19 Fun Party Games for Work for Events

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

You found our list of party games for work.

Party games for work are fun activities that help colleagues bond and relax. For example, match-making trivia, desk chair races, or a DIY pizza contest are all fun activities. The purpose of these games is to create memorable experiences and have a good time. These games are also known as “holiday party games” and “fun work party games.”

These party games for work are similar to virtual party games for work and office party ideas.


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So, here is the list!

List of party games for work

From a Bob Ross Painting Party to Balloon Pop Countdown, this list features the best games for workplace parties.

1. Costume Party Bingo

Costume Party Bingo is a fun and easy game to spice up your work events. You can start by inviting colleagues to a costume party. Then, make Bingo cards with different costumes or dress-up ideas. When guests show up in those outfits, mark off the corresponding squares on your card. The first one to get a line or fill their entire card wins!

Here is a sample Bingo card you could use:

This game is entertaining and has several workplace benefits. Costume Party Bingo encourages colleagues who might not usually talk to interact. Plus, this game sparks creativity as folks show off their unique styles.

2. Balloon Pop Countdown

The Balloon Pop Countdown is a thrilling party game that can be a hit in a work setting. To play this game, inflate balloons and fill each with a small slip of paper containing a task or challenge. Then, set the timer to ten minutes. Participants will begin popping balloons and completing the tasks inside.

Once folks finish a task, they can move on to the next one. Whoever completes the most tasks within the time limit wins! This game keeps the whole team engaged in a fun-filled atmosphere. Plus, teams will practice thinking under pressure, which is great for the office.

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3. Bob Ross Painting Party

A Bob Ross Painting Party is a fantastic choice for a work gathering. This exercise promotes teamwork, creativity, and relaxation.

To host this event, start by gathering supplies like canvases, brushes, and paint. Next, find a video of a painting your team will enjoy recreating. Finally, put on the Bob Ross tutorial, and have partygoers follow along.

This activity encourages teams to tap into their artistic sides. In addition, this exercise is a great way to bond and unwind.

4. Office Dress-Up Challenge

To add some fun to your work party, consider organizing an Office Dress-Up Challenge! This game is a great way to encourage creativity and collaboration among colleagues.

To play this game, divide the group into teams of four or five. Give teams five minutes to gather supplies from around the office, like paper, tape, and markers. After participants grab materials, give them a dress-up theme. For example, superheroes, movie characters, or animals. Teams will choose one member to be a model, and then they have ten minutes to dress the model according to the theme. When time is up, choose your favorite costume, and give the winning team a prize!

Here is a list of theme day ideas to give you inspiration.

5. DIY Pizza Contest

To add a tasty twist to your work party, try a DIY Pizza Contest! Pizza contests are perfect games for work birthday parties that showcase guests’ creativity and cooking skills.

For your party, set up a pizza-making station with various toppings, sauces, and crusts. Participants can form teams or compete individually to create their own custom pizzas. Once the pies are ready, the team can taste each one and vote for their favorite. Whoever earns the most votes wins!

This contest encourages teamwork, friendly competition, and a relaxed atmosphere. Plus, participants get to eat pizza, so they are all winners!

Check out this list of virtual pizza party ideas.

6. Desk Chair Races

Desk Chair Races are a lively and enjoyable party game for the workplace. All you need is a desk chair and some open space.

Before the party, gather several rolling desk chairs. Also, create a racing course by adding tape lines to the ground. Participants sit in the chairs and race to the finish line by pushing themselves with their feet. The fastest racer wins!

This activity brings colleagues together, fostering team spirit. As a note, it is important to be cautious while planning this game. Be sure the racing area is clear to prevent injuries, and tell participants to race carefully. Overall, desk chair races can add fun to your work gatherings.

For similar activities, read about office Olympics ideas.

7. Desk Castle Building Contest

The Desk Castle Building Contest is one of the most fun work party games that promotes teamwork and creativity. To play this game, start by gathering supplies, such as paper, tape, scissors, and markers. Participants can form teams and use the supplies to build the best castle possible that will fit on a desk. To make the game more challenging, set a timer for ten minutes. Once folks finish building, choose your favorite castle, and give that team a prize.

This game sparks creativity, as teams have to create innovative designs using limited office supplies. Plus, this contest is a great way for colleagues to connect.

8. Cubicle Carnival Games

Cubicle Carnival Games are awesome for office parties or team building events. You could host several of these activities for a fun fair-themed event!

Here are a few examples of carnival game ideas:

  1. Paper Toss: Throw crumpled paper into a trash bin from different distances.
  2. Desk Bowling: Set up water bottles as pins, and knock them over with a soft ball.
  3. Desk Mini-Golf: Use office supplies to make a tiny mini-golf course. With a homemade tiny club, shoot the tiny ball into the hole.

These games bring out friendly competition and improve coordination and thinking skills. In addition, Cubicle Carnival Games are great for creating a positive work vibe.

9. Indoor Snowball Fight

Indoor Snowball Fights are great holiday party games that bring lots of joy and laughter to work events. Instead of real snowballs, use balled-up paper for safe indoor play.

Participants will split into two teams. Then, create a playing area with clear boundaries. Once you start a timer, players will run to grab snowballs and throw them at opponents! If players get hit with a snowball, then they are out. The team with the last players standing wins. To make the game more challenging, you can let teams build forts to hide behind.

This game is a great way to let loose and have fun without worrying about the cold. Additionally, Indoor Snowball Fights boost teamwork and collaboration skills. This activity is a great addition to a company holiday party!

10. Cup Stack Relay

Cup Stack Relay is a fun game for work parties. Colleagues will split into teams and choose a starting player. Hosts will give each team a set of stacking cups. When the time starts, the first player begins the cup stack. After finishing a row, player one will tag in the next teammate. The gameplay continues until a group finishes a stack. Optionally, you can have teams go in reverse to unstack the tower. Whichever team finishes first wins!

This game is a great break from the routine. Participants will learn to communicate, delegate, and collaborate. Since this activity is so short, you can even play it several times during the party.

Here are more minute to win it games.

11. That’s My Line

That’s My Line is a funny game that can help you get to know your colleagues better. In this game, one coworker shares a line from a movie, and the rest of the players guess. Correct guesses earn one point. The next player shares a different quote, and gameplay continues until the whole team gets a chance. Whoever earns the most points wins!

You can mix this game up by specifying the type of movie folks can choose from. For instance, you could mandate the teams use holiday movies. Alternatively, categories can be more broad, like participants’ favorite films. However you decide to play, That’s My Line is a simple game that will entertain teams.

12. Saran Wrap Ball Game

The Saran Wrap Ball Game is one of the most exciting office celebration games for work parties. In this activity, you will wrap a gift in a giant ball of plastic wrap. The first player will start unraveling as fast as they can. The second player will roll a set of dice until they get doubles. Once the second player rolls doubles, they get the chance to unwrap the gift. The gameplay continues until a player reaches the prize in the middle. Money and gift cards make great prizes for this game! This activity is a unique and enjoyable way for partygoers to earn prizes.

Note: You can reuse the plastic wrap from this game as packing material in shipping boxes!

13. Ugly Sweater Station

When looking for creative office party games, consider making an Ugly Sweater Station! On the party invite, ask folks to wear a sweater they do not mind modifying. Then, set up a station with decorating materials like pom-poms, buttons, and ribbons. Folks can use these supplies to give plain sweaters eye-catching and hilarious designs. Optionally, set a timer for this experience to make it more challenging. In the end, give out prizes to your favorite sweaters. Winners could include the ugliest, funniest, and tackiest.

The best part about the Ugly Sweater Station is that no one needs to be an artist to join in. In fact, this activity will go better if folks have no artistic talent! Ugly is the name of the game, so there is no way to mess up this contest.

Here is how to host an ugly sweater party virtually.

14. Desk Thief

Desk Thief is a unique game that will keep coworkers on their toes! Before the game, secretly nominate one employee to be the thief. Throughout the party, the thief has to steal one small trinket from each colleague’s desk. These items could include staplers, tape rolls, or mice.

If coworkers catch the thief stealing or see them with the stolen items, then the colleagues win! However, if the thief manages to take one object from each colleague without getting caught, then they win! This game is a lighthearted way to challenge employees’ observation skills.

15. Wrapping Paper Race

Wrapping Paper Race is a fun game for parties. To play this game, you will need wrapping paper rolls, boxes, tape, scissors, and a timer.

Participants can play individually or in teams. Each player will gather their supplies. At the beginning of the game, you will start a ten- to 20-minute timer. Players will wrap as many presents as they can within the time limit. Once time is up, give an award each to the neatest wrapper and the wrapper with the most gifts done. This fast-paced activity brings lots of laughter to any gathering!

16. Invitation Game

The Invitation Game is one of the best icebreaker activities for work that tests employees’ powers of observation. In this game, the whole group gathers in a circle. One player volunteers to be the host. The host observes the group and looks for a trait that a few players have in common. For instance, some folks might wear glasses or a specific color of clothing.

The host then goes around the circle and invites folks with that trait to a party. If players do not match the description, then the host tells them that they are not invited. The first participant to guess what all the invitees have in common earns a point. A new host looks for a different trait, and gameplay continues.

This game is a great icebreaker for teams that do not know each other well yet. In addition, you can play as many rounds as you like, making The Invitation Game a versatile choice.

17. Sticker Stalker

Sticker Stalker is a fun addition to any work party. To play this game, give each individual a sheet of ten stickers. Stickers should be unique to each player. During the party, participants have to sneak stickers onto their colleagues’ outfits. If participants catch a coworker in the act, then they give them one of their own stickers. The first player to get rid of their whole sheet wins!

When playing this game, remember to place stickers carefully to avoid snagging hair or accessories. This activity is fun and provides unique opportunities for social connections.

18. Forbidden Words

Forbidden Words is a versatile version of the baby shower game Don’t Say Baby. In Forbidden Words, you will create a list of words that partygoers cannot say. Words can fit the theme, like “Santa” for a Christmas party or “retire” for a retirement gathering.

At the beginning of the party, give each player a tiny clothespin to attach to their shirts. If players catch their colleague saying a forbidden word, then the colleague gives up their clothespin. Whoever has the most pins by the end of the party wins! Folks will have to be creative to talk around these words during conversations.

19. Jenga with a Twist

Jenga with a Twist adds a special challenge to the classic game! To play this game, buy a Jenga set and write a task or challenge on each block. For example, you could write, “Sing a song,” “Do a dance,” or “Tell a joke.” Players will take turns pulling out blocks and doing the task.

If participants complete the task, then they put the block on top of the tower as usual. However, if folks cannot do the challenge, then they have to share a fun fact about themselves. Rather than a traditional winner, whoever knocks over the Jenga tower first loses! This exercise adds a fun and unpredictable element to the classic Jenga game.

Final Thoughts

Playing party games at workplace events creates a fun and casual atmosphere. During gameplay, folks can get to know each other better and relax. Plus, playing games can improve workplace skills like teamwork and communication. Having fun with colleagues creates strong bonds, which translates to the office. This list of games will help make your next party a success!

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FAQ: Party games for work

Here are frequently asked questions about party games for work.

What are some fun and easy party games for work?

Fun and simple game options include the Saran Wrap Ball Game or the Ugly Sweater Station. These activities have simple instructions, and participants will have a blast playing them.

How can party games help with team building?

Party games can foster collaboration, promote open communication, and build trust among team members. These qualities will help colleagues work together more effectively.

What are the best party games for the holidays?

To bring festive cheer to your office gathering, consider holiday-themed activities like an Indoor Snowball Fight or a Wrapping Paper Race.

Can playing games at work parties help improve employee morale?

Playing games at workplace events makes them more enjoyable and memorable. These activities encourage employees to engage more with each other outside of the normal work context. These bonds can boost morale and productivity.

What are the best party games for remote events?

For remote events, That’s My Line or the Invitation Game would be great choices. These activities do not require materials but are still engaging.

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