Updated: September 22, 2023

17 Best Virtual Gift Cards For Employees

You found our list of best virtual gift cards for employees.

Virtual gift cards are prepaid electronic cards holders can use to purchase goods and services in authorized business outlets. For example, Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart gift cards. The purpose of sending gift cards to employees is to appreciate and reward a job well done. These cards also substitute physical gifts, especially to distant employees, and grant your staff the freedom to choose the products or services they genuinely desire.

These gifts are related to corporate gifts for employees, gift ideas for work-from-home employees, and employee appreciation gifts.

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Here we go!

List of the best virtual gift cards for employees

Thanking employees with gift cards is one of the best motivators. Here are our picks of the most convenient and popular gift cards for your staff.

1. Apple

The Apple gift card is among the top-rated e-gift cards for employees. This gift card is redeemable at Apple properties, such as the Apple Store app, iTunes, Apple.com, and Apple Books. This card can pay for apps, products, and services like games, movies, and music. Or, you can use this gift card to upgrade your gadgets and electronic accessories.

To use the Apple gift card for payment, you can either redeem the available balance or top up the amounts with other alternatives like cash. Or, top up the gift card fast and securely from a mobile phone or PC. For better convenience, the holder can set up the auto-reload feature, which enables their bank to replenish the balance when it runs low.

Learn more about Apple gift cards.

2. Amazon.com

The Amazon.com gift card is among the best options for online seasonal gifts. This gift card can pay for products or services from Amazon.com Services LLC or its affiliate companies, including smile.amazon.com and cardamazon.com. Employees can access various products from these stores, including household goods, dry foodstuff, and office materials.

The Amazon.com gift card is among the most preferred options for its lack of expiry date and zero charges upon purchases. In addition, these gift cards have a flexible reloading option. The Amazon.com gift cards are deliverable by email or traditional mail.

Learn more about Amazon.com gift cards.

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3. J.Crew

J.Crew gift cards are among the best tokens of recognition for employees who appreciate fashion. This gift card lets the holder shop for high-quality clothing such as women’s dresses, men’s clothing, kids’ attire, and cashmere sweaters.

Your employees could order these clothes online from jcrew.com and jcrewfactory.com. This gift is an excellent option for professionals looking to update their working wardrobes. For in-person purchases, buyers can visit J.Crew, J.Crew Mercantile, J.Crew Factory, or crewcuts stores. In addition, buyers can reserve shopping appointments to enjoy more personalized and exclusive services.

J.Crew gift cards are easy to use. Once the holders finish shopping, they can checkout using the gift card to complete the payment transaction. Also, you can use the card multiple times if the balance is sufficient for the purchases.

Learn more about J.Crew gift cards.

4. Kroger

The Kroger gift card is one of the best email delivery gift cards. Users can purchase various products like foodstuff, drugs, jewelry, and fuel with this card. Kroger gift cards are accepted at The Kroger Family of Companies, including Kroger, Fry’s Food and Drug, Baker’s, and Dillons.

An outstanding feature of this gift card is the versatile payment options. Buyers can pay for Kroger gift cards using cash, visa, electronic money, and crypto. In addition, customers do not need to have an account when using cryptocurrency. These gift cards are delivered instantly by email, and holders can use them immediately.

Learn more about Kroger gift cards.

5. Coach

If you run out of ideas about the kind of gifts to give employees, then Coach gift cards will help you. Employees can shop for high-quality, luxurious products like designer handbags, perfumes, fashion shoes, and leather wallets. The holders can redeem these gift cards at any Coach retail store. Buyers can visit www.coach.com or www.coachoutlet.com for online purchases.

This gift card is convenient because it is fast to process, readily available, and you can purchase the cards online. The two types of cards available are electronic and physical cards. The Coach stores allow clients to combine up to three gift cards for a single transaction.

This luxury gift card makes a great holiday present for top performers or VIP clients.

Learn more about Coach gift cards.

6. ClassPass

ClassPass gift cards are among the top gift ideas for employees to appreciate fitness and workouts. This gift card gives the holder a monthly membership to access some of the most highly-rated fitness studios and gymnasiums. Plus, the users will spend less than regular walk-in rates.

The ClassPass gift cards are renewable by reloading so that cardholders continue enjoying the available services. These include workout classes, yoga, boot camp, and cycling. Employees can schedule a customized workout routine or join a fitness class that suits their needs and skill level.

ClassPass delivers gift cards by email in an optional printable PDF. The cards have no expiry, and employees can utilize them as it still has some balance.

Learn more about ClassPass gift cards.

7. Starbucks

One of the best virtual coffee gift cards for colleagues is the Starbucks eGift. You can use this electronic gift to pay for food and drinks when clients dine in or order meals online or via phone. Starbucks gift cards can help you appreciate your in-office or remote staff. For instance, they are celebrating personal milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries. Or, pay for corporate brunches and team building outing meals. Since most folks have a local Starbucks, this gift is convenient for most workers.

Starbucks eGift caps each card value at $500 at any given time. In addition, holders can use the automatic reload options to ensure they have sufficient balance to pay for the services, which must be within $2000 per card per day.

Learn more about Starbucks gift cards.

8. Steam

The Steam gift card is among the best e-gift cards for employees. This digital gift card directly adds to members’ Steam wallets online. Colleagues can therefore access more games on Steam and play individually for relaxation or as a group for team building purposes. In addition, you can redeem these gift cards for other steam products like game software and hardware.

To use this facility, the gifter must first log in to Steam, select the receiving members, and indicate the gift value. Then, the recipients will receive an email notification showing the new balance on their online Steam wallets. Physical gift cards are also available at Steam retailers worldwide.

Learn more about Steam gift cards.

9. Walmart

Giving employees a Walmart gift card is an excellent reward. This card is redeemable for various products including electronics, apparel, toys, pet food, and gas. You can pay for online and in-person purchases with this gift card at Walmart stores, Sam’s Club outlets, Vudu, and selected Murphy’s gas stations.

Walmart gift cards have outstanding features that make them one of the best gift cards. For instance, these gift cards do not expire, charge no transaction fees, and are reloadable. Also, holders can sell their cards for cash on platforms like Gameflip.

Learn more about Walmart gift cards.

10. Vanilla Visa

Vanilla Visa gift cards are among the most popular virtual gift credit cards in the US. These cards can pay for virtual orders made online, by email, or by phone. All retailers accepting Visa debit cards can run Vanilla eGift cards for online payment. Clients can also opt for a plastic gift card or a customized e-gift card, both sent through the mail and email, respectively.

Vanilla Visa gift cards safeguard shoppers’ funds, and they can utilize the card for as long as the balance lasts. The funds have no expiry dates and are redeemable as digital wallets. In addition, vanilla Visa gift card holders can personalize their cards with images of colors they prefer.

Learn more about Vanilla Visa gift cards.

11. PayPal

PayPal gift cards are among the best-paying options for online transactions. Retailers who accept PayPal payments can also redeem PayPal digital gifts for various products and services. These retailers include selected drugstores, superstores, and gas stations.

PayPal gift cards are fun and customizable. For instance, you can personalize the gift card by printing it with a portrait of the receiving employee. This card is easy to use for online and in-store payments. Digital gift card holders will receive a shareable link to the gift card listing to access several marketplaces with the code.

Learn more about PayPal gift cards.

12. eBay

The eBay gift card is a thoughtful gift for employees. You can access an array of household essentials, home and gardening products, arts, and toys from the eBay marketplace. Plus, the gift cards let you view products on offer so that you can save more.

Since the eBay card has no expiry, employees can shop for select products at their convenience. To renew the eBay gift card code, the holder first needs to have an account with eBay. Once the gift card is refilled, you will receive the code instantly via email.

Learn more about eBay gift cards.

13. Hotels.com

A vacation is one of the best rewards you can give your employees for a job well done. Hotels.com gift card pays for holidays and stays at selected hotels. You can use Hotels.com gift cards multiple times to pay for services until the balance runs out. This gift card is a suitable recognition, for example, to the employee of the year and similar achievements.

Although the codes do not expire, the holders should renew the gift cards every three years to avoid deactivation. In case the card is deactivated, any balances will be transferred to a new card after requesting activation.

Learn more about Hotels.com gift cards.

14. Uber

The UberEats gift card is among the best virtual restaurant gift cards. Being one of the most trusted and convenient rides and delivery service providers, Uber gift card holders can order their favorite meals from local eateries.

You can instantly buy and send a digital Uber gift card to colleagues via email. Regardless, gift card users must install the Uber app on their mobile devices first to order rides from the regular app and meals at UberEats. You can also buy and send gift cards to other uber users from this app. However, these gift vouchers are redeemable within the issuing country and countries that share the same currency.

Learn more about Uber gift cards.

15. West Elm

The West Elm gift card is best for employees who wish to upgrade their household. West Elm offers plenty of goods for outdoor or indoor use, varying from kids to adult stuff and vintage to modern products. Your employees will be spoilt for choice of available products, which include wall decor, kids’ toys, linen, and furniture.

West Elm card holders can redeem e-gift funds at Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn, PB teen, and Williams Sonoma. You can purchase West elm gift cards for groups, corporate clients, and colleagues. If you buy virtual gift cards in bulk, with a value exceeding $5000, you can access available discounts.

Learn more about West Elm gift cards.

16. Casetify

If you are thinking of gifting your colleagues electronic gadgets, then Casetify gift cards are the best way to go. Employees can shop for devices like mobile phones, laptops and relevant accessories like earphones, mobile phone screen protectors, and laptop sleeves.

You can get the Casetify gift voucher with free shipping to your address or via email. This card can come in handy, especially when you have emergencies such as a phone crashing or losing a device. With this card, you can shop for the desired electronics and accessories in person or online.

Learn more about Casetify gift cards.

17. Fresh Direct

Among the best virtual food gift cards is Fresh Direct. This gift card lets you purchase groceries, meat, and dairy products. This includes healthier options such as fresh vegetables, gluten-free products, and organic produce. This facility’s fresh, healthy produce can help to motivate employees by showing that you care about their well-being.

This gift card will encourage your employees to consume healthy foods which promote good health and self-confidence that your employee requires for better productivity. Employees receive their cards by email, which also contain instructions on how to use a card during checkout. In addition, the Fresh Direct gift card has no hidden charges or processing fees.

Learn more about Fresh Direct gift cards.


Gift cards are among the most thoughtful presents to give employees. These vouchers let the receiver buy necessities or splurge on special gifts. Gift cards also help to avoid the discomfort of having to re-gift a present or owning duplicate items. In addition, some gift cards are redeemable for cash, and employees can use this advantage to source items not available at authorized stores. Gift cards are also great as a last-minute gift, and the giver does not have to spend too much time thinking about the perfect present.

Some handy tips about using gift cards are ensuring that purchases are within the balance limit and that you use the card before it expires to avoid losing funds. Card owners should beware of fraudsters and avoid sharing the unique code.

Next, check out gift-sending services for work and last-minute Christmas gifts for staff.

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FAQ: Virtual gift cards

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about virtual gift cards.

What are some good virtual gift cards to send remote workers?

Some of the best virtual gift cards to send remote workers include Walmart, Vanilla Visa, Amazon, and PayPal gift cards. These cards are handy for paying for general essentials like household goods and gas. For more personalized gifts, you can give employees gift cards from Coach, Starbucks, Steam, and J. Crew.

How do virtual gift cards work?

First, the cards should be loaded with funds. Shoppers then purchase products and services in authorized retailers. Finally, the holders provide the unique code to redeem the gift card balance and complete purchases. In addition, each type of gift card has its terms and conditions, which clients should adhere to.

How do you send virtual gift cards?

You can send virtual gift card codes via email or mobile phones. The holders then decide whether or not to print the digital gift cards.

What kinds of e-gift cards should I send remote employees?

The best e-gift cards to send to remote employees are those which they can redeem in their areas. For example, Amazon and eBay, which deliver their products and services across the world. However, Less established stores and food and drink retailers may only accept gift cards at selected shops. Therefore, it is best to check whether the eGift card you are sending the employee we serve them.

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