18 Virtual Pictionary Games for Teams

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

You found our list of virtual Pictionary games for teams.

Virtual Pictionary games for teams are websites where colleagues can play virtual Pictionary together. For example, Doodle, Drawasaurus, and Sketchful.io are fun options. The purpose of these games is to foster team building and communication skills in a fun and engaging way. These digital sketching games for teams are also known as “digital Pictionary experiences” and “internet sketching games for groups.”

These virtual Pictionary games for teams are similar to games to play on Microsoft Teams, free online family games, and online drawing games.


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List of virtual Pictionary games for teams

From Doodle to Art Club Challenge, here is our list of the best Pictionary websites for teams.

1. Doodlr.io

Doodlr.io is a great virtual Pictionary website. The site lets you create a custom avatar and choose a nickname. Then, you can create a private room to play with colleagues. Participants can take turns drawing various prompts. Meanwhile, other players attempt to guess the word or phrase within a time limit.

The site also offers a Doodlr Royale mode, which requires at least 15 players. In this mode, the game eliminates you if no one guesses your drawing or if you are the last guesser to get the right answer. The last player standing wins!

The site also offers a leaderboard, which tracks scores like wins, words guessed, and drawings guessed. You can even save your drawings to a gallery! This game promotes quick thinking and imagination.

Learn more about Doodlr.io.

2. Drawasaurus

Drawasaurus is a free online drawing game that you can play in your browser. You can choose between public or private rooms. To enter private rooms, you need a room code. This mode is perfect for playing with colleagues.

Once you start playing, the site gives drawers a prompt. The drawer sketches, and the rest of the team tries to guess the word. In addition, the game shows participants the first letter of the word. Players earn points for guessing correctly. The player with the most points wins!

Learn more about Drawasaurus.

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3. Sketchful.io

Sketchful.io is one of the best websites to play Pictionary. In this game, you start by making a nickname and an avatar. Then, you can join a game! This site has advanced drawing tools, like rulers, a fill option, and spray cans. You can also choose from a huge range of colors.

You can make a custom lobby, which lets you choose more specific options. For instance, you can choose the number of rounds, set the drawing time, and make a custom word list. If you just want to practice your drawing skills, then you can head to the free draw page. This engaging gameplay will unleash your artistic skills!

Learn more about Sketchful.io.

4. Pinturillo

Pinturillo is a fun Pictionary game that you can play on a PC or phone. This site offers public lobbies and private games. Clicking Quick Play will connect you to an open game. You can also choose specific lobbies to join. 

In each round, drawers get to choose from three different words to depict. The site has plenty of words, so the game is replayable. Players get 100 seconds to draw the picture. You can also chat with your friends while you play, making it a fun way to hang out online.

Learn more about Pinturillo.

5. Drawize

Teams can have a great time competing in online Pictionary games on Drawize. This site offers private rooms or public lobbies. You can choose an avatar and nickname and then get started. Players get 90 seconds to draw an image. The first player to guess correctly gets the most points.

After 30 seconds, you can use the hint feature to reveal letters from the hidden word. The bomb feature eliminates all the words from your keyboard that are not in the secret word.

The game also offers a daily challenge. In this room, you draw the special word of the day to try to become the artist of the day. Folks will vote for the best pictures to see who earns the title. In addition, the site posts winners on their Facebook page.

Learn more about Drawize.

6. Skribbl.io

Skribbl.io is one of the most well-known digital drawing games for groups. This site allows you to host private rooms for your colleagues and friends. You can also hit Play to join a public game.

Players start by choosing which word they want to draw. Then, folks sketch the word without using words or symbols. Colleagues guess the correct answer, and players who guess correctly earn points. The player with the most points wins!

Learn more about Skribbl.io.

7. QuickDraw

Quick, Draw is a unique take on virtual Pictionary for groups. In this game, rather than playing against colleagues, you play against an AI program! You will start by clicking Let’s Draw. The game will give you six drawings to complete. The site only offers 20 seconds to complete each drawing.

The AI will guess the entire time you draw. Once the program realizes what you are drawing, it moves on to the next prompt. After you finish all six drawings, you can see them all in a collage. If you want to play this game with colleagues, have them try to guess what you are drawing alongside the AI. Colleagues who guess the correct word before the program earn a point!

Learn more about QuickDraw.

8. Draw Battle

Draw Battle is a more competitive take on drawing games. In this exercise, two teams go head-to-head to guess the drawing. The team that guesses first earns the point. During the final round, teams will draw all the same prompts as quickly as possible.

When setting up a game, you can choose from official word packs or play one made by the community. You can also decide how many rounds to play and how long each round should last. Draw Battle is a high-energy take on Pictionary!

Learn more about Draw Battle.

9. LetsDraw.it

Let’s Draw It is one of the top Pictionary drawing websites. Teams will have plenty of activities to try on this site.

You can choose from several game modes, including:

  • Guess n Draw: A classic multiplayer Pictionary game
  • Draw Best: An online drawing contest where players rate each other’s work
  • Draw Copy: A drawing game where players choose a picture and imitate it
  • Simple Draw: A setting that lets you draw whatever you want and even animate it
  • How to Draw: Lessons from other players on how to draw

With so many options to choose from, groups will love using this site for team building. Teams who love drawing games will have a blast on Let’s Draw It.

Learn more about LetsDraw.it.

10. Drawaria.online

Drawaria.online is a great choice for Pictionary games for remote teams. This site offers open and private games. One option is Playground, which is just an open drawing platform for any online user. Folks can chat in the sidebar and draw any artwork they choose.

During the classic rounds, up to seven players can go head-to-head. Drawers can choose from several tools, including different colored brushes and fill options. Teams get a set amount of time to draw and guess what the image is. Players with the most points win!

Learn more about Drawaria.online.

11. Draw N Guess

Draw N Guess is a mobile app that is available for both Android and Apple. In this game, teams compete in the classic drawing and guessing fashion. One to six players can play with friends or start a quick game. The app offers a few fun additions, like hints and bonus drawing time. These features cost energy, which you earn while playing the game or as a daily reward.

Learn more about Draw N Guess.

12. HelloPaint

HelloPaint is a virtual whiteboard that makes for a great virtual Pictionary backdrop! On this site, you can join browser-based drawing whiteboards to draw together with your friends. You can create your own board to share with colleagues or join a public board. The site also has a gallery to showcase different participants’ artwork.

When playing Pictionary, you can use a word generator to figure out what to draw. Then, teams can take turns doodling on HelloPaint and guessing what the images are.

Learn more about HelloPaint.

13. SketchParty TV

SketchParty TV is a fun app that puts your drawings on your TV! For this game, you will need an Apple TV and devices like iPads or iPhones. You can use mirroring to connect to the TV set and then play Pictionary!

Teams of two to eight can go head-to-head during this experience. Each player has two minutes to draw five different words. Folks earn points for correctly identifying the drawings.

Learn more about SketchParty TV.

14. Pictar.io

Pictar.io is a great option for online Pictionary. This site has four game modes to choose from. Players can try Hardcore mode, where guessers only get one chance to identify the drawings. In Duos, artists draw in pairs, each getting part of a compound word. Free Draw gives artists 30 minutes to draw any picture they would like.

Classic mode is the traditional version of Pictionary. Artists get 90 seconds to draw, and the rest of the team tries to guess what the image is. Regular players can make an account to access special tools in the shop and inventory.

Learn more about Pictar.io.

15. Pictionary Generator

Teams more interested in using virtual whiteboard tools will love this Pictionary generator tool. The site offers several features to create words and phrases for your team to draw. You can choose the number of words to generate and the difficulty. Difficulty ranges from Easy to Really Hard. Examples of easy words are lion and sea turtle, and really hard words include philosopher and sleet. This site is a great option for folks who want to use Zoom’s whiteboard tool or another virtual whiteboard.

Learn more about Pictionary Generator.

16. Drawful

Fans of Jackbox Games will love checking out Drawful! Three to eight players can go head-to-head in this experience. Each participant needs a smartphone, tablet, or computer to join the game. Then, one player starts the game on their device and gets a prompt to draw a funny or weird image.

After that, the team sees the drawing and tries to guess it by typing their answer on their own device. The goal is to fool others into picking your fake answer while guessing the correct one yourself. Players earn points for guessing right and tricking others. Then, it is the next player’s turn to draw! The game continues with lots of laughs and creativity along the way. Drawful is a blast to play with friends or family!

Learn more about Drawful.

17. Scribble It

Scribble It is a multiplayer Pictionary game that players can get on Steam. On this platform, you can join a lobby with up to 16 players. Teams can choose from three multiplayer game modes.

The game offers thousands of words to draw. Word packs include brands, clothes, and entertainment. You can also add your own words to make the game more interesting. Drawing tools are also pretty advanced, featuring several brush sizes and specific color pickers.

Learn more about Scribble It.

18. Doodlocracy

Doodlocracy is an AI-powered drawing game that is fun to play with colleagues! In this game, players draw prompts and send them to the AI. Then, the AI regenerates the drawing in its own style. Finally, guessers get to look at the AI image to try to figure out which prompt the artist drew.

This game also has a daily mode. In this version, players choose one prompt to draw. The program generates an image based on the real prompt as well as the ones the player did not choose. Guessers try to figure out which piece started out as a real drawing. Doodlocracy puts a fun spin on classic, fun Pictionary websites!

Learn more about Doodlocracy.

Final Thoughts

Virtual Pictionary games for teams can be an excellent addition to your next game night. These platforms are a great way to compete and hone communication skills. Several sites have different game modes, which can keep Pictionary entertaining. Further, these programs offer a huge range of words to draw. To improve teamwork and have fun together, be sure to check out these Pictionary websites.

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FAQ: Virtual Pictionary games for teams

Here are frequently asked questions about virtual Pictionary games for teams.

What is a virtual Pictionary website?

A virtual Pictionary website is an online platform where users can play Pictionary with their team members. These programs offer tools for drawing and guessing what others draw.

Are there benefits of playing Pictionary online with teams?

Playing Pictionary online with teams improves communication skills, encourages creativity, and enhances problem-solving abilities.

What are the best Pictionary websites?

The best Pictionary websites include Doodle, Drawasaurus, and Sketchful.io. Each website offers unique features that make playing Pictionary exciting and engaging.

Is it free to use these virtual Pictionary websites?

Most virtual Pictionary websites offer free access to their basic features. Some sites have premium options for a fee.

How can these websites improve team communication?

Pictionary websites can help players learn to communicate without words. Giving clues just by drawing can challenge folks to think creatively.

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