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️ loved by online teams, cutthroats, detectives and puzzle solvers

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How it Works

We run engaging virtual murder mysteries for team building. This online experience is designed from the ground up to combine the best elements of a traditional murder mystery, with escape the room game fundamentals, and the unique mechanics of virtual conference rooms. For example, we use small group dynamics in breakout rooms to solve puzzles and clues, which helps enhance collaboration and teamwork.

Our master facilitator will lead your team through a series of clues and challenges related to a real historical murder mystery. This story is true, and the mystery is real and solvable. Your colleagues will work in teams to solve wickedly smart puzzles in a race against both time and the other participants. Our murder mysteries are not easy, and it takes high levels of teamwork to reach the end.

Our murder mysteries are a 90 minute event, and end with the big reveal of "who dunnit". For the final act, our facilitators are master storytellers and will share the real story of what happened thousands of years ago. The story is presented in a way that continues the fun, engagement and team bonding. Virtual Murder Mysteries are perfect for teams that enjoy puzzles, escape rooms and other collaborative activities.

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Event Options

1. Murder in Ancient Egypt

️ loved by true crime fans, history-buffs

A mysterious, and real, murder occurred in Ancient Egypt. You and your team will work out the puzzles and challenges to uncover the footsteps of the murder. You will race against the clock to solve the murder first, and then our master storyteller will share what really happened on that fateful night.

2. Murder in the Queen's Court

️ loved by sword sharpeners, puzzle solvers

The apprentice of famous magician John Dee died under mysterious circumstances, practically outside the Queen's door! Join a research lab to solve puzzles and earn clues to solve the murder. Warning: This game contains murder, magic, political intrigue, learning, and fun.

3. Murder in the Speakeasy

️ loved by true crime aficionados, history buffs, puzzle lovers

The year is 1923, prohibition is in full swing, and a young, well-liked philosophy professor is found murdered in the Krazy Kat speakeasy. Go back in time to the Roaring 20s to crack the case by solving puzzles to earn clues that will help your participants unravel the story of what really happened that fateful night. While the murder is fictional, the club and many of the mystery's major players are real.

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