign a theme for the piece, such as Saturday morning cartoons, or imaginary animals. At the end of the activity, have a judge view the pictures and pick a winner.

41. Giant Bubble Blowing

Bubble blowing is an outside activity that adds an element of playfulness to work. To blow giant bubbles, fill a kiddie pool with soap and water. Next, ask a teammate to stand in the center of a pool. Then, place a hula hoop on the water’s surface. Finally, have other team members lift the hula hoop so that the teammate is at the center of a giant bubble. Be sure to take photos before the bubble pops!

42. Outdoor Movies

Outdoor movies are a great way to connect your employees. You can order an inexpensive projector online, and display the film on the side of a white wall, a screen, or a sheet. Teammates can watch the film from cars, lawn chairs, or blankets.

Pro tip: Set up a complimentary concession stand with snacks like popcorn, ice cream, and candy. To make the movie more interactive, stop the show to play themed trivia games.

Here is a list of movies for team building.

43. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a good option for teams that enjoy animals and scenic views. You and your team can head to a nearby stable, saddle up, and take a group ride. Team members do not need to have experience riding horses. During the ride, team members can chat with each other.

List of outdoor team building events

Here is a list of both common and unique outdoor team events.

44. Camping

Camping is a fun outdoor group activity for adults. Setting up camp requires collaboration and planning. After campers build tents and prepare food, they can bond around a campfire and tell stories or play games.

You can also take your team glamping, which is a more upscale and comfortable way to camp.

Check out this list of virtual campfire ideas for inspiration.

45. Outdoor Team Building Picnic

Picnics are a classic outdoor team activity for work. To set up your event, first reserve a wide open space, such as a park or a field near the office. Next, set up picnic tables or tell your staff to bring blankets and lawn chairs. Finally, get your good. You could either cater favorites like sandwiches, chips, and salads, or turn the picnic into a potluck and ask each team member to bring a dish.

During the outing, you can pump music, play games, and hold workplace contests to engage your employees.

Check out this list of company picnic ideas for inspiration.

46. Team BBQ

Barbecues are among the most popular outdoor team building events for the summer. For this event, find an outdoor space, preferably with a nice view and room to play games. You can book a local BBQ restaurant to cater or serve staff from a food truck, or cook for your crew by firing up the grill. You can even turn the event into a cook-off and judge which employees barbecue the best hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, or ribs.

47. Outdoor Track & Field Day

Field Days are one of the best outdoor team building events for large groups. These events consist of a series of physical challenges that take place on a sports field.

For example:

  • Frisbee golf
  • Three-legged race
  • Egg-and-spoon race
  • Sack race
  • Crab soccer
  • Wheelbarrow race
  • Keep-it-up
  • Obstacle courses
  • Tug-of-war

To host a field day, split your group into teams and keep a running score of the winners of each game. At the end of the event, name winners and award prizes like medals and gift cards to the top teams.

Here are more ideass for outdoor field day games to try.

48. Beach Party

To host your beach party, rent an area of the beach or haul sand into your parking lot.

Here are a few party ideas:

  • Whip up tropical cocktails and serve with paper umbrellas
  • Hold a limbo contest
  • Create a summery playlist
  • Play volleyball
  • Fill up kiddie pools
  • Blow up inflatable animals and floaties
  • Set up sand art stations
  • Decorate with seashells and fishing nets
  • Rent an ice cream truck or set up a sundae bar
  • Give sunglasses, towels, and sandals out as swag
  • Do a photo booth with tropical backgrounds, props, accessories, and fun frames

The dress code can be relaxed and employees can wear t-shirts, shorts and flip flops. However, since this beach party is still a work event, it is best to avoid bikinis and speedos.

49. Garden Party

Garden parties are outdoor events for teams that enjoy elegant affairs. The dress code tends to be fancy, such as sundresses and pastel dress shirts. You should hold your event in a lush garden or greenhouse.

Here are some ideas:

  • Succulent terrarium making
  • Flower arranging
  • Flower pot making and decorating
  • Flowery cocktails and mocktails like lavender lemonade, or drinks with edible flowers in ice cubes
  • Salads, finger sandwiches, mini quiche, and dishes that feature different herbs
  • A playlist of songs about flowers and nature, or instrumental covers of pop songs
  • Games like croquet and horseshoes

Floral centerpieces are a must.

50. Food Truck Fair

Food Truck Fairs are a fun way to enjoy a meal with your team. First, book a few local food trucks. For best results, select a variety of different cuisines, such as pizza, tacos, donuts, burgers, and vegetarian food. Then, schedule a time of the day when coworkers can head outside, order some grub, and mingle. You can use a ticket system where each team member receives a number of tickets to exchange for food items.

51. Outdoor Concerts

You and your team can meetup at a local concert and rock out together. Often, cities host free outdoor shows featuring local artists during summer months. However, if you have the budget, then you can meet up in the lawn section of a touring artist as well. Or, you can host your own company concert and either hire performers or book bands made up of employees to play.

52. Playground Game Tournament

Playground tournaments bring out your team’s competitive spirit and inner children. These challenges consist of a series of common recess games.

For example:

  • Kickball
  • Dodgeball
  • Tag or freeze tag
  • Monkey bar races
  • Red rover
  • Red light, green light
  • Tetherball
  • Duck, duck, goose
  • Simon says
  • Hopscotch

Simply divide the group into teams, then play games and keep score. You can either host the tournament over the course of a single afternoon, or spread the games out throughout the week by giving your employees a short “recess” each day.

53. Fun Runs

Fun runs are themed races that often include costumes and props. Example themes include zombie runs, where actors dressed up as the undead chase runners, or color runs, where racers wearing white clothes are pelted with colored powder at different points on the track. Other fun runs simply ask participants to dress in costumes, such as Disney characters, superheroes, or animals. You can find a themed run in your city to enter as a group, or coordinate your own company run.

Here are more group fitness activities.

54. Soap Box Derby

Soap Box Derbies are equal parts teamwork exercise, creative project, and problem solving game. These contests involve teams building cars from scratch and then racing the creations. Traditionally, these cars do not have motors. Teams must work together to design the vehicles and can cheer on the car from the sidelines during the race. This activity requires several hours, preferably at least half a day if not a full day. We recommend providing materials such as plywood, crates, and wheels.

55. Geocaching

Geocaching is a scavenger hunt where you hunt for buried treasure. First, participants download a geocaching app. Then, players follow the coordinates to find loot hidden nearby. Instead of keeping the objects, players return the item to the container and rehide the cache for others to find. Your group can split up into teams and hide objects for colleagues to find, or can hunt for existing treasure. If your team creates a cache, then you can regularly monitor the log to keep track of how many strangers find the treasure too.

Here is a geocaching app to try.

Final Thoughts

Employees are often eager to participate in outdoor team building activities for the chance to get outside during the workday. Soaking up the sunshine and breathing in fresh air is a great way to reinvigorate your team. The change of scenery can give the group a much needed mood and energy boost.

Not to mention, there are many options for quick and fun outdoor activities to do with teams. The possibilities for fun are nearly limitless.

Next, check out this list of executive team building activities, these small group team building games/activities, these summer team building ideas, and these social distancing team building activities for work.

We also have a list of competitive team building ideas for work, list of fun team building event ideas, and a list of fun activities for groups, as well as a list of backyard games and a list of lawn games.

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FAQ: Outdoor team building activities

Here are answers to common questions about outdoor team building activities.

What are outdoor team building activities?

Outdoor team activities are group games and exercises that take place outside, such as relay races, barbecues, camping, and go-kart racing. These experiences give employees the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while growing closer to coworkers. These experiences are also known as “outdoor team building games”, “outdoor team building events” and “outdoor group activities.”

Why is outdoor team building important?

Outdoor team building is important because it gives your participants an opportunity to connect in fun and engaging ways. For example, by doing a field day, picnic, or scavenger hunt participants can communicate and share in ways they usually do not at the office. Team building outdoors is also a great way to get out of the office, experience a new loation, and get some fresh air and exercise.

How do you host corporate team building activities outdoors?

To host corporate team building activities outdoors, you can either make a plan or improvise. We recommend the following framework:

  1. Choose a location, such as a field, park, trail or other outdoor venue.
  2. Figure out transportation to and from the location, which could include walking, driving or taking public transportation.
  3. Decide on which games and activities to include. We recommend a mix of actives and less active, and competitive and non-competitive.
  4. Bring healthy refreshments like water, fruits and trail mix.
  5. Award prizes to individuals and teams for themes like best team work, most sportsmanlike and highest energy cheering.

If you follow those steps, your outdoor team building exercises will be setup for success!

What are the best outdoor team building ideas for work?

The best outdoor team building ideas for work include food truck fairs, buddy strolls, volunteering, chalk murals, and ropes courses. There are also many other ways for teams to enjoy the great outdoors while enjoying each other’s company.

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