Updated: February 13, 2024

20 Top Client Entertainment Ideas in Baltimore, MD

Here is our list of the best client entertainment ideas in Baltimore, Maryland.

Client entertainment ideas in Baltimore are events that provide recreation and amusement for clients in the city. Examples include playing board games at No Land Beyond or making custom artwork at ANG Pottery. These ideas show your clients that you care while creating a lasting impression about your business and building long-term relationships.

These ideas are similar to company outings in Baltimore, ways to entertain groups in Baltimore, and conference entertainment. The motivation behind these activities is similar to the reasons for luxury VIP gifting.

This list includes:

  • VIP client entertainment ideas in Baltimore, Maryland
  • client appreciation event venues in Baltimore, MD
  • places to bring clients in Baltimore
  • client meeting spaces in Baltimore

Here we go!

List of client entertainment ideas in Baltimore

Entertaining your clients is integral to building and nurturing your business relations. Ranging from dining at Charleston Restaurant to exploring the National Aquarium, here are fun ways to impress customers in Baltimore.

1. The Great Guac Off™️ (Highly Rated)

Guacamole making competition

The Great Guac Off is an avocado-based party that pits colleagues against each other in a friendly guacamole-making competition!

Here is what you can expect from this event:

  • talented teambuilding.com hosts and co-hosts will meet you at your location of choice
  • we will bring all the ingredients for guacamole and dippers
  • the competition includes warm-up games and icebreakers
  • for the main event, participants will make their own guacamole.
  • optionally, hosts can bring a secret ingredient to spice up the competition.
  • attendees will name their creations, and judges will taste and score each one

This 90-minute experience uses the love of guacamole to build strong bonds, communication skills, and mutual trust. Be sure to check out this delicious team building activity!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Mix n’ Mingle (Best for Networking)

With Mix n’ Mingle, teams can engage in meaningful conversations and engaging activities to develop strong relationships. This 90-minute event is great for networking with clients and colleagues alike.

During Mix n’ Mingle, you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with a world-class teambuilding.com host
  • thoughtfully crafted exercises that create connections
  • group discussions and team challenges
  • sharing ideas and learning from one another
  • hosted at the venue of your choice

Discovering what you have in common with colleagues and customers can forge lasting connections. For an innovative take on a networking event, be sure to check out this activity.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

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3. Ultimate Trivia Showdown (Popular)

For an exciting night of fun and games, consider Ultimate Trivia Showdown! This 90-minute activity features engaging questions and friendly competition for a rounded team building experience.

Here is what you can look forward to:

  • an engaging teambuilding.com host to lead the games
  • exciting activities like Majority Rules, General Knowledge Trivia, The Champion Challenge, and Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia
  • rapid-fire questions, interactive games, and brain-teasing puzzles
  • questions covering many topics, such as pop culture, science, and history
  • meet at a venue of your choice

If you are interested in an exercise that will help staff members and clients get to know each other better, then be sure to check out Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

4. Sky Candy Ballooning

Sky Candy Ballooning, a family-owned business in Central Maryland, is dedicated to the world of hot air ballooning. The firm offers various flight options, including standard balloon rides, private flights, and tethered balloon events. The standard package allows passengers to join in the balloon setup and celebrate with a post-flight toast. Tethered balloon events provide unique entertainment for special occasions. To share exceptional views and lasting memories with your clients, check out Sky Candy Ballooning for a hot air balloon adventure.

Learn more about Sky Candy Ballooning.

5. Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower

The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower has been a hub for creativity and the arts since 2007. This iconic tower provides a space for artists, writers, architects, and creatives to create and exhibit their pieces. The tower contributes to Baltimore’s cultural landscape through events like Light City, Artscape, and the Baltimore Book Festival.

Visitors can explore the tower’s artist studios, historical museum, and clock room during public access weekends. Additionally, the tower offers rental spaces for various events and hosts resident artists from diverse creative backgrounds. The tower is a place where art, history, and innovation combine, boosting Baltimore’s cultural landscape.

Learn more about the Bromo Selzer Arts Tower.

6. American Sailing Tours

American Sailing Tours provides exhilarating boat ride services in the Baltimore area. You can rent a boat and impress your guests with a tour lasting two hours or the entire day.

The company offers an Evening Sail experience that navigates through Baltimore Harbor and provides a scenic view of the skyline. In the Sunset Sail experience, you and your guests can enjoy the scenery while vibing to songs of Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, and Tony Bennett. The cruise pricing ranges from $50 to $2,000.

Learn more about American Sailing Tours.

7. No Land Beyond

No Land Beyond is a board game bar, event venue, and store in Baltimore. The venue provides an extensive game list, including Pictionary, Monopoly, Clue, King of New York, A Feast of Odin, Boss Monster, and Seasons. If you cannot find a desired option on the list, then you are free to supply your own board game. The bar also allows guests to bring outside food.

With over 300 games and a menu of great drinks, you will find just the right option to guarantee an amusing experience for your clients. You can still visit the bar for lively drinks and chats if your clients are not fond of board games.

Learn more about No Land Beyond.

8. Charleston Restaurant

One of the best VIP client entertainment ideas in Baltimore, Maryland, is to host your guests at Charleston Restaurant. The fine dining area offers two private rooms, The Palm Room and the Wine Library. You will decide on your preferred menu of three to six-course meals and enjoy complimentary dessert afterward.

Also, Charleston Restaurant has drinks to delight every palate, with over 600 wine options from different parts of the world. The restaurant can also accommodate your client’s dietary requirements. With Charleston’s world-class cuisine and commendable wine selections, an impressive dining experience is certain for your clients.

Learn more about Charleston Restaurant.

9. Power Plant Live

Power Plant Live is a venue for clients to experience Baltimore’s vibrant nightlife and music scene. From restaurants and bars to nightclubs and gaming centers, this destination offers an array of entertainment options to impress guests.

Power Plant Live does not run out of fun events that keep visitors hooked all year round. On Wednesdays, you and your clients can enjoy a night of trivia at Kraken Axes. You can also attend a “Yappy Hour” event at Leini Lodge & Beer Garden, featuring a live music performance and specialty menu for furry companions. Power Plant Live often showcases drag events, concerts, and comedy shows that your guests will find interesting.

Learn more about Power Plant Live.

10. Baltimore Chef Shop

Baltimore Chef Shop offers unique culinary experiences in the center of Hampden, Baltimore. You can take your client’s entertainment to another level with a hands-on cooking class in this kitchen. The lessons are ideal for participants at all skill levels and are available in a wide range of experiences, including:

  • Fermentation
  • Knife Skills
  • Jamaican Kitchen
  • Kitchen Techniques
  • Thai Street Food
  • Professional Cakes
  • Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

You can reserve a menu-based class to add a sit-down meal to your client’s experience. The class is reservable as a private event, with a three-hour duration and dedicated chefs to guide you. Additionally, the kitchen can accommodate up to 60 attendees.

Learn more about Baltimore Chef Shop.

11. Bin 604

Bin 604 is one of the best places to bring clients in Baltimore for a wine tasting. A tasting session will run for 120 minutes every Thursday, covering a tour of the company’s best regions and winemakers.

Your clients’ experience in this store will be fun and enlightening. Bin 604 also has an extensive list of spirits and beers to satisfy diverse tastes.

Learn more about Bin 604.

12. UNION Craft Brewing

UNIONCraft Brewing is the perfect entertainment spot for beer lovers. To enrich your clients’ experience, you can schedule your visit on a Saturday and take a free tour of the brewery. An expert guide will lead you and keep the entire experience lively with terrible jokes.

You can purchase food from Well Crafted Kitchen, located in the taproom. The brewery also hosts one-of-a-kind events like Live in the Beer Garden, Road to the Ramble Festival, and Cornhole Tournament. You can host a private event in this destination, featuring comfy couches, beer garden-style tables, on-site catering, and a sound system.

Learn more about UNION Craft Brewing.

13. Lumière Candle Studio

Making custom candles at Lumière Candle Studio is among the experiences that will create a lasting impression on your guests. The store offers more than 100 fragrances to fit diverse scent preferences, from strawberry and jasmine to lime and vanilla. After deciding your best scents, you will mix your custom fragrance, pour your candle, and even label your work.

The store will provide all the necessary supplies, including wax, wick, and jar. This activity is relaxing and counts as a unique experience to share with clients.

Learn more about Lumière Candle Studio.

14. Forest Park Golf Course

Forest Park Golf Course is a nine-hole course located along Hillsdale Road. You can plan a day with your client to enjoy a quick round on the course. Moreover, the golf club has professionals willing to provide instructions and help you improve your skills.

Additionally, the Forest Park Clubhouse in this destination has private rooms serving as client meeting spaces in Baltimore. The rooms can accommodate up to 30 guests. The clubhouse also has a grill room excellent for networking or cocktail events.

Learn more about Forest Park Golf Course.

15. ANG Pottery

ANG Pottery is a ceramic studio and art gallery in Baltimore. Interactive class sessions are available on-site for experts and beginners. Depending on the experience you want, the class focuses on hand-building techniques or wheel-thrown pottery. Also, the studio can host an exclusive paint-your-own-pottery event with a dedicated instructor to guide your clients.

If you or other guests have reliable experience making ceramics, then you can rent the studio space and lead a fun demonstration. You will access the necessary equipment, including pottery wheels, extruders, and wedging tables. After exploring your creativity, you and your clients can further explore the gallery and air your views on the sculptural ceramics artwork showcased in the studio.

Learn more about ANG Pottery.

16. Parkville Lanes

Having an evening of bowling at Parkville Lanes is one of the most exciting client entertainment ideas in Baltimore. Six players can conveniently share a bowling lane in this destination. The venue also has a full snack bar and video arcade to complement visitors’ experiences.

If you make a reservation on Saturday night, then you and your clients can access the bowling lanes for as long as you want. Your booking will also come with free jukebox selections, bowling shoes, and lane blacklights, all at a steal of a price.

Learn more about Parkville Lanes.

17. McFadden Art Glass

McFadden Art Glass provides a safe space for you and your clients to explore your creativity and craft beautiful souvenirs. The studio organizes workshops and classes for attendees looking to learn a skill.

In the “Make Your Own Glass Pieces” program, you can make craft items like starfish, flowers, pumpkins, paperweight, and vases. You can reserve a beginner class if your clients are new to glassblowing. During the session, you will learn the basics of the skill and get to create up to nine pieces. The studio allows outside snacks and beverages to complement the three-hour experience.

Learn more about McFadden Art Glass.

18. Emma’s Tea Spot

Emma’s Tea Spot is one of the most charming client appreciation event venues in Baltimore. The venue serves traditional hand-made tea and can customize the menu according to your event needs.

Emma’s Tea Spot also offers several event packages. In the After-Hours Tea Party Experience, you can have fun conversations with your guests while you have sandwiches, salads, and soups. You can also reserve the Full-Day Weekend Closure Tea Party if you prefer to run the event as a BYOB. The venue’s inviting atmosphere and great tea options will add to your event’s uniqueness.

Learn more about Emma’s Tea Spot.

19. Bark Social

Bark Social is an excellent choice if your clients are dog lovers or would like to invite furry friends to your event. You can locate this destination along Boston Street and close to Natty Boh Factory.

Bark Social features self-serve dog baths, free WiFi, and menu options that suit all attendees, including your canine companions. Your client’s experience at Bark Social will be far from boring. The venue regularly hosts special events, such as Game of Thrones Trivia, Dog Yoga, Breed Meet Up, and Paint & Sip With Your Pup. You can attend these events even if you are not a dog parent. You can also watch your favorite sporting event screened on-site.

Learn more about Bark Social.

20. Baltimore Spirits Company

Baltimore Spirits Company is a distillery that makes excellent spirits in downtown Baltimore. The company, owned and operated by residents, is among the most fun client appreciation event venues in Baltimore, MD. You can entertain your guests with a tour of the facility lasting 90 minutes.

Afterward, you can stop by The Cocktail Gallery, a funky bar on-site, giving locals and tourists a taste of the company’s spirits inside craft cocktails. While you socialize with your clients over your favorite drinks, you can also learn more about the spirits from staff members.

Baltimore Spirits Company offers a 90-minute Blend Your Own Whisky tour. During the experience, you and your clients will hear the history of Rye Whiskey in the state and learn more about barrel-blending techniques. You will also try several barrel samples before proceeding to blend your own custom bottles.

Learn more about Baltimore Spirits Company.


Entertaining clients has many benefits, from making you stand out among competitors to nurturing business relationships. Baltimore is a historic city in Maryland, with charming destinations and exciting activities you can use to amuse clients. There is more to the city than the famous crab cakes. You can treat your guests to an unforgettable culinary experience in dining areas providing side entertainment, from tours and trivia to live music and board games. You will also find opportunities to challenge your clients’ inner artists and return home with beautiful art creations. Baltimore has the perfect option for everyone and any gathering, including client appreciation events.

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FAQ: Client entertainment ideas in Baltimore, Maryland

Here are answers to questions about client entertainment ideas in Baltimore.

What are the best client entertainment ideas in Baltimore, MD?

The best entertainment ideas in Baltimore include visiting the Forest Park Golf Course, making glass pieces at McFadden Art Glass, dining at Charleston Restaurant, taking a cooking class at Baltimore Chef Shop, and tasting wines at Bin 604.

How do you entertain clients in Baltimore?

Baltimore has many interactive experiences ideal for entertaining clients, from art sessions to sports and dining. However, you should ensure you leave enough time to plan before treating your clients to a particular experience. While planning, you can learn about events that clients will likely find interesting. You should also consider your client’s dietary requirements and special accommodation needs.

What are some good places to take clients in Baltimore?

Some good places to take clients in Baltimore are Lumière Candle Studio, Bin 604, Bark Social, McFadden Art Glass, and Power Plant Live.

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