23 Virtual Beer Tasting Party & Event Ideas for Teams

By: | Updated: October 18, 2022

You found our list of the best virtual beer tasting party & event ideas.

Virtual beer tasting classes are experiences where groups get together on Zoom or similar video call platforms to sample craft beer. The purpose of these events is to give teammates a chance to socialize and unwind together while having a fun and educational experience.

These activities are examples of virtual alcohol tasting, remote team building activities and remote social events, and are similar to remote happy hours, virtual wine tasting classes, online coffee tasting classes, and Zoom tea tasting classes.

This list includes:

  • virtual beer tasting team building experiences
  • private online beer tasting classes
  • online beer tasting kits
  • Zoom craft beer tasting experiences
  • at home beer tasting classes
  • remote beer tasting ideas

Here we go!

List of virtual beer tasting classes

Here is a list of event companies and breweries that offer virtual beer tasting parties online.

1. Craft’d Company

Ideal for: Care package lovers, teams spread across the US, social media lovers

Craft’d Company offers one of the most robust private online beer tasting classes. Each hour long private class includes a kit of four craft beers shippable nationally. A brew expert leads the event and gives attendees background on the beer style, pairing recommendations, tasting tips, and insider information on the breweries. For a preview of similar experiences, you can watch past or live streamed segments of the “Beer with the Brewers” series on Instagram. The company also gives private groups the option of purchasing fun add-ons like charcuterie snack packs, branded beer glasses, and YETI coolers or can holders.

Learn more about Craft’d Company.

2. Tops Hops

Ideal for: NY state-based teams, social butterflies, special occasions, forever students

Tops Hops offers private beer tasting parties that aim to both entertain and educate. This business is a combination tasting bar, bottle shop, and event space with impressive online programming. The shop caters to beer enthusiasts while also aiming to help amateurs master the fundamentals. The craft beer shop will ship kits within NY and a few other states, or will send a shopping list of beers to bring. A knowledgeable guide will oversee the tasting and school attendees on beer basics while also keeping the mood light and engaging the audience.

Learn more about Tops Hops.

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3. Common Space Brewery

Ideal for: Corporate events, virtual parties, trendsetters

Common Space Brewery offers virtual craft beer tasting experiences led by friendly brewers. Attendees learn about the brewing process, get tips on how to taste beer like a pro, and can ask the expert questions. The system is as streamlined as possible. Simply create a custom sampler package and complete the guest information form, and the organizers will send attendees kits and Zoom links and lead the event. You can also add on fun extras like trivia, live comedy, snacks, and glassware.

Learn more about Common Space Brewery.

4. Think NY Drink NY

Ideal for: Large groups, craft brewery enthusiasts, authentic experience seekers

Think NY Drink NY is a private virtual tasting experience facilitated by The New York State Brewers Association. Each session is led by a NY-based craft brewery and includes a virtual tour of the brewery, a history lesson on the craft beer industry, and a sampling of two beers. Funds from the events help to support NY craft breweries directly, and attendees get an intimate experience straight from the source. The organization offers interesting add-ons such as swag bags, merchandise discounts, and locally made artisan foods like cheese and chocolate, and can also provide gluten-free, cider and craft soda package alternatives for nondrinkers. Shipping is available outside of NY state and to select countries.

Learn more about Think NY Drink NY.

5. LA Beer Hop

Ideal for: Pub crawl lovers, gluten intolerances, groups of all sizes

LA Beer Hop is a virtual beer tasting team building event designed with corporate groups in mind. Each online tasting lasts one hour and is hosted by a certified Cicerone. The events are meant to be interactive and allow for spontaneous Q&A, sharing tasting notes, and exchanging tips on details like glass selection and food pairings. Tasting packages include 4 to 6 beers, glasses, tasting notecards, a snack, along with the option to add on swag and food pairings at additional cost.

Learn more about LA Beer Hop.

6. Airbnb Online Experiences

Ideal for: Teams with non-drinkers, travel lovers, history buffs, teams with tight budgets, teams in states or countries where mailing beer is not allowed

Airbnb online experiences connect remote guests with travel guides in specific destinations for intimate online experiences. The platform offers several beer-based events that school participants about beer culture and history.

Here are some we recommend:

Some of these experiences are BYOB samplings where guests are provided with a shopping list, while others are purely informational. This format is ideal for teams with non-drinkers and folks who want to learn and spend time with teammates without indulging in alcohol.

Book Explore Beer and Chocolate Pairings.

7. Rolling Hops

Ideal for: Groups looking for customization, networking events, intimate experiences

Rolling Hops provides one of the most tailored Zoom craft beer tasting experiences. Organizers can choose a craft brewery, and the event providers will work with that brewery to coordinate the distribution of beer to attendees. The hosts will lead a Zoom tour that includes tasting of four beers, background on craft beer styles, and insight into the brewery’s history and location. This tasting has a relaxed hangout vibe and is perfect for teams who want a one-of-a-kind event experience. Rolling Hops events are available to residents of Canada.

Learn more about Rolling Hops.

8. Bon Beer Voyage

Ideal for: BYOB, laid-back team outings, orientations

Bon Beer Voyage has been offering destination beer tours for years and has grown its online offerings recently. These private virtual tasting tours are made-to-order to fit organizers’ needs, and you can ask hosts to make the events more social or educational depending on your team’s interests. Sessions typically last 1 to 1.5 hours and are led by expert beer educators who are happy to answer questions and share industry insider tips. The events include trivia and prizes, and there are also options for chocolate or cheese beer pairing events.

Learn More about Bon Beer Voyage.

9. Harpoon

Ideal for: MA-based teams, quick remote team hangouts, IPA lovers, fans of big breweries

Harpoon is a big Boston brewery that specializes in IPAs. When the pandemic hit, the brewery started offering virtual tastings that consist of a guided sampling, summary of Harpoon’s history, and a Q&A. The sessions are 45 minutes and work well for quick team building for folks with busy schedules. As part of the event, the brewery ships mixed 4-pack packages of beer to participants. Although the kits are only available within Massachusetts, Harpoon is a big brand, and you may be able to work out a BYOB arrangement if the beer is sold in stores near your teams.

Learn more about Harpoon virtual tastings.

10. Canadian Craft Tours

Ideal for: Canada-based teams, hometown pride, special events, happy hours

Canadian Craft Tours celebrates the Canadian beer industry. Sessions revolve around a craft brewery in a chosen location. Attendees receive a sampler pack of beer from a chosen brewery and meet up on video call for a virtual happy hour. Each 1 to 1.5 hour event includes a “behind the scenes” brewery tour and online brewing tutorial, trivia and games, and tasting tips. Organizers can also choose themes (with or without costumes) and order custom trivia to make the experience more unique.

Learn more about Canadian Craft Tours.

11. Vancouver Brewery Tours

Ideal for: Canada-based teams, trivia lovers, gourmets

Vancouver Brewery Tours offers online beer tastings and virtual tours of Andina Brewing Company. The experience celebrates the local beers and microbreweries of Vancouver, yet is available to guests across Canada. Each session includes the tasting of 4 different beers, trivia, online microbrewery tour, and time to socialize. There are packages for teams of all budgets and s of enthusiasm, from a basic BYOB experience to an ultimate beer and cheese pairing tasting.

Learn more about Vancouver Brewery Tours.

12. Other Half Brewing

Ideal for: Small groups, virtual team lunches, birthdays or work anniversaries

Other Half Brewing facilitates 45 to 60 minute virtual tasting events. Each experience involves four 16oz beers to try and a host to lead the tasting. Since the events are short and aimed more at small groups, these experiences work well for quick and casual team building hangouts or special occasions like post-project parties or team birthday celebrations. The beer is shippable to a handful of eastern states or can be picked up at a designated point within NYC, however these providers are also willing to work with organizers to accommodate BYOB-type events.

Learn more about Other Half Brewing.

13. UK Brewery Tours

Ideal for: UK-based teams, pub lovers, virtual corporate retreats

UK Brewery Tours offers Zoom beer tasting events for groups. The company curates beer boxes full of craft brews and complimentary snacks and ships the packs next-day to UK residents, or internationally. Guests meet up on video call with a host and hear about the history of UK beer, the brewing process, and various styles of beer. During the event, participants try the beers together and share opinions. The site sends attendees event reminders and also post-event feedback surveys so that you can measure how much your team enjoyed the activity.

Learn more about UK Brewery Tours.

14. CAMRA Online Tastings

Ideal for: Smaller teams, serious beer and cider lovers, UK-based remote teams, clients

CAMRA, or the Campaign for Real Ale, is a 50 year old society dedicated to promoting quality beer and cider and preserving British pub culture. The organization holds a series of monthly, expert-led online tastings. Guests sign up for events, receive a box of curated beverages, then join the Zoom meeting at the proper time to hear an expert share their thoughts on the chosen beers and answer questions. Though these sessions are open to the public and not private, there is a heavy emphasis on craft and authenticity that makes for a quality event.

Learn more about CAMRA online tastings.

15. Give Them Beer

Ideal for: Fun-lovers, close-knit teams, teams with a competitive streak

Give Them Beer offers entertaining team building virtual beer tasting workshops in partnership with a Denver microbrewery. Guests receive curated 4-packs of mixed beer to sample while socializing with the host and the team. Participants watch the behind the scenes beer-making process at the brewery and hear scandalous history and fun facts about Denver and its brewing scene. The team building customizations are the workshop’s most unique offerings. During the event, guests can participate in team building games such as a Shark Tank style craft beer pitch, imaginary brewery launch competition, or two truths and a lie.

Learn more about Give Them Beer, and check out more team building games.

16. Chicago Beer Experience.

Ideal for: BYOB, teams on differing schedules, budget-conscious teams

Chicago Beer Experience has a lower cost-per-person than most other virtual beer tasting events. Participants must bring their own beer, however the tour company can also work with a third party beer shop to distribute mixed four packs to attendees. The session includes tasting basics and facts about Chicago and the city’s beer scene. Guests can interact with the expert host, and there are pop quizzes to test comprehension. This provider also offers a pre-recorded beer course that works well for teams who want a shared experience yet cannot meet at one time.

Learn more about Chicago Beer Experience.

17. Scoops on Tap

Ideal for: DIY tastings, outside-of-the-box thinking, unique experiences, foodies, special diet needs

While traditionalists may argue otherwise, beer-tasting does not have to be limited to pouring a brew into a glass. Conducting a beer ice cream tasting is one of the most creative virtual beer tasting ideas and is sure to be an unforgettable experience for your team. Scoops on Tap makes ice cream out of craft beer and ships nationally via Goldbelly. The company does not offer a guided virtual tasting class, however you can order a sampler pack and meet up on Zoom with your team to try the different flavors. Options for folks with special diets like keto or vegan are also available.

Learn more about Scoops on Tap.

18. byFood

Ideal for: Fans of Japan, travel-lovers, multicultural groups, teams in search of a unique event

byFood offers one of the most interesting at home beer tasting classes. This online experience pairs Japanese beers with fruit. The class is led by a beer sommelier who provides background knowledge on the beer-drinking and gift-giving culture in Japan. Participants will discover Japanese breweries and learn how best to enjoy the beverages, while also getting time to bond with fellow attendees. This experience is BYOB, and guests can join from all over the world via Zoom to either taste along or simply watch and chat. Plus, for each guest who books, meals will be donated to food-scarce families.

Learn more about byFood.

19. Eden Specialty Ciders

Ideal for: “Beer’s not my thing” folks, small groups, cider lovers

Beer is not everyone’s beverage of choice, and cider is a much-loved alternative for non-beer-drinkers. Virtual cider tastings are ideal for folks who want the beer tasting experience without the beer. Vermont-based Eden Specialty Ciders offers two different cider sampling kits, one with multiple cider styles and one dry and low sugar flight. Purchasers can join a once-monthly public virtual tasting class, DIY their own experience, or book a private online party with the cidery.

Learn more about Eden Specialty Ciders.

More remote beer tasting ideas

Here are ideas to take your DIY virtual beer tasting experience to the next .

1. Online drinking games

You can turn your educational beer tasting experience into a friendly competition by playing online drinking games. After doing the initial tasting, have participants pour a glass of their favorite brew. Then, explain the rules, split the group into teams if necessary, and then let the games begin. Popular virtual drinking games include truth or dare, Never Have I Ever, and flip cup. Though the rules of the games vary, typically each round the losing team or players or players who make mistakes must take a sip of a drink.

Check out this list of drinking games for Zoom.

2. Beers of the world

You can give your virtual team beer tastings the theme of international beers to make the event more inclusive, educational, and culturally enriching. For instance, if you do online beer tastings on a monthly basis, then you can highlight a different country’s beers and beer-related traditions and history in each session. Or, you can try a variety of brews from different countries in one session.

3. Online Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is the ultimate beer holiday and is the best time to do a virtual beer tasting. The festival typically takes place during the last weeks of September into the first week of October. To make the experience feel more authentic, you can sample German and Austrian beers, since this is where the celebration originated. You can also celebrate by eating foods like wurst, pretzels, and potato pancakes, displaying virtual Zoom backgrounds of Bavarian landscapes or cities, and queuing up a playlist of traditional or modern German music.

Here are more ways to celebrate Fall with teams.

4. Swig swag bags

To complement the online beer tasting kits, you can send along supplemental bags of swag.

Here are examples of on-theme promo items to include:

  • Pint glasses
  • Coasters
  • Bottle openers
  • Can koozies
  • Snacks like pretzels and popcorn

These gifts enhance the online beer tasting experience and give participants mementos to remind them of the fun long after the event ends.

Check out more swag ideas for employees.

Final Thoughts

Online beer tasting events provide new experiences with familiar faces. These activities are one of the few team building ideas that blend education with fun and socialization so seamlessly. These online parties have happy hour vibes, yet also school your teams on a fascinating industry and history, and get a gift to boot. Best of all, since employees join the fun from home, there is no need to worry about designating a driver or calling a cab to leave the event.

Working folks have been bonding over beer for thousands of years, and Zoom beer tasting is simply the most modern update to this ritual. Some events are as simple as sipping form a can, while others are creative and out of the ordinary. You can find an experience that suits your teams’ tastes and is just as unique as your employees. Whatever angle you decide to explore, sharing a frosty sip of beer from behind a screen is bound to be a good time.

Next, check out virtual game night ideas and Zoom trivia night ideas.

We also have a list of virtual chocolate tasting ideas, virtual pizza party ideas for work and online mixology class ideas.

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FAQ: Virtual Beer Tasting

Here are some common questions and answers about doing a virtual beer tasting.

What are virtual beer tastings?

Virtual beer tastings are online events where participants gather on video conferencing software like Zoom or Google Meet to sample different beers together. Typically, these events are led by a brewer or beer expert to give attendees insights into the brewing process and flavors they are experiencing. These classes offer an opportunity for team building to remote teams.

What are the best online beer tasting classes?

The best online beer tasting classes include Craft’d Company, City Brew Tours, Common Space Brewery, LA Beer Hop, Think NY Drink NY, Rolling Hops, and Give Them Beer.

How do you hold a Zoom beer tasting party?

To hold a Zoom beer tasting party, first choose a day and time and create a Zoom meeting link. Next, send invitations with the meeting URL to participants, and either mail guests sampling kits, send attendees links to buy kits, or send participants lists of beers to purchase. Be sure to check the laws regarding mailing alcohol in different states or countries. Then, meet up on Zoom, sample the brews together, and share your opinions.

For a lower effort experience, you can also sign up for a fully facilitated online beer tasting class, send organizers attendees’ names and addresses, and let the event company take care of the logistics of sending kits.

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