19 Top Virtual Assistant Skills to Get Hired

By: | Updated: September 01, 2023

You found our list of in-demand virtual assistant skills.

Virtual assistant skills are essential qualities necessary to function as a virtual assistant. Examples include word processing proficiency, social media management, and data entry. In addition, these skills are essential for handling administrative tasks such as client management, email responses, and content creation.

These abilities are similar to executive assistant skills and leadership skills. Virtual assistants might also find executive assistant books and executive assistant tools useful.

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List of virtual assistant skills

If you are looking to recruit a virtual assistant, the following are some of the most in-demand virtual assistant skills.

1. Travel Planning

Travel planning involves carefully arranging the logistics of a journey, whether it is for business or leisure. A proficient travel planner will consider various factors, such as flight bookings, accommodations, transportation options, and creating a detailed itinerary. This step ensures that the travel experience is seamless and enjoyable for clients. Thoughtful travel planners handle every detail, from visa requirements to local recommendations. Effective travel planning saves time and reduces stress, allowing travelers to focus on their goals or enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

2. Project Management

Project management means managing tasks and resources to achieve specific goals within a defined timeframe. This practice requires a combination of skills, including planning, organization, communication, and problem-solving. A skilled project manager can break down complex projects into manageable steps, assign responsibilities, set milestones, and monitor progress. Effective project management is essential in various industries, from software development to construction. This process ensures teams complete projects efficiently and successfully, meeting both client and team expectations.

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3. Basic Graphic Design

Basic graphic design skills involve creating visually appealing and engaging content using graphic design tools like Canva or Adobe Photoshop. A virtual assistant does not necessarily need skills as in-depth as a professional graphic designer. However, basic graphic design knowledge allows individuals to design simple graphics, social media posts, flyers, or presentations. This skill is valuable for enhancing the visual appeal of marketing materials, social media profiles, and other digital or print assets. Overall, understanding graphic design elements helps businesses and individuals convey their messages effectively and professionally.

4. Calendar Management

Calendar management means efficiently scheduling and organizing appointments, meetings, and events. This technique involves maintaining and updating calendars, setting reminders, and avoiding conflicting commitments. A skilled calendar manager ensures that schedules remain productive and each individual uses their time effectively. This skill is essential for professionals and businesses to maintain order, prevent double bookings, and maximize available time. This skill leads to better time management and productivity.

5. Basic Accounting

Basic accounting skills include the ability to manage financial records, track income and expenses, and maintain a basic understanding of financial principles. This skill is valuable for small business owners, freelancers, and individuals to keep their finances in order. Accounting involves tasks like creating and managing invoices, tracking receipts, and organizing financial data. While not a substitute for a professional accountant, basic accounting knowledge is essential for maintaining financial stability. Additionally, this skill can help clients make informed financial decisions in both personal and business contexts.

6. Word Processing Proficiency

When it comes to online assistant competencies, word processing is crucial. Most folks associate this skill with fast typing. However, word processing also includes activities such as data input and text formatting. The Study Crumb website provides examples of correctly formatted and well-written messaging. In addition, virtual assistants can use tools like Grammarly to proofread their writing for typos and grammatical errors.

While learning to write 80 words per minute is excellent, it might not make sense if you have several paragraphs of text riddled with typos. Finding the sweet spot between speed, accuracy, and well-organized language will benefit a company since assistants can work with minimal supervision or proofing.

7. Communication Skills

Companies using virtual assistants must have complete faith in the information they get from each virtual assistant. Email and messaging apps like Skype, Messenger, and Slack are standard methods of communication between a company and a virtual assistant. Therefore, an employer places a high value on a candidate’s written communication skills, particularly their ability to convey their comprehension of a task, progress, challenges, and ability to meet deadlines.

A virtual assistant, however, must also be able to convey this information orally since many companies choose to bridge the gap between themselves and their VAs by holding regular face-to-face meetings. Moreover, a virtual assistant’s communication skills are essential for the administrative support they may give to customers, suppliers, and team members. This responsibility includes the efficient creation of documents like reports and presentations, as well as the dispatch of emails and the planning of meetings.

Copywriting is another skill virtual assistants should have. This competency is a complex craft that takes practice and experience to perfect. You need to do more than put words on paper to succeed. You also must craft your thoughts and ideas to flow naturally and persuade the reader. Copywriting helps businesses spread the word about their products while also swaying potential customers to make a purchase. Copywriting has numerous facets, and there is no one right way to do it, but there are fundamental rules. Examples of copywriting include slogans, ads, magazine articles, and personal letters to customers.

Here is a list of books on communication.

8. Computer Literacy

Since all VA work requires a computer, VAs must have fundamental computing knowledge. A virtual assistant with experience in several software packages, apps, and operating systems is highly valuable. In addition, a virtual or executive assistant should be proficient in office productivity software suites like Microsoft 365, including Access, Excel, and PowerPoint. Knowing about CRMs and project management platforms is also helpful.

The ability to use the internet and do research online is also crucial. Finding individuals, companies, and contact information may all be part of a virtual assistant’s expanded role in supporting projects for their employers. If the customer needs help with his company’s website or database, you will need to have some internet prowess. These administrative virtual assistant skills may significantly increase the usefulness of virtual assistants. An effective virtual assistant will have a high level of adaptability and rapidly pick up new applications. A VA should also be proficient in using a variety of computer applications for writing reports, supervising projects, and monitoring client information.

9. Attention to Detail

Virtual assistants who pay close attention to detail can boost their efficiency, effectiveness, and production at work. Businesses value these abilities because they make employees more productive and reduce the possibility of mistakes.

The ability to pay attention to details is crucial in the age of instant global communication fostered by the internet. Clients are likely to be quite detailed when explaining their needs, and the virtual assistant must carry out their requests precisely according to the guidelines. Many aspects of this role are flexible, but you will need extra time and effort to get the finer points just so.

10. Self-Motivation and Discipline

Discipline and inspiration are musts for virtual assistant duties. Employers value regular attendance because they can depend on their VAs to complete the job on schedule. Work-from-home employees are prone to distraction, which can cause companies to miss deadlines or waste workforce hours. Working remotely demands drive, especially when there are deadlines to meet. Depending on how many hours a week you will require an assistant, the ability to stick to a schedule and remain consistent is crucial.
Working with more autonomy requires a high level of self-motivation and discipline. To be successful, virtual assistants must consistently provide high-quality results on time.

Virtual assistants must be capable leaders even if they are not executives. Virtual executive assistant skills like leadership equip a VA to grab the reins and steer the ship. This skill entails being able to encourage and inspire other people. Virtual assistants sometimes have to lead or take the helm in a crisis. Relationship-building skills with customers and colleagues are also essential.

11. Time Management Skills

Effective time management involves prioritizing responsibilities, establishing reasonable deadlines, and sticking to them. Virtual assistants require this skill since they often deal with competing priorities and strict time constraints. This competency is also vital to anticipate obstacles and prepare to prevent working under pressure. In addition, VA’s often work under deadlines and have multiple duties simultaneously, and folks in these roles must be able to arrange their time to balance urgent and routine tasks.

Here is a list of books on time management.

12. Effective Decision Making

A VA or VA team has to be able to think fast and make the proper judgments when a client or employer is not immediately accessible to answer questions. Admittedly, there is a learning curve for every new virtual assistant. Instead of waiting for the client to answer, having a virtual assistant with the expertise and confidence to investigate solutions is ideal. A virtual assistant has to be able to prioritize work in the face of difficulties. For instance, a system outage may prevent you from finishing the top item on your to-do list, but it might be an excellent chance to get some routine administrative duties completed. Having the initiative to take such steps quickly may separate a competent virtual assistant from a terrific one.

13. Social Media Management

Social media has become integral to modern life, creating many opportunities for companies and consumers. A dedicated social media manager manages an organization’s social media activity. Social media offer a great way to spread the word about your business and delight your customers. However, to succeed, you must give your clients expert-level social media assistance and continuous, crucial updates to your product or service.

Many industries continue to use Facebook significantly as one of the primary social media platforms. Although it is an excellent platform for reaching out to prospective buyers and sellers, social media management is also in the realm of time-consuming activities that virtual assistants may handle. If you also utilize other social media platforms where you could duplicate the posts and information you provide, having a virtual assistant that can handle your social media activities is even more crucial.

Managing social media accounts may be time-consuming for entrepreneurs, and if they are not updated often, people will notice and may lose faith in your brand.

14. Email Management

It is increasingly necessary for company owners and managers to have an administrative assistant undertake frequent inbox filtering. This action is especially crucial in the morning, and any time zone variations to virtual assistants may work out very well. You can save plenty of time by having a virtual assistant check a client’s inbox in the morning before they get to the office.

When sorting emails, it is advisable to use specific categorization like inquiry type and potential significance, with mailing list emails filtered out first. After setting up the process, a virtual assistant may begin responding to emails asking to set up appointments. Virtual assistants may respond to emails and schedule meetings in clients’ spare time on their online calendars, saving them significant effort.

The two most general virtual assistant skills are customer service and inbox management. However, when emails are improperly managed, customer happiness and loyalty may hit the bottom line.

15. Data Entry

A virtual assistant is responsible for providing a wide range of services. One of the most crucial requirements in virtual assistance is accurate data entry. Data input services greatly benefit the company owner in making vital business decisions. The data-entry industry has been developing for decades. The process of entering data has progressed from being straightforward to highly intricate. The process has gone from typing to programming. Even now, data input has shifted from being done manually to being done in batches.

Virtual assistants are more critical than ever because of the growing complexity of managing several projects, a large volume of work, and tight deadlines. In addition, virtual assistants in this field are becoming more popular due to the high need for data entry services. Small business owners, contractors, and employees would benefit from keeping detailed records of all company dealings. Pricing and profit margins, sales tax records, invoices, and financial account activities are just some of the data that a small company owner has to keep tabs on.

16. Organization

Meticulous virtual assistants need to be well-organized to balance productivity with accuracy. A person’s capacity to organize is vital to ensuring no detail is left behind and that they complete their work swiftly. This step could mean making a checklist that breaks down tasks into smaller milestones or setting up a scheduled time to examine their work.

When you have a system in place, you can do more. Organizational skills help virtual assistants manage work-related activities, documents, and due dates. The ability to establish and maintain an organized system is also inclusive. Virtual assistants require this skill since they are responsible for coordinating their clients’ workloads. When a customer wants a resource, they should be able to locate it promptly and efficiently.

17. Lead Conversion

Converting potential customers is crucial for the success of your company. Without a well-executed sales funnel, earning any revenue becomes more challenging. Virtual assistants that understand lead generation and conversion are great resources for expanding your company. Professionals in sales and marketing operate in a murky area, using their expertise to boost their clients’ bottom lines. These workers understand the right questions to ask and how to turn potential leads into customers. Customer conversion, which consists of sales pages and autoresponders, and sales emails, are the lifeblood of your company.

18. Website Maintenance and Tech Support

A growing demand for virtual assistants is providing technical support and maintaining websites. Businesses increasingly use virtual assistants to do work that formerly required on-site employees as the economic and business worlds migrate online. The role entails keeping an eye on the site and resolving any issues regularly.

As a result, there is a need for remote workers capable of providing technical assistance and website maintenance. Clients rely on these virtual assistants for assistance, from updating and managing their website to computer tech support and problem troubleshooting.

19. Integrity and Dependability

A virtual assistant must be reliable. An effective virtual assistant should be dedicated to meeting deadlines, delivering on promises, and adapting to new responsibilities as your business evolves. You will depend on your VA for critical work, such as keeping you updated on their progress and how it relates to your objectives. When you have a trustworthy assistant, you can be confident that they will be there for you whenever you need them.

Integrity entails not divulging private information, and dependability means meeting up with work demands. VAs need to be trustworthy and morally upright. A virtual assistant with integrity is invaluable to any company since their customers may put their faith in them.


Virtual assistants are an asset in any industry. Virtual assistants may take care of many of the necessary administrative responsibilities, allowing you to devote your attention elsewhere, and may also assist and support various departments. The benefits of these roles are many, ranging from the simple task of checking email to the more involved tasks of scheduling appointments and generating reminders. Using a virtual assistant allows you to save money and focus more on your work.

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FAQ: Virtual assistant skills

Here are frequently asked questions about virtual assistant skills.

What are virtual assistant skills?

Virtual assistant skills are the resources and abilities required for handling an entity’s administrative tasks in a digital environment. These skills make the work of the business owner easier.

What are examples of virtual assistant skills?

Examples of VA skills include Tech Savviness, Email Management, Social Media Management, and Data Entry. A virtual assistant also needs customer service and excellent organizational skills.

What are the necessary skills for virtual assistants?

At every point, there is a demand for creative content creation, with employers eager to pay high money for it. Therefore, the ability to handle word processing software, manage emails, and provide customer support are all skills that give virtual assistants an extra advantage.

How can you become a good virtual assistant?

You can become a good virtual assistant by being committed to life-long learning. It is critical to keep up with the latest trends and update your knowledge.

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