20 Best Remote Work Locations for Virtual or Hybrid Work

By: | Updated: January 01, 2024

You found our list of awesome remote work locations.

Remote work locations are places for working outside of an office. For example, libraries, coffee shops, and home offices. The purpose of these spaces is to provide an environment for working outside a central work location. These work locations are also known as “remote offices.”

Choosing a work location is one of the advantages of working from home. Signing on from different places is possible thanks to virtual work software. Working from public spaces can improve your remote work-life balance.

This list includes:

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  • remote work destinations

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List of remote work locations

Many settings can become productive offsite workspaces. Here is a list of the best places to work remotely.

1. Libraries

Libraries are quiet, brightly lit spaces for working remotely. You can find study cubicles and carrels to hunker down in while you work. There are also meeting rooms and multipurpose spaces to reserve for calls and collaboration sessions with associates. Most public libraries provide free Wi-Fi and electrical sockets to keep your laptop, tablet, and phone charged throughout the day. Also, libraries can be great resources for research when the internet runs out of answers!

2. Coffee Shops

A picture of people working in a trendy coffee shop

Many remote workers have discovered the benefits of working in local coffee shops. The atmosphere is energetic, and your favorite drinks are within reach when you need a boost. There is plenty of table space for setting up your mobile workstation, provided you time your arrival properly. Earbuds come in handy when the noise level becomes too distracting. However, it can be challenging to take calls or attend virtual meetings in coffee shops. If you choose a coffee shop or café as a remote working location, then consider using your time there for busy work rather than Zoom sessions or conference calls.

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3. Rented Offices

Rented offices can be handy remote work destinations that allow you to congregate with your co-workers. You can choose a nearby office that offers space for a monthly fee. A rented office is an excellent option for having your associates nearby when collaboration is necessary. You can organize the area to represent the best version of a remote work location for your needs. If your company allows it, then you can ask your employer to compensate for the cost of a rented office. If you own the company, then you may be able to deduct the expense from your taxes.

Having a separate workspace from a home office allows you to maintain a professional presence. A space like this will work best if your job requires direct interaction with clients or customers.

4. Pools

If you have access to a swimming pool, then you can take your work poolside for a lavish change of pace. Your pool furniture can serve as an outdoor desk, and an oversized deck umbrella or ramada can provide plenty of shade. All you need is your laptop and a tray of your favorite drinks and snacks. Since outdoor remote work settings can be noisy, you can play music through a portable speaker to maintain focus.

Pro-tip: Zoom meetings are a whole new experience when they take place with this relaxed resort-style setting in the background!

5. Parks and Green Spaces

A picture of a man sitting on a bench and working on a laptop

Parks and green spaces are excellent options for remote work locations with plenty of fresh air and sunshine. As long as the weather agrees, you can find a nearby park to set up a temporary office. Sites with ramadas or other covered areas provide refreshing outdoor workspaces for daytime work hours.

With public places to work remotely outdoors, you may need to use your smartphone for Wi-Fi coverage. It also may be helpful to work on non-internet tasks during your park time if your schedule allows.

6. Resorts

If your budget allows, then you can reserve a room at a resort as a deluxe remote working location for a day or two. Resorts are relaxed settings that can bring a mellow vibe to your daily tasks. A lounge or private dining room can double as a space for meetings, depending on your privacy needs. Associates or clients can join you for a round of golf or a drink at the poolside bar for a fun change of scenery.

Bonus: If your family needs some time away, you can add a few days around the weekend to transform your work stay into a staycation.

7. Decks and Patios

Your deck or patio can serve as a location for remote working on days when the weather is favorable. With rearranging, you can set up your outdoor furniture to suit your preferred workspace. A shady spot is best to ensure screen visibility and limit sun exposure when temperatures climb. Your router may be strong enough to provide Wi-Fi access. If not, you can check with your company to see if an upgrade is possible or purchase a Wi-Fi extender.

The ready change of scenery your backyard space provides will let you work in a dedicated spot while remaining close to home.

8. Public Courtyards

Downtown spaces like public courtyards are ideal alternatives to working from home. These areas give you access to business resources you may need. Nearby municipal offices, post offices, libraries, and other services are nearby, which can be a great convenience. There are benches, tables, and other handy places to set up your mobile workspace.

With restaurants and shops available nearby, you can have your pick of fun spots to try for coffee, lunch, and other break-time activities. You can also acquaint yourself with your downtown area if you are not already familiar with it.

9. Bookstores

Like libraries, bookstores are great remote work locations. A local bookshop will likely have less foot traffic during daytime work hours. Many have cafes or bakeries inside for handy drinks and snacks. You can find free Wi-Fi connections for work that requires online access. There are cozy corners you can tuck into with your laptop and your earbuds for busywork. Like libraries, you can be surrounded by plenty of reference books and other resources when research is necessary.

10. Community Recreation Centers

Local recreation centers are often-overlooked community remote work locations. These public spaces can serve as useful locations to work virtually. These spots can provide a helpful alternative when a home office feels restrictive. There are outlets for charging your devices and Wi-Fi connections. Community centers can also keep you up to date on happenings in your area.

11. Restaurants

Two women having lunch and working

You can choose a favorite local restaurant as a mobile workplace. A cozy neighborhood diner or nearby eatery can provide a bright working atmosphere and easy access to food and drinks for lunch. If you are friendly with the owners and the staff, then you can create a comfortable work environment for yourself while helping support their business. You can also hold meetings and other in-person work sessions there to treat your associates to a conference space that is warm and familiar.

As a thank-you to restaurant management, you can recommend your remote work location as a favorite to friends and family. The staff are sure to appreciate the extra business!

12. Brewpubs and Bars

If you happen to be a fan of beer or cocktails, then you can become a regular at a brewpub or neighborhood bar for remote work sessions. These spots are excellent locations for weekly get-aways from your home office. Depending on your preferred noise and activity level, you can camp out at a table or stake out a seat at the bar. If sharing information over drinks is one of your work rituals, then you can have a dedicated spot to invite co-workers and colleagues.

Devoting your Fridays to a workspace like a brewpub or a bar can give you something to look forward to each week. And with regular access to the menu, you can keep an eye out for new drinks to try!

13. College Campuses

If you have a community college or university campus nearby, then you have everything you need for a comfortable remote work location. Colleges typically have study rooms that you can reserve for quiet work, and internet access may be free in many spots around campus. In addition, access to libraries for research and a food court for meals means you can set up your mobile workstation in a variety of spots. Having multiple locations to choose from also makes it easy to try a new setting when the familiar ones no longer work.

There may be charges and requirements for on-campus parking, so research your campus of choice before selecting.

14. Airport Lounges

A woman lounging and looking at an iPad

For frequent flyers working on the run, airport lounges are some of the best remote workspaces. Sometimes, these spaces require flyer points or membership to gain access. The comfort and amenities of airport lounges make them well worth the expense. Depending on the airline you are flying, you can find a casual bar or spa-like atmosphere within many airport terminals. There are plenty of plug-ins for your laptop and phone, and Wi-Fi is available if your work requires it.

These temporary work locations are comfortable and quiet and make a great way to put your frequent flyer points to good use!

15. Co-Working Spaces

A group of people sitting on couches working together

Many towns and cities offer co-working spaces that allow workers to rent a desk or cubicle. These dedicated work spots are wonderful office-style destinations for keeping your home space separate from your workspace. Having a place to step away from your home responsibilities can help keep your focus squarely on your work. This remote work location is also perfect for hosting collaborative sessions with associates. With Wi-Fi access and electricity provided, you have everything you need for your office away from home.

Rental fees for these spaces vary by location. You can verify with your company ahead of time to determine if reimbursement is possible. Many spaces also offer day pass options as well as monthly memberships.

Check out this guide to co-working spaces.

16. Hotels

You can create dedicated remote workplaces in various spots by using hotels around your city or town. This choice allows you to refresh your offsite office options whenever your current workspace gets stale. If your budget allows, then you can reserve a room, a suite, or a conference room for work. You can also use the lounges, restaurants, and cafés in many hotels to save money.

Additionally, hotels give you access to amenities such as pools, gyms, and spas that can reinvigorate you during break time. There are also manicured courtyards and outdoor areas ready to provide fresh air and sunshine to break up the workday.

17. Museums and Galleries

Three smiling men looking at their phones

A local museum or art gallery can be an inspirational remote work location and add an element of culture to your work environment. If you have an art space nearby, then you can investigate their policies regarding working onsite. Most museums and galleries will be happy to have remote workers as guests throughout the week. You can surround yourself with art in your favorite styles while getting work done in a quiet, well-lit environment. There also may be a cafeteria or lounge inside for you to grab lunch and take breaks.

If paid admission is required, then you may be able to include it into your remote work budget. Many of these locations offer an annual subscription that allows you to make a museum or gallery your regular offsite space or offer free admission on certain days.

Here is a list of the top 100 museums around the U.S. for you to check into.

18. Places of Worship

Many places of worship offer quiet corners for reflection that can function as remote workplaces. These spaces can feel safe and comfortable for remote workers and provide a sense of security that fosters productivity. Worship centers may have limited access to resources like Wi-Fi or electricity. If so, then you can save these remote working areas for non-wired activities such as reading, writing, or brainstorming.

If your church or temple has meeting spaces reserved for private activity, then you can use these for meetings or collaborations.

19. Malls

Your local indoor or outdoor mall can be helpful as a remote working location. With plenty of seating in food courts and diners, picking up lunch and snacks is an easy prospect. There are even multipurpose rooms for public use in some shopping malls, providing even more locales for you to set up your offsite workstation. You can also take advantage of the heating and air conditioning and save on your electric bills.

Malls can become unexpectedly busy throughout the day. If the noise level becomes a challenge, then you can pop in your earbuds and tune out atmospheric noise. When you have been sitting for too long, you can walk the mall for exercise!

20. Gyms

If you have a gym membership, then you may also have access to a unique remote working location! Many gyms include onsite co-working spaces for members to use. Others contain social spaces where you can set up your laptop to keep up with busy work and check emails. Using a gym as a remote office will keep you close to fitness equipment and personal trainers, which can help you optimize your work calendar while maintaining your workout schedule.

Taking your remote work to a gym or fitness center means you can keep up with your daily goals and fitness goals in a single spot.


Many public places can double as remote work locations. For example, if you have a favorite hang-out, shopping center, or coffee shop, then you can check with management to see if their policies allow remote working on the premises. Working remotely also allows you to choose a different spot that might turn out to be your new favorite hang-out. As long as you can work effectively and comfortably, the choice is yours!

Next, check out these remote work statistics and this guide to work from home policies.

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FAQ: Remote work locations

Here are answers to questions about remote work locations.

What are the best remote work locations?

Based on their availability and public access to Wi-Fi and electricity, libraries, cafés, restaurants, and co-working spaces are the best remote work locations. You can find similar features in hotels, airport lounges, and community centers. Other sites that work well include gyms, malls, museums, and hotels.

What are the qualities of a good remote working space?

A good remote working space will have a dependable work surface like a desk or table and comfortable seating. They should also have a strong Wi-Fi connection, a place to plug in your chargers, and lighting that suits your tasks. You can also look for remote working spaces that have air conditioning, natural light, and access to private rooms for holding meetings and taking calls.

How do you find a good place to work remotely?

To find a good remote work location, visit a few nearby spots that sound appealing. You can check for Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, lighting, and privacy options. You can also check with the owners or managers to make sure remote working is allowed. If you have friends or associates who work remotely, then you can ask them for suggestions, too.

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