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How it Works

Tea vs Coffee is a virtual tea and coffee tasting ceremony for remote teams. We highlight drinks that are a blend of unusual teas, coffees and infusions. For example, we love a turmeric tea blend and a mushroom dark roast. Please note, we do not currently have the coffee and tea tasting kits available for distribution.

For your scheduled event, your remote team logs into a virtual conference room that we provide. The team activities start with mindful icebreakers followed by guided meditation, then transitions to the tasting ceremony. The meditation is simple enough for beginner practitioners to follower, and is accessible for all levels of experience and intention. We also teach your people about the origins of tea and coffee, share stories about the unique ingredients, and explain the flavor compounds involved. Tea vs Coffee is a smart, zen experience that we designed from the ground up to be engaging for virtual teams.

Tea vs Coffee facilitators are experts in storytelling, engagement and hosting, and they will provide a memorable experience for your colleagues. The entire event is about 90 minutes, and will help recharge and bond your team around the simple duality of tea or coffee. The experience is quiet, contemplative, one of a kind, and something unique you can do together as a team.

Sample Schedule

Intro & Icebreakers15 minutes
Guided Meditation20 minutes
The Official Tea vs Coffee Ceremony30 minutes
Cool Down & Wrap Up10 minutes
Buffer15 minutes
Total90 minutes

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50,225+ "We Loved It!" Reviews

Just had my second event with TeamBuilding. We all always have so much fun. Today's hosts, Leighton and Steven were delightful. Explained the process without fuss, were entertaining and knowledgeable. Thank you all for another fun filled event!
Becky Armstrong
Becky Armstrong
21:36 24 May 22
Leighton and Steven were very entertaining hosts and did a great job encouraging people to participate. During these times of uncertainty, it was fun to have a bit of a goof off and enjoy each other's company while being trapped in TV!
Liz D
Liz D
21:34 24 May 22
this team was really funny and entertaining. I would 100% recommend to other companies working remotely.
Marty Fitz
Marty Fitz
18:02 24 May 22
Eric and Karin (spelling?) were an absolute delight! This is hands down my favorite team building activity that our department has ever done.
Kari Burstein
Kari Burstein
18:29 23 May 22
Your session with EL Education was amazing! I have never had that much fun at work, and my colleagues could hear me laughing throughout the office.
Derrick Johnson
Derrick Johnson
16:15 21 May 22
Angelica was THE BEST. Such amazing energy, I was giggling the whole time. Highly recommend connecting with Angelica if you get the chance. She's an absolute delight! 10/10
22:02 20 May 22
I enjoyed the facilitators ability to get everyone involved and keep things fun and entertaining. I learned some new things about my team members that helps me feel closer to them.
Mark Doughman
Mark Doughman
21:38 20 May 22
I really enjoyed it. We've all been working remotely for so long this was a good way to bond outside of a work project.
Ray Nelson
Ray Nelson
21:34 20 May 22
Randy and Kari were cool. Needed more mythology trivia though. Also naming Marvel movies should have been its own event (between 1 rep from each team?).
Rob Rivera
Rob Rivera
21:02 20 May 22
It was fun, would do longer than one hour, that was too short. Eric and Grant were great, very high energy, that helped get the group up too.
Angie Anderson
Angie Anderson
21:01 20 May 22

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