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7 Creative S’mores Kit Options For Virtual Campfires

This is a list of the best s’mores kit options for virtual campfires. S’mores kits are goodie bags that contain ingredients for s’mores, including graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and, sometimes, candles or cooking tins. These kits are popular additions for virtual bonfire events. S’mores kits allow virtual campfire guests to simulate the outdoor experience and […]

70 Powerful Diversity And Inclusion Quotes For The Workplace

You found our list of diversity and inclusion quotes for work. Diversity and inclusion quotes are sayings that speak to equality, acceptance, and fair treatment of all people. For example ” “No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive.” – Mahatma Gandhi” The purpose of these sayings is to inspire thought, discussion, and […]

26 Extra Fun Office Game Room Ideas

You found our list of the best office game room ideas. Office game rooms are types of break rooms where teammates can gather for friendly competition and team bonding. Examples of fixtures include ping pong tables, arcade games, and board games. These creative office game room ideas seek to elevate these common areas beyond the […]

89 Powerful Conference Quotes for Events in 2022

You found our list of the best conference quotes. Conference quotes are motivational statements you can use during speeches at large-scale events. For example, “great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”  The purpose of these sentiments is to inspire audiences, command attention, and increase engagement. These phrases are a form […]

154 Fun Balance Game Questions for 2022

You found our list of creative balance game questions. Balance game is a challenge that gained popularity in Korea. The game is a mix between This or That and Would You Rather, and asks questions like “one best friend or multiple best friends” or “sneeze scrambled eggs or cry milk.” The purpose of this activity […]

80 Mental Health Awareness Month Quotes For Work In 2022

This is a list of inspirational Mental Health Awareness Month quotes for work. Mental Health Awareness month quotes are sayings that speak to the experience with living with mental illness and the importance of tending to psychological wellbeing. For example, “Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.” These sayings aim to educate listeners about mental […]

103 Powerful Jewish Heritage Month Quotes for Work in 2022

This is a list of Jewish Heritage Month quotes. Jewish Heritage Month quotes are sayings that you can use to honor the Jewish community during the month of May. The purpose of these messages is to acknowledge the achievements and struggles of the Jewish people and to celebrate the identity of Jewish team members. Sharing […]

155 Best Trivial Pursuit Questions & Answers for Teams

You found our list of free Trivial Pursuit questions for teams. Trivial Pursuit is a trivia game where players must correctly answer at least one question in each category to win. The questions come in six categories: arts & literature, entertainment, geography, history, science & nature, and sports & leisure. The purpose of playing the […]

21 Black History Month Ideas for Work

You found our list of Black History Month ideas for work. Black History Month is when the US celebrates Black Americans’ contributions and achievements throughout history. For instance, by holding workshops and supporting Black-owned businesses. This month honors Black history and culture in the community and acknowledges the ways that Black team members contribute to […]

17 Unique Employee Engagement Activities for 2022

You discovered our list of creative employee engagement activities. Employee engagement activities are exercises that increase employee motivation and positive feelings about the work environment. For example, animal therapy, sunny day funds, and departmental swaps. The purpose of these ideas is to vary the work routine and make employees interested in and passionate about work. […]

116 Best Scattergories Lists for Teams in 2022

You found our collection of fun Scattergories lists for teams. Scattergories is a game that challenges players to come up with answers that fit within  categories. All answers must begin with the letter chosen for the round, and players have a few minutes to respond. Scattergories is an example of a vocabulary game and question […]

Job Satisfaction Statistics and Facts in 2022

You found our list of ​​useful job satisfaction statistics and facts for leaders, content creators, and HR professionals. Job satisfaction statistics are figures that measure career fulfillment and employee engagement in the workplace. These reports come from surveys, studies, and the collection of widespread professional sentiment. Understanding these realities is important because the feedback can […]

23 Remote Work Statistics & Facts for 2022

You found our list of important remote work statistics. Remote work statistics are facts and figures that deal with virtual offices and work from home.  These numbers come from studies and surveys of professionals in various industries. This information is important because remote work plays an increasingly important role in modern business. Looking at the […]

21 Virtual Pizza Party Ideas for Work in 2022

This is our list of the best virtual pizza party ideas for team building. Virtual pizza parties are online events where participants gather on video conferencing software to enjoy a slice of pizza and pizza-themed activities together. For example, remote lunches, virtual pizza making parties, decorating contests, and Never Have I Ever. The purpose of […]

45 Return to Office Ideas & Messages for 2022

You found our list of fun return to office ideas. Return to office ideas are ways to welcome employees back to the building after an extended time away. For example, a welcome back lunch, gifts, or Back to the Office Bingo. The purpose of these activities is to make the transition from working at home […]

23 Virtual Fun Friday Activities, Games & Ideas

You found our list of the best virtual fun Friday ideas. Fun Friday is an occasion for coworkers or classmates to get together, relax, and get to know each other better at the end of the week. Virtual Fun Friday is an opportunity for peers to connect and unwind remotely. Examples of ideas for online […]

17 Virtual Employee Appreciation Ideas For 2022

You found our list of virtual employee appreciation ideas. Virtual employee appreciation ideas are ways to recognize online staff for hard work, commitment, and positive attitude. For example, virtual birthday parties, peer to peer rewards, and social media shoutouts. The purpose of these gestures is to make staff feel seen and valued and to boost […]

70 Quotes about Jobs and Life to Motivate You in 2022

You found our list of the best quotes about jobs and life. Quotes about jobs and life are famous phrases that pertain to choosing a career and finding meaning in work. For example, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle or “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin. The […]

15 Best Remote Work-Life Balance Tips

Here is our list of the best remote work-life balance tips and techniques for employees. Work from home work-life balance tips create boundaries between home life and work-life when working remotely. For example, keeping consistent hours and logging out of work apps. The purpose of these pointers is to help employees manage their time more effectively […]

23 Best Swag Bag Ideas For Work In 2022

You found our list of fun swag bag ideas for work events. Swag bags are gift sets made up of promotional items, and are often given out at company events or holidays. For example, work from home survival kits or new employee onboarding kits. The purpose of these presents is to promote company pride and […]

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