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Tea vs Coffee

Virtual tea & coffee tasting ceremony

❀️ loved by marketing teams, developers, coffee fanatics, leaders

πŸ•’ 1.5 hours πŸ‘ͺ 2 - 300+ people 🎟️ $$$

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Event Details

Tea vs Coffee is a virtual tea and coffee tasting ceremony for remote teams. A week or so before your event, we mail your team members a cheerful care package. The package includes four exotic drink packs from eco-friendly farms, plus fair-trade chocolate. The drinks are a blend of unusual teas, coffees and infusions.

For your scheduled event, your remote team logs into a virtual conference room that we provide. The team event starts with some mindful icebreakers followed by guided meditation, then transitions to the tasting ceremony. We teach your people our quick-brew method, share stories and facts about the unique ingredients, and explain the flavor compounds involved. Tea vs Coffee is a smart, zen experience that we designed from the ground up to be engaging for virtual teams.

Tea vs. Coffee facilitators are experts in storytelling, engagement and hosting, and they will provide a memorable experience for your staff. The entire event is about 90 minutes, and will help recharge and bond your team.

Event Itinerary

Activity Time
Intro & Icebreakers 15 minutes
Guided Meditation 20 minutes
The Official Tea vs Coffee Ceremony 30 minutes
Cool Down & Wrap Up 10 minutes
Buffer 15 minutes
Total 90 minutes

Event Customization

Essentials Details
🍡 Tea vs Coffee 90 minutes of guided meditation and stories with a senior facilitator and 1x tea & coffee kit per person.
πŸ“¬ Shipping Domestic shipping anywhere in the continental US.
🌎 International Post We can ship tea and coffee kits anywhere in the world, as long as there is sufficient time before your event.
🍡 Extra Tastings Extend your Tea vs Coffee Ceremony by 30 minutes and with three additional tastings.
β˜• Gift Bags An extra bag of goodies for your staff, including larger portions of the specialty drinks and chocolates.
πŸ—ƒοΈ Extra Kits Your team members may want to include family and friends on the call. We can send extra tasting kits so everyone can join in the fun.
πŸ“½οΈ Video Trailer Our editor-pros will make an epic trailer of your team’s event. The video is a fun memento your people can share with family and friends, and you can use for recruiting.

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"It was AMAZING.
Everyone had a great time."

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