Remembrance Day Activities & Ideas for School

By: | Updated: July 19, 2022

You found our list of Remembrance Day activities and ideas.

Remembrance Day is November 11 in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other Commonwealth Countries. Remembrance Day activities and ideas are ways to honour armed forces and veterans online on that day. For example, you could do a word search, craft poppies or recite “In Flanders Fields.” This day is also known as “Poppy Day.”

Remembrance Day is similar to Veterans Day in the US and also Memorial Day and Anzac Day.

This article includes:

  • Remembrance Day activities for school
  • virtual Remembrance Day ideas
  • Remembrance Day games for kids

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List of Remembrance Day ideas

From paper poppies to charity donations to soldier letters, here is a list of ways to observe Remembrance Day virtually.

1. Remembrance Day word search

A word search is a fun way to educate kids and students about Remembrance Day. You can build your own word search, or use our template below.

Remembrance Day word search

And here is the answer key.

The word search is an opportunity to teach participants about important words like veterans, monument and service.

2. Remembrance Day word jumble

One way to educate young children about Remembrance Day is to send a Remembrance Day word jumble. Kids must rearrange scrambled letters to decipher relevant words such as “valor,” “uniform,” and “veteran.”

We made a template you can use:

Remembrance Day word jumble

And here is the answer key.

This activity doubles as a vocabulary lesson. When revealing answers, discuss the definition of each word and ask students to give examples of each concept. Then, encourage students to think up their own Remembrance Day word jumbles.

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3. Craft paper poppies

Poppies are the official symbol of Remembrance Day, and making paper versions of the flower are good virtual Remembrance Day activities for schools. You can make poppies out of red tissue paper, construction paper, paper plates, or coffee filters. Be sure to send students instructions and patterns, and if possible, craft the flowers together during a video call.

Here are a few online paper poppy-making tutorials:

When done, ask each participant to show off their creations. Also consider creating an online photo album or social media gallery so that other students, teachers, and parents can enjoy the art.

4. Recite “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae

The John McCrae poem “In Flanders Fields” is an important part of Remembrance Day celebrations. This WWI poem summarizes the ultimate sacrifices made by soldiers for the sake of freedom and safety.

In Flanders Fields poem

One of the best virtual Remembrance Day ceremony ideas is to stage a reading of this famous work. Either pick a single reader to perform the poem, or take turns reading line by line. Or, queue up a video performance, such as this YouTube video of a reading by Leonard Cohen.

If your virtual ceremony occurs in an online classroom, then follow the recitation with a discussion and lesson on the meaning of the poem. You could also instruct students to write modern versions of the verse.

5. Coordinate a virtual Remembrance Day run

Fitness fans often coordinate charity runs to raise funds for veterans’ causes on Remembrance Day. If you cannot gather a crowd to watch a physical race, then organize a virtual run instead.

To plan a virtual Remembrance Day run:

  1. Choose a distance to cover, for instance, 5K
  2. Using an online crowdfunding platform, solicit donations from friends, family, and coworkers.
  3. On the day of the event, use a running app or fitness counter to track your progress
  4. Share your results
  5. Donate funds raised to a veterans’ charity

Either run solo, or synchronize efforts with a group. Or, search for an existing virtual run to join, like RaceRoster.

6. Donate to a veterans’ philanthropy

One of the easiest ways to support soldiers on Remembrance Day is to donate to veterans’ philanthropies. Financial contributions enable organizations to provide much-needed services to military members, as well as preserving the history of wartime sacrifices.

Here are some veterans charities to donate to online:

If you cannot donate money, then you can also contribute time online by participating in one of Soldiers’ Angels‘ virtual volunteering opportunities. Or, you could host your own remote charity drive.

For more information on raising money for philanthropy online, check out our article on virtual fundraising ideas.

7. Support a former service member’s business

Remembrance Day is not only about remembering fallen soldiers, but also supporting service persons living rebuilt lives. Visiting and supporting a former service member’s business empowers veterans to be entrepreneurs. Using a directory like Operation Entrepreneur or Veteran Owned Businesses UK can help you locate nearby veteran-run businesses. Consider ordering takeout or baked goods, booking entertainment, or contracting services with a veteran.

8. Lay flowers on veterans’ graves

To honor the fallen, you can plan to lay flowers on graves for Remembrance Day. First, gather a group of volunteers, friends, or colleagues. Using local directories, obituaries, or recommendations from veterans organizations, each participant should pick a grave to visit. Volunteers should lay flowers, wreaths, and flags on the sites, and can take pictures of the bouquets to inspire others towards performing the same service.

You may want to check permission with the cemetery or a veterans’ organization, or at least leave a short note explaining the random act of kindness, to avoid the possibility of upsetting families.

Or, donate to a veterans cemetery such as Beechwood Cemetery to help with upkeep.

9. Compose letters to the troops

Sending letters to deployed soldiers is one of the easiest ways to support the troops. When in a foreign place, receiving a heartfelt message and words of care can be a great comfort.

Here are some organizations that send letters to soldiers:

While sending letters to those on active duty is important, many returning service members or veterans of long-ago wars feel lonely too, so consider reaching out to a veterans’ association to find a veteran pen pal.

10. Read letters from soldiers

Sending letters to soldiers is not a one-way conversation. For hundreds of years, armed service members have responded to correspondence by describing their feelings, longings, and the realities of war. Thanks to diligent historical preservation, we can access the mail of many WWI soldiers and civilians.

Here are some online collections of wartime letters from WWI:

You can read correspondence from other wars, too.

Either read the letters live during video calls, or ask individual team members to record and upload videos reading excerpts from letters, then compile the clips into a tribute video. You could also send these letters in emails so that participants can read the messages on their own schedules.

11. Study military history

Remembrance Day is not only about acknowledging soldiers’ sacrifices, but also about recognizing historical events. By studying military history, you better understand the significance of the memorial.

Here are some good military history online resources:

There are also many documentaries that cover the subject.

Because most schools focus on their own country’s histories, it may be an opportunity for educating yourself, your students, or your teams about wars from other nations’ perspectives.

12. Visit an online memorial or museum

When you cannot travel to museums or memorials, you can visit these institutions from your home, office, or classroom by taking an online tour.

Here are some online military memorials and museums you can visit on Remembrance Day:

Check out our list of virtual field trip ideas for more ideas.

13. Attend virtual Remembrance Day services

Part of Remembrance Day tradition is uniting with others to collectively acknowledge the strife of soldiers. Even when you cannot gather physically, you can meet online to honor the day. By searching online search engines or social media, you can find virtual Remembrance Day services either in your area, or in larger cities within your country. Be aware that some ceremonies require pre-registration, so sign up by the deadline to receive the appropriate meeting links.

If you cannot find an online Remembrance Day service, then host your own affair. Simply invite colleagues, loved ones, and community members to a video meeting, and livestream activities such as laying of wreaths on graves, playing of memorial music, and a moment of silence. You can also invite attendees to share stories about individual veterans or war experiences.

14. Observe a moment of silence

One of the most powerful virtual Remembrance Day activities for work is to observe a moment of silence. Simply designate a time of the day for all employees to enter a video call, preferably around 11:11 am, the traditional time for a moment of silence. Tempting as it may be to mute attendees’ microphones, the exercise is more significant if all participants willingly remain quiet. Webcams should remain on as well, and staff members should not answer phones, check emails, or perform any other work during these sixty seconds.

If you would like to say a few words, you can do so at the very beginning or end of the meeting, but otherwise, the call should be completely silent. Taking a moment out of the day to cease work and reflect on the day’s significance is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices of fighters.

Final Thoughts

Countries around the world observe November 11 as a time of national mourning and remembrance for soldiers affected by war. Although creators originally conceived the holiday as a tribute to WWI, observants recognize all wars and veterans in services. Even when you cannot gather physically, coming together online to recognize the significance of the day is important. The Remembrance Day tips on this list help you honor the holiday from afar, whether in an office, school, community, or personal setting.

You can also learn more about Remembrance Day on Wikipedia.

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FAQ: Remembrance Day

Here are answers to some common questions about Remembrance Day.

How do you recognize Remembrance Day virtually?

To recognize Remembrance Day virtually, join or host a video call and participate in symbolic activities such as making paper poppies, reciting “In Flanders Field,” and observing a moment of silence. You can also virtually visit monuments and study military history. The contents of a virtual Remembrance Day program depend on the age of the audience. Adult services are likely to be more somber, while programs for schools and young children tend to be more educational and exploratory.

What are some good virtual Remembrance Day ideas?

The best remote Remembrance Day ideas honor the troops and educate the audience. Some good virtual Remembrance Day ideas include donating to a veterans’ philanthropy, exchanging letters with troops, and reciting “In Flanders Field.”

What are good charities to support on Remembrance Day?

Many philanthropic organizations provide assistance to veterans. Here are a few charities worth donating to on Remembrance Day:

  • Wounded Warriors Canada
  • Vets Canada
  • True Patriot Love Foundation
  • SSAFA – the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association
  • Veterans Foundation
  • Help for Heroes
  • Soldier On

Supporting these organizations supports the troop, which is one more way to honor veterans on memorial days.

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